500 Miles in 4 Months :)

I got a neat notice from fitbit yesterday that I’ve walked 500 miles since I started to use the product on January 17th. 🙂  There’s been a few days worth of tracking lost due to leaving the fitbit at the gym during karate or from the battery going dead but, overall it’s been very accurate and corresponds well to other apps such as Walking Mate, Nike Plus and Sports Tracker.

500 miles

I did sneak in an extra 5 mile walk this past Sunday which was the day before I did my 20 minute non-stop run.  Adhering to the program, I’ll have 20 minutes of straight running
this week and 25 minutes of straight running next week for all four days of my training program.  This reduces my total miles for each week, actually about cuts it in half since I was pushing 3 miles per run when going 40 minutes and get 1.5 miles with 20 minutes and I’d still like to get the Gold Nike Plus trophy for hitting 50 miles in a month.

Plus, I still need to drop weight.  That impromptu weigh in the other day showed me down 60 pounds since January 13th and I was thinking that another drop of 60 pounds would put me at 196 which would be a heck of a lot better marathon running weight than 256.  It would take a linear weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week to hit that 196 mark.

When I was in the weight loss contest it was much easier to control my eating and simply not eat most of the time because there was no high intensity training going on just low intensity activity such as walking.  As such, my brain never screamed too loudly or too often for food.  That’s simply not the case anymore.  Pushing that lawn mower 13 miles in a day along with the 4 day per week training has the hunger centers in my brain talking very loudly.

I kind of know what the issue is.  I’m not eating on any kind of regular schedule so, my first meal of the day might be late in the evening by which time I’m famished.  So, a breakfast, lunch and dinner might be eaten at times of 6 p.m., 9 p.m and midnight.  Plus those meals are probably more than I should be eating at any one time.

I’ll need to get more serious about the eating schedule if I am to expect any serious types of results.

I still need to get to the park today for my second attempt at jogging 20 minutes non-stop.  I didn’t realize it at the time but, a couple of the things I was looking for and anticipating actually came true with my last run.  One of those things was to cover a mile with non-stop running and the other one was to complete the entire 1.5 mile path at the park with non-stop running.  I did the mile, for sure and I at least completed the distance of the path, 1.5 miles without stopping although I did deviate from the path to make my route as flat as possible.

I’ve got a bear of a day ahead of me and I sort of need to tell my mind to shut up about it and just take things as they come, one at a time and deal with each part of my day individually.  Reality usually isn’t as god-awful as we can make it out to be in our minds.
It’s 85 degrees outside now and will probably get hotter as the day progresses.  I’ll do my run first then most likely be cutting lawns until the sun goes down.  Yeah, that’s the part of the brain talking that I just said needed to shut up.

Rationally, I tell myself it’s only 20 minutes of running and I can do that.  I did it before.  I can do it again.  Emotionally, that doubtful part of my brain acts as if I’m doing a full marathon for my training today.

2014-05-14 20.59.50
The only way I can fail today is if I do not try.


One thought on “500 Miles in 4 Months :)

  1. I love my Fitbit too. I’m a geek for numbers and love all the information it gives me. There are quite a few achievements in this post for you to be proud of. I also love the picture, those words are so true. I have to say, you have helped me to feel a little more motivated on a day when I was feeling a little blah and down on myself, so thank you.

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