2015 Week 8 Weigh-In

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Week 8 gives us our first official dip below 270 and by official that means it was part of my weekly Thursday weigh in. ¬†In all fairness, the first time I woke up Thursday morning, I weighed 270.6 but went back to bed and upon waking up the second time is when I weighed 269.8 ūüôā

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

This past Sunday I was down to a low of 268.4 and Tuesday and Wednesday morning weighed as high as 273.8 lbs.  Generally speaking, weight fluctuates like the stock market.  Too many people get upset when they see their weight go up a pound or two and, as I alluded to in a blog I posted on DietBetter.com getting frustrated seems more like a necessary psychological ploy for many people which mainly serves to set up a plausible future reason for quitting an otherwise healthy lifestyle because the notion of a living a continued healthier lifestyle is too far out of their comfort zone.

The only other noticeable change I made in my Weekly Weigh-In desktop wallpaper was the addition of a car in the upper right hand corner. ¬†It’s a 2005 Volvo S60 and has been ranked for several years in Kelly Blue Book (KBB.com) as one of the best affordable used cars and it’s the only luxury type car to make that list. ¬†Last years weigh-in wallpaper included a variety of cars such as the Corvette (’cause it’s cool) and the new model Camaro which was a car I traditionally never liked but did like the newer body style and was enamoured with the performance of 323 HP from a 6-cylinder engine ūüôā ¬† But, with close to 300,000 miles on my Saturn I really need a new car sooner rather then later. ¬†That Volvo has very good reviews and a trunk often described as enormous (13.9 cubic feet) which I also figured could be very useful¬†for business.

The HealthyWage prize badge didn’t change but the prize amount did due to a fellow dietbetter.com participant who clicked on my referal link and signed up for a bet of their own which added $20 to my pot so, my new HealthyWage prize is now standing at $2,056.00 ūüôā

If anyone reading this wants to set up their own HealthyWage prize to win some serious money – please click on my referal link below (link will open in new window)


Running vs Pumping Iron
Right now, I’m at a tie in 2015 with 6 runs and 6 lifting workouts. ¬†I’ve modified my miles/weight table found over in my Running Log tab by including a column to keep track of the number of times I’ve been to the gym to lift weights.

I’ve had a long time alternating relationship with Lifting, Running & Karate for a very long time – All three since 1982 and a challenge for me has always been to embrace all of them at the same time. ¬†Any one of the three is the easiest endeavor, and I’ve had fair results dabbling in two at a time and very little results trying to maintain all three of them at the same time. ¬†So, there may be a time when I put my weight at the very left column then Running, Lifting and Karate as the subsequent three columns to the right.

Sometimes, I have fun with my Running Log tab and think I might add pictures of trophy’s from lifting, maybe karate certificates and small pics for the rest of my running medals. ¬†I don’t really have any cohesive place in real life where I keep all that stuff. ¬†If I look towards the ceiling in my garage, I can see a bunch of medals hanging from two old bicycle hooks in the ceiling and there are a few places in the house where medals are hanging. ¬†All my lifting trophy’s are gathering dust in the garage and the usual resting spot for any other kind of awards are boxed up in the floor of my spare bedroom. ¬†I suppose the Running Log tab could be a kind of virtual trophy case. ¬†Plus, there have been a number of medals or trophies that are either given away or end up breaking so it might be nice to have at least one picture of each for posterity’s sake.

I’d also like to add my specific goals for the current year. ¬†I know I mentioned some reasonable improvements I wanted to make this year in a previous blog but sometimes I’m hard pressed to remember them all. ¬†The list was pretty simple. ¬†…let’s see if I can recall … ¬†I know there was a bodyweight in the low 240’s – I don’t particularly care where, 242 ,243 – even 244. ¬†I just know I feel pretty good physically at that weight and have a lot more clothes to choose from.

Running a sub 10-minute mile at the Macklind Mile run was another goal.

I think hitting a sub 3 hour 1/2 marathon (about time…)

oh, and another 100 mile month of running training like I did last August.

Mental & Physiological Concepts
One of the reasons I’ve thought of doing a VLOG in the past has been to keep track of what I’m doing. ¬†When I started again this year with the DietBet & HealthyWage type of competitions I had a hard time remembering exactly what I did last year to drop 72 lbs in 12 weeks. ¬†I remembered one competition I logged close to 100 miles walking in the first two weeks and this last competition was more focused on eating less and staying calm.

Two ongoing things which help keep my in check physically are this blog for one and keeping calm is the other one.  The blog provides an ongoing awareness and I can easily become imbued with too many other facets of life and easily ignore my physical condition altogether if there is not some semblance of awareness.  There was a post I ran across on Instagram a while back which really embodied my mindset more than most other descriptions:


Honestly, the whole notion of diet & exercise, certainly in the traditional sense most people think of those words is rather repulsive to me. ¬†I don’t have any particular diet I follow. ¬†I’ve learned a little bit from a friend who was a big advocate of the Atkins diet and I could easily feel how avoiding traditional breads and other tasty complex carbs/starches helped me to not feel so full after eating but, by and large, there is no particular diet I follow. ¬†I eat. ¬†I learned more about the quality and nutritional values of foods last year when I logged everything I ate into an app called MyFitnessPal. ¬†I kept that up for maybe the first 3 weeks of my 12 week contest last year and that provided enough awareness to help me win that contest.

What I eat is mainly dependant on what I have in the house or what’s readily available to me. ¬†So, I suppose there are some changes specific to me. ¬†I’ll avoiding buying 2lb jars of peanut butter because peanut butter usually has a lifespan in my house of no more than 36 hours and that’s a huge number of extra Calories to consume over a day or two. ¬†And, when I’m in a mode of improving myself, I don’t run to the nearest, local cheap buffet to consume a days worth of calories when I’m hungry and out of food at home. ¬†Lately, I’ve been having a vegan/protein bar to help quell hunger cravings and have recently resupplied myself with this option –

2015-02-18 14.11.14

On big key to success in transitioning to a lower weight is allowing myself to be hungry.  This is where staying calm comes in handy.

One unique thing I did with MyFitnessPal was to break each day up into 4 hour time segments starting at midnight. ¬†Just take the whole notion of breakfast, lunch and dinner and throw it out the window then, whenever you happen to eat just log what was eaten in the appropriate time slot. ¬†There were many times during last years contest when I would eat after midnight. ¬†Sometimes I would eat some pretty healthy portions – things like French toast and eggs – and syrup and butter. ¬†I logged it all. ¬†But, I made kind of a game out of it. ¬†A lot of times eating after midnight was part of the game because I wanted to keep a certain days number of calories at a certain level so I would wait until the next day. ¬†Sometimes, I would try to make sure that I wasn’t eating in adjacent 4 hour time slots. ¬†Maybe more importantly however, was during the few times I ate after midnight, I was very legitimately hungry – no doubt about it. ¬†Tracking everything one eats can be kind of a hassle so I did not eat out of boredom or just to pass the time ¬†when I ate it was from legitimate hunger and not habit.

Another interesting thing was after eating whatever I may have been craving (usually carbs) I didn’t worry if a lot of time passed until the next meal. ¬†Often 12 or 18 hours or more would pass until the next time I ate. ¬†On two occasions 36 hour passed.

I never worried about the time passage. ¬†Some of my original thinking regarding not eating for significant amounts of time came from co-workers at my last job. ¬†Some were very lean and it wasn’t uncommon to hear them mention during the afternoon that they hadn’t eaten since yesterday. ¬†..and they were lean. ¬†Eventually, this lead me to PubMed to investigate further. ¬†PubMed was a website often referenced while in school. ¬†The latest article in Cosmo or People magazine just didn’t cut it. ¬†PubMed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed) is from the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health and consist of peer reviewed biomedical literature and science journals. ¬†It’s NOT fluff and it also isn’t necessarily the easiest of articles to read but, it is one of¬†the best scientific resources for pretty much any medical condition.

This search led me to a number of articles on VLCD’s which is an acronym for Very Low Calorie Diets. ¬†One traditional argument against VLCDs is that a person will end up losing muscle which, in turn lowers a person’s resting metabolic rate and therefore has a detrimental effect in the long run with regards to weight loss or maintaining lower bodyfat levels. ¬†However, the article I ran across noted that 77% of the weight loss by test subjects utilizing a VLCD was, in fact, fat. ¬†At this point, it’s probably worth noting that people with higher percentages of bodyfat will tend to utilize greater portions of fat for energy so, while a person with a BMI > 40 might metabolize 77% bodyfat in a VLCD, that doesn’t mean an individual with a BMI of 22 will have that same percentage.

There may be some real advantages to having a structured eating routing such as breakfast, lunch and dinner for those individuals who are already at a weight they want to maintain but I don’t necessarily subscribe to that notion for overweight people who are actively working to drop weight.

People also need to have an awareness of their own bodies. ¬†Wanting to eat something for the sake of eating something and no other reason than because maybe it looks good or might bring some immediate pleasure due to the taste is one thing. ¬†Wanting to eat because of hunger is another thing and wanting to eat because you’re so hungry that you’re actually getting dizzy is yet another thing. ¬†I do my best to avoid the getting dizzy aspects of hunger.

I remember another impetus for checking out the VLCDs.  Last year the HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone diet was getting a bit of attention and I had a few friends that were actually on that diet but I quickly learned that part of that diet consisted of not only ingesting the HCG but of also following a 500 calorie a day diet.   Well, heck, I can give you a sugar pill but when combined with a 500 calorie a day diet most people are doing to drop weight pretty rapidly.

I was ravenously hungry this past Wednesday. ¬†I lifted weights¬†that morning and squeezed in a frigid 1 mile walk in the evening. ¬†I did eventually cave Wednesday evening and had one of those vegan bars but, for the most part, I told myself that I would be having a pizza the next day. ¬†It was sort of one of those Denis Waitley¬†advocated mindset things about doing within while doing without. ¬†So, I kept telling myself I’ll be having a pizza the next day and I did.

But, once again, there is a big difference between picking up two large supreme pizzas from Little Caesars on the way home from work and devouring those with a few 2 liters while watching television and simply having a medium thin crust veggie pizza for lunch.

btw – Denis Waitley is a graduate of the US Navy Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. ¬†He has done a lot of sports psychology stuff with elite athletes and olympians. ¬†Which reminds me, I came across an Instagram post by an old gross anatomy lab partner of mine who was recently invited to become part of the US Olympic training center which is pretty cool ūüôā

Anyway, the word ‘diet’ to me simply refers to the food a person consumes. ¬†I don’t particularly advocate any diet in the traditional sense many people use the word but do think increased awareness of calories and nutritional content in what we eat can¬†be a positive influence in helping people eat better and perhaps reduce weight if that is a desired outcome. ¬†I don’t think feeling hungry from time to time is any worse than feeling stuffed or full and, from what I recall in the back of my biochemistry book (i.e., Medical Biochemistry 2nd edition by Baynes & Dominiczak, page 606)

“Calorie restriction (CR) is the only intervention that consistently extends maximum lifespan in a variety of species including mammals, fish, flies, worms and yeast. ¬†Reduction in total caloric intake appears to be the essential feature of this intervention, i.e. the beneficial, life-extending effects are observed whenever CR is applied and regardless of dietary composition …”


Get Serious! Grow Up!

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100 Day Challenge! РDay 1  (Oct 2.2014)

On Wednesday, October 1st, my brother signed up for a 100 day challenge at www.100daychallenge.com and asked me if I wanted to do it with him. ¬†I already had a lot on my plate and had been shunning anything which could lead to extra stress. ¬†I didn’t particularly feel like doing it so naturally, I said, “Yes” and signed up. ¬†I’ve been around long enough that I have a pretty good read on my own mental resistance to new activities and can usually tell whether something may be good for me regardless of my emotional interpretation.

There are many aspects to this program, the purpose of which is to Inspire, Promote and Celebrate Excellence!  There are about 421,000 people and organizations from more than 80 countries around the world using the 100DC to help improve their lives.  Each day, we get an email with a different theme and an associated video.  Today was day 1 of the program and the video was titled Get Serious РGrow Up!

As often as possible, I thought it might be interesting to blog a bit each day about that days lessons to share the content with others and thereby helping myself more fully learn and appreciate the lessons as well.  Below the videos we watch, there is a list of 10 blank spaces in which we are to prioritize our activities, commitments and deadlines for the day and at the bottom of that list is my email and a space to put in an email for an Accountability Buddy so they we both get a copy.  Below that list section there is also a forum where we can share our thoughts and ideas about the daily lesson.

In addition to the Daily videos and list that get emailed out there is a weekly  AAR or After Action Review which allows us to measure, monitor and adjust our performance on a consistent basis.  This AAR also includes an After Action Review Teleseminar phone call every Wednesday at 1PM EST.

It’s fairly involved. ¬†I have a folder on my laptop where I’ve already downloaded 19 pdf files pertaining to the 100DC.

I’m going to play the Day 1 video again, pause it and take notes below¬†ūüôā

Get Serious – Grow Up

Getting Serious is the key decision you must make to fast-track your growth.

One thing about successful people is that at some point in their life each one has looked in the mirror and decided that once and for all that they were done playing games …that they were done standing¬†on the sidelines while other people that they did not perceive as being as bright or as talented lived in nicer homes and enjoyed a better quality of life.

This reminds me of something Warren Buffet has said numerous times in his talks (thank you YouTube) in that a person with 200 horsepower ability might be outperformed by someone with only 100 horsepower ability because they guy with the 200 HP potential might only be using 40% of it (80HP) while the person with the 100HP ability might be using all of it.

Behavior never lies.

“Too many people take a casual and cavalier approach to life.” ¬† This line kind of struck a chord with me. ¬†I do have times of maximal effort but I also think I could benefit from greater consistency and focus. ¬†It’s excessively easy for me to be content and comfortable which can easily lead to complacency and gaps in effort.

“if you want to get ahead in life you have to be serious about how you are going to use your precious and limited time”

The video now mentions some aggressive statements…

  1. You’ll become¬†rich when you get serious about becoming rich and not one second sooner. ¬†Unless you decide to get rich by developing a plan and executing your plan consistently you’ll forever remain in the situation you are currently in.
  2. You’ll get in great physical shape only after you get serious about getting in great physical shape and not one second sooner. ¬†Until you make the decision to get in shape you’ll continue to suffer the consequences of obesity, high cholesterol and poor fitting clothing.
  3. You’ll make advances in your career or business only after you decide to make excellence your operating standard.
  4. You will enjoy a great marriage and loving relationship only after you decide to get serious about having a great marriage and not one second sooner.   Until you choose to build a loving, nurturing, safe and supportive relationship, your relationship will remain as it currently is.
  5. You will leave a significant and lasting legacy only after you decide to get serious to get serious about the contributions you want to make in your lifetime.  Until you choose to do something important with your life, until you choose to embrace a cause that you passionately believe in, you will continue to waste your time and your talents.

You demonstrate you are serious when you do the following

  1. when your ability to execute matches your capacity to imagine a new future
  2. when you set realistic but challenging deadlines and honor them.
  3. when you are on-time and fully prepared for meetings
  4. when you look for solutions rather than focusing on problems and who’s to blame.
  5. when you go the extra mile as a habit and not as a selective exercise that you showcase on special occasions
  6. when you arrive to work early and stay later
  7. when you consistently meet or exceed quota
  8. when you take initiative and proactive behavior without being told what to do
  9. when you focus on adding ever greater value
  10. when you make far more deposits than withdrawals into your relationships
  11. when you accept reality as it is, not as it was or how you would like it to be.

Until you accept the wisdom of those four words – Grow Up, Get Serious. ¬†You’re going to waste a lot of time and energy.

Your commitment about generating big, bold results is critical.

There will never be a day in your life that will not require:
Personal Integrity

The Integrity Pledge
I will honor every commitment
I will keep every promise
I will achieve every goal

Soooo, it looks like¬†Today’s Challenge is to review the list of goals we’ve set for the 100 Day Challenge and determine if we are really serious about achieving those goals.

Do I have a list? ¬†This past Wednesday, my brother held a Goals setting seminar at his office which I attended. ¬†He offers free educational seminars to the public and especially his patients at no charge and is part of his office goals to help reduce physical, mental and chemical stress of his patients. ¬†He’s been doing the goals seminar every year for about 15 years now. ¬†So, I have a bit of a list from that evening and I had three pages of notes from going through the 100DC members website.

There’s nothing really new that I want, it’s been the same types of things for a very long time and i’ve already been in the process of making it all happen. ¬†Maybe kicking things up a few notches, being more consistent with my efforts, more organization, kind of general stuff like that which is probably pretty common. ¬†…karate, lifting, running, piano

Taking great trips was one of 26 initial reasons I left my last job and became a chiropractor –

In those 5 aggressive statements listed in the video. ¬†The first one about the general notion of getting rich is kind of a turn off for me. ¬†Unless it relates to something specific, even just something as basic as general financial advice about saving up 3-6 months worth of income, I’m just not overly interested. ¬†$1,200 means something to me because a round trip plane ticket to Europe can be purchased with it. ¬†$1,500 means I can pay for Part IV National Boards exam. ¬†$75,000 per annum is an amount I’ve read where happiness is manifested in that basic needs are well taken care of and amounts beyond that don’t necessarily contribute any more to happiness. ¬†Having a plane for the sake of having a plane isn’t so motivating but getting my pilots license is in which case maybe a Cessna 182 or 210 could be a goal. ¬†My car is 12 years old and pushing 300,000 miles so …yeah, i would like a different car and for me having a different biomechanical position when sitting in the car is a motivating factor. ¬† The 968 was being pursued prior to leaving my last job but isn’t at the top of my list anymore. ¬†A shiny baby grand piano would be nice but being able to play piano better would be a bigger & more important goal. ¬†My relationship with the piano started ….oh …back around 1971.

A common motivational distribution would be to categorize motivation as either extrinsic or intrinsic.  Extrinsic examples would be things like money, Status, Popularity while Intrinsic could include things like personal growth, relationships and a desire to help others.

I do like the idea of excellence mentioned in that list. ¬†That reminds me of Vince Lombardi or guys like Coach John Wooden. ¬†For literally decades I’ve had a mantra in my head commonly attributed to Benjamin Franklin (a Mason) which stated, “a good example is better than a good sermon”

I think I’d like to point my compass in the direction of getting more things done each day and increasing overall happiness as a result. ¬† ¬†I still have my weekly weigh in to post – and, as is typical will need to thwart my other topics in order to get moving.

Week 37 Weigh-In

Week 37 finds myself at a bodyweight of 268.8

Overall, in the past 27 weeks my weight has been +/- ~3% of 260 with one anomalous reading of 245 which was 5% below. ¬†But, this …….I think I would be embarrassed if I had to post any weight of 270 or higher so, in that regard, maybe blogging the weekly weigh in is useful. ¬†Because, without owning up to the weight and acknowledging it, I have a feeling I might do as I have in the past and simply balloon back up in weight.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 37 - Copy

I did a thought experiment once where I imagined myself being blind.  I thought of how my life would be different and ended up concluding that while some areas of my life would be less, I also concluded that other areas of my life would be more.  I figured I could still play the piano and workout.  With less ability there would be a naturally increased focus on some of the remaining aspects of my life.

The Day 2 video came through about 1:18 a.m. last night (early this morning)

Flawless Perfection & Week 23/36 Weigh-In

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  • Flawless Perfection
  • Week 24/36 Weigh-In

¬†– Flawless Perfection –¬†

Usually when I first wake up in the morning there is already something preset in my mind, either a topic or concept or maybe even something I need to do.  While I was going through my 24 days of study prep for my Part III exam I had one morning theme occur twice and that was Flawless Perfection.

Flawless Perfection has to do with people – pretty much everybody. ¬†I suppose part of me was thinking in terms of diamonds. ¬†Ratings such as VVS refer to Very, Very Small Inclusions which is one indicator for a very high quality diamond and that’s the way most people are – very, very high quality. ¬†I also recall a saying from a book I once read by Denis Waitley which stated, if we could buy people for what they think they are worth and sell them for what they are really worth then we would be billionaires overnight because it seems like most people don’t realize how high quality and spectacular they really are.

Although I’ve had these thoughts before about people, I think a video on YouTube may have been another catalyst to bring this thinking back to the forefront of my brain. ¬†I think I was looking up Tic Douloureux (trigeminal neuralgia) and along the side was an associated video of some type of extreme makeover for a person with an overgrown jaw. ¬†It seemed a bit tawdry but, I’m not immune to such things, so I clicked on it.

The biggest part of this makeover involved jaw reconstruction Рthe jaw was broken and parts of the jaw were removed bilaterally to eliminate the protruding underbite.  There were also a few other docs like a dermatologist and ophthalmologist then things kept getting more superficial such as makeup and clothing.

From my perspective and observation of this individual, I could easily see that they were essentially perfect as is and I don’t mean that to be glib but literally and this could pretty much be proven mathematically as well. ¬†Just with the review books I was pouring over in the last month, we covered several hundred various inclusions or diseases and ailments a person could have but, this person in the video didn’t show signs of any of them.

I have the 23rd edition of Cecil Medicine which is 3,078 pages long and usually has multiple ailments per page so, even if this person’s protruding jaw were listed in that book that’s still a very small fraction of things that could potentially be wrong with her but, moreover – consider the ICD codes. ¬†These codes are used in health care offices to document diagnoses. ¬† The latest version is ICD 10 and according to a quick Googling there are 68,000 different ICD 10 codes. ¬†Incidentally, ICD stands for International Classification of Disease. – honestly, I thought I’ve read of there being over 150,000 codes but, I could have been mistaken.

So, even if a person has 1, 2 or even 10 different ailments or diseases – given the enormous number of things that could be wrong with them, the ailments would still constitute such a small percentage that they would still be more flawlessly brilliant than even the most flawless diamond.

People in general

People in general

Anemias – 25 to 30 Trillion

For the past week or so I’ve been working to learn more about anemias, a condition which effects about 1 out of 4 people globally. ¬†In my head, I’ve always had the approximate numbers of 4-6 million when it comes to lab results for a CBC (complete blood count) but, what finally got in my head during my studies were the units used which are given in cells/mcl – cells per microliter. ¬†A microliter is one millionth of a liter. ¬†We’re talking about something about the size of 1/10th of a grain of rice and, on average – between men and women, say about 5,000,000 red blood cells contained in that tiny little speck of rice.

So, in one liter of blood, we’re now talking 5 million red blood cells per microliter times 1 million (the number of microliters in a liter) and get an answer of 5 Trillion! ¬†5,000,000,000,000 red blood cells in a liter of blood.

How many liters in the human body? ¬†That depends a lot on the size of the individual but, an answer such as 5-6 liters should cover the bulk of the Gaussian curve and if we use the lower end of 5 liters of blood in the human body then the total number of RBC’s would be 5 times 5 trillion or 25 Trillion Red Blood Cells! ¬†I recall reading once that the annual US budget is in the neighborhood of 4 trillion and a quick Googling stated there is about 10.5 trillion US dollars floating around worldwide. ¬†So, the number of red blood cells in our body trumps those numbers by a quite a bit.

The numbers in the human body can get even more staggering if we consider the fact that each red blood cell holds about 250 million hemoglobin molecules – what’s 25 trillion times 250 million? ¬†idk….

and – each molecule of hemoglobin can hold 4 oxygen molecules …. ¬†well, I can do 25 Trillion times 4 – 100 Trillion then take that times 250 million for the total number of oxygen¬†receptor sites on all those hemoglobin molecules.

From Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology (11th ed, page 3): ¬†“Although the red cells are the most abundant of any single type of cell in the body, there are about 75 trillion additional cells of other types that perform functions different from those of the red cell. ¬†The entire body, then, contains about 100 trillion cells”

idk – try putting a puzzle together with 100 trillion pieces which is to say nothing of all the individual components that make up all these cells.

I was watching a video the other day which showed that a car engine can be taken apart and it’s pieces scattered all over but, for someone that knows what they’re doing, all those pieces can be put back together and the car can run like it did before it was taken apart. ¬†With people – not so much.

If there is anything more spectacularly amazing than people, I have yet to discover what it is.

Week 23/36 Weigh-In

Why Week 23/36?

Well, I’ve weighed myself every¬†week for 36 weeks and it’s been 23 weeks since my ….huh, i believe i made a mistake – it’s actually been 24 weeks worth of weigh ins since my weight loss contest ended (i should have counted Week 0 as week 1 for maintenance)

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 23-36 - Copy

I like those numbers better Р24/36.  12 weeks of weight loss, 24 weeks of maintaining the weight loss.

We definitely reached a new high with last weeks weigh in but, it’s still only about 3% above where this maintenance phase started 24 weeks ago. ¬†Initially, I was considering all the extra stress inherent with that Part III exam as part of the explanation for the weight increases over the past ¬†….well, 6 weeks now. ¬†However my frequency of running has greatly diminished and last week – my number of runs was zero which is quite a contrast from the 100 miles I put in during the month of August.

Primarily, I’ve been consciously wanting to avoid stress so, maybe nixing the running is one way my psyche went about helping to accomplish that objective. ¬†I could tell my brain was in a funky place the past few weeks and figured it would get back to normal eventually.

I did replace the picture of Southern Sardinia with one of the Swiss Alps ūüôā

I started this blog about 5 days ago and kept adding bullet points – about 15 of them but, that’s a lot to blog about. ¬†There are just so many interesting things out there.

Alas, it’s time to do that work thing ūüôā

Week 33 Weigh-In – Wooosh! Massive Weight Gains

I weighed myself yesterday morning, Thursday as I normally do and saw 260.8 lbs but, what really got my attention was stepping on the scale today РWeek 33 plus 1 day and saw an all time high for the past 21 weeks of 267.4!  Hmmm.  Well, I added not only the official Thursday weight to my desktop wallpaper but also added  that 267.4 weight.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 33

Basically in 3 weeks and 1 day I managed to gain over 20 pounds. ¬†Of course, yesterday just ended 24 days of 9-5 board reviews so things may not be as bad as it first appears. ¬†Perhaps more importantly, are the cars I’ve added to my Week 33 weigh in so, maybe we should address those first ūüėČ ¬† (it’s a guy thing)

968 Porsche
In the lower right hand corner we have the 968 Porsche which is a front engine, 4 cylinder car which was only produced from 1992 to 1995. ¬†There were a little over 12,000 of them made and only about 2,400 which were convertibles. ¬†This little car started it’s life as a 924 in the mid to late 70s, then grew up into the popular 944 model then ended with this amazingly refined 968. ¬†Well ….I guess you could say the 914 may have been the oldest predecessor in this line of front engine Porsche cars.

I always have to wonder why any car enthusiast, especially a Porsche enthusiast would ever bother with a 944. ¬†Those cars are a dime a dozen and have to wonder if they just don’t know the lineage of the car or maybe just want the cheapest option available and still be able to tout the Porsche name.

In a 500 mile search on cars.com of Porsches there’s 38 944s available with prices starting below $2,000 while the 968 yields only 2 for sale with a low price of $13k.

When I was 19 I bought a 924 and still remember quite a bit about it. ¬† It was Alpine White, about 4.5 inches off the ground and had a 016z transmission which meant the transmission was in the back of the car and not directly mated to the engine. ¬†This provided a nearly perfect 50/50 weight distribution. ¬†The ergonomics of that car were still the best of any car I’ve ever owned or driven for that matter.

Had to check wikipedia for info on these models Рsure enough Рabout 171,000 of the 944s were produced.  The much nicer 968 however only had 12,776 total produced and only 4,665 of them were distributed between the US and Canada.  Of those, 2,248 were convertibles that made it to the US.  Definitely not a dime a dozen car like the 944.

I have never owned a convertible before and the 968 cabriolet was going to be my first.  I was in the market for one prior to heading back to school and even had a spreadsheet where I kept track of the 968 cabriolets for sale, along with their VIN numbers since there were only so many of those cars in play.

2015 Corvette
My brother is on his 3rd ‘vette so I wanted to check them out. ¬†$54,000 baseline coupe and $59,000 baseline price on the convertible. ¬†I’m not sure if I’ll ever be buying one of these new – probably not but, it was fun to go through the Chevy “build your own” website. ¬†0-60 in 3.8 seconds – that’s kind of like my motorcycle fast.

2015 Camaro
These start at $24,700 for the 1LS but, I would have to get a 1LT model (baseline $27,000) in order to get the optional 245 watt, 9 speaker Boston audio system.

Before I headed out on my 24 day board reviews trek I watched a number of car videos on YouTube including one that was about 1.5 hours long on the history of cars starting back with the steam driven vehicles up to current models and a glimpse into the future.

Another great thing about the 968 Porsche was that as early back as 1992 when it first came out it had variable cam timing Рwho else had that?  It was maybe 10 or 15 years later when I noticed the Honda Civic incorporated variable cam timing in their cars.

I’m not sure what the 968’s cost new but back in 2007 the resale value had dipped below $20k for most of them with lower mileage models going for just under $30k. ¬† According to wiki, in April 2012 a 968 got auctioned off for $346,000.

What about running?  Week 33 Weigh-In and getting fatter??!
Yesterday concluded my 24 day marathon of reviews during which time I had only 2 days off and a ton of travelling. ¬†I got home a bit early yesterday at 5:30 and around ….oh, 5:31 I was fast asleep. ¬†Totally exhausted but, nothing 14 hours of sleep couldn’t fix ūüôā ¬†However, as much as weighing 260.8 caught my attention yesterday it was the 267.4 this morning which really caught my attention.

Pragmatically speaking, this new high weight has me a little concerned because I’m signed up for a 50 mile bike ride tomorrow – huh.

So, what happened?  I overlayed my weight for the past 4 weeks on my calendar.  Then I realized that these past 3+ weeks were much like when I was in clinic and school last year and watched my weight climb and climb week by week.

Basically, it seems anytime I’m sitting on my but for 9 or more hours per day with little or no days off that my weight goes up.

Things started easy in Davenport Рalmost ideal actually.  School was still in session in Iowa so my first four days of reviews were only from 5 to 11 p.m., just 6 hours of reviews each day and plenty of time to study and run and swim and I hit my low weight of 245.  But, after those four days, every day became 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Рeveryday including weekends.

In Iowa and Kansas, I was at least able to stay in hotels that were close to the schools. ¬†My final week in Chesterfield, MO meant staying at home and commuting every day so, in addition to the 9-6 schedule there was another 2 hours of driving each day so the schedule was more like 8 am. to 7 p.m. ¬†Bedtime hovered around 9 p.m. so, that’s 11 hours per day on my butt and another 8 or so sleeping. ¬†It’s an ideal situation for packing on the pounds fast and very stressful.

It’s either ironic or funny depending on how you look at this but, one of my 26 reasons for leaving SAVVIS to go back to school to become a chiropractor had to do with my health and health¬†was probably a top 5 reason for making the change. ¬†I grew to loathe the drive to SAVVIS everyday and figured I would move close to school and not make that drive everyday anymore. ¬†I never did more and simply added 5 miles per day each way to my commute.

2007 was a big running year for me because I was trying to offset 5 years of sitting on my butt for 11 hours per day and the ensuing weight gain.

Well – I have to figure a few things out here –

It’s Friday and I went jogging Wednesday for 4 miles. ¬†It was pretty rough. ¬†I remembered way back in high school a book I read – it may have been a tape of the book called, “You can’t afford the Luxury of a negative thought” ¬†A part of that book had you imagine that you were some kind of master achiever, that you could work towards anything you thought of and accomplish it then, achievement got too easy, lost it’s luster and you wanted a greater challenge so you created a button called “Greater Challenge” – pressed it and found yourself exactly where you are now.

For me, I realized that the extra hours of commuting along w/ the 9 hours of reviews and only 2 days off over the past 24 days was representing a greater challenge so I simply went to a park near the school and was able to get in 4 miles.  I had two days off before that and 3 days away from running before that.

But – my running weeks are Mon through Sunday so, I still have 3 days left for this 22nd week of my program and can get in 4 days of running this week as long as I go today, tomorrow and Sunday –

easy enough. ¬†I don’t see myself doing 18 miles on Sat as scheduled, nor do I care a whole lot right now. ¬†I’m not overly concerned about that 50 mile bike ride tomorrow either – and, it just occurred to me that bike ride did not have any online payment options so, I’m only registered and have not paid for it. ¬†Cool. ¬†I might just enjoy my 2nd day off and blow that off.

I had 3 other half marathons I was looking at for October – I passed / missed the Aug 31st deadline to register at cheaper rates but had other things going on.

The race in Valmier, IL is probably going to be along back roads – country roads and is on Sept 27th and I could probably live without that one. ¬†The other two are bigger events ¬†and all held on Sundays – Missouri Cowbell half in St Charles – a really good place to run, I’ve done the Lewis & Clark half marathon there before. ¬†The other two would be the Go! St Louis Half (Halloween edition) the the Rock n Roll St Louis half the following week which I’m already signed up for.

I think I’ll put off any future registration for at least another week, until my Part III exam is over. ¬†I’m sure I’ll do at least one extra half so I can join Half Fanatics. ¬†And, somewhere between now and the end of the year, I need to get a sub 2:30 half marathon to (re)qualify for the Pikes Peak Ascent. ¬†I would like another Platinum trophy so, maybe this month can end the way last month started, we’ll see. ¬†It’s not the end of the world of I don’t get it but I do need to keep running.

October 18th, I test for my next belt in karate – maybe I’ll check that out again tomorrow since I’m blowing off the 50 mile bike race. ¬† Those 4 miles I did this past Wed were kind of sad in terms of performance. ¬†It was my 22nd week in the program but felt more like week 1. ¬†I’ll probably keep my mileage down this week, maybe no more than 3 miles at a time unless I happen to be feeling it and want to run longer.

Part III is the main focus this week.

I have talked with NBS about Part IV reviews already and will be taking that exam in May of 2015. ¬†….reminds me I have to sign up for the 2015 Lincoln Presidential half yet as well as the Go! which should be taking place the next day – back to back halfs – i like that challenge idea. ¬†ūüôā

I did get a chance to talk with two other chiropractors who told me they passed part 4 before they passed part 3. ¬†So, however I end up doing next Saturday, I will be giving Part IV a shot next May. ¬†I know I’ve got a really decent shot at getting through this next exam – I know a lot and just need to make sure I don’t have any weaknesses that could hold me back.

It’s odd but, with Part III – one person could score a 70% and pass while another might score a 90% and fail because all 9 sections have to be adequately passed and those sections aren’t fully determined until after the exam is analyzed.

We had a bit over 200 pages of review material in each review session but only a single page for Chiropractic Technique. ¬†It’s almost overlooked but, it does make up a lightly weighted section of the 9 total sections.

Ideally, this will be the plan

  1. Pass Part III (results by Dec)
  2. Obtain License for Illinois
  3. Become Nationally Registered Certified Medical Examiner
  4. Pass Part IV

Somewhere in the midst of #’s 2 & 3 up there I will be eligible to get a job somewhere with someone, at least in the state of Illinois – after passing Part IV – I’ll be able to work anywhere in the country! ¬†ūüôā ¬† My eyes are wide open at that thought ūüôā



500 Miles in 4 Months :)

I got a neat notice from fitbit yesterday that I’ve walked 500 miles since I started to use the product on January 17th. ūüôā ¬†There’s been a few days worth of tracking lost due to leaving the fitbit at the gym during karate or from the battery going dead but, overall it’s been very accurate and corresponds well to other apps such as Walking Mate, Nike Plus and Sports Tracker.

500 miles

I did sneak in an extra 5 mile walk this past Sunday which was the day before I did my 20 minute non-stop run. ¬†Adhering to the program, I’ll have 20 minutes of straight running
this week and 25 minutes of straight running next week for all four days of my training program. ¬†This reduces my total miles for each week, actually about cuts it in half since I was pushing 3 miles per run when going 40 minutes and get 1.5 miles with 20 minutes and I’d still like to get the Gold Nike Plus trophy for hitting 50 miles in a month.

Plus, I still need to drop weight.  That impromptu weigh in the other day showed me down 60 pounds since January 13th and I was thinking that another drop of 60 pounds would put me at 196 which would be a heck of a lot better marathon running weight than 256.  It would take a linear weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week to hit that 196 mark.

When I was in the weight loss contest it¬†was much easier to control my eating and simply not eat most of the time because there was no high intensity training going on just low intensity activity such as walking. ¬†As such, my brain never screamed too loudly or too often for food. ¬†That’s simply not the case anymore. ¬†Pushing that lawn mower 13 miles in a day along with the 4 day per week training has the hunger centers in my brain talking very loudly.

I kind of know what the issue is. ¬†I’m not eating on any kind of regular schedule so, my first meal of the day might be late in the evening by which time I’m famished. ¬†So, a breakfast, lunch and dinner might be eaten at times of 6 p.m., 9 p.m and midnight. ¬†Plus those meals are probably more than I should be eating at any one time.

I’ll need to get more serious about the eating schedule if I am to expect any serious types of results.

I still need to get to the park today for my second attempt at jogging 20 minutes non-stop. ¬†I didn’t realize it at the time but, a couple of the things I was looking for and anticipating actually came true with my last run. ¬†One of those things was to cover a mile with non-stop running and the other one was to complete the entire 1.5 mile path at the park with non-stop running. ¬†I did the mile, for sure and I at least completed the distance of the path, 1.5 miles without stopping although I did deviate from the path to make my route as flat as possible.

I’ve got a bear of a day ahead of me and I sort of need to tell my mind to shut up about it and just take things as they come, one at a time and deal with each part of my day individually. ¬†Reality usually isn’t as god-awful as we can make it out to be in our minds.
It’s 85 degrees outside now and will probably get hotter as the day progresses. ¬†I’ll do my run first then most likely be cutting lawns until the sun goes down. ¬†Yeah, that’s the part of the brain talking that I just said needed to shut up.

Rationally, I tell myself it’s only 20 minutes of running and I can do that. ¬†I did it before. ¬†I can do it again. ¬†Emotionally, that doubtful part of my brain acts as if I’m doing a full marathon for my training today.

2014-05-14 20.59.50
The only way I can fail today is if I do not try.

Week 7, Day 1 ~ I Did It!!! :)

Week 7 and Day 1 is in the books and I did it! ¬†This week was the transition from run/walk to straight running – running for 20 minutes non-stop and I’ve been apprehensive about it since the beginning. ¬†It’s been so long. ¬†I firmly remember my first non-stop mile and a half around the track at the park and remember the first nonstop hour of running …but ….that was 20 years ago! ¬† The 2nd marathon I did 10 years ago was more of a “prove it to myself” sort of thing – zero training, signed up two days before the run and just wanted to see if I could still cover the distance even if only walking which, I did.

Non-stop running …Wow – well, …here is how I got it done today;

I told myself two things. ¬†The first thing I told myself while I was still in my car. ¬†I said, “Everything you need to succeed is already inside you”. ¬† I then made a playlist with some songs that I thought might help me through the 20 minute prescribed run.

I took off and literally within the first quarter mile of the run I wanted to stop …felt like stopping, wasn’t overly confident that I could pull it off but …kept going. ¬†about 1/2 mile into the run I said “force yourself to do the scary” ¬†i know that sounds weird but that’s how it came out. ¬†The scary part was pretty much all mental. ¬†For me, a big part of my success this year has been based on keeping my mind calm. ¬†This put me into another dichotomy of sorts since on one hand I wanted music that was upbeat and would jazz me up, so to speak and on the other hand, I wanted a calm mind and didn’t want to freak out while venturing into new territory. ¬†For the first mile or so I kept the music but turned it down to about half volume.

Something else I did that was a bit different was to not look at my Sports Tracker or NikePlus running apps. ¬†I figured seeing the time or how much time I had left would only dissuade me from keeping a calm mind so I didn’t look at those apps at all, only my music. ¬†I figured each song at about 3 minutes and concluded 6 songs at 3 minutes each would take me through 18 minutes of running, knowing darn well in the back of my mind that many of the songs were over 3 minutes long and six songs total should take me through my entire run. ¬†I know I jumped to a song by Ke$ha by the end of the first mile to get something upbeat. ¬†I already had a path picked out in my head and it was designed to minimize hills, I wanted as flat as possible. ¬†I’d already been practicing shortening my stride when going uphill and I remembered to do that on the few inclines I did encounter.

When I was getting towards the end I kept getting tempted to look at my phone, I had some fantasies going in my head of maybe running 26 minutes non-stop without realizing it but…. I was very much aware of what was going on so reality kept the fantasy in check. ¬†When I finally decided pulled up my running app I was thinking that if it was at 18 or so that I could hold out for another 2 minutes to get the job done. ¬†When I did pull it out and looked – I was right at 20 minutes! ¬†when I finally hit stop and end, I had a final time of 20:04 and was absolutely ecstatic! ¬†I wanted to shout out loud and throw my fist in the air like Rocky! ¬†I did the fist thing but refrained from the shouting ¬†ūüėČ

By the time I walked back to my car and then to a picnic table to post my run on Instagram and Foursquare and text my brother, I was feeling absolutely amazing. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I physically felt so good. ¬†It was starkly different than how I normally feel and I’m a pretty happy person to begin with but this felt absolutely vibrant! ¬†ūüôā

That’s about it for today’s run. ¬†It was amazing. ¬†I had some mental games ready in my head from the day before but pretty much forgot about them all and improvised the new stuff I mentioned.

Oh – something else I’ve been pondering that I learned at one of the lectures given at the Nashville, TN half marathon expo was that one of the guys mentioned some elite runner from the UK and said if she can take an ice bath after her runs then maybe those of us in the audience could at least get a frozen bag of peas to put on our thighs or knees after our runs. ¬†Since I want to recover the best I can I took his advice. ¬†I didn’t use ice but did run a bath with nothing but cold water. ¬†Not the funnest thing to step into but it wasn’t all that bad either. ¬†I sat in that tub for a full 10 minutes. ¬†The water wasn’t deep enough to fully cover my thighs but it did cover the calves completely and figured it was good enough for my first attempt.

I’ve also noticed some shape changes in my physique. ¬†On the way home I was noticing a bit more definition around my …i guess it’s the vastus rectus thigh muscle, that tear drop shaped muscle on the inside of our thigh, proximal to the knee. ¬†I also started to notice some indentations – a precursor to definition, I’m thinking, in my abdominal areas, specifically around the outline of where one might find a six pack …like I said, just indentation under a layer of fat but, a welcomed & positive change non-the-less.

2014-05-09 03.20.302014-05-09 07.08.42

I like the quote by Larson about Pride and Faith and I think it goes well with the question posed next to it. ¬†If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?

I think these are good concepts to fully embrace.  Being able to take pride in how far we have come and embrace our efforts and the results from those efforts as something good is almost a key to helping us unlock the faith in a positive future.

If we can’t be grateful for what we already have then that may define us as the type of person who is not grateful and if we are not grateful to begin with then the question is very valid …what makes us think we’d be happy with more.

However, a person who is already grateful already possesses the propensity for appreciating even more abundance and good fortune into their lives.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come. ¬†I’ve undone a lot of damage that resulted especially from the 2nd half of last year when clinic was an open to close, 6 day per week job along with that lovely 2+ hour commute each day. ¬†I knew what happened the first time I attempted to get through clinic, I ballooned up to 302 pounds. ¬†My weight came down when I decided, with my advisors, to first finish all my class work then tackle clinic. ¬†I watched my weight go up. ¬†I knew without doing anything about it that my weight would continue to climb but, didn’t really care to do anything about it. ¬†I was pushing 6 years in chiropractic school at that time (first 8 months were for some chemistry prerequisites) but it was still a very long time to be stressed and pushing ones self. ¬†It paid off and I did finally graduate. ¬†Something that only happens after 15 semesters with only about 4 out of 5 people that start the program. ¬†but, check out the pictures below. ¬†The first one was taken on January 13th of this year and the second one was taken about 10 minutes ago.

Week 0 - 2014-01-13 17.52.112014-05-19 09.59.16


that’s a drop of 60 pounds. ¬†That’s quite a difference.

and physically, I spent the first 3 months of the year just building myself up to walking a total of 5 miles per day.
Those first 3 or 4 months represented the first week of this current 26 week training program I found.  I still remember the first run/walk workout.  I remember jogs of 10 seconds at a time with a 4 minute and 50 second break before I attempted the next 15 or so seconds worth of jogging.  I kind of want to point those first very humble jogging times in case anybody is reading this that might just be starting out or overweight or scared to let them know a beginning of even 10 seconds worth of jogging can be a seed that can sprout into so much more.

But, even more humbling than only jogging 10 seconds is the memory (which I believe I did blog about) that there was …I guess you could describe it as a bit of a fear to transition from walking into any type of running or jogging. ¬†I just wasn’t used to it. ¬†I honestly had concerns that I might break something. ¬†I was concerned that I might snap a tendon or a ligament might break under the stress of running.

I was 316 on January 13th and I’m going to complete a marathon on November 1st down in Wynne, Arkansas. ¬†I’m going to keep getting lighter and stronger and faster and my endurance will continue to build. ¬†ūüôā

(had to throw some positive affirmation stuff in there) ¬†ūüôā

Last Run of Week 4

Week 4 Training –¬†
Run 4 (2.55 miles) of this week was a slight improvement over freestyling run #3 (2.50 miles). I was feeling a bit tired so I decided to use run intervals instead of running when I felt like it but I did cut those intervals down to 4 minutes from 5 to help make sure I at least covered the same distance as my previous run.  Towards the end of the run, I could tell my distance was coming up a bit short so I reduced my walk time to 2 minutes then 1 minute to make sure I hit the 2.5 mile mark.

I did hit a pace as fast as 8:18/mile during one of my run intervals and most of the rest of the runs were at a sub 10 min/mile pace as well so I think my walking was slower than the previous run. ¬†I attributed this to getting up at 4:30 a.m. and subsequently mowing all the lawns I had for the day prior to my run. ¬†It was nice getting done with work and being at the park by noon ūüôā

Nutritionally –
Moving in the right direction here and currently taking 4 multi-vitamins per day and at least getting in a protein & carb type drink within 30 minutes after my runs.

Next Run? – Races for All Paces in Mattoon, IL – Saturday, May 17th, 2014
I’m still debating on this one. ¬†I was going to sign up for the 10k but the half marathon event has a three hour time limit which¬†has it’s appeals since getting 13.1 in under three hours would be a new best for 2014. ¬†I’d probably be coming in last but, that’s still beats not finishing which beats not starting. ¬† A pace of 4.37 mph would get the job done, for easier figuring I calculated a pace of 4.4 mph equates to a pace of about 13:38 per mile and a 4.5 mph pace equals a 13:20 mile. ¬† For at least one of my runs next week, I’m going to try to control my pace a little better and run slower so maybe I can keep going longer. ¬†Maybe maintain a 12min/mile pace for several minutes as opposed to an 8 min/mile pace for only 40 seconds.

Other Runs –
On RunningLarge’s blog, he has his running stats listed in the left hand column of the page as well as pages to track each of his runs every year. ¬†Here’s something neat I just noticed, he has an odometer listing on the side of his page showing the number of miles he’s run each month. ¬† That’s pretty cool and I’ll have to figure out how to do that. ¬†NikePlus has me at 59.98 …we’ll call it 60 miles for this past month of April but that did include two half marathons which is simply another reason to sign up for the half marathon in Mattoon, IL which is about a two hour drive north of me.

I tried looking up some of my runs on sites like onlineraceresults.com.  They only listed three of my runs but does go back to 4/4/04 which was my 2nd full marathon.  For some reason I was not able to bring up any race results for either of the half marathons I did in April which include the huge Nashville, TN event.

I might just start an extra page (I think I can figure out how to do that) and go through the medals I have all clustered together and hanging over my head and go through them one at a time to document what’s been done. ¬†I should probably tape some details to some of the medals because race times aren’t really remembered for very long. ¬†That’s something I did with most of my bench press trophies. ¬†I taped a 3×5 card to the bottom of many of them showing the weights I attempted with each lift.

Looking Forward to Week 5 Training! –
Weeks 5 & 6 in my training program are the same in terms of total time – 35 minutes of walking and running. ¬†I’ll maintain the 5 minute warm up (in addition to the 35 min training time) so I have consistent times throughout the training weeks and be able to compare my times and improvements. ¬†My first goal will be to cover 3 miles in the 40 minutes and next goal will be to hit 3.1 miles, an actual 5k run in training.

From a Minute to a Marathon!

I can run a minute. ¬†I ran a minute twice today. ¬†I currently travel less than a tenth of a mile in that minute so I’m not even eligible for one of the ‘0.1’ stickers I’ve started to see on the backs of some cars. ¬†Today when I was contemplating this blog and completed my minute runs what I actually said (both times) was, “I can run a minute, and it was hard!”

Non-the-less, it is my intention to build upon that one minute running ability to the point of completing the 26.2 mile 16th Annual Midsouth Championship Marathon to be held on November 1st, 2014 down in Wynne, Arkansas.

“Make no small plans for they haven’t the capacity to stir men’s souls.”
~Thomas Carlyle

About 20 years ago, on October 23rd, 1994 at the age of 28 I ran my first marathon. ¬†It was the 23rd Annual Deaconess St Louis Marathon. ¬†I think I ran it in about 4 hours and 30 minutes …at least, that’s what I like to tell people. ¬†The actual time may have been closer to 4:40. ¬†I think Oprah Winfrey ran a marathon around that same time and I’m pretty sure she beat me although I never divulge that fact when reminiscing and talking about my first marathon. ¬† So, whatever Oprah¬†got plus 10 minutes is probably my time. ¬†The marathon was pretty tough for me and I told myself I would do one every 10 years …maybe I was selling myself short but, ….

I “ran” my 2nd marathon on April 4, 2004 at the age of 37 years 8 months and 29 days. ¬†I had to use quotes because I didn’t do much running in that marathon, in fact I signed up for that run on the Friday before the Sunday run and the only training I did was to walk a 1.5 mile path at a local park the day before the marathon. ¬†I’m not sure what I was thining other than the fact I said I would do a marathon every 10 years and 10 years had passed, so I did it. ¬†The time for that run, the Spirit of St Louis Marathon can be found on the internet and I believe that one shows a time of 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Fast forward another 10 years and here we are – 2014. ¬†Let’s just forget mentioning the age at this point. ¬†And this journey I’m undertaking is about as daunting as it gets. ¬†About 13 weeks ago I weighed a very rotund 316.2 pounds. ¬†We’ll talk about smoking habits later… ¬†but ….how in the world does one go from only being able to jog 60 seconds to completing a full 26.2 mile marathon??? ¬†I’ve been sending my brother screenshots of my runs that I track via SportsTracker, an application I have on my phone. ¬†He told me he mentioned to his wife about my marathon aspirations and it looks like she is interested in starting to run and wants to do a 5 or 10k. ¬†One of the text messages I sent him back was kind of the impetus for this blog – here’s the text:

I can add (her) to the running screen shots I send you.
It might be interesting to see  someone who can only jog a minute
to eventually complete a marathon.
I know it’s going to surprise the hell out of me! ¬†