I Have a Lot of Experience Giving Up

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I have a lot of experience in giving up.

 you neverknow how close

At one time or another I have given up in virtually every area of my life.  At various times, I have given up on running, karate, lifting, school, piano, work, blogs, relationships, losing weight and sometimes, even on myself.

……just write…..got stuck so just rambled off thoughts below…

Some things I have never given up on like procrastination or smoking.

Looking at the guy in the cartoon above, I see the guy on top with hope, faith and trust.  As a result we also see effort towards achieving that which he hopes for.

in the bottom picture I (we) see the end results of frustration – doubt gives way to giving up.

However, in my life, I have also seen some successes.  Occasional times when frustration and doubt are superseded and continuous effort is maintained long enough to reap rewards which were initially sought.

I’ve also noticed some commonalities when going past those points of wanting to give up.  Pretty much without exception, during those times when I’ve been able to reach new heights, there is a common pattern of wanting to give up just prior to reaching those new heights.

So …one way I now keep myself going and keep pushing myself is to realize that any feelings of frustration and doubt I experience could very well be a precursor to great new heights.

Week 11 Weigh In
Boom!  Down 8.6 lbs.  Patience and a lot of physical effort are starting to reap rewards.  I think the addition of anaerobic type activities such as lifting and karate effect my brain differently than aerobic activities.  There are results of a more obvious physical difference such as muscles getting larger and harder but, I believe it’s the difference in how my brain has been effected that’s helping me the most with this recent drop.  Of course, I could be totally wrong.  Some of my thinking here originates back to school when we studied fMRI (functional MRI) changes in the brain with carpal tunnel syndrome patients.  The brain is such a lively organism.  In some ways it reminds me of those mood rings which used to be popular many years ago.  It’s constantly evolving …strengthening or weakening various aspects of it’s being in response to how we live our lives.

Anyway – Here is my updated wallpaper with this week’s weight of 251.4 lbs.  I’ve also added my beginning weight of 316.2 lbs which was taken on January 13th of this year.  To help stave off being discouraged, it is imperative that I remember those words previously posted by Christian Larson which state, “Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go.”

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 11

So, as of today, I weigh 64.8 lbs less than I did on January 13th.  The fun goal we have here is to weigh 100 lbs less by the time November 1st rolls around 🙂  Patience now revolves around completing all the training that is scheduled for the current month of July.  Breathe – Take it Easy – Relax and Enjoy the Ride 🙂
Results Will Follow.

Week 13 Day 2 Run
This was a scheduled 4 mile run and it’s interesting and motivational to look back over my last four runs which were at least 4 miles and to compare my 4 mile split times and how it’s gotten better

  • June 18 – 1:06:02 – Pace 16:30
  • June 22 – 1:05:31 – Pace 16:23
  • June 25 – 1:01:27 – Pace 15:22
  • July 02 – 0:56:47 – Pace 14:12

We’re looking at a 9 minute 15 second improvement since June 18th 🙂  I also followed through with my Karate, Run, Read idea as shown in my subsequent Instagram post below although the number of katas and pages read wasn’t quick as ambitious as stated in yesterdays visualized practice picture but it was a start 🙂

 2014-07-03 20.45.31




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