Year 2, Week 31 Weigh-In! :)

I am thrilled & tickled to death over this morning’s weigh in.  I didn’t even realize Thursday was upon us so this weigh-in is very candid – and yes, I did skip my week 30 weigh in.


Well folks.  I’ve recently “upgraded” to Windows 10 and once all the bugs are figured out it will probably be a pretty good operating system.  I spent about 2 hours last night after the Win10 upgrade upgradeing the upgrade with drivers just so this great new operating system would recognize the fact that I have a 2nd monitor plugged into my laptop.

For whatever reason, there are still gliches with pictures and the pics I would normally post with my weigh-ins are all showing up as broken links.

Essentially – I weighed 239.4 today which is the exact same weigh in I had 2 weeks ago but I am extremely happy about it.  You have to understand that dropping weight is NOT  a linear process and that’s part of the reason I predominately concern myself with my monthly average and never get too worked up over any single weigh-in.  What’s most important is the overall direction in which you are heading not what any snapshot static weight says on any particular day.

During this process, we may see glimpses of what lies ahead.  Two weeks ago I saw a glimpse of the direction I was heading but today we may start to take this new low weight as a part of reality.  It’s real.  This also gives me a pretty firm foundation for a belief that I could actually have an average weight this August in the 230s which in itself is pretty remarkable.

That Loonies Midnight marathon I did a couple weeks ago really threw me for a loop.  Running 26.2 miles during a time when you’re body is normally used to sleeping is a formidable challenge.  I had a host of 1 mile runs leading up to that marathon and I’ve had mainly 1 mile runs since, with a few 5k distances thrown in.  I’ll be getting some longer distance runs in this month and believe over the next couple weeks we can see even lower weigh-ins.

Gotta run –

oh & btw- the running goal for this month is 117 miles – also I’m on a running streak, 36 days straight now and I’m looking to make that streak 62 days on August 31st.

and – I’ve taken on a VLOGGING challenge – a VLOG is a video blog.  I’m doing something called VEDA which stands for Vlog Every Day in August.  I created a new channel on YouTube called … i can run a minute and have been vlogging and learning on that channel.  i really do have to run but will probably try to embed some links or videos in upcoming blogs.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015

Loonies Midnight Marathon Review

I’ve started writing some reviews for and below is my review copied from that site starting with OVERALL.  A few additional pictures have been added towards the beginning which are not found on the BibRave review.

2015-07-18 21.17.34 - Copy 2015-07-18 21.17.12 - Copy 2015-07-18 18.37.51 - Copy (2)

BibRave Review:

OVERALL – This is a great race and run very well by the race directors. Starting at midnight the race is unique and can pose an extra challenge if you are traveling a long way to get there. For me, my Friday started out at 4:30 in the morning …with a short 1 mile run to keep up a running streak and after a 6 hour drive to my hotel in Cookesville, TN my attempts to get even a couple hours sleep before the race did not happen. The packet pick up is from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. that Friday night with the race starting at midnight. by the time I finished the run I’d been up well over 24 hours straight. Getting there a day earlier may be something to consider if traveling a great distance.

The Loonies race is limited to 300 people and a little over an hour East, South/East of Nashville, TN. I signed up rather late since I was scrambling to qualify as a Marathon Maniac so Cookesville, TN was the closest hotel I could get. I stayed at a Best Western/Thunderbird Inn and was very happy with the hotel. The drive was a pretty short 30 minutes to the start of the race.

T-SHIRT/SWAG – Very high quality. Such high quality that I almost felt as if I was relation to a rich little family. Super nice tech t-shirt and a Loonies hat which is very nice and not something usually received. The medal is probably my favorite ever, 2nd only perhaps to the first marathon medal ever received some two plus decades ago.

AID STATIONS – After the initial 1.2 mile loop, there were five 5 mile loops with 3 aid stations which all featured water and gatorade. If you want or need GU, you’ll need to bring your own. I finished towards the end and there were about 30 pizzas ready & waiting for consumption as well as an ample amount of snacks and typical post race food.

COURSE SCENERY – The course is ran starting at midnight so there isn’t too much to see other than the dark lit town of Livingston, TN which isn’t so bad. Along the start of the race we run by each lap there is a row of vehicles – tents, RV’s and people cheering on their loved ones running in the race and it’s always fun to get a constant influx of cheers and applause every lap. That is a benefit of lap structured marathons. With more typical long route marathons you may see a bunch of support at the beginning and the end but you’re pretty much solo in the distant miles.

Another interesting part of the course was the starting point and which had a little loop to run and the farthest portion of the race was a little loop and those two loops were connected by a couple shared miles where you could see other races in an out and back type fashion. Think of two circles connected by a line, that was the course 🙂


ELEVATION DIFFICULTY – One short area of the race had a bit of a hill but, after a couple laps you barely notice it anymore. Mostly flat terrain. There were 6 people in the 2015 race who qualified for Boston as the race distance is certified.

PARKING/ACCESS – Very easy and ample parking for all – runners and spectators alike.

RACE MANAGEMENT – High Quality. Not only was my experience positive for this 4th Annual race but everybody else I talked with who had run in previous years all had positive comments.

My original BibRave review may be found at  (link opens in new window)

Year 2, Week 26 Weigh-In

Yesterday morning my weekly Thursday weigh-in put me at 241.6 which I believe might be the lowest weight I’ve recorded since I started taking measurements in January of 2014.  For the record I’ve uploaded all three of my weekly weigh-ins to my About Dr Scott tab, all of 2014, the first half of 2015 and what I have so far of the second half of 2015.

2015 Wallpaper Weight Only

My average weight for this month is now standing at 243 which represents a good change from the previous month’s average of 248.  I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this too much but I see getting overly emotional about the scale changes as more of a symptom of a problem.  Hitting my final two weigh-ins of July in the 240s will be a good success and a final average in the low 240s or under 245 will be another success.

about 18 1/2 hours from now I’ll be embarking upon another marathon.  It’s about a 5 1/2 drive to get to this marathon so I’ll be leaving home within the next 5 hours or so. I will have to get some sleep in before midnight tonight otherwise I’ll find myself in mile 20+ of a marathon 24 hours from now after being awake for 24 hours straight.

I’m in a Running Group on facebook called July Fun Pick One 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100?.  It’s a name that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue and the name of the month switches with every month but it’s been extremely helpful with my running.  The premise of the group is simple, everybody picks a mileage amount at the beginning of the month they want to hit for that month then post their runs everyday along with how they are progressing towards their monthly goal.

for me, it’s 62/100 which means I’ve gotten in 62 out of 100 miles for the month of July.  It’s probably the most inspirational group I’ve ever been a part of.

I’ve learned about Run Streaks from that group, simply running every day.  There is an organization called the United States Running Streak Association (USRSA) ( and they maintain an active (and retired) list of everybody’s run streak on on their Official USA Active Running Streak List.  The top two people on that list have run every day for the past 45+ years.  There are 106 people on that list who have been running daily for over 20 years.

We have one guy in our facebook group, Marvin, who is on a quest for 1,000 days straight and another really nice guy from Arkansas who will be on his 199th day straight today.  I decided to try a run streak for the month of July so I’m at a 16 day streak right now and, I have to say, I’ve been getting some pretty favorable results.  It only takes a run of any pace, of at least 1 mile to maintain a run streak.  I’ve been noting my Streak with an extra notation on my Instagram post with RSD16 which stands for Run Streak Day 16.

Partly, it’s a mental game.  The time required to cover a mile isn’t much – scarcely over 1% of a person’s day even for the slowest of people.

Hitting the road and running or walking for even an hour is only about 4% of a person’s day but, I prefer to look at it as having 96% of my day SuperCharged.  Giving myself 96% of a day that is going to be more productive and happy.  There’s no guarantee everything is going to be great throughout a day of life given a run but I do believe there is an enhanced propensity for things in life to be better, to see things through a clearer lens and, should things be bad, to help lessen and soften those blows and allow a person to be able to better handle tough times.

This Run Streak notion also goes back to a book I read through in high school called Red Gold – that Soviet Training book and it mentioned doing something everyday regardless of what it is – I’ve given the example they gave in the book of touching a light bulb everyday so, it can be something innocuous.  Some of the best attempts I had with this type of psychological training has been with games in the past.  Last year, I had a 152 day streak with a website called which I used to help study the German language.  Sometime in August that website is slated to have Russian available which I’m also interested in so I may start another streak with that language.

A running streak though… now we’re getting into something abundantly useful and pragmatic.

Speaking of streaks – there is something called VEDA coming up which stands for VLOG Everyday in August and VEDA is also used for April as well.  I’ve created a new channel on YouTube called i can run a minute to use for this new VLOGging venture.  I still want to beef up the teaching videos I have on my regular YouTube page but, it does take a certain skill set to put up a video and I have been learning a lot lately.

The administrator of the Slow Runner’s Club on facebook is a guy that goes by the name of Zen Runner and he is hosting a group of us in yet another group called ZENVEDA.  He’s expanded the VEDA concept to also include blogging and podcast as well as VLOGs.

Well, it’s time to focus and take control of this brain of mine.  A few hours of work and last minute prep, as well as a quick one mile run to keep my run streak alive is all that’s between me and a quick trip to Livingston, Tennessee.



Loonies Midnight Marathon


Sleep is Overrated…..Run 26.2 at Midnight

Instagram <— link to me on Instagram! 🙂  follow if you Like 😀

it’s Wednesday – Saturday or…Friday night at Midnight is when this Loonies marathon is set to kick off and I’m pretty exhausted.  I’ve got three bottles of water and I’m going to finish those while blogging here then head over to my brother’s house to help him rip out some shrubs or trees or something so he can get a new shed put in this weekend.  I figure dehydration may be one reason for feeling so tired, hence the extra 3 bottles of water before I head back out into the sun.

I also have individual 20 oz bottles of Gatorade and have been drinking at least one of those every evening before bed along with double doses of vitamin packs each day to help make sure I’m topped off on electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and anything else that may be necessary for completing a marathon.  That strategy seemed to work pretty well for my first marathon this year – about 66 days ago.  This Saturday will be my third full in 70 days.

I’ve been working on my “About Me” page.  Last year I thought I was going to whip myself in shape quickly enough to knock out a 4:22:00 or maybe even a sub 4 hour marathon by the end of the year.  I wasn’t even close to that much less close to being able to complete a 26.2 mile distance but, I’ve been thinking about the past reality I had to work with.

Back in 1994 I took a running class at SIUE over the Summer.  It was a simple Mon, Wed, Fri class that met at 6 a.m. and it was only 3 months after that class when I completed my first marathon in about 4 hours and 30 minutes.  Not too shabby for a non-runner and only 3 months total training.

10 years later in 2004 I did not train AT ALL.  I went to the Spirit of St Louis Expo on a Friday and signed up for the marathon that was held that Sunday.  On Saturday, I went to a local park and jogged the 1.5 mile path and that was it.  Mentally, I just needed to see that I could cover some distance.

That marathon took me about 5 hours 42 minutes and that is the first marathon where I can actually look up my time online.

These days ….we’re adding about 2.5 hours to my first marathon time but, at least I’m covering the distance this year.  I have no illusions about my speed.

On – and, click here if you want to join >

That website ranks me in three categories:  Distance, Devotion & Speed.

for Devotion/Discipline/Dedication I am now ranking in the 85th percentile overall.


I’m doing a run streak now for the month of July which is why I’m at 100% for the past 14 days but the other time periods keep increasing in value as well.  So, theoretically, If I were to run 365 days straight I would be at 100% for all time periods but, as is, I’m still ranking in the 85th percentile which is the minimum for the Gold level which I just achieved yesterday.

Distance is another category – I rank Silver in this area with 74th percentile overall


My 7 and 30 day mileage is quite a bit lower than just last week, mainly because I’ve been cutting back on the mileage in anticipation of the upcoming marathon.  at best I was showing 40 miles for 7 days and 106 for the past 30 days.  Of course, after this Saturday those numbers will be inflated for a bit due to the extra 26.2 miles but …those miles will be retained considerably longer for the 90 and 180 time spans.  Between the running streak and occasional twice a day runs I should be able to hit and hopefully maintain a good 100 miles per month worth of running.

Speed is my weak point.  My best rank here is at the 40th percentile for the 1 mile run and all other distances are single digit percentiles.


you know….I did analysis on the GO! St Louis Marathon and there was a hefty chunk of people that came in with times between 2:30 and 3 hours.  I did like 2:51 so, within that group there’s no way i was in the 1 percentile with 99% people better.  But, SmashRun is a fairly new website which is still in it’s beta stages and still developing.  There are several thousands of people using it and I would guess that most of them are pretty serious runners which would be a lot different than the GO! half marathon which attracts a very large spectrum of running abilities.  Still, the reality among serious runners does put me in single digit range for most distance ..well, all distances beyond a mile.

An ultimate goal of mine is to be able to finish in the top 50% of any race I enter.  From the charts on Smashrun it looks like I need a mile time of about 8:14 to be at 50%.  36 minutes and change is my best 5K time and I’m figuring by next year at this time I should be knocking at sub 30s door – maybe not all the way there but somewhere between 30 and 35 minutes for the 5K and hopefully closer to 30 than 35.  That’s about as far as my vision takes me right now.  Sort of focusing on the goals closer at hand and letting the rest works their way out in time.

Even though ranking 1 and 3% in the half and full might seem poor.  I am well aware of the fact that I wasn’t even able to be on the list last year so I am proud that at least I can rank this year.  🙂

1.5 bottles of water consumed – feeling full and waterlogged….

I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t nervous about this upcoming run.  I suppose that is a bit typical.  I should be able to do better than the last two full marathons.  The BIG difference with this one coming up is that it starts at MIDNIGHT…  that’s a pretty large deviation from the norm.

guess there’s only one way to find out what’s going to happen and that’s to do it.

I checked the driving mileage yesterday and we’re looking at a 5 hour 32 minute drive.   I had 4 hours in my head but that’s only to Nashville.

I have two full days – or two full nights at a hotel in Tennessee but saw no other way.  I’ll be checking into my hotel around 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon and the race starts at midnight.  I had planned on sleeping or at least laying down as much as possible before the run however the packet pickup is from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday night.  Kind of an oddball time frame.  Running will range from midnight up until probably close to 7 a.m. for me and I don’t think it will be at all possible for me to check out Saturday morning at 11 a.m. and drive home so, I have the additional Saturday night hotel stay.  I WILL be submitting my Marathon Maniac application after that Marathon and BEFORE going to bed.  I never bothered bringing my laptop with to the Hatfield McCoy marathon but it will be with me for this final qualifying MM run 🙂

After this Saturday’s full marathon I should be able to cut back on the running stress levels quite a bit and focus more on leveling up with the Half Fanatics with the ultimate goal of completing 30 half marathons in 30 different states in 365 days.  We’ll see how close I can get to that.

There is a chance to pull off a double half marathon weekend in August with one half marathon either in Iowa or Wisconsin on a Saturday and another one in Minnesota on Sunday.   The next double half weekend chance could be in October with the Brooklyn half on Sat in New York and the Shades of Death half in New Jersey the following day.

Beyond that, in 2016, I’ve looked at a series of 3 half marathons in 3 days in 3 states – part of the Riverboat series of races promoted by MainlyMarathons which could knock out Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri and Illinois are four more races in that series but I’m already signed up for the Country Music marathon in Nashville next year and could always drop that to a half if I don’t have any other runs in that state and Paducah, Kentucky is literally only a couple hours from where I live and I know they have a run there and, if not, Louisville isn’t all that far either.  Missouri & Illinois are already well covered.

Which reminds me – I’m also part of the 100 Half Marathon club which is a pretty cool little club.  Membership is only $5 per year or $20 for a lifetime membership and there are a host of discount codes which can pay for the membership in a very short period of time.  I know the MainlyMarathons group offers $10 off per race so, two races and I’ve got my money back and, I’m looking at 3 in April 2016.

The big tamale I’m looking at would be in May of 2016 –

7 halfs in 7 states in 7 days.  I could cover every state NorthEast of NewYork in 6 days; from May 15th through May 20th and I’m already signed up for a run on 21st in Indiana.

My initial mapquest estimates puts the number of driving miles at 2,818 but …to see all those states …to run 7 half marathons in 7 days…. I’m salivating over the prospects 🙂

Based on this year’s New England series, New York should be the last state in 2016 and that’s when I’ll drive back and do the Geist Half Marathon in Fisher, Indiana.

I kinda like the complex, the improbable.  I like the idea of improving to the point where I can run a half marathon every single day for 7 days straight.

We’ll see what happens.

I think.  For right now, I just need to be patient and maintain what I’ve been doing.  I’ve worked my way up to some respectable per month mileage and my devotion/discipline is already maxed out at 100%.  Those are variables I have some control over – if not nearly total control, baring injury or something out of my control 🙂

With those two aspects in place, The speed should take care of itself. plus …I do keep getting lighter every month and that’s certainly going to help as well.

One weigh-in for the last two months of May & June each included one weight in the 250s.  which gave me an average weight of 248 for each month.  For July here, it looks like every weigh-in will be in the 240s and we should end up with an average weight below 245.  If my average is below 245 then I’ll achieve another goal set for this year which was to weigh in the low 240s.

As long as I keep on pace with the running I’ll also hit another goal of having another 100 mile month and….then I should hit my 5th and final goal of hitting 500 miles for the entire year some time in August and I’ll still have 4 months left to increase that number 🙂

In the back of my mind, I would like to gently push my one hour pace up to 5 miles.  Right now I’m hitting 4.25 miles per hour in training.  I’d like to see 5 miles per hour in training.  and god …what a difference there is between training times and racing times.

2.5 bottles of water consumed.  I can’t say I feel any better at the moment – kinda full but probably going to be worth it in the long run.  now…to grab a bottle of Gatorade and head out for some nifty yard work …(joy) 😀

2015 Week 27 Weigh-In and Birthday Weight! :)

For this week’s weigh-in we’ve got 246.2 but, before delving into my updated Part Two 2015 desktop wallpaper, I gotta show you my birthday morning weigh in which was just two days ago – 239.4 🙂

2015-07-07 08.39.53


But, as fate would have it, there was a nice family dinner last night to help celebrate my birthday so I knew this mornings weight would reflect an increased volume of food in the IG tract so, 246.2 is the reality of the situation which gives me a 244 lb average weight for the month.  I’m pretty certain we’ll see an average weight in the low 240s this month, meaning anywhere from 240-245 even with today’s heavier than expected (wanted) weigh in.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015 (2)


I haven’t had a chance to look through some of the pics my brother took last night so …we’ll both be seeing some for the first time here!  🙂


OK …well, I guess these pictures remind me that my weight isn’t always that important 🙂  It was a really nice time.  You can’t buy memories like this 🙂  In that 2nd picture up there I’m holding up a little certificate good for a membership into the Marathon Maniacs once I complete my next full marathon on July 18th.  Which reminds me – I also have an amazing new shirt I got for my birthday as well which …I’ve already posted to all of my Running Groups on facebook 🙂

2015-07-08 10.28.48 - Copy2015-07-08 10.29.18 - Copy

back of the shirt is shown on the left and front of the shirt on the right 🙂  Got a short 15 mile bike ride tomorrow night then a bit longer one on Sat morning around 34 miles.  Currently, I’m at 43 miles for the month of July in terms of running and looking very good for another 100 mile month and I’m at Day 9 of my run streak – Looking at running every day in July 🙂

2015 Week 26 Weigh-In! :)

After two months weighing an average of 248 in May & June, I think we’re seeing a breakthrough!  For July, my first weigh-in is 241.8 🙂  I also have a new wallpaper for my laptop for all my weigh ins during the second half of 2015 so, for now there is only today’s weigh-in.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015 (2)

For reference, here is a smaller version of my weight for the first 6 months of 2015

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

I’m often, if not always, looking ahead with hope 🙂  I have a couple specific goals for July 2015.  One, I’m looking at 100 miles worth of running training.  Two, I am looking for a 31 day running streak which, intimidates me a whole lot more than the 100 miles.  Three …kind of as a byproduct of the running, I’ll be completing my third full marathon in a 70 day time period on July 18th which will make me eligible for the Marathon Maniacs and also a Double Agent.  A Double Agent is a person who is a Marathon Maniac and a Half Fanatic 🙂

I’ll have to keep today’s blog entry short & sweet since I have to run back up to a local gym and get signed up so I can resume my karate training …you know, the karate training that started way back in 1982 🙂  My first karate promotion was May 5th of 1982 and my last promotion was October 18th of 2014.  I have one belt left between me and first degree black belt 😀


2015 Week 25 Weigh-In!

My week 25 weigh in will conclude the first half of 2015.  Based on the average monthly weight I have posted under my Running Log tab, I started January at 278 and am concluding June at 248 so, an even 30 pounds lighter 🙂

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

Another thing you might notice for my average monthly body weight is that May and June are BOTH at 248 lbs so ….. we may conclude that I didn’t lose bubkis – zip, zilch & nada since last month.  well….LOL

What can I say?  I didn’t gain anything either!  🙂  I did a lot of traveling over these past two months …glancing at my calendar I see trips to…..

  1. Springfield, Illinois
  2. Ottawa, Illinois
  3. Chicago, Illinois
  4. Lake Ozark, Missouri
  5. New Jersey
  6. New York
  7. Minnesota
  8. West Virginia
  9. Kentucky

For running races (I’m curious now….)  I had

  1. Law Day 5K (Belleville, IL)
  2. Moonlight Marathon (Springfield, IL)
  3. Starved Rock Marathon (Ottawa, IL)
  4. Chicago 13.1 where I was a Back of the Pack pacer
  5. Hatfield McCoy Marathon (started in KY, ended in WVa)
  6. GO! St Louis All American 5K – took 5 min 25 seconds off my time from last year!
    still due in June ….
  7. Macklind Mile (St Louis, MO)
  8. Pride 5K (St Louis, MO)

It was actually fairly slow in terms of running compared to the previous 2 months.  I have won 24 straight Diet Bets on which is pretty cool but, getting tougher.   I have three more rounds of weigh ins for a 6 month diet bet I’m in which will require upcoming weigh ins of

  • 239.8 on July 1
  • 237.1 on Aug 1
  • 234.5 on Sept 1
  • 234.5 on Oct 1 ….just gotta maintain the final weight for the 6th month….

I’ve had to do some extra thinking with regards to these weights in the 230s.

On July 10th & 11th I have two bike rides scheduled.  A Tour de Belleville (15 miles) and the following morning the Tour de Donut (kind of a blast and 34 miles long).  Then, there’s the Loonies Midnight Marathon on July 18th.  These marathons create a bit of a challenge because I eat pretty healthy leading up to the runs – extra carbs/pasta and so forth as well as extreme hydration but, that’s pretty much it for the month, a couple bike rides and one really long run from midnight until the sun comes up….should be VERY interesting.

I did manage to get in 3 lifting workouts in over the past week.  I noticed in the week after my Hatfield McCoy marathon that I got kinda light – very low 240s and my chest looked kinda flat.  I’m no Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything but I am used to seeing some muscle on me and that had really gone away.  Generally speaking, if I haven’t been lifting for a while I usually will put on about 4-6 lbs in the first week of lifting and that’s part of what’s going on weight-wise.

Looking forward…..
I’ve been away from karate for the first 6 months of the year and will probably be getting back into that for the 2nd half of the year.  There’s still only one belt between me and black so, there’s a decent chance I could notch up another belt by 2016.

There’s plenty more to share but …I have about 35 minutes of battery left on my laptop and find myself without electricity again for the 2nd time today due to storms.   But, I am working on a map…. 🙂


Week 24 Weigh-in of 2015

I first touched the 240s in week 16 (April) with a weight of 248.  May was my first month with an monthly average weight in the 240s.  I only have two weigh-ins this month and they average 248.5 lbs.  However, today’s 245.0 is the lowest recorded weekly weigh in I’ve had all year.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015


My lowest weekly recorded weight since the beginning of 2014 occurred on April 10th of last year with a very manipulated weight of 244.2 – one week later (after my 12 week contest was over) I weighed 260 and strived to maintain that weight for the remainder of the year.

I’ve got a few ways to win here –

If I maintain and weigh the same next Thursday, ie 245 then I’ll have an average weight for the month of 247.  If I drop another 0.8 lbs or more then i can equal or better my lowest weight since I started recorded my weekly weigh ins – and that started 76 weeks ago.

I think lower mileage runs could help a lot and mainly because they will be very low stress to my body relative to the nutty 26.2 miles done this past Saturday.  I’m not exactly sure what my normal or relaxed weight is right now but I’m guessing it may be a bit less than 245.  Kind of have to wait & see.

I’ll have to hit a weight of 242 next week for an average of 246 (rounded).

I added my two marathon medals to the lower left corner of my weigh-in wallpaper.  That’s 2/3rds of the initiation needed to join the Marathon Maniacs club.  🙂  July 18th will be my third and final marathon needed to join the maniacs.

On July 1st I have a Round 3 weigh-in for the most challenging of my 6 month, 10% weight loss challenges ….I’ll need to weigh in at 239.8 lbs or less.

Mentally, I think I can benefit from some time in the gym.  There is a decent chance of getting in 6 gym workouts during the remaining days of this month.  I’ve been at zero for the preceding two months for gym attendance.

Gym time and shorter runs may help a great deal with my mental recovery.

I have two 5K runs and a single 1 mile run before June is over.

For right now – i need to keep patient as well as keeping up some light pressure towards my goals.  I should have greater clarity of vision in the next 2 weeks.


Week 23 Weigh-In

I’m not exactly sure what I weighed last week.  I only had one day back at home between my trips to New York and then to Minnesota.  I was at my parents house on Thursday morning and didn’t get home until 3:30 a.m. looking for last minute pictures for a video I was putting together with my brother for my parents anniversary.  Staying up late wasn’t hard but, getting up an hour and a half later at 5 a.m. was a bit of a challenge.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

So, I’m at 252.0 right now which is the same as my average weight for April.  I think, with some of the DietBets I have coming up that I may still be able to end up with an average weight in the 240s, especially since on the first of next month I need to weigh around 239 for Round 3 of a DietBet.

Biggest thing on my mind right now is West Virginia.  In about 20 hours I’ll be heading out for that state and I’ve got plenty to do before then.


I’m on to Plan B with my Marathon Maniac (MM) pursuits since I was yanked from the Starved Rock marathon at mile 12 due to thunderstorms.  Plan B is completing 3 full marathons in 90 days and the Hatfield-McCoy marathon will be #2 of 3 necessary for joining the MM’s.

Lately, I’ve become enamoured with runs offered by a website called  They help people knock out series of either 5 or 7 marathons or half marathons in 5 or 7 days, respectively.  There is one 7 day series in the New England states next year –  May 15-May 21 which cover the states of Main, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York.  I’m already signed up and registered for a half marathon in Fisher, Indiana on the 21st but, I won’t need to run in New York anyway since I’ll be checking off that state with the upcoming Brooklyn run later this year.

For now, it’s been fun to plan out.  It would consist of 2,818 miles of driving to knock out 91.7 miles of running in 7 days.  That’s the New England Series.

The month before there’s a Riverboat series and I would probably only partake in the first three so I could knock out states Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi and would be from April 17th to April 19th.  Currently, i’m already signed up for the GO! St Louis half on April 10th and the Country Music full marathon in Nashville, TN on April 30th and… I imagine I might add the Lincoln Presidential half mary on Saturday, April 2nd just because 🙂

Running 30 half marathons in 365 days in 30 different states qualifies one for the Sun level in the Half Fanatics group and that is the highest level obtainable.  🙂

I haven’t done any planning for 30 states but doing the series and ones I’m already signed up for would give me 13 states in two months.

I currently have one night booked in West Virginia prior to the run on Saturday morning but, there is a Double Agent (HF and MM) who is the president of the local runners club as well as a fireman and I’ve shot an email out to him to see about maybe getting a cot to sleep on Saturday night at the firehouse in either Williamson or Belfry Kentucky.

Even the night before the marathon there is a bon fire at a local park in West Virginia until 10 p.m. as well as a pasta dinner that same evening from 5 to 7 p.m.  There is a meal ticket for after the race and then a pig roast Saturday evening as well.

running short on time here but, it looks like I’ll be shooting for another 240s month as my average weigh in for June then either a low 240s or upper 230s month for July.

Those full marathons are such a different kind of beast with so many physiological and mental aspects to them that it’s a bit difficult for me to make super accurate predictions and isn’t really a time for any new extreme weight losses to occur.  I just don’t have sufficient knowledge or experience to know with any high degree of confidence exactly how things will go.

After Hatfield/McCoy and God willing that I make it through that one, I am already signed up and hotels booked for my third full marathon on July 18th.  A nice cool Summer’s day 🙂

Lowest Weight in a Decade! Week 22 Weigh-In

In this blog:

  • Week 22 Weigh-In, Lowest Weight in a Decade!
  • Starved Rock and Marathon Maniac Status
  • The Mayflower Phenomenon
  • The Courage to Start
  • Two Future Full Marathons


The lowest weight I can remember with certainty (other than my high school football playing weight) happened back in the one year period of time prior to January 2002.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

It was sometime during that year I was listed in Powerlifting USA magazine as having one of the top 100 Bench Presses in the nation, a 515lb bench at a body weight of 222 lbs.  So, I’m guessing there may have been a month when my weight was in the 240s or maybe less but other than going back 14 years I don’t know of any other time when my average weight for the month has been in the 240s.

This month, I have an average weight of 248.2 lbs!  🙂  So, I am 4 lbs lighter this month then I was last month.  The dynamics of this month’s weight change are kind of interesting.  After my double run weekend with the Starved Rock marathon on Sat followed by the Chicago 13.1 on Sunday my weight steadily increased to a high of 251.8 however – after a memorial day weekend of eating BBQ, hamburgers and pizza, my weight kept dropping down to it’s current low of 245.8.

So, run a lot and gain 4.4 lbs then eat a lot and lose 6.0 lbs!  🙂

I don’t fully understand all the physiological mechanisms associated with running a marathon due to a lack of experience with that distance but ….and I don’t mean to offend anyone here and I’m not sure how to couch this topic but, when I was in clinic a standard part of every patient’s first visit was to do a simple dip stick check on their urine.  We’d look for basics like nitrates, sugar and specific gravity of the samples.  From visual inspection, I know I had a very low specific gravity (light colored urine) prior to my Moonlight full marathon as I was very well hydrated but, after the double run weekend that specific gravity went way up to maybe 1.2 to 1.3 (much darker color) so, I associate this with the physiological stress and extra waste products that the kidneys had to contend with after those runs.  Various corticosteroids and creatinine kinase come to mind but, I’m sure there’s a whole host of other variables of which I’m unaware of.

Generally speaking, I associate the 4.4 lb gain with stress and the subsequent 6.0 lb loss with recovery and much less stress.

Starved Rock and Marathon Maniac Status
oh boy ….well, Starved Rock was supposed to be my 2nd full marathon in a week and thereby giving me Marathon Maniac (MM) eligibility but …There was a torrential downpour, thunderstorm and lightning strikes along the course which prompted race officials to send out school busses to pick up runners so, for me, that run ended around the 12 mile marker.

On a positive note, bright and early the next morning I knocked out a half marathon up in Chicago.  The plus side here is when you compare this past weekend to a very similar situation I had last year.  In April of last year I was signed up for a half marathon in St Louis which was to take place on a Sunday but then noticed the ultra cool medals given out for the Lincoln Presidential half marathon (50th anniversary) which was taking place the day before the St Louis run.  I did the Lincoln half but was so physically decimated by that run I couldn’t walk right even the day after that run and ended up giving my bib for the Sunday run away.  So, I’ve at least improved to the point where running back to back half marathons no longer intimidates me and is now within my ability level.

The full marathon – 26.2 miles – still intimidates the heck out of me.  Having failed at completing two full marathons in 16 days my only other option for meeting the minimum requirements to become a MM are to complete three full marathons in a time period of 90 days…. good grief….

Personally – I’ve started to refer to my marathon aspirations as …..

The Mayflower Phenomenon
My thinking here is akin to when man first set foot on the moon back in 1969.  Literally just years prior to that time we didn’t have the ability to accomplish such a task so, we really ended up accomplishing that feat with nearly the minimum amount of ability possible.  I see this the same was as Columbus sailing across the ocean ….in a wooden boat ….virtually zero navigational acumen available other than a sexton and yet …he did it.  When it comes to me and full marathons, I’m kind of like that wooden boat – sort of the minimum level of ability to cover the distance.  Still, there’s been some improvement over last year when I believed my boat would flat out sink had I attempted the full marathon I was originally signed up for in October of 2014.

So….how many trips can this Mayflower boat of mine make over that 26.2 mile ocean?  I have no idea.  Mentally, I’m having to do a lot of work to help encourage myself to push my boat from the safety of it’s harbor.  I’m listening to YouTube videos from Jana Stanfield, for example, with a really nice song called If I Were Brave.  I’ve also found many more mentally nutritional supplements on YouTube from simple searches like “What would I do If I knew I could Not Fail”  and, I’m relying a lot on poets like Henry David Thoreau who stated, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!  Live the life you have imagined.”

 The Courage to Start
I believe the Courage to Start is the name of a book by John Bingham, affectionately known as “The Penguin” but, with my recent runs my thinking has changed to the point where I now believe that finishing a race is the easy part – relatively speaking, when compared to the courage displayed by everybody at the starting line who all had to overcome something in their personal lives in order to even sign up, show up at the race and begin.

You just don’t see a lot of 250 lb boats attempting to complete a full 26.2 mile marathon.  Pretty much none.  For the most part you have a ton of incredibly amazing athletes with stunning abilities.  I know going into these races that the probability of finishing last is a bit north of 99%.  It’s like that saying, “The miracle isn’t that I finished, The Miracle is that I had the courage to start.”  So, I’ll continue to play a lot of mental ping-pong in which I am mainly working towards signing up and getting to that starting line.  🙂

Two Future Full Marathons
I’d like to make this MM endeavor as fun as possible and to that end I am considering two races, one for this coming June 13th and the other on July 18th.

On June 13th is the Hatfield and McCoy full marathon.  This takes place in South Williamson, Kentucky right on the border with West Virginia.  It’s about a 7.5 hour trip driving but, there’s no time limit and I’ve never been there before and I can count either Kentucky or West Virginia as one of my 50 states.  Also, there is a bit of real life history associated with the run which I’m always up for and …did I mention – there’s no time limit?  On the downside, this run is apparently one of the 15 hardest full marathons in the country but, I must do my best to ignore that portion of reality – there’s no time limit.

On July 18th, in Livingston, Tennessee there is a Looney Midnight Marathon!  Yep – that’s right, the marathon STARTS at midnight.  one Huge plus to this run is that I will not have to content with the sweltering heat of a daytime run – no sun ….except maybe for the sunrise which I’m sure I’ll have to contend with but really, how many times can you say you’ve jogged 26.2 miles BEFORE breakfast!  😀 😀 😀