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KC 5k Monster Dash

This was an evening 5k run held along a couple roads that run adjacent to the Missouri River in Northern Downtown Kansas City.  This was a well run, simple event with a preview email sent out which included pdf files showing several areas of free parking as well as the race course.  Being a Halloween event, at least half of the 1,000+ runners that showed up were in costume.

2014-10-26 05.42.39 2014-10-25 21.15.29 2014-10-25 16.13.07 2014-10-25 17.36.49 2014-10-25 18.42.04 2014-10-25 19.50.35 2014-10-25 21.39.12 2014-10-25 18.41.48 2014-10-25 18.41.14

After the 5K Monster Dash, I learned from my phone that I was only a few blocks North of the Power & Light District so, I thought that might be a fun place to watch the World Series from.  The outdoor portion of the P&L District was barricaded off because only so many people were allowed to be down there at any given time for safety reasons.

2014-10-25 21.22.49 2014-10-25 21.17.32 2014-10-25 21.15.44 2014-10-25 21.15.05 2014-10-25 20.49.15 2014-10-25 20.46.27 2014-10-25 20.44.03 2014-10-25 20.41.20 2014-10-25 22.28.52




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