Betting to Lose & Week 5 Weigh-In

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I kind of messed up my last blog by not completing it, forgetting about it, then not publishing until 4 or 5 days later and then forgetting I didn’t finish it until after I clicked that publish button ūüôā ¬†sometimes I get easily distracted. is a website where you can bet to drop an amount of weight of your choosing, in a time frame of your choosing. ¬†I have learned a bit about the specific algorithm the website uses. ¬†For my particular case and set of personal statistics, I’ve learned that any total bet at or above $760 yields the same payout results of $16 per pound loss. ¬†So, that’s a profit of $160 per 10 lbs lost or $1,440 for 90 pounds lost.

It doesn’t matter if I take 6, 8 or 10 months to lose the weight, the payout is the same. ¬†It also doesn’t matter if I bet more – bets of $1,000, $2,000 or even $3,000 yield the same profit of $1,440.

There are two aspects to starting the program.  One is to get a verified beginning weight and the other aspect is to choose your bet.  There are two ways to get a verified weight.  One way is to make a short video of yourself getting weighed.  The other way is to print out a verification form that you would take to your doctor and have them sign and date the form with a weight obtained at their office.

I did both Рand my doc was kind enough to take a quick 53 second video of me as well as signing my verification form.  I took a picture of the form and spliced it into the ending part of my video so everything is about as legitimate as I could make it.  In the video it is recommended to wear minimal clothing so I had on shorts and a t-shirt, no shoes.  The video composition is simply of me stepping on the scale, then a close up shot of my weight (which was 292.0) then me stepping off the scale, pulling out my pockets to show nothing is in them, turning in a circle,  then stepping back on a second time with a second reading (which was the same).  Pretty easy and that follows the sample video HealthyWage gives on their website.

I’ve got my video uploaded and now have up to two weeks to decide on a bet. ¬†I’m pretty certain I’ll max out my potential profit with a total bet of $760 but am uncertain as to the total amount of weight to lose or the time frame in which to lose it.

One caveat with that site is that you only can make a bet once.  I have a years worth of statistical data regarding my weight as well as data buried in my computer somewhere from two other times I did the 12 week Lose to Win contest.

One thing I learned from the contest was that each time I did that contest I kept starting out at a higher weight which is a reason I was happy that I maintained my weight within that 260 +/- 3% range last year and from my monthly averages I can see I maintained that range through the end of November.

Overall, I think maintaining any given weight is kind of a farce – at least for me. ¬†I can see maintaining an amplitude range around a given weight and maybe even working to minimize that amplitude range so, if I was 205 then my range might be from 200 to 210 and based on my data from last year, I’d probably be a little rotund during the Christmas holidays but more svelte & sexy towards the end of Summer ūüėČ ¬†ūüôā

A VLOG?   (Video Blog)

When I was trying to verify the legitimacy of I came across a forum where someone suggested looking at YouTube to find people who had shared their experience with HealthyWage. ¬†I didn’t find a lot of personal testimony (none actually) but there were plenty of news stations that had featured ¬†Below is a screenshot from one of the videos (you can click on the picture¬†to see the entire video)

2014 HealthyWage Press Release YouTube

I wish I could gain $2,000 for losing 29 pounds. ¬†When you first sign up at HealthyWage there is a small form to fill out and one of the questions ask what kind of a better/person you are – ie, casual or looking to be competitive or one choice is “I’m here to make money (lose 15% or more)” and I chose the most aggressive option of being there to make money so, that might have tagged me as a ringer or something which is why my winning is limited to that $1,440 or $16/lb prize. ¬†That’s still not bad and a $760 bet would still put my total prize over $2,000.

I’ve had an idea of putting up a VLOG before during my previous contest but never pulled the trigger on that idea. ¬†I have received some encouragement on this idea. ¬†I think my student loan may be pushing to make it a reality. ¬†Not including any previous college, just the DC program debt is now made up of 13 different students loans which have topped $270,000.00 and in my mind, if I do nothing with everything I’ve learned then that money spent is truly a waste and can really only have any value if other people are helped in some way. ¬†Even if it’s just one other person, if their life can be made better then we can start to ascribe some value to the educational investment.

idk – I do have many thoughts and ideas regarding a VLOG and maybe I’ll hash them out a little more in future blogs. ¬†If I go that direction I may add another tab on this blog called YouTube. ¬†I only have about 1/2 dozen videos posted and only about three of those are any good but I still get comments on a very regular basis. ¬†My primary audience consist of 1st year med students. ¬†If nothing else, putting up a VLOG could help me get back into completing other anatomical videos that I’ve thought about for a long time.

Week 5 Weigh In 

I better get this part in before my mind goes too tangential and I don’t finish like last time.

2015 Wallpaper 01 January - 01-23-2015

I can update my Running Log tab and put down an average weight of 278 for the month. ¬†It’s actually 277.6 but, I’m trying to keep that data clean and easy to look at.

And Voila! ¬†My odometer/weight table is updated and I’m 15 lbs lighter than I was last year at this time ūüôā ¬†Next month I’ll need to average lighter¬†than 269. ¬†And, if I can get my butt outside for almost any amount of time then I’ll be able to enter something other than a zero for my monthly mileage which would beat last years total.

Now, I did have an official verified weigh in of 292 this past Monday so, it may look like I’ve dropped 13.4 lbs in the past 4 days but, I was already pushing 280 the week before and was probably well above 280 the morning of my weigh in. ¬†It just so happened that I could only get to the doctors office at the end of the day so bodyweight is usually higher at the end of the day. ¬†But, the weight measurements have to be pretty legitimate so, for the record, all i had to eat the day of the weigh in was a pizza and the day before it was my traditional pre-contest meal consisting of 4 cheeseburgers from McDonalds. ¬†I don’t eat fast food very often but, it was a good reminder of how miserable one can feel when eating that crap – mainly because of an extraordinary amount of sodium in the food.

For the most part, I do my best to make my weekly weigh ins on Thursday mornings, right after I wake up, as was the case this morning.


Drop 70+ lbs in 12 Weeks

That would probably make a pretty catchy blog title but, since I’m already pondering it, we’ll tack it on at the end here.

In my previous 3 successful Lose to Win contest I did drop over 70 lbs each time in a 12 week period but, this contest is different. ¬†12 weeks was never long enough to actually get lean or even down to a decent percentage of bodyfat. ¬†BMI scales don’t really apply to me because I still have a fair amount of residual muscle from benching over 500 pounds and scarcely anybody ever builds up that amount of strength & muscle so, those norm BMI scales are for more average individuals. ¬†Funny – it wasn’t until just now with this blog entry that I considered again basing an overall weight objective with body fat percentage. ¬†anything below 20% – something in the teens – even high teens would be good for me. ¬†Especially since I’m probably around double that 20% mark currently.

I’ve mentioned previously an initial weight objective in the lower 240s for this year and I am quite happy with that weight. ¬†I can wear a lot of clothes I own at that weight and don’t mind jumping in the pool ..etc

But, there are personal goals such as qualifying again for the Pikes Peak ascent and finishing that run in under 6 hours or, running a sub 2:30 half marathon which, is what’s needed to qualify for Pikes Peak.

and this HealthyWage competition can be any time frame I choose – anywhere from 6 to 18 months…. ¬†so, …. less than 240 is where we start getting into uncharted territories which on one hand can make things intimidating and on the other hand can make things exciting.

A final weight of 200-205 is about all my mind can deal with.  So, if i choose to lose 88 lbs that would put me at 204, just under the top end of what my mind can see.  Considering other weight loss objectives of 78 or 68 pounds would yield a final weight of 214 or 224 and, naturally either one of those would be fine as well.

The money is not a tremendous motivator for me and, in many ways would serve the same function of this blog in terms of helping me pay attention to this situation as opposed to ignoring and forgetting about it. ¬†Competition with other people DOES motivate me and helps to bring out my best efforts. ¬†With over 1,000 other people in previous contest – most are average joes but, there are some spectacular people in terms of effort and determination. ¬†During one contest I walked just shy of 100 miles in the first two weeks. ¬†I took 3rd or 4th place in that contest. ¬†They guy that won did some outrageous number of spin classes – something like 124 during the 12 week period and there’s only 84 days in 12 weeks so I talked to him after the competition and he admitted to doing double spin classes on many of the days. ¬†He would spin for an hour before work and again for an hour after work – just amazing effort and focus to keep that up for so long.

People tend to become a part of what they’re around so, in my competitions I would know there are people like that out there and would align myself with those people. ¬†Knowing there are people busting their butt as much as I was or even more.

As far as competing against myself, I have my run mileage and weight data from last year which is nice but not nearly as exciting.

So, do I push myself to shoot for a 204 weight or make things easy on myself and go for a much easier win with say, a 244 weight?

I’m not sure at this point but my inclination is probably summed up by a quote from Thomas Carlyle, “Make no small plans, for they haven’t the capacity to stir men’s souls”


Betting to Lose & Week 4 Weigh-In

In this blog:

  • Week 4 Weigh-In

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that when I have some sort of competition or support system outside of myself that I can & have done extremely well with improving myself, as was the case in last years Lose to Win contest. ¬†I’ve also learned that when I just try to fire myself up on my own to make significant advancements in my physical health …well, it’s kind of like trying to light a wet match.

So Рsince there is no Lose to Win contest to help me kick off improvement for this year, I decided to Google around and see what other contest might be available.  This lead me to a website called

With this website, you make a bet to lose weight. ¬†From what I’ve learned it looks like you can bet anywhere from $20 to $500 per month that you will lose anywhere between 10 and 150 lbs and can take 6 to 18 months in reaching your goal. ¬†The inputs, given those parameters are totally up to you.

The website has a proprietary algorithm which then calculates the terms of the bet and allows you to not only win your money back but, to make a profit as well.  You are allowed to place 3 different bet scenarios every 24 hours.

After researching the website to verify it’s legitimacy to my satisfaction, I’ve been placing different bets to help learn about the algorithm used and quasi reverse engineering the algorithm to help maximize the return of any bet I might make. ¬†Below is an example of one very profitable bet.

750 bet 90 lbs 6 months 290 to 200 - Copy

[note: this blog entry was written Fri, 1/23/15. ¬†I didn’t have time to finish and never published – it’s Tue, 1/27/15 and I’ll post what I have today]


52 Weeks of Weigh-Ins

There we go – 52 weeks worth of weigh ins, starting Monday,¬†January 13th, 2014 and ending on Thursday, January 15th, 2015. ¬†…thought i’d throw this blog up during halftime of the Hawks vs Packers game… didn’t happen – under 2 minutes left in that game – freakin’ game of the century here – holy cow! ¬†… ¬†…OT!

After that initial Monday weigh in all subsequent weigh ins were on Thursdays.  Week 32 was the last time I weighed under 260.  From week 33 to 45 I stayed in the 260s.  Battery started going out in Week 46 and was dead in Wk 47.  Week 51 I totally forgot and had to do a catch up weigh in two days later on Sat.

Anyway – looking forward. ¬†I really like how Kyle, who post under Running Large, has running odometer’s for each month of the year dating back to January of 2013. ¬†I’m going to update my Running Log tab to show an Odometer for 2014 along w/ my corresponding average weight for each month.

Below that Odometer table, I want to have a table comparing last years runs to this years runs. ¬†I’m currently signed up and registered for 3 runs in 2015. ¬†Two 1/2 marathons in April and the Rock n Roll 1/2 in October – all runs I’ve done in 2014 so I’ll be able to compare my 2015 times and compete against myself. ¬†Beyond those two, I definitely want to do the Macklind Mile again as well as the Go! St Louis All American 5k – the best 5K I’ve ever run.

For 2014, I ran in 13 of the 14 runs I’d signed up for. ¬†…3 of those “runs” were actually bike rides – Tour de Belleville, Tour de Donut and Moonlight Ramble.

I’ve gotten rid of two of my tabs – the music tab is gone, with several hundred pieces of music on my phone it’s not much of an issue anymore and I don’t need last years marathon training plan but will need something for the 1/2’s coming up in April. ¬†I did virtually nothing for those runs last year except a lot of walking leading up to the runs so it should be pretty easy to beat last years mileage for the beginning of 2015.

I don’t have any specific physical goals at this time – I would like some sub 3 hour 1/2’s in April and I’m fond of a bodyweight in the low 240s – that’s kinda slenderized for me ūüôā ¬†For running, the thing I’m most proud of from last year is the 100 mile training month I had in August. ¬†I wouldn’t mind emulating that again and for sure – I’d really like to get in a mile under 10 minutes – that is definitely the Macklind Mile goal ūüôā


OK – I also need to blog at least once a week, at least for each of my Thursday weigh-ins. ¬†I’ve already looked up several runs while writing this blog entry and that’s something I haven’t done for a couple months. ¬†The Nashville CMM is $120 for the half – kinda high. ¬†But, the Las Vegas RnR half is sitting at $99.

Mainly, I need to do this for overall health reasons but, it’s a bonus to make it fun ūüôā ¬†So …looking at a sub 3 hr half, low 240s bodyweight, sub 10 minute mile and another 100 mile month.

Vegas is interesting. ¬†The first time I ran a 1/2 there, it started at 6:30 a.m. and went up the strip (North) starting at Mandalay Bay then back down west of the strip via Industrial Rd and Frank Sinatra Dr. ¬†There wasn’t much to look at on the way back. ¬† The course in 2015 still starts at Mandalay Bay but, heads South until about even with the Southwest corner of McCarran International Airport then heads back North for about 8 miles then comes back South along the strip and ends at the Mirage. ¬†Oh, it also starts at 4:30 PM Sunday – very different.

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