W9D4 – 49 Years Together! Happy Anniversary!

49 Years Together!  Happy Anniversary!
W9D4 – Week 9, Day 4 of my Marathon Training Program

49 Years Together!  Happy Anniversary!
49 years ago when my Mom was two weeks out of high school she married my Dad and this past Saturday on June 7th they celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary! 🙂  About a month ago my dad texted me and my brother to make sure we were free on June 6th, 7th and 8th but, the part my brother and I missed was that he was talking about 2015 …I think he even put that in his text but, neither of us caught it.  A follow up text asked us to be free for those same dates this year and, as a result we all got to spend this past weekend together, as a family, to help celebrate our parents 49th wedding anniversary at our family condo down at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

My Parents, 49 Years Together 🙂

Before leaving the Ozarks, we got a really nice family picture together



There were boat races at the Ozarks this past weekend and I don’t think I’d ever seen that before but it was pretty cool.  From what I understand, there was a 4 mile oval loop marked out with orange buoys that the boats raced around.  I was standing next to a guy that seemed to know more about the boat races then I’ll probably know in my entire lifetime and he did point out one boat that he said was capable of pulling 4 Gs.  I think I have a picture of that boat when it was on dry land….

2014-06-07 12.19.52

Apparently that boat does best on water that’s as smooth as glass but even in the slightly chopping waters at the Ozarks, it was pretty much able to turn on a dime.

Probably everybody’s favorite boat was the Geico boat – Miss Geico as it was known and it was a very impressive looking boat.

2014-06-07 12.38.51


There must have been a crew of at least 30 people associated with this Miss Geico racing boat and I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was as high as 50 people.

These boats were actually lifted by a crane and placed into the water one at a time and seeing that was probably one of the coolest parts of the racing events.  We had a spot right next to the crane that was moving these boats in the water and I managed to get a pretty nice sequence of this Miss Geico boat being hoisted up and put into the lake.

2014-06-07 13.15.272014-06-07 13.15.472014-06-07 13.16.252014-06-07 13.16.522014-06-07 13.17.37
2014-06-07 13.19.38

I was trying to learn more about this boat via Google but, there are several different Miss Geico racing boats that all look pretty much like this one.  A top speed of 213 mph was mentioned along with a pair of lycoming engines.  I recognized that type engine as one being used in aircraft.  Whatever is under the “hood” of this boat, it is extremely fast and very impressive looking

2014-06-07 13.23.41

This boat was leading every lap until we noticed a boat that had been on its tail throughout the race ended up zooming by with no Miss Geico boat in sight.  The best guess we had was that Miss Geico blew an engine.  I caught a picture of her as she left the course and headed back into the dock.

2014-06-07 14.57.40


W9D4 – Week 9, Day 4 of my Marathon Training Program
Almost forgot this was a running blog but, those boats did have something to do with racing so, I guess that’s related 🙂
For the first time ever, there was no Day 3 run this week.  It was simply missed and my Day 4 run which is supposed to take place on Saturday didn’t happen until after I drove back home and stopped by a running trail at a nearby community college.  That meant I had 3 days off in a row from running.  I wasn’t expecting much from the run and …once again, I still need to tell the doubting part of my brain to shut up.  I knew I had a 40 minute run to get in and was telling myself before the run to just do the best I can and I was thinking of different ways to break up the run and insert walking into the run if necessary.

Well – zero walking was necessary and I was kind of amazed because this was one of the easiest runs I had.  I slowed myself down in the beginning to help give myself the best chance of getting through the enire run non-stop but, it didn’t seem to matter.  Going uphill or downhill didn’t seem to matter either, I just kept truckin’ along and when I hit 20 minutes out, I turned around and jogged 20 minutes back AND I had my first reverse split!  The 20 minute run back was faster than my 20 minute jog out so, I was pretty happy about that.

When I returned, I was expecting to get a Bronze trophy from NikePlus but learned that wasn’t given until 15 miles are ran for the month and I found myself at 14.5 miles so…. I restarted my NikePlus app and jogged another easy 1/2 mile to get my trophy 🙂

2014-06-09 01.28.56

One thing I learned from this run was the value of tapering.  Cutting back that last week or two before the big race to allow the body to most fully recuperate from all the months of training beforehand.  I really was amazed at how easy this 40 minute run was.  I had just got done driving for well over 3 hours straight and there was absolutely no shortage of food eaten this past weekend so, I’m pretty sure my body weight was as high as it’s been over these past 9 weeks and yet – it still didn’t matter.

Maybe someday soon, maybe this month, I’ll finally be able to grasp onto the belief that I can run 40, 50, 60 minutes or more whenever I want.

With Week 10 coming up, this will be my last week of having my training runs based upon time.  Starting in Week 11 things switch over to miles.  So many miles on Monday, so many on Wed, Thur, Sat …etc.

Part of me is still toying with the idea of augmenting my training with some extra work.  I know most all of the training programs I’ve analyzed kind of go with a built in training philosophy of take 2 steps forward then one step back.  I can see that in the programs.  Two main considerations are to 1) not overtrain and allow the body time to become stronger and 2) avoiding injuries.

One of my ideas goes back to when I was in high school and would run a mile before going to bed at night.  I did learn back then that if I ran that mile and drank plenty of water that getting up the next morning was a snap – easy as pie.

Another idea was to walk in the mornings right after getting up.  Maybe 2 miles or 45 minutes of walking.  This would need to be a pretty relaxed pace so as not to overly stress myself but, …something I learned from a third running app I downloaded over the weekend and used during this last run was that at my age, weight and gender, I was burning about 263 calories per mile.  This is quite a bit more than the standard 100 calories I’ve often read about but, most studies tend to be done with incoming college freshman who weigh far less than I do.  This type of effort could be worth close to burning up an extra pound worth of fat per week.  Probably nothing I would notice in the short run but ….I think after 2 months of such effort, it could be an extra 8 pounds of weight loss.

Quarter mile repeats are the last thing I’ve been considering and I might be able to do those with my Thursday runs.  Those would be running a quarter mile at a pace somewhere between 2 and 2 min 30 seconds per lap.  From what I’ve been reading it would start with 4 quarter mile repeats with 2 minute breaks between each lap and after every four laps, i would interject a light 20 minute run.  I suppose I could do these repeats either at the beginning or end of my run.  We’ll see but, so far I like what I’ve read about these repeats and I do like how it feels to run a bit faster than my rather slow jogging pace.



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