Week 11 Training – Got Cooked!

The first day of week 11 was a simple 3 mile run and it was early in the morning and I had the help of being among 2,000 other people so, it was really easy 🙂

My second day of week 11 was a 4 mile run and …OMG  was it HOT outside.  I was kind of stupid with the place I chose to run but, it was close to home and I had to be to work at 3 so it made a little sense and the beginning of the trail is surrounded by trees to provide shade but, after that it’s a long miserable 2 mile paved path that runs along side our local MetroLink and there aren’t any trees or buildings along that portion of the path, just fields, tracks & the sun.

I thought I might go back and forth in the tree lined section a few times to eat up some distance that way but the running felt pretty easy starting out so I kept going out to that unforgiving section of the trail.

This is the Sun….

2014-06-18 12.47.43

I think I decided to run when the clouds were all on their lunch break.  That blaring sun was all there was to keep me company.

The first 1.25 miles was pretty easy and i had decent jog going.  I’m not sure why but, I ate a peach on the way to the run.  That was not a good idea.   23 minutes into the run I threw it up.

About 37 minutes into the run (which by that time was a walk) I got nauseated again and threw up a little stronger than the last time.  I wore a camelbak which held about a liter of water but, I really could have used a bottle of water to dump over my head to help cool myself off.  The heat index was 99 and I could feel every degree.  I had an SPF 15 sunblock on my face but could have also used it on the back of my neck and shoulders because I could feel my skin burning.

I did an out and back route so I had no choice but to finish up the run in order to get back to my car.  There was a straight linear decline in my pace from 4.8 during the first 1/2 mile all the way down to 3.1 for my last half mile increment.

None-the-less, I got my distance in.  I think I might become a night runner.   The sun has been all business lately and keeps getting up early for work to boot.

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