Week 8, Day 2 – Anger Is More Useful Than Despair

I think it was in Terminator 3 when Arnold used that line, “Anger is more useful than despair”  Originally, I was expecting a more optimistic attitude to reveal itself after today’s run but, it was more along the lines of anger (at myself), vengeance and redemption.  My non-stop jogging lasted 3 minutes today…..
which reminded me of some pictures I had used in my old chiropractic student blog.  A lot of times when I felt I was getting steam rolled over in school, a useful response was to dig in, batten down the hatches and fight – fight hard.  Mentally, I made like these tanks, 
and fought back.  I know what I’ve put into this so far and where I need to be come November 1st.  I put in my prescribed (Rx) 25 minutes and started to write my blog for next Thursday, June 5th.  I’m going to annihilate this last weigh in.  I’m thinking of dropping a bowling ball worth of weight (16 lbs).  I’m thinking there’s 168 hours in a week so, dropping a pound every 10.5 hours or so should yield a drop of one bowling ball.  Actually, anything in the 240s would be cool – under 250.  Smash today’s weigh in.  Destroy it.
I think, 248.2 would be an exact drop of 16 pounds.  Today, I thought back also to my biochemistry days.  It’s not the alcohol that damages things so much as one of the byproducts of it’s metabolism.  I don’t remember exact names but, I do think some of that crap can stay in the system 48-72 hours.  After today’s run, I felt dizzy, sick and nauseated.  

This should be an interesting challenge because the weight I took today was taken right after I woke up so, it was basically, the lightest I could weigh today.  ..and 16 is a lot but, I’m not stupid.  I can figure this out.  Redemption is what I’m looking for.  

Bare minimum is for next weeks weight to start with the following two digits …first a 2 and then the number 4 …anything after that is gravy and a 248.2 would just be beyond cool.


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