If your goals, hopes & dreams could talk, what would they say?

Dear John 01

Let’s hope they would not be writing you the following letter…

Dear John (insert your name),

You probably already know what this letter is about – you’ve seen it coming, I know you have.  It’s about us John, it’s over.  I’m leaving you.  I’ve hung on as long as I’ve could, you’ve got to give me credit for that.  I mean the way you swept me off my feet and talked lovingly about the future we would have together.  I’ve waited so long for your embrace, your attention and your love.  Why have you neglected me?  Why have you made so many excuses?  Your inaction and addiction to procrastination is absolutely tearing me apart.  I simply must move on.  For years, I would get so excited when you talked about the business we were going to start, the places we were going to visit and the home on the water where we could watch the sunset every night.  My heart would pitter patter every time you would talk about me to other people only to be let down once again because you were afraid.  What are you afraid of?  It’s only me.  I’m your hopes, your dreams, your goals.  I wanted you as much as you wanted me but you have left me no choice, I simply must move on.  Please do not attempt to talk your way out of this.  The years of indecision and lack of discipline tell me everything I need to know.  If you really and I mean really wanted me, you would have found a way for us to be together.  I am tired of having my hopes soar so high, just to see them dashed.  I simply must move on.  Time is marching by without us and my greatest fear is suddenly becoming visible on the horizon.  I’m so afraid we’ve come to the end of this 100 Day Challenge and never had the chance to really get to know one another.  It absolutely breaks my heart to have to entertain this thought but I simply must move on.  Like the genie that grants three wishes, I wanted to give you your hearts desire.  All I ever wanted, needed and asked for was your attention, your devotion and your willingness to work hard for me.  If that was too much to ask for then I’m sorry.  I simply must move on.  All things of value must be earned and I’ve grown tired of your excuses and lack of patience.  On numerous occasions I was within your grasp but you quit too soon.  Why did you leave me when you were so close?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, every day I would call out to you, I would whisper, “I am your goal, here I am, come and get me.”  I’m curious, did you ever hear me?  I repeated this question day after day, month after month, year after year.  But, now I’ve grown tired of hearing that the timing is not right, that you’re tired or that some day you’ll get around to it.  It’s time for me to get around to it and find someone who is committed, focused and proactive.  I simply must move on.  On behalf of all of your hopes, dreams & desires …there is something you should know about us.  We will never fail you nor ever let you down.  The main reason why we have not embraced one another is because you have failed us by not taking action.  Why?


Your Goals, Dreams, Hopes & Desires

Kind of sobering and, at the end of your life, your goals, dreams, hopes & desires will be gone.  Never again having a chance to obtain, get or achieve anything you may have once desired.

Relatively few people are in this particular 100 Day Challenge but everybody is in a Lifetime Challenge.  Are we, as Marianne Williamson has said, “living a life which earns our self respect” or are we living a life fraught with self condemnation from which we only want to escape by any means necessary?

St Louis Cardinals! (& Day 9: Raise the Bar)

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Day 9: Raise the Bar

Most of this video goes through the Olympic high jump competition and shows how the world records kept improving as the bar was raised and different techniques needed to be developed to successfully traverse greater heights.  The analogy being if metaphorically you want to raise the bar in your own life you will also need to develop new techniques.

raised bar

Unless you try




St Louis Cardinals

I was one of 53,723 people who got to witness the St Louis Cardinals win game 7 of the 1982 World Series against the Milwaukee Brewers.  I distinctly remember driving to that game because the wire coathanger fix that was holding up the exhaust system in my 1976 Plymouth Arrow finally gave way and the muffler, which was starting to drag along the road as I drove, completely detached from my car.  I remember looking into my rear view mirror and watching the whole thing – pipes, muffler and all bouncing down the road behind me.  Thinking back, as a responsible citizen I probably should have stopped my car and gone back to remove the muffler & pipes from the road but, as a young and enthusiastic Cardinals fan on his way to the World Series …I don’t think that thought crossed my mind at the time.

The Cardinals also went to the World Series in 1985 & 1987 that decade.  Contrary to what the history books might tell you about the 1987 World Series against the Kansas City Royals winning in 7 games – the TRUTH is that the Cardinals won that series in 6 games if not for the inept first base umpire Don Denkinger who, in the bottom of the 9th inning of game 6 mistakenly called Jorge Orta of the Royals safe at first base when he was CLEARLY OUT.  one moment ….

OK – here’s the link – 1985 World Series Game 6 – 9th Inning

The ball is ALREADY in Todd Worrel's glove!  Jorge Orta is obviously OUT!

The ball is ALREADY in Todd Worrel’s glove! Jorge Orta is obviously OUT!

The blown call occurs in real time at 2:27 in the video but at 3:03, 3:13 and 3:24 – any way you look at it, Orta is out.  This was a 1-0 game with the Cardinals leading and only 3 outs away from a World Series victory.  After this play they should have been 2 outs away from a World Series win.  There is a huge world of difference between having 1 out and nobody on base as opposed to zero outs and a man on first.

I suppose there is a legitimate segway between the success orientation of this blog and the St Louis Cardinals but honestly, I think I also just wanted to brag.

Bill DeWitt Jr took over as principal owner of the Cardinals in 1996 and had a vision of sustained success.  I would really like to know more about that vision and exactly what details it involves.

Under DeWitt, the Cardinals have advanced to the playoffs 12 times, moved onto the National League Championship Series 10 times and played in the World Series on four occasions.  Their 63 postseason wins since 2000 is the most among any team in Major League baseball.

Sustained success is a nice concept and maybe not that it’s on the board I can start pondering the topic, asking myself questions about it and maybe come up with some rational answers.

The Cardinal Way is another theme talked about at times when referring to the St Louis Cardinals.  So far, the best I could find out about that concept is from Wikipedia’s mention of George Kissell (1920-2008) who spent 69 years with the Cardinals organization.  His influence is generally regarded as being a major basis for what has come to be known as the “Cardinal Way”.   George also mentored major league managers including Sparky Anderson, Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa.


Raising the Bar – Part Deux

Mainly this Day 9 video reminds me of T.S. Elliot’s quote, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”  Not bad stuff to be reminded of on a daily basis.  I am curious and somewhat impressed that someone actually came up with 100 different videos for this 100 Day Challenge and am looking forward to them all 🙂


St Louis Cardinals – Part Deux

According the Don Denkinger, the first base umpire.  He basically had his eye on the bag and his ear on the glove – that is, he was waiting to see which came first – either hearing the ball hit the Todd Worrel’s glove or seeing Orta’s foot hit the bag.  I’m not sure how anybody could expect to hear a tossed ball with 53,000+ screaming fans in …what should have been …the last game of the 1985 World Series.

Another little factoid and reason I love the St Louis Cardinals – they are a middle of the pack team in terms of payroll but a leader of the pack in terms of results.  This year – the Cardinals made do with with a payroll less than HALF of the Dodgers – $253.3 million vs the Cardinal’s $111.25 million.

And Todd Worrel – had he actually struck out Orta would have been the first picture in major league history to strike out 7 consecutive batters in two games in the history of World Series Play.

Tommy Herr got screwed too in the 1987 World Series with a bad call but it wasn’t necessarily a game changer like this 1985 blown call.  With over 160 games in the regular season, I’m not sure how much instant replay is needed since things like bad calls can kind of work themselves out but, maybe for the World Series it might be more appropriate.

Yeah – Cards fans remember that 1985 World Series – especially if you were around back then.  Some things in life are eminently important and indelible – getting married, having children & of course, when your team wins the World Series!  🙂

Day 8: Become Self-Reliant

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Day 8: Become Self-Reliant – an abridged & quasi verbatim recap from Day 8 of the 100 Day Challenge from 100daychallenge.com

Today’s video talks about Self-Reliance and it’s direct relationship to your personal freedom and liberties.

How to become self reliant in 8 not so easy steps

  1. You Must Become a Nonconformist
    You must avoid following popular opinion and avoid conforming to the weak and highly vulnerable will of the majority.
    You must trust your own instincts, ideas, principles and common sense.
  2. You Must Stand For and You Must Defend Your Principles
    The integrity of your own mind and the principles you believe to be honorable and just are things you must fight for and protect against any opposition.
  3. You Must Insist on Being Authentic.
    There is a time in everyone’s life when they arrive at the conviction that
    Envy is ignorance,
    that Imitation is suicide,
    that you must take yourself for better or for worse.
    Therefore, insist on being yourself and work to cultivate your gifts.
  4. You Must Surrender Unnecessary Dependence
    You must identify where you are currently dependent by taking inventory of your life.
    Look for any unnecessary and unhealthy situations and immediately resolve to move them to a state of self reliance.
  5. You Must Confront and Overcome Obstacles
    You must have understanding that the world is filled with obstacles to help you and develop internal strength and self-reliance.
  6. You Must Work and Produce Results
    Honorable work is the most foundational source of happiness, self-worth and prosperity.
    Your greatest asset and primary sense of security extends from your ability to produce results and that is what self-reliance is all about
  7. You Must Take Full Advantage of Educational Opportunities.
    Those who have the lowest levels of skill and the weakest capacity for constant updating of those skills will find themselves uncompetitive, unemployed and highly dependent upon others.  Therefore, it is imperative that everyone commit to becoming a student for life.
  8. You Must Be Free From Debt
    Money is a faithful loyal servant and we are it’s master,
    However, when we get into debt the roles change.  The person who owes money is a servant to who lends the money.  Never are you less free than when you are in debt.

honorable work



Day 8 Commentary

A line in this video had me thinking of wedding vows.  Step 3 in becoming self reliant …taking yourself for better or for worse.  If that is not a commitment we can make with ourselves then what right do we have to expect that we could keep that commitment with another person?

From Step #5 – You Must Confront & Overcome Obstacles.  If this step resonates with you in any way, I would kindly suggest checking out The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  I’ve read his book and watched his lecture on YouTube – click the bold underlined link above to have a new window open up on YouTube of his lecture.  Basically, this man is going to die.  His last lecture is something done at his school from the perspective of the person giving the lecture to be his last lecture before they die but, in Randy’s case, it is true because he has terminal cancer.  The lecture ultimately is something he’s doing for his kids.  Time and time again he repeats that the walls and obstacles put up in the way of achieving your goals were meant to keep other people out – not you.

Week 38 Weigh-In

Nice.  Just a couple karate workouts and a couple times running and the distance between last weeks weight of 268.8 and 260 (maintenance weight) has been cut in half to 264.4.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 38-26 - Copy



Living a Life of Neglect

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One way I’m like the average Joe is in the fact that I’m probably inherently lazy.  It’s a trait I at least recognize and generally try to compensate for.  Going back to school to become a chiropractor was one way I compensated.  I’ll put myself in a situation where growth and improvement were forced due to the inherent nature of the situations I put myself in.  Once imbued in a situation or environment then it’s a bit like Woody Allen’s mantra which states one simply needs to show up in order to be successful – 90% of it anyway.

Instagram post by a fellow chiro from California

Instagram post by a fellow chiro from California

That post about people who do not move not noticing their chains speaks volumes to me.  The word chain evokes memories of an oft mentioned phrase by Warren Buffett who has said, “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”

In a similar vein, there are so many areas of a person’s life that can degrade to a very subpar level but may not be noticed due to neglect.  In my own life I could cite nearly anything – lifting, karate, running, piano – without involvement or neglect in any of those areas for a significant period of time the reality is that I would become excessively weak in those areas.  An effective mental ploy may enable one to find solace when they maintain a mindful awareness of past successes.  I may recall benching over 500 pounds in competition when the reality of today is that I may struggle with 315.  I’ve never forgotten running a 6:04 mile – even though that was over 30 years ago in high school.  But, at least with the running I have embraced the reality of where I am currently.

I guess I’m still developing an appreciation for the fact that not making decisions is in itself a decision and most live a life of our own choosing and not making decisions or consciously thinking about our life and taking action to make it the best we can is itself a decision whether we acknowledge that fact or not.

Day 7: Results are Everything – Abridged notes take from the Day 7 video from the 100 Day Challenge from 100daychallenge.com

It’s easy to say your beliefs and thoughts influence your reality so change them if you need to.

If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep on getting what you’ve been getting.  So, change your behavior.  Just change.

Look at your results and repeat after me, Results are Everything.

Results are Everything

During this 100 Day Challenge we’re going to focus on your performance and corresponding results.  Don’t tell me what you’re going to do, show me what you’ve already done.

don't tell me

best predictor

behavior never lies

By examining your results, I can see a clear picture of your commitment.  I can gain an innate sense of your character.  I can grasp a near perfect understanding of your beliefs and I can most certainly see what you are really made of.   Your results are a reflection of what you believe to be true about yourself.

your resutls

Your results tell me about how you think.  Your results tell me how you talk about yourself even when no one is around.  Your results tell me what you do every single day.  If you want new results, if you want a new reality, there’s only one way… Just Change!

if you want new results

Just Change

Beginning today, beginning right now, change what you think, change what you say and change what you do.  It’s that simple, it’s that profound and it is that important.  A good part about it is it’s not that hard either.  Do you remember what you did yesterday?  If you do not like the results you got yesterday… then change what you think, change what you say and change what you do today.  Whatever it takes to obtain better results, you must be willing to give it a go.

In order for you to have a different life, you actually have to design a better life.  Unfortunately, most people spend more time and energy on their grocery list than they do planning their own future.

most people spend more time...


Today ends week 1 of the 100 Day Challenge and AAR’s are due – After Action Reviews.  I have some work to do regarding this review and a phone call is scheduled today pertaining to the past week’s efforts (as they are scheduled every week.  It’s an interesting program. 🙂


Personal commentary on Day 7 Video

I’ve often heard above sentiments stated as most people spend more time on planning their two week vacation than they do on planning their life.  One thing my brother always mentions towards the end of his Goal Setting seminars is to ask what we (the audience) might have been doing tonight had they not attended his talk.  Most people respond that they would probably be watching television.  I did a quick check on Google and found statistics for the average amount of television watched by the average American.  The results are astounding – both the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Nielsen reports state an average of about 5 hours per day.  A bit more disturbing are suggestions by Nielsen that American’s tend to watch more television as they get older!  This is the exact opposite of what I would expect.  Their report finds

  • children aged 2-11 watch over 24 hours of tv per week
  • adults aged 35-49 watch more than 33 hours of tv per week
  • Over age 65 … watch more than 7 hours per day!

Are you kidding me?!  In the month of August when I hit 100 miles of running for the month, it took me about 24 hours.  A full day of my life and it game me pause to consider that such a large portion of my life was spent running but …..well, my tv watching during that month was pretty much non-existent.  At best, usually a couple movies playing that I had rented and played while working on other activities.

Gotta run – one thing this program has done is to give me different, better and more empowering ways to think about my life.  Like my brother has said – if not doing this then what would I be doing with my time?  At least it is an extra focus on our lives and as such, doesn’t lend itself to living by default or neglect.



Day 6: Discipline Your Behavior


Day 6 Video: Discipline Your Behavior

Every act of self-discipline you engage in moves you one step closer to your goals and every exception takes you one step further away.

Based on the goals I set, am I ahead, on or below target?

Your answer is directly tied to your willingness and ability to remain focused on the key actions necessary for success.

You are either buying or selling… If you are on or ahead of target, you are a seller and you’ve sold yourself on the value of discipline and you’ve stayed focused in spite of the world of options and temptations that circle around you all the time.

If you’re below target then you are a buyer.  and you’ve bought the same excuses that have lead so many others down the pathway of mediocrity.

The things you buy are procrastination, lack of discipline, self doubt and whatever else happens to be your poison of choice.

To repeat history all you have to do is to continue to be a buyer.  Buyers consume a big bag of lame excuses from their own minds.  Contrary to popular belief, freedom does not arise from letting it all hang out.  Freedom is the result of personal triumph over excuses and bad habits.


Excuses are like toxic waste to your potential.

excuses are like toxic waste

To experience true freedom you must prove to yourself that you are the master of your own destiny.

Never are you less free than when you are held hostage
by your excuses and lack of discipline. 

Self discipline is an act of cultivation.  Self discipline requires you to connect today’s actions to tomorrow’s results.

self discipline requires

Today’s Challenge:  Remain focused on your goals and discipline yourself to stay the course and accomplish every goal you set.

Ask yourself theme based questions that can be used throughout every area of your life such as:

  • How can I be more disciplined with my time?
  • How can I be more disciplined with my money?
  • How can I be more disciplined with my eating and exercise habits?

Self discipline is a habit it is not situational but it is applied situation by situation.

Anyone can be self-disciplined on occasion.

Anyone can be self-disciplined on occasion.

To get consistently positive results requires consistency

To get consistently positive results requires consistency

The question is not do I but where to I need to exercise greater self-discipline in my life?



Day 5: The Power of Deadlines

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Day 5:  The Power of Deadlines (4:14) – below is an abridged and quasi verbatim recount of today’s 100 Day Challenge video with my personal commentary in italics

When you set a deadline and expect to get your goals accomplished quickly, they get accomplished quickly.  Any task or goal takes as much time as you allow it to take.

I’m often reminded of the phrase, “tis the good reader that makes the good book” and I’m a good reader so, I already recognize today’s video as being about what’s known as Parkinson’s Law which states that “work expands to fill the amount of time available for it’s completion”  This is a concept which I have also noticed can be parlayed into the realm of money and expenses so, one may state it that expenses expand to the amount of money available …in that a lot of people have a tendency to spend everything they have.  

You will always work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline for achieving your goals.  Deadlines challenge you to perform.  Remember you are a performance artist.  Avoid the mistake of plunging ahead without a high sense of urgency.

In an ideal world, behavior shouldn’t depend on deadlines, it should depend on your values.  High performing people have a strong sense of urgency.  A clearly understood deadline that is shared, agreed upon and committed to is the silver bullet of proactive behavior.

Silver Bullet

Deadlines have three distinct purposes

  1. Deadlines represent commitment
  2. Deadlines enforce accountability
  3. Deadlines create a sense of urgency

Today’s Challenge

  1. Place a realistic deadline on each goal and activity
  2. Work your tail off to meet each deadline and astound yourself by what you are able to accomplish.

Day 5 Commentary – 

I think one thing I’m realizing is that self induced stress can help belay externally induced stress.  Dr. Hans Selye who I’ve mentioned in a previous blog is the last person I’ve heard talk about this (via YouTube videos).  He emphasised the importance of stress as well as it’s downfall.

The stress that comes a persons way due to inactivity and nonchalant living is worse than the self imposed stress of activity towards conscientious living.

Deadlines & urgency….  I admit, left to my own devices, I don’t necessarily always perform with a sense of urgency outside of work.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I can be so easily comfortable.  I did have one idea yesterday about how to help artificially incorporate a sense of urgency.  Being a guy, I don’t have any beauty type makeover ambitions but, I have had this garage slash living room makeover type idea in my head and was thinking of only allowing myself once during the month of October to get this garage makeover accomplished.  I was sort of thinking about it as my October Opportunity to get this done.  So, I am only allowing myself yesterday and today to work on this project and, if I don’t do it or don’t get it done then I won’t allow myself to put it back on my list of things to do again until next month and must move on to other projects.

Here’s a cool thing about my October Opportunity idea as it relates to my garage makeover.  Since other people in the 100 Day Challenge receive a copy of my Daily 10 Item Prioritized list of activities, commitments and deadlines for each day, I can add the fact that I will not be repeating this garage makeover task for the rest of this month.  Either I get it done when I say or I have to wait until next month to complete.

Week 26 Day 2 Run – 2 miles

I’ve been adding a little bit to the beginning and end of the 1.5 mile path in the park to get about 2 miles in for these last two runs.  My legs felt a bit heavy but I also noticed that my time was better during my 2nd run of the week compared to my first, 14:17 versus 14:58 for my first run.

I overlayed my brother’s 8 mile run with my 2 mile run at the same scale and came up with the following…

Our Run

My 2 mile run is a little loop on the left and his elongated 8 mile run is on the right.  Mine looks better zoomed in…..


I’ve got about 1/2 year in now of training and have pretty much stuck to the program I have.  The past few weeks I’ve fallen off the wagon but I found it interesting in that if I look at my training program – I have 4 weeks of blanks with nothing specific for these last few weeks either.  So, in a way, I’ve still been doing what’s been written down 😉

Both of my last two runs have been non-stop.  It takes a long time to get appreciable results but, they do eventually happen.  The basic formula for my training has been 2 short runs, 1 medium run and 1 long run.  That formula seems to work and is well reviewed and accepted from everything I’ve been able to read on the subject.

I’m not sure if it’s ego or pragmatism but I would really like all my training runs to consist of non-stop running.  I don’t get any particular high from walking but can become elated from non-stop jogging & running.



Success Loves Speed

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Success Loves Speed!

Speed It Up – How to use speed as a competitive advantage

Speed is the ultimate competitive weapon.

  1. Slow cost more.  Every second or minute that you can take out of process or activity saves you time and makes you more money.
  2. Speed is Sexy.  Speed is the ultimate customer turn on.
  3. Speed is impossible to ignore.  Speed brings with it a reputation of confidence, clarity of purpose and execution.
  4. Speed Trumps Size.  in today’s world …it’s not that the big eat the small, it’s that the fast eat the slow.  It’s the one competitive advantage that the big competition can’t duplicate easily.
  5. Speed Empowers Action and Change.  Action is defined as the causation of change.  you see, whatever result you want, it’s a change from what you now have.  …the faster the action, the faster the change.
When you procrastinate you lose enthusiasm, that in turn allows homeostasis to set in.

When you procrastinate you lose enthusiasm, that in turn allows homeostasis to set in.

Homeostasis is

When you get comfortable, you allow your goals, your ideas, your ambitions to fade into the comfort zone of oblivion

as a general rule

the more you hesitate

Today’s Challenge:  Work as fast as you can with as much quality and focus as you can.  Set a goal to get ten times the amount of work done today than you did yesterday.  Focus on results, on doing things right the first time – every time.  Do everything with a high sense of urgency.

There will never be a day that will not require – Dedication, Discipline, Perseverance & Personal Integrity.

The Integrity Pledge – I will honor every commitment, I will keep every promise, I will achieve every goal.

What to do now?

  1. Identify how to execute today’s challenge lesson
  2. Prioritize activities, commitments and deadlines
  3. Post your thoughts on today’s challenge lesson.

…end of video notes…

 New theme picture 🙂

Long time neighbors had one of their daughters getting married yesterday and after the outdoor ceremony took place I got to take some pictures of my brother with his son and managed to get a few pics with my phone.  I like it and now get to see people I love every time I bring up my blog 🙂

Saw a couple neighbors from way back when I was in grade school, junior high and high school.  It’s a trip.  Don & Nancy – they lived right across the street and had two kids with the oldest girl in grade school.  Don shared pictures with me and that little girl is now 38, married and has kids of her own.  I remembered Don got promoted to Colonel – I think Lieutenant Colonel is the first Colonel rank which put him kind of high up on the totem pole then he got moved to the Pentagon where he was a relatively lower rank on the totem pole.  He was a great guy though and always fun to be around.  Currently living in North Carolina.  Another set of neighbors from way back was Jack & Judy – they now live in Texas, just north of Dallas somewhere.  …kind of jotting this stuff down to help my own memory…..


 100 Day Challenge thoughts

I don’t really care for the business references but still like getting thoughts and opinions from someone other than myself and I like that the messages are meant to be positive which beats the heck out of listening to bitching and complaining.  So, it’s a good way to start the day.

For this past year or last 12 months, I think I’d give myself a grade of B+.  I think I could benefit from more focus and better organized action.

Having to fill out a prioritized list of 10 items each day and having that sent out to another person or people may prove to be the most catalystic in terms of changes and improvements, especially if that list is to pertain towards actions which are steps towards predetermined worthwhile goals.  I have more work to do with getting those goals written down and organized so I can improve upon that 10 item list.

Time to head to the park and get in a couple miles of running…   🙂


The Time to Start Succeeding is Now

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Do It Now – Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge – notes from today’s video:

Create a massive sense of Urgency.

What would be a good time to implement a good idea that could change your life for the better?  How about Now?

  • When would be a great time to pay off your debt and become a saver rather than a spender?  After you file for bankruptcy?  Of course not – How about Now!  Start right now, this instant.
  • When would be a great time to lose some weight and take great care of your health?  Should you wait until a heart attack comes?  Get down to the gym right now!
  • If you have a big, ambitions goal that’s begging for your attention,  when should you pursue it?  When the time is right?  When it’s a full moon?  When hell freezes over?  The answer is right now, today, do it now!

Do it Now

No matter how intelligent or capable you may be, if you don’t’ have a sense of urgency, now is the time to start developing it.


Time to step up, raise the bar and astound yourself.  Creating a do it now attitude helps replace question marks with exclamation marks.

  • the unwritten letter – write it today!
  • an old friend – get in touch today!
  • an overdue apology – apologize today!
  • a book to write – start writing today!
  • a visit – visit today!
  • start a business – get started today!
  • a race to run – start running today!
  • daily exercise – start exercising today!
  • language to learn – start learning today!
  • playing an instrument – start playing today!
  • giving back to the community – begin giving back today!
  • share your faith – share it today!
  • time with children – spent more time today!
  • broken relationship – work at it today!
  • confront your fears – do it today!

Do It Today

Get started on becoming a better version of who you really are.

Better Version of You

Today’s Challenge:  Identify three tasks or projects which you have been procrastinating on and take action on them today.  Either get them achieved and experience closure or at least get the ball rolling.  take demonstrative action on each one of them.

And, we have the same closings each day as follows… 🙂

there will never be a day without

Integrity Pledge

 What to do now

D ay 3 Thoughts –

This program is kind of cool.  It’s very different and I’ve never done anything quite like it.  It actually creates a little bit of stress but, I’m seeing it as a good kind of stress.  Sort of like fire – which can be either good or bad.  Bad if it’s burning down your house but good if it’s used for heat and cooking.

Sending out a prioritized list each day to another person who helps hold you accountable is probably what adds the most stress.  There’s no kidding around or letting things slide.  I got an email last night asking how I did on my list….

I mentioned the other day that Behavior Never Lies and ….I guess one truth with me is that Major League Baseball would appear to be a priority in my life, especially if the cardinals are in the playoffs – did everybody catch the following….


My god, that game was a nailbiter!  All I wanted to do was head to a bar so I could watch this game.  I’ve been without cable television for about 5 years now.  Then, I’m thinking Get Serious and Grow Up….   I kind of compromised and stayed at home and caught the live updates on my phone and did get a few things done around the house.

I need to wrap this up because now I have a deadline for the amount of time I’ll spend on today’s blog entry.

I’ve always had a pretty good idea regarding the things I want in life and I have written them down from time to time but, it’s never really been a list I’ve done much with in terms of looking at it everyday and I’ve rarely been held accountable for my goals.  I guess that’s why the weight loss contest earlier this year was so effective because there was that accountability …. combined with a really good shot at winning which is always good for the ego 🙂

At my brother’s Goal Setting workshop, he had several papers for everyone and each page had a different type of goal listed at the top.  One of the sheets of paper was listed as FAMILY.  In other words setting goals pertaining to your family life and what kinds of relationships you want to have and parlaying that into specific action that can be taken to help maintain or improve family relationships.

That caught my eye and made me think to be sure and get Christmas cards out to all my relatives.  I know I did pretty well with this prior to going back to school and it’s something I want to make sure I get going again.  Planning visits and time with family and there’s a few things I need to do yet today pertaining to that goal.

I think I’m also going to focus on the next two weeks as far as goals are concerned.  I’d like to have back to back weight drops and I think simply getting back to getting my 4 runs in per week as well as not eating after 6 p.m. should easily make that happen.


….uhhhh… heck – my time is up here – but, I did get another really nice comment on my Brachial Plexus video on YouTube today.  I also found a 7 year old kid that’s kind of my YouTube idol.  I was looking through a list on a business website which listed the most powerful people from ages 0 to 100 and at age 7 was a kid on YouTube pulling in $1.32 million dollars per year!  A SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!  omg – just amazing.

Anyway, here is a list of the most recent comments with the one I received today up top.  I’m kind of proud of this video

BP Comments

This video is a totally original way to draw the Brachial Plexus and has been used by students, schools and even a hospital in Germany to help educate others.  I’d like to get some additional videos made and have some specific ideas for the carpal bones and rotator cuff muscles.  One other original idea pertains to a neat mnemonic for visceral coverings …makes me remember another mnemonic I used in a contest and won a free Grey’s Anatomy book.  There may be some talent here ….which, is worthless unless I do something with it.

Boldness and Audacity

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  • Boldness and Audacity – Day 2 of the 100 Day Challenge
  • Week 26, Day 1 Run
  • Karate
  • National Boards Part IV
  • November 1st Full Marathon in Wynne Arkansas

Boldness and Audacity – Day 2

Have you ever noticed who gets the most respect and the most rewards in life?  It’s not the wallflowers, it’s not the thumbsuckers, it’s not the people that sit back and wait for others to do things for them.  Those who achieve much in life do so with a spirit of boldness and adventure.  Boldness is a fundamental right and a pragmatic reality.  These people are able to challenge and question the existence of a comfort zone.  They are willing to try new ideas and attempt the seemingly impossible.  They thrive under pressure and take risks lesser people are too afraid to attempt.

  • Boldness is the act of responding to a situation in a manner that may be viewed as daring to some, but is essential to effectively addressing the issue at hand.
  • Boldness is a strategic tactical approach to a given situation.
  • Boldness also involves taking risk.  When you decide upon a specific course of action boldness demands that you execute it aggressively.
  • Boldness does not mean being rude, arrogant, insensitive or even a bully
  • Boldness is a spirited word that eloquently describes bravery.
  • Boldness is not an inherited trait.  It is a characteristic that will blossom with determination.
  • Boldness comes from making valued decisions and moving forward for what you believe in.

When will your finest hour come and how will it arrive?  Do you really think it’s going to materialize without a supreme act if confidence, audacity or boldness?

What bold initiatives are you planning for today?

Today’s Challenge:  Act with boldness in every situation.  Speak up, act up with complete confidence and expect that things will go your way.  A behavior of boldness will help propel you today and everyday beyond what you might imagine and otherwise achieve.

This video then closes the same way as yesterday by reminding us…

There will never be a day that will not require
Personal Integrity.

Boldness and Audacity – my interpretation

Boldness reminds me a bit of courage.   My original thinking was there isn’t much on my list of things to do which require any great amount of courage, just things that need to be done but then I started to fill out my list of 10 prioritized activities, commitments and Deadlines for the day and noticed that if i double clicked on an entry, it would bring up what I last wrote down from yesterday.  Well ….I have 6 items left over from yesterday that never really got done.  I was basically trying to participate and get started with this program.  Yesterday was work, dinner with the family and doing my blog.

However – there is one item on my list which scares me.  Again, it’s nothing I haven’t done before.  well… the components which make it up are all things I’ve done before so, that would be one area where a little boldness or courage could be useful.

Week 26, Day 1 – 2 Miles

Before I worked on my 10 item list for today I wanted to take action and get something done.  I need to get my running going again.  I had 100 miles in August but only around 16 in September.  I still need to update the Running tab on my blog w/ my miles, times and average weight.


The path I run on is 1.5 miles long and, prior to this year, it had been about 20 years since I’d ran that path non-stop so I was pretty happy that I could head to the park even with my lapse in running and still crank out a bit over a lap non-stop.


I guess karate is another area that could use a little audacity.  In two weeks from tomorrow I’m scheduled to test for my Ni-Kyu brown belt.  I’ve been back once since my Part III study stint this past Tuesday.  I’ll be available for 4 more workouts before that testing which occurs on October18th after my 5k Rock n Roll 5k over in St Louis.

If I am to pull it off, this is something I’ll need to put on my 10 item daily priority/commitment list.  I know I have enough talent for that rank and probably a few ranks higher because I’ve been doing it for so long.  Simply making sure i have the necessary katas and yakusokus memorized will be enough to get me through and promoted to the next rank.

Part IV National Boards

This is an exam I’m looking at taking in May of 2015.  There is a review session which runs from Oct 11th through Oct 19th.  I would miss the 18th due to the 5k & karate testing and miss the 19th due to the Rock n Roll half marathon.  But, I can make 5 other sessions.  It’s been a little while since I’ve looked in anyone’s ears or eyes with my medical equipment so the experience could be very useful.  Pending passing Part III and getting a licence in the state of Illinois, I may then register for the NRCME – and become a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Examiner.  I guess that’s another thing I need to add to my goals list 😉  🙂

November 1st Full Marathon in Wynne Arkansas – 

I’ve done great with my running this year and have progressed a lot but not to the point of completing a full marathon the way I would like to complete it.  I don’t have a goal of completing a marathon – I’ve already done that …twice.  I want to complete one in fine fashion.  Say, a 4:21 time or better – even under 5 but, I’m still a ways from that kind of shape and condition.  I probably have an option of swapping over to the half marathon but, even then I would still need to make some travel arrangements.

….i need the 2015 schedules from NBS for Part 3 & 4 reviews …… Part IV review in Kansas is compressed into 6 days ….5 nights would do it there … about 6 months before the Part IV exam….

Wynne Arkansas …. for a full marathon, i’m on board but for a half?  Do I want to spend the time & money for that?  With karate, like I’ve said, I’ve already got the talent and just need to put in the effort.  For a full marathon … I’m just not that good yet.  I think around 6 miles is the longest I’ve gone non-stop.  I know there’s some biomechanical deficiencies with my right piriformis muscle that are exacerbated with the longer distances and needs to be improved upon.

There are a lot of things like that.  If we don’t push ourselves then “as is” is usually good enough but, when you’re pushing yourself then even small defects can be enunciated to exceedingly painful proportions.

The most noticeable advancements I could make with my running in the next four weeks wouldn’t be from gains made from running but rather by a reduction in weight.  Right now, I’d have to say I’m on the fence regarding Wynne, AR 🙂

Get Serious! Grow Up!

In this blog:

  • 100 Day Challenge!
  • Week 37 Weigh In


100 Day Challenge! – Day 1  (Oct 2.2014)

On Wednesday, October 1st, my brother signed up for a 100 day challenge at www.100daychallenge.com and asked me if I wanted to do it with him.  I already had a lot on my plate and had been shunning anything which could lead to extra stress.  I didn’t particularly feel like doing it so naturally, I said, “Yes” and signed up.  I’ve been around long enough that I have a pretty good read on my own mental resistance to new activities and can usually tell whether something may be good for me regardless of my emotional interpretation.

There are many aspects to this program, the purpose of which is to Inspire, Promote and Celebrate Excellence!  There are about 421,000 people and organizations from more than 80 countries around the world using the 100DC to help improve their lives.  Each day, we get an email with a different theme and an associated video.  Today was day 1 of the program and the video was titled Get Serious – Grow Up!

As often as possible, I thought it might be interesting to blog a bit each day about that days lessons to share the content with others and thereby helping myself more fully learn and appreciate the lessons as well.  Below the videos we watch, there is a list of 10 blank spaces in which we are to prioritize our activities, commitments and deadlines for the day and at the bottom of that list is my email and a space to put in an email for an Accountability Buddy so they we both get a copy.  Below that list section there is also a forum where we can share our thoughts and ideas about the daily lesson.

In addition to the Daily videos and list that get emailed out there is a weekly  AAR or After Action Review which allows us to measure, monitor and adjust our performance on a consistent basis.  This AAR also includes an After Action Review Teleseminar phone call every Wednesday at 1PM EST.

It’s fairly involved.  I have a folder on my laptop where I’ve already downloaded 19 pdf files pertaining to the 100DC.

I’m going to play the Day 1 video again, pause it and take notes below 🙂

Get Serious – Grow Up

Getting Serious is the key decision you must make to fast-track your growth.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their life each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all that they were done playing games …that they were done standing on the sidelines while other people that they did not perceive as being as bright or as talented lived in nicer homes and enjoyed a better quality of life.

This reminds me of something Warren Buffet has said numerous times in his talks (thank you YouTube) in that a person with 200 horsepower ability might be outperformed by someone with only 100 horsepower ability because they guy with the 200 HP potential might only be using 40% of it (80HP) while the person with the 100HP ability might be using all of it.

Behavior never lies.

“Too many people take a casual and cavalier approach to life.”   This line kind of struck a chord with me.  I do have times of maximal effort but I also think I could benefit from greater consistency and focus.  It’s excessively easy for me to be content and comfortable which can easily lead to complacency and gaps in effort.

“if you want to get ahead in life you have to be serious about how you are going to use your precious and limited time”

The video now mentions some aggressive statements…

  1. You’ll become rich when you get serious about becoming rich and not one second sooner.  Unless you decide to get rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently you’ll forever remain in the situation you are currently in.
  2. You’ll get in great physical shape only after you get serious about getting in great physical shape and not one second sooner.  Until you make the decision to get in shape you’ll continue to suffer the consequences of obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.
  3. You’ll make advances in your career or business only after you decide to make excellence your operating standard.
  4. You will enjoy a great marriage and loving relationship only after you decide to get serious about having a great marriage and not one second sooner.   Until you choose to build a loving, nurturing, safe and supportive relationship, your relationship will remain as it currently is.
  5. You will leave a significant and lasting legacy only after you decide to get serious to get serious about the contributions you want to make in your lifetime.  Until you choose to do something important with your life, until you choose to embrace a cause that you passionately believe in, you will continue to waste your time and your talents.

You demonstrate you are serious when you do the following

  1. when your ability to execute matches your capacity to imagine a new future
  2. when you set realistic but challenging deadlines and honor them.
  3. when you are on-time and fully prepared for meetings
  4. when you look for solutions rather than focusing on problems and who’s to blame.
  5. when you go the extra mile as a habit and not as a selective exercise that you showcase on special occasions
  6. when you arrive to work early and stay later
  7. when you consistently meet or exceed quota
  8. when you take initiative and proactive behavior without being told what to do
  9. when you focus on adding ever greater value
  10. when you make far more deposits than withdrawals into your relationships
  11. when you accept reality as it is, not as it was or how you would like it to be.

Until you accept the wisdom of those four words – Grow Up, Get Serious.  You’re going to waste a lot of time and energy.

Your commitment about generating big, bold results is critical.

There will never be a day in your life that will not require:
Personal Integrity

The Integrity Pledge
I will honor every commitment
I will keep every promise
I will achieve every goal

Soooo, it looks like Today’s Challenge is to review the list of goals we’ve set for the 100 Day Challenge and determine if we are really serious about achieving those goals.

Do I have a list?  This past Wednesday, my brother held a Goals setting seminar at his office which I attended.  He offers free educational seminars to the public and especially his patients at no charge and is part of his office goals to help reduce physical, mental and chemical stress of his patients.  He’s been doing the goals seminar every year for about 15 years now.  So, I have a bit of a list from that evening and I had three pages of notes from going through the 100DC members website.

There’s nothing really new that I want, it’s been the same types of things for a very long time and i’ve already been in the process of making it all happen.  Maybe kicking things up a few notches, being more consistent with my efforts, more organization, kind of general stuff like that which is probably pretty common.  …karate, lifting, running, piano

Taking great trips was one of 26 initial reasons I left my last job and became a chiropractor –

In those 5 aggressive statements listed in the video.  The first one about the general notion of getting rich is kind of a turn off for me.  Unless it relates to something specific, even just something as basic as general financial advice about saving up 3-6 months worth of income, I’m just not overly interested.  $1,200 means something to me because a round trip plane ticket to Europe can be purchased with it.  $1,500 means I can pay for Part IV National Boards exam.  $75,000 per annum is an amount I’ve read where happiness is manifested in that basic needs are well taken care of and amounts beyond that don’t necessarily contribute any more to happiness.  Having a plane for the sake of having a plane isn’t so motivating but getting my pilots license is in which case maybe a Cessna 182 or 210 could be a goal.  My car is 12 years old and pushing 300,000 miles so …yeah, i would like a different car and for me having a different biomechanical position when sitting in the car is a motivating factor.   The 968 was being pursued prior to leaving my last job but isn’t at the top of my list anymore.  A shiny baby grand piano would be nice but being able to play piano better would be a bigger & more important goal.  My relationship with the piano started ….oh …back around 1971.

A common motivational distribution would be to categorize motivation as either extrinsic or intrinsic.  Extrinsic examples would be things like money, Status, Popularity while Intrinsic could include things like personal growth, relationships and a desire to help others.

I do like the idea of excellence mentioned in that list.  That reminds me of Vince Lombardi or guys like Coach John Wooden.  For literally decades I’ve had a mantra in my head commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin (a Mason) which stated, “a good example is better than a good sermon”

I think I’d like to point my compass in the direction of getting more things done each day and increasing overall happiness as a result.    I still have my weekly weigh in to post – and, as is typical will need to thwart my other topics in order to get moving.

Week 37 Weigh-In

Week 37 finds myself at a bodyweight of 268.8

Overall, in the past 27 weeks my weight has been +/- ~3% of 260 with one anomalous reading of 245 which was 5% below.  But, this …….I think I would be embarrassed if I had to post any weight of 270 or higher so, in that regard, maybe blogging the weekly weigh in is useful.  Because, without owning up to the weight and acknowledging it, I have a feeling I might do as I have in the past and simply balloon back up in weight.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 37 - Copy

I did a thought experiment once where I imagined myself being blind.  I thought of how my life would be different and ended up concluding that while some areas of my life would be less, I also concluded that other areas of my life would be more.  I figured I could still play the piano and workout.  With less ability there would be a naturally increased focus on some of the remaining aspects of my life.

The Day 2 video came through about 1:18 a.m. last night (early this morning)