Week 31 Weigh-In – 251.6

Week 31 Weigh-In
My brother sent me a link the other day about a guy who got up early for an entire year.  The blog was called I’ve been waking up early for a yar.  Here’s how my life has changed.  I liked the idea of maintaining a habit or any worthwhile endeavor for a long period of time then seeing what positive effects take place as a result.  Below is a copied except of the life improvements that guy got from getting up early for a year.

Some Life Improvements

  • I see the world through a much broader perspective
  • I have a drastically more open mind and heart toward all beings
  • Meditation is the number one habit of all, it’s the foundation
  • Reading and journaling have been huge for me
  • I’m no longer depressed, in fact I’m more inspired and driven than ever
  • I appreciate a slow walk through nature without rushing
  • I have read a ton of books, podcasts, documentaries, and YouTube videos
  • I feel more inner peace and less anxiety and fear
  • I am thrilled about my upcoming life and getting older
  • I’ve had dozens of lucid dreams and out of body experiences
  • I am learning to follow my joy despite my fears and doubts

Anyway, I’ve been weighing in every Thursday for 31 weeks now and I’m at the tail end of 20 straight weeks of my running program so I figured I could keep those things up and eventually post about the changes in my life as a result of a few positive endeavors.

This week I weighed in at 251.6 which is up a bit from last weeks 245.4 but, I’m not really concerned about it one way or another.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 31 - Copy


2 thoughts on “Week 31 Weigh-In – 251.6

  1. Getting up early is a good habit. We get up at 5:15 a.m. every weekday to get our workout out of the way; and it’s a habit that wasn’t too hard to start. It sucks because I hate working out but I love how it’s transforming my body. We can all sleep as much as we want when we die!

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