2015 Week 15 Weigh-In – The Downward Spiral Continues

This is the 5th week in a row of weight drops which now total 18 lbs or about 3.6 lbs per week.  The running has certainly made a difference.  My average weight for this month is now at 256.8 which is nearly 10 lbs less than last month’s March average weight of 266 lbs.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

I did add a couple pictures to my laptop wallpaper (that I intend on buying) from the LPHM (Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon) and one from the Bridge & Dam 10K which I really liked.  Once I buy those pictures I may share in a future blog when I have the original digital copies.  The prices for the Bridge & Dam pictures are phenomenal and start at only 89 cents for 4×6 copies and I’ve already emailed the photographer about digital copies and she said she would add those for free once she gets my order.

I haven’t blogged much about my runs and I’ve completed 5 so far this year.  My first two runs were pretty lackluster – not much better than anything I did last year but that Bridge & Dam 10K at the Ozarks seemed to be a bit of a game changer.

PURE – that’s the word I think of with that run.  It was the kind of experience that helped me to fall in love with running all over again.  The fact that I was able to do it non-stop was amazing for me and when I talk about Pure, I mean the run was all about running.  There are a lot of races which ….how do I put this …they seem to have a keen slant towards entertainment which would not be pure.  The Rock & Roll events can be a great deal of fun but, having cheerleaders, pom pom girls and marching bands from every high school in a 60 mile radius of the run doesn’t have a lot to do with running.  From what I understand those 5K “color runs” aren’t even timed events, just people who end up with a bunch of color on their white shirts by the time the event is over.

At the B&D 10K there were 4 or 5 cars on the shoulder of the road right after the 5K turn around point where kids held signs cheering for their Mom or Dad and a few other places had some single individuals sitting out front on a lawn chair enjoying the spectacle but, that was it – the whole thing was about running.

The LPHM was very different also.  That run actually has pacers for times like 2:45 and 3:00.  Last year, I tried staying with the 3 hour pacers but, around mile 10 – a long, unforgiving uphill stretch of road, those pacers became like specks and eventually disappeared from my vision because I couldn’t keep up with them.  This year, there were three different sets of 3 hour pacers each with different run/walk strategies.  The lady I picked had the slowest running pace and probably the shortest walking time but, I figured I had my best chance to stay with her.  It totally worked.  There was one point, maybe 8 miles in when the 3hr pace groups got ahead of me by about 20 feet but, I caught back up to them and around mile 9.5 broke away from them and never looked back.  I finished about 4 minutes ahead of those groups.

The 15th Annual GO! St Louis Half Marathon is 3 days away and I’m hoping to come in under 3 hours again and I would be thrilled if I could do it with a bit less pain 🙂  For this half there are a slew of pacers up to the 2 hr 30 minute mark and then no other pacers until the 3 hr 15 mark.  However, I have found some 6 hour pacers for the full marathon advertised so I’m going to search them out on the day of the race figuring they will need to hit the 13.1 mile mark around 3 hours.

The course for the GO! half mary is pretty cool.  The full marathon runners don’t break away from the half mary runners until mile 13 so I will at least have the opportunity to stick with them for the entire half.  At the point in the race where I turn right and finish my race – those others will keep heading straight out and back for another 13.1 miles.

I’ll never forget my 2nd full marathon in 2004 when I came to that point where half mary runners turned to finish and weirdos like me ….for whatever reason, had decided to keep going straight.  I actually ran across my times for that 2004 full marathon.  I’ve always referred to that as my walking full mary but, I did maintain a pace of 13:04 which, was actually 25 seconds faster than my average pace for this past weekend’s Lincoln Half marathon but, that last full mary was a bit over 10 years ago and I suppose I have some more work to do in order to overcome those additional 10 years of abuse that I’ve hoisted upon myself 😉

Results - 2004 Marathon - Copy

I wish I could get my stats for the first full mary I ran back in 1994 and I have a tendency to email and ask every race director I can find if they know of anyplace with those records but, no luck so far.  That’s the race where I tell everyone I finished in about 4:30 when it was probably closer to 4:40 – either way, it was a 10:xx pace, something in the lower 10 min/mile pace.

This year has been very different regarding the running.  There are far fewer psychological games I need to play in order to move my legs.  And, even though I ran for about an hour and a half in the B&D 10K non-stop, in my mind it seems like the base for my running would now be the adage, I can run 4 minutes, as opposed to the name of this blog, I can run a minute.  But, there is a lot you can do with being able to consistently run 4 minutes straight anytime you want.  We can push that to completing a half in under 3 hours or even run a 10K nonstop.

I still have nearly 5 lbs I have to drop between now and the middle of next week in order to win two 1 month DietBets which I joined halfway through the games thus only giving myself two weeks to accomplish the 4% weight drop.

There’s so much people don’t understand about weight.  What I’ll be looking to see next week will be a preview of coming attractions.  I might get to see a 249.8 or maybe a few 10ths of a pound less.  The 3500 calorie bean counters always love to do the math, as if any instantaneous snapshot of weight has a high degree of significance.  But, I have to admit that people are a lot nicer on the DietBet website than anything I had to endure when I was on facebook where many of the messages and comments were pretty much like hate mail.

There was a time when the HCG diets were popular so many people accused me of injecting myself with that female pregnancy hormone – what a joke.  If anyone knows anything about that particular diet then they would also know it includes a diet plan of eating around 500 calories per day.  I could drink magical water and lose weight rapidly if I was only taking in 500 calories per day.

The fact is, I can lose weight on 2600-2800 calories per day and maintain in the 2800 to 3200 range.  You just don’t build up a body capable of bench pressing over 500 pounds without retaining a bit of muscle mass – one of the basis for our resting metabolic rate.  So, even without exercise and a sub 1,000 calorie per day diet there’s still a couple thousand calorie per day deficit – add in things like a 22k bike ride or a couple half marathons and that deficit goes through the roof.

and…as I’ve alluded to there are previews and there are actual weights.  I’d say most people don’t know the difference.  I may have to elucidate on this concept in an upcoming blog.  I’ve learned it’s not super easy to explain.

There are a series of weekly Wednesday night races put on by the St Louis Track Club – 12 of them and I think I’ll be able to make almost all of them.  They start June 3rd and the distances range from 3K (1.86 miles) to 4.2 Miles and the best part – they only cost $1.00 per run!  Now we’re talking!   🙂

The runs are called the Summer Pace Series.  You predict your finish time, run without a watch then see how close you get to your predicted time.   Should be fun.

We have had some torrential rain in the area so my Metric Half Century bike ride may have to take place next Tuesday (allowing a days rest after the upcoming 1/2 mary)  I think a bit of carbs and adequate water while being careful with what I eat should help provide some really nice looking previews of coming attractions in terms of weight.  I’m looking at a low weight on the 14th/15th, a bit higher on the 16th for my next weekly weigh-in.  There is a DB weigh in on the 21st – only need a 258.7 so that’s kind of a joke but then my April 30th weigh in will need a 252.8 so that will help keep my efforts true. …a few 5k runs then my third half mary on May 9th back in Springfield, IL….I don’t have any weights listed in my Calendar for May.  I’ll have to get on that but, I am looking for an average weight in the 240s for the month of May.  A good preview 5-6 days from now should help ensure that.

2015 Week 12 Weigh-In

We’re down another 3.2 lbs from last week and down 8.8 lbs from two weeks ago but don’t begin to think that’s anything miraculous.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015


We need to keep in mind that my weight went up two weeks ago and the week before that I was at 267.6 so we could also say I’ve lost 3.6 lbs in the past 3 weeks.  It’s a perspective thing.  Too many people trying to lose weight are short-sighted – nearsighted or live in a constant state of myopia – they only see the short term and not the big picture.  Weight loss is not linear, it does not follow a straight line.  If we had an accurate enough scale, we could probably record weight changes by the second and certainly by the minute.  Hourly our weight will change, daily and certainly weekly.  I have my averages for each month in my Running Log tab and for March we’re at an average weight of 268lbs so I’m down 4 lbs from last month’s average.  As an instantaneous snapshot of weight, the 264.0 represents a weight that is less than my average for all of last year so, we’re moving in a good direction.  Current efforts which include the same kind of effort that was put out during the week when weight was gained are bearing fruit and should be maintained and continued.

In all these DietBet’s I’m in there isn’t a day that goes by where somebody isn’t lamenting the fact that “they gained a pound this week”  It’s like the 12 or 15 lbs they lost over the preceding 6 week’s no longer matters.  It’s a crappy way of thinking and an attitude that is detrimental to any long term plan of success.  That mental attitude and the psychology behind it is probably something that needs to be changed and worked on more than the diet and exercise aspects if any real success is going to be achieved.  Mentally fertilizing and growing the perceived failures while ignoring the success and what’s working only heightens the probability of quitting while diminishing the likelihood of continued, long term efforts.


Right now I’m 5 for 5 with my DietBet’s and only need a weight of 264.3 for this Saturday’s weigh in so it’s looking good for going 6 for 6.  The following week I’ll need to reach 260.2 in order to win my $100 monthly bet.

For now, I’m well ahead of the game compared to last year when I didn’t have a single recorded run until March 26th and, as of today, I’ve managed 18 runs totalling 52.5 miles.  We’ve got a local 5K coming up this Saturday and then the much awaited Bridge & Dam 10K the following week at the Lake of the Ozarks!


Some of my main current ponderings deal with the end of April and whether or not to partake in the Nashville Country Music Marathon on Saturday, April 25th.  There’s also a local 5K on the same day which would be much more financially friendly although not nearly as exciting or fun 🙂

The following day – on Sunday, April 26th is very interesting to me.  There’s a Duathlon consisting of a 1.5 mile run then a 10 mile bike ride then another 1.5 mile run.  The shorter distances make it ideal for a newbie like me.  I don’t recall ever doing a multiple sport event before.  I think it would be a neat challenge to knock out a half mary the day before in Nashville then get up the next morning to another event like the duathlon.  Right now, the local 5K doesn’t increase in price until the 10th of April so current thoughts are to make a more informed decision after the Lincoln Presidential Half on April 4th.

One amazingly cool run is the Moonlight 1/2 in Springfield, IL – it is entirely run in the 300+ acre cemetery where President Lincoln is buried.  If you’re running the full marathon then you start when you want and the winner is the person who finishes closest to midnight.  That might be a neat way to get in my 3rd full marathon since time isn’t much of an issue – just endurance.  No GPS or phones are allowed on the course and everyone wears a glowstick around their neck.

St Pat’s 5 Mile Run & Hot Water Analysis

St Pat Banner

I have a part time gig working at a pizza place where we make our own dough.  With each batch of dough we need 3 gallons of water at a specified temperature.  I suppose the math part of me comes out and I look at the water going in the bucket as the independent variable and the overall temperature of the water in the bucket as the dependent variable.  If the water in the bucket is 84 degrees and the water going in is 92 degrees then eventually the overall temperature of the water in the bucket will go up.

My current efforts as tracked on Nike+ are like the independent variables in my personal running equation and where I end up ranking in various runs is like my dependent variables.  Basically, where I’m ranking in my runs is kind of cold but I’m working to add HOT water to the mix to bring up my rankings temperature 🙂

A picture taken from my Nike+ website page might help better illustrate the hot water going in.

Nike+ you vs community

Since the miles I’m putting in are more than the Community average, I conclude I’m putting in water that’s hotter than what’s already in my running bucket.  To see what temperature the water is in my bucket then I only need to look at my ranking in a previous run.  Below are my results from last Saturday’s (3/14/15) St Patrick’s Day Parade Run.

st pat ranking

Overall, we see I came in 6,784 out of 7,551 runners.  If we divide those two numbers we can obtain my percentage ranking or 89.8% which is to say I did better than about 10% of the runners participating in that particular race.  So, the water in my running bucket is a bit on the cool side.

To be honest, this is still an improvement over last year.  I was entering my half marathons into a running log on halffanatics.com and when I looked at the specifics of my runs last year via athlinks.com most all of my percentages were in the 90’s, sometimes as high as 98% or 99% which means I only did better than 1 or 2% of the other runners in those particular races.

The size of the runs has a lot to do with how I’ll place overall.  With bigger runs, you get a lot more people doing the runs just for fun and who don’t specifically train to get better at running.  In the Nashville, Country Music Marathon last year, for example, there were 19,149 people who did the 1/2 marathon distance and I came in 16,842 or at the 88% mark.  But, in smaller runs where you get mainly hard core runners such as last year’s Washington, MO run there were only 120 runners and I was 99%.

The overall running goal I came up with in my head last year was to eventually work my way up into the top 50%

hmmmm… reality has a way of keeping us humble.  Looking at my next to last place finish for last year’s Washington, MO run I noticed that was also a 5 Mile run and nearly 2 minutes faster than what I got this year.  But, to be fair, that MO run was in August of last year which was well into the running season and during a month where I had knocked out 100+ miles in training.  It’s really amazing how much effort and time needs to be put in to make improvements with running, at least for me anyway.

Last year at this time I still had zero miles in the books and my first run didn’t occur until March 26th.  Currently, I have 52.5 miles logged over 18 runs this year.

Since I broached the topic of humility, I’ll share one more picture.  When I registered for this years Macklind Mile, I saw, for the first time, pictures from last years event and while scrolling came upon the following picture.

I saved this picture with the filename, "cute little girl humbles me.jpg"  :)

I saved this picture with the filename, “cute little girl humbles me.jpg”  🙂

I’m the lumbering guy in the yellow shirt and blue shorts up to the right who’s trying to stay alive and is hoping he doesn’t have a heart attack upon completing the run.  She’s kind of joyful looking and it’s probably no different to her than just being outside and playing.  Sort of like the running is so natural to kids and, i guess, used to be for us too. Now-a-days …running is so rare that we document and log the events using GPS and apps on our phone – blog about them, share the accomplishments on facebook or Instagram.  How different it was back then, when we were kids.


Week 11 Weigh-In

“What gets measured gets managed”

Peter Drucker”

AND – when you have a financial incentive you can help increase your odds of losing weight by a factor of 5!  Which, is a great reason to click on my HealthyWage badge below which also doubles as my referral link to help you take a significant step in managing your weight as well as giving me an extra $20 towards my final Jackpot! (link opens in new window)  Plus, 10% of the winnings go to help fight ALS (via www.alsa.org)

Click on the Banner to get your share!

Click on the Banner to get your share!


This week, we find ourselves at the lowest weight of the year so far, 267.2 pounds.  That’s a 5.6 pound drop over last week which can be typical following a week where the weight has gone up.  That 267 lb weight has been pretty stable and is exactly what I weighed the day before this week’s weigh-in.  Today (Friday, 3/13) I actually weighed in at 256.8 lbs which is good since I need to be at 264 next week and down to 260 the week after that.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

As you may have noticed above, my official HealthyWage prize banner has changed from it’s original $2036.00 base prize to a new total of $2096.00 because I’ve had 3 people click on my link and sign up which has added $60 to my potential prize.


2015 Running Preview

I still need to finish up Part II of my running preview for the runs I have scheduled for this year – logistically, this blog is a godsend in terms of helping me keep everything straight.  Current list is as follows;


  1. Saturday 3/14 – St Pats 5M Run. – REGISTERED
  2. Saturday 3/21 – McKendree 5K – REGISTERED
  3. Saturday 3/28 – Bridge & Dam 10K – REGISTERED
  4. Saturday 4/4 – Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – REGISTERED
  5. Sunday 4/12 – 15th Annual GO! St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  6. Sunday 6/21 – Go! St Louis All American 5k – REGISTERED
  7. Saturday 6/27 – Macklind Mile – REGISTERED
  8. Sunday 6/28 – Pride 5K – REGISTERED
  9. Friday 7/10 – Tour de Belleville – registration not yet available
  10. Saturday 7/11 – Tour de Donut – REGISTERED
  11. Saturday 8/8 – Moonlight Ramble – registration not yet available
  12. Sunday 9/20 – US Navy/AirForce 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  13. Saturday 10/17 – RnR 5K Spinning Medal – REGISTERED
  14. Sunday 10/18 – Rock n Roll St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  15. Saturday 10/24 – 5K Monster Dash – reg not avail. pending.
  16. Sunday 11/1 – SLTC’s St Louis 1/2 Marathon – reg not available
  17. Virtual Run – Race with Reason – 500 Miles in 2015 for Fighter Medal

The Macklind Mile registration became available so I got signed up for that so I only have two bike rides and two more runs where registration is not available.  I’m not sure if the 5K Monster Dash will be an option unless it’s held  a week earlier due to scheduling conflicts with my Part IV board reviews.  The SLTC 1/2 is the longest running 1/2 marathon in St Louis and I wouldn’t mind doing that again.

Mainly, I’ve been looking at more runs – a few notable mentions would be the Country Music Marathon in Nashville TN.  As a single race, it’s very pricey with a current going rate of $125 and that’s a bit to wrap my head around.  However, the Rock n Roll series has what’s known as a Tour Pass available for $199 that entitles a person to run in any 3 Rock n Roll events.  There is also an extra fee which brings that price closer to $210 but that still comes out to about $70 per run which is easier to swallow than $125.

However – getting that Tour Pass also opens up the option of partaking in two additional RnR 1/2’s this year and in addition to Nashville, I may opt or the Chicago 1/2 which also features the Remix Challenge which means I can run a 5K the day before the half, as well as the 1/2 the next day – this gives participants a total of 3 medals.  One for each of the races as well as the bonus Spinning Medal showing you ran in the back to back races.

For me – the third RnR would only be second to the Washington DC 1/2 marathon I’m already signed up for because RnR #3 would be the Inaugural Run of the Brooklyn, New York 1/2 on October 10th, 2015.  General registration for the run begins March 16 but, as a pass holder I could sign up early.  It even has a special $55 early entry fee.  (which also makes me wonder if using my Tour Pass for this run would be prudent….)

But – I’ve never been to New York before except for flying into the airport once – I’ve never seen the city.  From what I’ve learned the Brooklyn Bridge crosses right over into Manhattan – another place I’ve never seen before 🙂

Most likely – I’ll sign up then figure out how to get there afterwards… 🙂

2015-03-13 15.41.50



Macklind Mile

This was probably one of my favorite races and could easily be the most fun.

2014-06-28 07.38.47 2014-06-28 07.31.18 2014-06-28 07.26.40

 There course is marked every quarter mile along with clocks showing the split time at each quarter mile interval.  The best part is that you can see the finish before you even get to the 3/4 mile sign 🙂

2014-06-28 08.19.03 2014-06-28 08.17.50 2014-06-28 08.19.46

I finished in a time of 10:53.  My first half mile split was 5:43 and the 2nd half was 5:10 🙂
Overall, I finished 262nd out of 375 and was 131st out of 174 Men which is the best I’ve ever done in a race.  I’m usually in the last 10% of racers.

2014-06-28 08.22.12 2014-06-28 09.10.40-4 2014-06-28 08.20.31

Smoothie King and Pabst Blue Ribbon were among the major sponsors and there was a neat looking place called The Mack Bar & Grill.  I think it would have been very easy to have made a really fun day kicking off with the Macklind Mile, plenty of beer, lots of people and a live band.

2014-06-28 08.19.09 2014-06-28 09.22.072014-06-28 08.18.52 2014-06-28 08.19.55 2014-06-28 09.10.40-1

After the recreational event I ran in there was a Men’s Competitive Race, a Women’s Competitive Race then the Elite Race which had 5 men and 5 women.  Pictured below is the first place winner of the Elite competition who finished with a time of 4:08.  The fifth and final event was the Kids Quarter Mile Dash and each kid received a ribbon 🙂

2014-06-28 09.10.39-12014-06-28 09.10.40-22014-06-28 09.10.40-3

The street party then continued until noon.  I had a lawn to cut for some extra cash so I took off shortly after the awards ceremony.  My post run/lawn cutting routine here is to soak my feet in an ice-bath, combined with a beer and Coconut Water.

2014-06-28 12.22.29

I don’t think I’ve broken any bones in my feet but things have gone from simple hurt to kind of painful and I do think it’s the bones – metatarsals mainly.  I’m thinking of Wolff’s law which implies that if a bone undergoes stress it will adapt to that stress and eventually become stronger.


I’m thinking the Medial Longitudinal Arch, particularly in my right foot is the one undergoing the most amount of stress along w/ the anterior portion of the Lateral Transverse Arch in my left foot which, kind of makes sense that the two are both on the left sides of my feet.

I’m opting to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s 5k in the morning.  I’ll be working tonight until at least 12:30 and need to be up by 5 a.m.   ….so, since my beer is gone and feet are frozen, I’ll be taking a nap until it’s time to head to work in a few hours 🙂

W12D3 – New Shoes – Week 10 Weigh-In

  • W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
  • New Shoes!
  • Week 10 Weigh-In
  • Part III Boards

W12D3 – Week 12, Day 3 Run
This was a 3 mile run and for the first two miles I did 0.25 mile intervals alternating between running faster than normal and walking.  The last mile was 0.10 mile intervals alternating between running and walking.  The miles timed at 14:09, 14:01 and 14:18.

In May, the average time of my fastest training miles was 14:04 and for June the average for my fastest miles is 14:23 so, every one of those interval miles I did was faster than my average for this month.

Looking at my spreadsheet and comparing the metrics from last month to this month I see very little in the way of improvement and several metrics have regressed.  I really don’t know why.  For last week and this week, my total miles are now over 15 per week and last month I never exceeded the 10 mile range so, that’s something.  I added my weekly weigh-in measurements to the spreadsheet to see if I could find a correlation thinking maybe I was faster at my lighter weights.  I do have two sub 13 minute miles with a bodyweight under 254 and one sub 13 at a weight of 259.8 …there’s nothing really conclusive – just looking for any reasons to help make sense of it all.  I guess this is where faith and trust in the program comes back into play.  In July my monthly miles will double so, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

New Shoes!
Friday was a heck of a productive day.  I went to Big River Running Company to pick up my race packet for Saturday’s 1 mile run and found they were having their once a year blow-out sale under a tent in front of the store.

 2014-06-28 00.12.05 - Copy

In the past I’ve gotten Brooks Adrenaline running shoes for around $100 but I always noticed the Brooks Glycerin shoes and passed because they ran $140.  This tent sale had one pair left in my size for 50 bucks.  They also had a pair of New Balance shoes which tend to fit my feet which retailed for $135 but were also priced at $50.  Also, since they didn’t have my size t-shirt for the Saturday run I got a coupon for an additional $10 off and ended up getting both pair of shoes for $90!  That’s the best deal on shoes I’ve ever gotten in my life 🙂  I’m planning on wearing the Brooks Glycerin for my 1 mile run on Sat and the more colorful, New Balance shoes for my 5k on Sunday.

Week 10 Weigh-In
Not much has changed here.  258.6 is my weight this week.  I still have 4 full months before the marathon along with some vastly increased mileage so, I’ll be patient and see what happens.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy (3)


Part III Boards
Going well.  I got my application filled out, notarized, passport photo, cashier’s check and hand delivered it to the school today.

The stuff below are just things I was trying to keep track of.  I do have a Macklind Mile Playlist of songs I’ll use …well, in about 8 hours from now….  The last song starts at 9:49 so I’ll do the best I can picking up the speed from that point to the end of the race.  The song Girlfriend has a bit of an intro before the music starts so it should be going by the time I hit the starting line.  The fastest mile I’ve had in training is 12:44 so, anything under that ….well, nothing to write home about but, I’ve gotta start somewhere.


packet pickup Friday 6/27, 10am-4pm – Big River Running- South City,
5352 Devonshire, Saint Louis, MO 63109 314.832.2400 

park at Macklind & Devonshire or Buder School at Wherry & Macklind

I’m in Event One which starts at 8 a.m.

Macklind Mile Playlist: 4 songs totalling 14:01 with 4th song starting at 9:49

  • Girlfriend
  • Ooh La La
  • Macklind Mile Theme
  • Neutron Dance

packet pickup Saturday 6/28, 12pm-5pm – at the St Louis Frontrunners booth in Athletes Village on the grounds of the Pride Festival

  • complete application with passport photo
  • bank, deposit and get money order
  • school to turn in Part III application
  • devonshire to pick up race packet for Sat Macklind Mile
  • work at 4
  • Sat, leave at 6 for race
  • run mile
  • cut grass
  • packet pick up downtown st louis for Pride 5k
  • work at 5
  • Sun, leave for race at 5:30 a.m.
  • race

money order for part III boards, passport photo, application, notarized, submit to logan
work, sleep, run, cut grass, packet pickup for 5k, work at 5, sleep, run, work at 5, clean office


W12D2 – What’s Good Today?

I’m really excited for these next couple of weekends coming up.  There’s a really cool video for the Macklind Mile that can be seen here –> http://youtu.be/EWq_TEhfB9I (link will open in new window) and….if I did this right you should be able to click on the picture below to see the video on YouTube 🙂

 Macklind Mile Video Pic

I think I’m going to add the background music from this video to my play list.  I also got another cool song from Goldfrapp called Ooh La La that I like.

I deactivated my facebook account several months ago.  I’m not posting platitudes on facebook with nothing behind them – I’m living them.  I’m learning them and discovering new ones every day.

I want to find good things about my 2nd run of Week 12.  I do believe if we can’t appreciate what we have then there isn’t much reason to think we’d be happier with more.

One good thing is I didn’t fret over todays run.  There have been days in the past where I’ve literally spent all day thinking about my upcoming run – literally 8 hours of on the mind pondering for a 40 minute run so…maybe my mind is getting stronger and being conditioned to handle this new aspect of life I’m forcing in.

SLEEP! – Holy Cow – I’ve been out & asleep for some 8 hours at a time.  That’s something that’s pretty new in my life since 4-5 hours has been my max so I’m thinking there are good things going on there.

I made a fresh pot of coffee after waking today but drank a liter bottle of Poweraid, got dressed, shoes laced up and headed out to the park – that was a very good think – no procrastination, no hesitation, just moving & living.

Another cool part of today’s run was that my 4 mile split time was 4 minutes and 32 seconds faster than last week’s 4 mile time.  I’ll take that any day of the week.

I also had my own version of faster quarter mile runs.  By my own version I mean 1/10th of a mile at a time instead of 1/4 of a mile.  My four pace times were 9:02, 8:17, 10+, 10:02.  I can’t fully remember them all except the first and last one.  They felt good.

Gotta run & get to work, it’s been Go, Go, Go today.  Also thinking of trying a delayed post, maybe trying something new and scheduling this to be put up at 4 a.m. tomorrow morning, perhaps add a little more regularity to my post. 😉

Well….I screwed up and went to work an hour earlier than I should have

So far this week I have

1 Masonic meeting – went very well
2 Running Workouts
1 Karate workout
1 Lifting workout

Part III Boards – Hotels are booked, days off from work done, called NBS and am registered for Part II, III and PT reviews at all three locations.  Random non-structured reading has made up the bulk of my studies so far.  That will have to get more structured.  So much material – thank God for board reviews.

Work – pretty much every day but, I’ll have some time off during the 4th of July weekend and am looking at possibly sneaking in another 5k on the morning of the 4th.  There’s also a 5k on the morning of the 5th of July but am not sure I want to hang around the area the extra day to run it or to spend the extra money – we’ll see.

OK – let’s talk about Karate since it fits into my Trifecta plans.  I realized today while Jogging that I can hit Trifecta days of running, lifting and karate at least 4 days per week whether I’m at the gym for karate or not.  I have plenty of katas I need to practice and become good at in order to eventually get my black belt and I also have a bench and enough dumbbells to put in a decent workout right here at home.

I think I may thrive from a bit of intensity and that’s exactly what karate and lifting provide.  I think this because of how easily I was able to get things done today after a day consisting of all three type workouts.

2013-04-02_20-43-47_165 - Copy

The medium pic was too small to see any detail.  The first thing I notice here is the time it takes to get all the way up to 1st Kyu – that’s the level right before black belt.  I’m at 3rd Kyu right now and ….yes, I’ve been at Karate off and on for some 32 plus years now but, this is the real deal.  It’s not sport karate which is about getting points, …well, I might get into what it’s really about in a later post, if ever.

In the 42 years my Sensei has been teaching karate there’s only about 68 he’s promoted all the way to black belt, it’s another one of those top 1% type of things.  idk, it does require a bit of a constitution as well as a pragmatic aspect of availability to make the workouts.

To get to first kyu requires proficiently knowing all 10 of our basic katas.  To get first degree black belt ….



There is no other rank which requires so many katas to be performed as that of 1st degree black belt.  All 10 basic katas and then 2 advanced fighting katas known as kata Ananku and kata Wankan.  These are the kinds of katas which have historical value and some go back …geez, to the 15 or 1600s (I’ll check to be certain)

Yakasoku Kumite is prearranged sparring.  The book written by our grand master shows 7 of them but an 8th one does exist.  I guess the point here is that I can practice these katas on every day that I run whether I have a formal karate class or not.

I have some very special stuff planned for the time when I test for my black belt.  I’ve already requested that my parents be present and I would also like for my brother and his family to be there as well.  It’s a big deal to me and will also be an opportunity to pay special respect to my parents.

The requirements for 5th degree black belt have been crossed out because now anything beyond 4th degree has to be tested in Okinawa, Japan.

W12D1 – Trifecta & DONUTS!!!


Hit that magic Trifecta today with Running, Lifting and Karate!  🙂

From the walk I had Sunday, I can tell my jog is about 2 to 2.5 minutes faster per mile than walking which, is something I suppose but a heck of a lot harder.

The 3 mile run today wasn’t bad and I really need to keep that one phrase in mind about remembering where I started and appreciated how far I’ve come.  I’m kind of hung up on speed, mainly because I have so little but, I also recall how excited I was the first time I was able to jog for 5 minutes non-stop and now, I can go for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes without too much trouble.

I’ll have a 4 mile for Day 2 and another 3 mile run for Day 3 before the weekend long run of 6 miles which is going to be replaced with a 1 mile race on Sat morning and a 5k on Sunday morning. We park at the finish for the 1 mile run on Saturday so I’ll be able to get an extra mile in just getting to the start of that race.  I’m looking forward to seeing somebody run a 4 minute mile in the elite class.

With the Pride 5k on Sunday, I just need to finish in the top 400 in order to get a medal so that will be a good challenge since there are only 400-500 people registered.

TOUR DE DONUT! This is a race I have been wanting to do for a while now.  I guess my last 6 years were pretty well booked up with school but, I’m free, available and signed up to take part in the Tour de Donut this year. 🙂


The Tour de Donut is a 34 mile bike ride in Staunton, Illinois and features two stops along the way where riders stop to eat as many donuts as they want.  For every donut they eat, 5 minutes is deducted from their final time.  My brother has done this race a couple times before and I’ve always been curious about it.  From riding my bike a few years back I remember that my limit was about 30 miles of riding before my legs turned to noodles which, kind of bothered me that there wasn’t more fuel in the tank.  But, with the training I’ve been doing this year, I’m hopeful that I can complete the 34 miles and still feel strong at the end.

4cdce7d0988cc.preview-300 IMG_6839

Week 11 Training – Got Cooked!

The first day of week 11 was a simple 3 mile run and it was early in the morning and I had the help of being among 2,000 other people so, it was really easy 🙂

My second day of week 11 was a 4 mile run and …OMG  was it HOT outside.  I was kind of stupid with the place I chose to run but, it was close to home and I had to be to work at 3 so it made a little sense and the beginning of the trail is surrounded by trees to provide shade but, after that it’s a long miserable 2 mile paved path that runs along side our local MetroLink and there aren’t any trees or buildings along that portion of the path, just fields, tracks & the sun.

I thought I might go back and forth in the tree lined section a few times to eat up some distance that way but the running felt pretty easy starting out so I kept going out to that unforgiving section of the trail.

This is the Sun….

2014-06-18 12.47.43

I think I decided to run when the clouds were all on their lunch break.  That blaring sun was all there was to keep me company.

The first 1.25 miles was pretty easy and i had decent jog going.  I’m not sure why but, I ate a peach on the way to the run.  That was not a good idea.   23 minutes into the run I threw it up.

About 37 minutes into the run (which by that time was a walk) I got nauseated again and threw up a little stronger than the last time.  I wore a camelbak which held about a liter of water but, I really could have used a bottle of water to dump over my head to help cool myself off.  The heat index was 99 and I could feel every degree.  I had an SPF 15 sunblock on my face but could have also used it on the back of my neck and shoulders because I could feel my skin burning.

I did an out and back route so I had no choice but to finish up the run in order to get back to my car.  There was a straight linear decline in my pace from 4.8 during the first 1/2 mile all the way down to 3.1 for my last half mile increment.

None-the-less, I got my distance in.  I think I might become a night runner.   The sun has been all business lately and keeps getting up early for work to boot.

Go! St Louis All American 5k

All American 5k

I hadn’t really intended to go to this run because I was out & up so late last night.  I set my alarms for 5 and 5:15 a.m. and promptly turned them both off when they disturbed my slumber and went back to sleep.  Woke up, got my coffee and noticed it was still only 5:30 ….

I figured I already paid for the run and I was going to have to run today anyway and this 5k even came with a finisher’s medal …Extra Bling! WooHoo!  🙂

2014-06-15 11.21.32 - Copy

The back of the medal was pretty cool also and included the date which is always appreciated 🙂

2014-06-15 11.17.21 - Copy

The shirt was 100% cotton and good quality, pretty heavy.  The front and back are shown below.

2014-06-15 11.25.08 - Copy 2014-06-15 11.25.41 - Copy


The course was point to point and had free shuttle service after the run to get back where you started.

2014-06-15 16.44.50 - Copy 2014-06-15 13.48.38 - Copy

There was an extra bonus after the run of getting my NikePlus Silver trophy for the month and since it’s only the 15th, I should be right on track for getting my gold trophy by the end of the month.  I still think there is a platinum trophy available for hitting 75 miles in a month but that would be too much of a deviation from the current training program to safely attain.  Maybe in July and definitely in August I should be getting a platinum trophy 🙂

2014-06-15 07.24.44 - Copy

The Run
This run had over 2,000 people in it and it was without a doubt one of the most impressive 5k’s I’d ever ran.   The course record on this run was 14 min 54 seconds which ….is pretty mind boggling!  The guy that set that record was here today and ran it in the exact same time!  I lined up at the back of the pack and, by the time i got to the start I’m guessing Mr First Place was probably already done with his first mile.  🙂

The run was really great and it was nice to actually be a bit trained for a run instead of simply signing up for something and walking.  I ran (jogged) this entire course.   I started out with a 12:56 mile and the second and third miles both came in a few seconds over 14 minutes.  The new engine held up pretty well although I could have used some water before we started.  There was one water stop at the 1.8 mile mark and the running felt much easier after drinking two cups of water.  Almost everybody in the back of the pack were walkers and I was able to eventually pass all of them.  I didn’t streak past anybody and the passing was very gentle but, I was jogging and it felt good to keep moving up in the pack.  The course was mainly flat with a couple gentle inclines and I was able to overtake a lot of people on those inclines.  I just kept truckin’ along – uphill, downhill, flat …I pretty much maintained a constant pace.

There was one lady who had a similar constant pace who jogged along side me for a while then stopped to tie a tie on some display for Father’s Day.  I’m guessing I was her target because she caught up to me with about 1/2 mile left in the race then with two tenths of a mile left she picked up her pace a little bit but, I knew I still had FULL Sprinting Capacity left under the hood and just took off for the last tenth of a mile and blew right by everyone in my vicinity.

The layout at the end of this race could rival some half marathons I’ve been in.  It was actually more impressive than the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon I completed up in Springfield, IL a couple months ago.  We got handed a bottle of water, then got our medals then there were tables of fruit, banana’s and so forth, little cups of Dole fruit and ….ICE CREAM!!! 🙂  There was even a Chipotle’s stand giving out free food.

2014-06-15 08.57.04 - Copy

That little girl in the Chipotle picture reminded me of this cute little two and a half foot girl that must have zoomed by me at least 24 times during my run.  I think she had a grandpa up ahead and a mom that she kept speeding away from but, once she caught up to grandpa she would stop and look around for her mother and walk back to reunite with her.  There were a couple miniature sized type people that kept zooming by me but, I just held my pace and got ‘er done 🙂

This was a very impressively well run race.  It was sponsored by Go! St Louis which also has a Halloween Half Marathon and a Go! St Louis Marathon later in the year.  They are sort of like a local version of the Rock n Roll series.  For everything we got, the price was very reasonable as well.  I signed up in the last week before the run so I had to pay the max of $30 but, I think this run was available for as little as $20 if you were to sign up early enough.  This will have to be a must do run in 2015.

Almost forgot – Day 1 of Week 11 starts my mileage based running and Day 4 of week 10 ends my time based running.  I’m flip flopping those two days around and counting today’s 5k as my 3 mile run for Week 11, Day 1 and tomorrow I’ll do my 30 minute Week 10, Day 4 run.

Wow – 10 weeks of formal scheduled training in the books – 1/3rd of the way there.  There’s been some nice improvements over the past 10 weeks and I’m looking forward to more of the same in these next 10 weeks.  🙂