5th Annual St Louis Pride 5k! Ba-Boom! :)

 2014-06-29 16.22.08

Sunday Morning, June 29th….

1:30 a.m. – finally get off work
2:00 a.m. – small 3 egg meal
2:30 a.m. – finally get to bed…

5:57 a.m. – I finally wake to alarm clocks which have been going off since 5 a.m.  Could I really make it in time?  I was disoriented.  I knew packet pickup was from 5:30 to 6:30 then I realized the race didn’t start until 7 a.m.  …I had 1 hour and 3 minutes to dress, get to St Louis and pick up my packet!
6:03 a.m. – I’m dressed and in my car, pulling out to head to St Louis!
6:51 a.m. – I’ve already made it to St Louis, parked, got my race packet, returned it to the car, affixed my bib # and awaiting the St Louis Pride 5k!

 2014-06-29 06.42.162014-06-29 06.51.16

7:14:01 a.m. – the 7 a.m. race finally starts and I cross the chip timing mat
7:52:37 a.m. – I cross the chip timing mat for a chip time of 0:38:36!  My time according to Sports Tracker is 0:38:31

 2014-06-29 20.49.51

By 11 a.m. I was back home and starting on this blog but was unable to keep my eyes open any longer and had to take a nap!
3:42 p.m. – back awake and hoping to finish out this blog before I have to leave for my 5 p.m. work shift

On June 15, 2014 – 0:42:27 was my finish time for the Go! 5k
On June 29, 2014 – 0:38:36 was my finish time for the Pride 5k

 2014-06-29 09.50.31

My weapons of choice were my Brand New New Balance Fantom Fit 1080s and they felt GREAT!  I also ran my first mile in the second fastest time of the year at 11:31 (fastest was yesterday at the Macklind Mile at 10:52)

I was able to take off nearly 4 MINUTES to set a new PR (personal record) for my best ever 2014 5k time 🙂  My Sports Tracker stopwatch showed an improvement of 4 min 5 seconds.  The official chip timings for both race show an improvement of 3 min 51 seconds.  Either way it was a really nice improvement – AND, had I finished about 9 minutes sooner I would have come in third place!  (I would have also had to have been in the 60-69 year old age bracket) but – that’s as close as I’ve ever come to a respectable finish 😉  🙂


The SWAG was pretty cool and I still have to go through it all but the tech t-shirt is pretty cool and the colorful medal was fun 🙂  I got a couple other things from ProRehab of St Louis when I received a post race stretching.  The two girls working the booth went to SLU and also worked as Ball Girls at the St Louis Cardinals games, those are the ones that dance around on top the dugouts and use giant slingshots with FredBird to shoot out balled up t-shirts to the crowd.  The really interesting thing was that one of the girls was from Jonesboro, Arkansas and was familiar with Wynne, Arkansas – the place where I’ll be running my 3rd full marathon!  🙂  So, I got some useful information from her as well as some good post race stretching.

2014-06-29 09.42.03

4:41 p.m. – gotta post this and get to work!
5:00 -11:00 p.m. – work!
somewhere between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. sleep and clean an office!  🙂

This was a fun run and I would do it again!  🙂  🙂  🙂

2014-06-29 23.41.442014-06-29 16.22.08



Macklind Mile

This was probably one of my favorite races and could easily be the most fun.

2014-06-28 07.38.47 2014-06-28 07.31.18 2014-06-28 07.26.40

 There course is marked every quarter mile along with clocks showing the split time at each quarter mile interval.  The best part is that you can see the finish before you even get to the 3/4 mile sign 🙂

2014-06-28 08.19.03 2014-06-28 08.17.50 2014-06-28 08.19.46

I finished in a time of 10:53.  My first half mile split was 5:43 and the 2nd half was 5:10 🙂
Overall, I finished 262nd out of 375 and was 131st out of 174 Men which is the best I’ve ever done in a race.  I’m usually in the last 10% of racers.

2014-06-28 08.22.12 2014-06-28 09.10.40-4 2014-06-28 08.20.31

Smoothie King and Pabst Blue Ribbon were among the major sponsors and there was a neat looking place called The Mack Bar & Grill.  I think it would have been very easy to have made a really fun day kicking off with the Macklind Mile, plenty of beer, lots of people and a live band.

2014-06-28 08.19.09 2014-06-28 09.22.072014-06-28 08.18.52 2014-06-28 08.19.55 2014-06-28 09.10.40-1

After the recreational event I ran in there was a Men’s Competitive Race, a Women’s Competitive Race then the Elite Race which had 5 men and 5 women.  Pictured below is the first place winner of the Elite competition who finished with a time of 4:08.  The fifth and final event was the Kids Quarter Mile Dash and each kid received a ribbon 🙂

2014-06-28 09.10.39-12014-06-28 09.10.40-22014-06-28 09.10.40-3

The street party then continued until noon.  I had a lawn to cut for some extra cash so I took off shortly after the awards ceremony.  My post run/lawn cutting routine here is to soak my feet in an ice-bath, combined with a beer and Coconut Water.

2014-06-28 12.22.29

I don’t think I’ve broken any bones in my feet but things have gone from simple hurt to kind of painful and I do think it’s the bones – metatarsals mainly.  I’m thinking of Wolff’s law which implies that if a bone undergoes stress it will adapt to that stress and eventually become stronger.


I’m thinking the Medial Longitudinal Arch, particularly in my right foot is the one undergoing the most amount of stress along w/ the anterior portion of the Lateral Transverse Arch in my left foot which, kind of makes sense that the two are both on the left sides of my feet.

I’m opting to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s 5k in the morning.  I’ll be working tonight until at least 12:30 and need to be up by 5 a.m.   ….so, since my beer is gone and feet are frozen, I’ll be taking a nap until it’s time to head to work in a few hours 🙂

W12D3 – New Shoes – Week 10 Weigh-In

  • W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
  • New Shoes!
  • Week 10 Weigh-In
  • Part III Boards

W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
This was a 3 mile run and for the first two miles I did 0.25 mile intervals alternating between running faster than normal and walking.  The last mile was 0.10 mile intervals alternating between running and walking.  The miles timed at 14:09, 14:01 and 14:18.

In May, the average time of my fastest training miles was 14:04 and for June the average for my fastest miles is 14:23 so, every one of those interval miles I did was faster than my average for this month.

Looking at my spreadsheet and comparing the metrics from last month to this month I see very little in the way of improvement and several metrics have regressed.  I really don’t know why.  For last week and this week, my total miles are now over 15 per week and last month I never exceeded the 10 mile range so, that’s something.  I added my weekly weigh-in measurements to the spreadsheet to see if I could find a correlation thinking maybe I was faster at my lighter weights.  I do have two sub 13 minute miles with a bodyweight under 254 and one sub 13 at a weight of 259.8 …there’s nothing really conclusive – just looking for any reasons to help make sense of it all.  I guess this is where faith and trust in the program comes back into play.  In July my monthly miles will double so, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

New Shoes!
Friday was a heck of a productive day.  I went to Big River Running Company to pick up my race packet for Saturday’s 1 mile run and found they were having their once a year blow-out sale under a tent in front of the store.

 2014-06-28 00.12.05 - Copy

In the past I’ve gotten Brooks Adrenaline running shoes for around $100 but I always noticed the Brooks Glycerin shoes and passed because they ran $140.  This tent sale had one pair left in my size for 50 bucks.  They also had a pair of New Balance shoes which tend to fit my feet which retailed for $135 but were also priced at $50.  Also, since they didn’t have my size t-shirt for the Saturday run I got a coupon for an additional $10 off and ended up getting both pair of shoes for $90!  That’s the best deal on shoes I’ve ever gotten in my life 🙂  I’m planning on wearing the Brooks Glycerin for my 1 mile run on Sat and the more colorful, New Balance shoes for my 5k on Sunday.

Week 10 Weigh-In
Not much has changed here.  258.6 is my weight this week.  I still have 4 full months before the marathon along with some vastly increased mileage so, I’ll be patient and see what happens.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy (3)


Part III Boards
Going well.  I got my application filled out, notarized, passport photo, cashier’s check and hand delivered it to the school today.

The stuff below are just things I was trying to keep track of.  I do have a Macklind Mile Playlist of songs I’ll use …well, in about 8 hours from now….  The last song starts at 9:49 so I’ll do the best I can picking up the speed from that point to the end of the race.  The song Girlfriend has a bit of an intro before the music starts so it should be going by the time I hit the starting line.  The fastest mile I’ve had in training is 12:44 so, anything under that ….well, nothing to write home about but, I’ve gotta start somewhere.


packet pickup Friday 6/27, 10am-4pm – Big River Running- South City,
5352 Devonshire, Saint Louis, MO 63109 314.832.2400 

park at Macklind & Devonshire or Buder School at Wherry & Macklind

I’m in Event One which starts at 8 a.m.

Macklind Mile Playlist: 4 songs totalling 14:01 with 4th song starting at 9:49

  • Girlfriend
  • Ooh La La
  • Macklind Mile Theme
  • Neutron Dance

packet pickup Saturday 6/28, 12pm-5pm – at the St Louis Frontrunners booth in Athletes Village on the grounds of the Pride Festival

  • complete application with passport photo
  • bank, deposit and get money order
  • school to turn in Part III application
  • devonshire to pick up race packet for Sat Macklind Mile
  • work at 4
  • Sat, leave at 6 for race
  • run mile
  • cut grass
  • packet pick up downtown st louis for Pride 5k
  • work at 5
  • Sun, leave for race at 5:30 a.m.
  • race

money order for part III boards, passport photo, application, notarized, submit to logan
work, sleep, run, cut grass, packet pickup for 5k, work at 5, sleep, run, work at 5, clean office


W12D2 – What’s Good Today?

I’m really excited for these next couple of weekends coming up.  There’s a really cool video for the Macklind Mile that can be seen here –> http://youtu.be/EWq_TEhfB9I (link will open in new window) and….if I did this right you should be able to click on the picture below to see the video on YouTube 🙂

 Macklind Mile Video Pic

I think I’m going to add the background music from this video to my play list.  I also got another cool song from Goldfrapp called Ooh La La that I like.

I deactivated my facebook account several months ago.  I’m not posting platitudes on facebook with nothing behind them – I’m living them.  I’m learning them and discovering new ones every day.

I want to find good things about my 2nd run of Week 12.  I do believe if we can’t appreciate what we have then there isn’t much reason to think we’d be happier with more.

One good thing is I didn’t fret over todays run.  There have been days in the past where I’ve literally spent all day thinking about my upcoming run – literally 8 hours of on the mind pondering for a 40 minute run so…maybe my mind is getting stronger and being conditioned to handle this new aspect of life I’m forcing in.

SLEEP! – Holy Cow – I’ve been out & asleep for some 8 hours at a time.  That’s something that’s pretty new in my life since 4-5 hours has been my max so I’m thinking there are good things going on there.

I made a fresh pot of coffee after waking today but drank a liter bottle of Poweraid, got dressed, shoes laced up and headed out to the park – that was a very good think – no procrastination, no hesitation, just moving & living.

Another cool part of today’s run was that my 4 mile split time was 4 minutes and 32 seconds faster than last week’s 4 mile time.  I’ll take that any day of the week.

I also had my own version of faster quarter mile runs.  By my own version I mean 1/10th of a mile at a time instead of 1/4 of a mile.  My four pace times were 9:02, 8:17, 10+, 10:02.  I can’t fully remember them all except the first and last one.  They felt good.

Gotta run & get to work, it’s been Go, Go, Go today.  Also thinking of trying a delayed post, maybe trying something new and scheduling this to be put up at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning, perhaps add a little more regularity to my post. 😉

Well….I screwed up and went to work an hour earlier than I should have

So far this week I have

1 Masonic meeting – went very well
2 Running Workouts
1 Karate workout
1 Lifting workout

Part III Boards – Hotels are booked, days off from work done, called NBS and am registered for Part II, III and PT reviews at all three locations.  Random non-structured reading has made up the bulk of my studies so far.  That will have to get more structured.  So much material – thank God for board reviews.

Work – pretty much every day but, I’ll have some time off during the 4th of July weekend and am looking at possibly sneaking in another 5k on the morning of the 4th.  There’s also a 5k on the morning of the 5th of July but am not sure I want to hang around the area the extra day to run it or to spend the extra money – we’ll see.

OK – let’s talk about Karate since it fits into my Trifecta plans.  I realized today while Jogging that I can hit Trifecta days of running, lifting and karate at least 4 days per week whether I’m at the gym for karate or not.  I have plenty of katas I need to practice and become good at in order to eventually get my black belt and I also have a bench and enough dumbbells to put in a decent workout right here at home.

I think I may thrive from a bit of intensity and that’s exactly what karate and lifting provide.  I think this because of how easily I was able to get things done today after a day consisting of all three type workouts.

2013-04-02_20-43-47_165 - Copy

The medium pic was too small to see any detail.  The first thing I notice here is the time it takes to get all the way up to 1st Kyu – that’s the level right before black belt.  I’m at 3rd Kyu right now and ….yes, I’ve been at Karate off and on for some 32 plus years now but, this is the real deal.  It’s not sport karate which is about getting points, …well, I might get into what it’s really about in a later post, if ever.

In the 42 years my Sensei has been teaching karate there’s only about 68 he’s promoted all the way to black belt, it’s another one of those top 1% type of things.  idk, it does require a bit of a constitution as well as a pragmatic aspect of availability to make the workouts.

To get to first kyu requires proficiently knowing all 10 of our basic katas.  To get first degree black belt ….



There is no other rank which requires so many katas to be performed as that of 1st degree black belt.  All 10 basic katas and then 2 advanced fighting katas known as kata Ananku and kata Wankan.  These are the kinds of katas which have historical value and some go back …geez, to the 15 or 1600s (I’ll check to be certain)

Yakasoku Kumite is prearranged sparring.  The book written by our grand master shows 7 of them but an 8th one does exist.  I guess the point here is that I can practice these katas on every day that I run whether I have a formal karate class or not.

I have some very special stuff planned for the time when I test for my black belt.  I’ve already requested that my parents be present and I would also like for my brother and his family to be there as well.  It’s a big deal to me and will also be an opportunity to pay special respect to my parents.

The requirements for 5th degree black belt have been crossed out because now anything beyond 4th degree has to be tested in Okinawa, Japan.

W12D1 – Trifecta & DONUTS!!!


Hit that magic Trifecta today with Running, Lifting and Karate!  🙂

From the walk I had Sunday, I can tell my jog is about 2 to 2.5 minutes faster per mile than walking which, is something I suppose but a heck of a lot harder.

The 3 mile run today wasn’t bad and I really need to keep that one phrase in mind about remembering where I started and appreciated how far I’ve come.  I’m kind of hung up on speed, mainly because I have so little but, I also recall how excited I was the first time I was able to jog for 5 minutes non-stop and now, I can go for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes without too much trouble.

I’ll have a 4 mile for Day 2 and another 3 mile run for Day 3 before the weekend long run of 6 miles which is going to be replaced with a 1 mile race on Sat morning and a 5k on Sunday morning. We park at the finish for the 1 mile run on Saturday so I’ll be able to get an extra mile in just getting to the start of that race.  I’m looking forward to seeing somebody run a 4 minute mile in the elite class.

With the Pride 5k on Sunday, I just need to finish in the top 400 in order to get a medal so that will be a good challenge since there are only 400-500 people registered.

TOUR DE DONUT! This is a race I have been wanting to do for a while now.  I guess my last 6 years were pretty well booked up with school but, I’m free, available and signed up to take part in the Tour de Donut this year. 🙂


The Tour de Donut is a 34 mile bike ride in Staunton, Illinois and features two stops along the way where riders stop to eat as many donuts as they want.  For every donut they eat, 5 minutes is deducted from their final time.  My brother has done this race a couple times before and I’ve always been curious about it.  From riding my bike a few years back I remember that my limit was about 30 miles of riding before my legs turned to noodles which, kind of bothered me that there wasn’t more fuel in the tank.  But, with the training I’ve been doing this year, I’m hopeful that I can complete the 34 miles and still feel strong at the end.

4cdce7d0988cc.preview-300 IMG_6839

A Musical Distraction from Self Condemnation

adam phillips

Insights and self knowledge can come at peculiar times.

When I first started listening to music during my runs I told myself I was distracting myself from my running.  This makes perfect sense and is believable to most people.  This was not the fundamental truth.

The jogging and running is what I was doing.  I was the instrument from which the running occurred.

I was distracting myself from myself.  I was distracting myself from that inner part of me that was scared and afraid.  I was distracting myself from the parts of me that doubted my ability to succeed.  I was distracting myself from the parts of me that would appear less than noble, less than confident, less than praiseworthy.  I was distracting myself from parts of me that I would publically want no one to ever see.

With human nature, it’s usually easier to see fault and folly in others than it is in ourselves and, as such, I was easily able to parlay my initial thinking regarding myself to mankind in general and even more specifically to myself.

Essentially, I was distracting myself from my ability to handle a certain aspect of life for which I was ill equipped.  

Isn’t this a basis for a myriad of distractions we may imbue ourselves with?  Sex, smoking, shopping, eating, drinking, drugs, music as well as many other clever distractions and the items listed may or may not be inherently bad in and of themselves until we can honestly answer the question of why and to what extent we saturate ourselves with the distraction.

I think the clever part is when we can pass off destructive behavior under the guise of something normal and well accepted.  We could simply say we “like to party” then surround ourselves with people of similar ilk to further fortify and maintain our behavior.

There are a lot of subtle nuances here and many variables especially with regards to the types of distractions as well as the various aspects of life for which we may be ill equipped to effectively handle.

I also think, just as it may be easier to see faults in others rather than ourselves it may also be the case that this self reflection into myself may have been most easily realized due to the fact that it was seen in a rather benign and self imposed activity such as running.  It may have been harder to see more fundamental and base aspects of life for which I was ill equipped to effectively deal with.

Life, jobs, relationships, marriage, kids, parents, our health, maintaining a household and finances could be among the things for which we are ill equipped to handle

but …what if the distraction and the aspect of life for which we are ill equipped to handle are the same thing?

We may drink to distract ourselves but then the drinking may be a thing for which we are ill equipped to handle.  We may smoke to distract and put things off but the smoking itself may be itself an aspect we are ill equipped to handle.

I may write a blog, such as this, to put off getting to the park and getting my run in which… is exactly what’s going on right now – tbt.

When thinking through all this stuff a quote my Marianne Williamson came to mind

“The only way to end the torture of self condemnation is to live a life that earns your self respect.”

Upon first thinking, I wasn’t exactly sure how that phrase by Marianne fit into the previous thinking but, now it seems a bit clearer.

The distractions and aspects of life we struggle to deal with can be those things which detract from earning self respect.

I think I will make a meme with Marianne’s quote, then get my ass to the park and knock out my 3 mile run (that should have been done yesterday).



W11D4 – Maximum Avoidance

Maximum Avoidance
Trifecta of Perfection

Maximum Avoidance
Weeks 11 through 26 of my 26 Week Marathon Training Schedule makes up the actual marathon training portion of the program and include the coveted weekly long runs.  Weeks 1 through 10 consist of running so many minutes per workout while these remaining weeks consist of running so many miles per workout.

I don’t exactly know why but the Week 11 long run of 5 miles totally freaked me out and I put it off as much as I possibly could, in fact it didn’t get done until the last possible available time on Sunday.  I had to work at 6 p.m. and it wasn’t until 4 p.m. when I finally headed out and simply walked 5 miles around the neighborhood.  It wasn’t too bad of a pace with most miles in the low 16 minute range and the last mile a little under 16 minutes.

26 Week Final End Marathon Schedule


The last two weeks of this program is the taper to help rest up for the marathon on 11/1 so I’ve mainly left that portion in tack.  On 10/19 I’m running in the Go! St Louis 1/2 marathon with my brother so I’m striking out the 9 mile run on Sat the 18th since I’ll be doing 13.1 on Sunday morning.  I have a four week gap since I am technically ahead of schedule.  I’ll know better in September exactly how to train during that 4 week gap.

Mentally, I need to stop worrying about this training schedule, in particular the long runs, and just do the best I can.   As far as this program is concerned, I have to forget about everything else and focus on the immediate task at hand.  What do I need to do today?  Do it.  Forget about it.  Deal with it.  Do the best I can.  Don’t worry so much about the numbers and if today’s run is any better or worse than the last run.  I have to trust that I will improve and have faith in my program.

Sometimes I’ll wonder if I’m mentally or physically fatigued.  If I’m physically fatigued ….well, what does that matter?  I have no intentions of taking any days off.  Physically & mentally, I’ll just need to get stronger.

Trifecta of Perfection
Karate, lifting and running have always been a part of my life but training all three on a regular basis has always been a challenge.  I have always been able to stick with one of the three without much difficulty but have never quite gotten all three in sync.  This past Saturday was close to hitting the entire trifecta of activities.  I had a good karate workout then hit the weights afterwards but ended up submitting to fatigue and telling myself I was tired after I got home and ended up sleeping until it was time to head to work.  The following is kind of what I’m after

1 Masonic Meeting – Mon night
2 Lifting workouts, Tue, Thur, night
3 Karate workouts, Tue, Thur night, Sat @ 10 a.m.
4 Running workouts, Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat

I could lift 3 days per week since I would be hitting it after karate anyway but I like how this goes 1,2,3,4 🙂

Maybe I need to add a 5 for work and a 6 for studying.