Day 5: The Power of Deadlines

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Day 5:  The Power of Deadlines (4:14) – below is an abridged and quasi verbatim recount of today’s 100 Day Challenge video with my personal commentary in italics

When you set a deadline and expect to get your goals accomplished quickly, they get accomplished quickly.  Any task or goal takes as much time as you allow it to take.

I’m often reminded of the phrase, “tis the good reader that makes the good book” and I’m a good reader so, I already recognize today’s video as being about what’s known as Parkinson’s Law which states that “work expands to fill the amount of time available for it’s completion”  This is a concept which I have also noticed can be parlayed into the realm of money and expenses so, one may state it that expenses expand to the amount of money available …in that a lot of people have a tendency to spend everything they have.  

You will always work best under a self-determined or externally fixed deadline for achieving your goals.  Deadlines challenge you to perform.  Remember you are a performance artist.  Avoid the mistake of plunging ahead without a high sense of urgency.

In an ideal world, behavior shouldn’t depend on deadlines, it should depend on your values.  High performing people have a strong sense of urgency.  A clearly understood deadline that is shared, agreed upon and committed to is the silver bullet of proactive behavior.

Silver Bullet

Deadlines have three distinct purposes

  1. Deadlines represent commitment
  2. Deadlines enforce accountability
  3. Deadlines create a sense of urgency

Today’s Challenge

  1. Place a realistic deadline on each goal and activity
  2. Work your tail off to meet each deadline and astound yourself by what you are able to accomplish.

Day 5 Commentary – 

I think one thing I’m realizing is that self induced stress can help belay externally induced stress.  Dr. Hans Selye who I’ve mentioned in a previous blog is the last person I’ve heard talk about this (via YouTube videos).  He emphasised the importance of stress as well as it’s downfall.

The stress that comes a persons way due to inactivity and nonchalant living is worse than the self imposed stress of activity towards conscientious living.

Deadlines & urgency….  I admit, left to my own devices, I don’t necessarily always perform with a sense of urgency outside of work.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons I can be so easily comfortable.  I did have one idea yesterday about how to help artificially incorporate a sense of urgency.  Being a guy, I don’t have any beauty type makeover ambitions but, I have had this garage slash living room makeover type idea in my head and was thinking of only allowing myself once during the month of October to get this garage makeover accomplished.  I was sort of thinking about it as my October Opportunity to get this done.  So, I am only allowing myself yesterday and today to work on this project and, if I don’t do it or don’t get it done then I won’t allow myself to put it back on my list of things to do again until next month and must move on to other projects.

Here’s a cool thing about my October Opportunity idea as it relates to my garage makeover.  Since other people in the 100 Day Challenge receive a copy of my Daily 10 Item Prioritized list of activities, commitments and deadlines for each day, I can add the fact that I will not be repeating this garage makeover task for the rest of this month.  Either I get it done when I say or I have to wait until next month to complete.

Week 26 Day 2 Run – 2 miles

I’ve been adding a little bit to the beginning and end of the 1.5 mile path in the park to get about 2 miles in for these last two runs.  My legs felt a bit heavy but I also noticed that my time was better during my 2nd run of the week compared to my first, 14:17 versus 14:58 for my first run.

I overlayed my brother’s 8 mile run with my 2 mile run at the same scale and came up with the following…

Our Run

My 2 mile run is a little loop on the left and his elongated 8 mile run is on the right.  Mine looks better zoomed in…..


I’ve got about 1/2 year in now of training and have pretty much stuck to the program I have.  The past few weeks I’ve fallen off the wagon but I found it interesting in that if I look at my training program – I have 4 weeks of blanks with nothing specific for these last few weeks either.  So, in a way, I’ve still been doing what’s been written down 😉

Both of my last two runs have been non-stop.  It takes a long time to get appreciable results but, they do eventually happen.  The basic formula for my training has been 2 short runs, 1 medium run and 1 long run.  That formula seems to work and is well reviewed and accepted from everything I’ve been able to read on the subject.

I’m not sure if it’s ego or pragmatism but I would really like all my training runs to consist of non-stop running.  I don’t get any particular high from walking but can become elated from non-stop jogging & running.



5th Annual St Louis Pride 5k! Ba-Boom! :)

 2014-06-29 16.22.08

Sunday Morning, June 29th….

1:30 a.m. – finally get off work
2:00 a.m. – small 3 egg meal
2:30 a.m. – finally get to bed…

5:57 a.m. – I finally wake to alarm clocks which have been going off since 5 a.m.  Could I really make it in time?  I was disoriented.  I knew packet pickup was from 5:30 to 6:30 then I realized the race didn’t start until 7 a.m.  …I had 1 hour and 3 minutes to dress, get to St Louis and pick up my packet!
6:03 a.m. – I’m dressed and in my car, pulling out to head to St Louis!
6:51 a.m. – I’ve already made it to St Louis, parked, got my race packet, returned it to the car, affixed my bib # and awaiting the St Louis Pride 5k!

 2014-06-29 06.42.162014-06-29 06.51.16

7:14:01 a.m. – the 7 a.m. race finally starts and I cross the chip timing mat
7:52:37 a.m. – I cross the chip timing mat for a chip time of 0:38:36!  My time according to Sports Tracker is 0:38:31

 2014-06-29 20.49.51

By 11 a.m. I was back home and starting on this blog but was unable to keep my eyes open any longer and had to take a nap!
3:42 p.m. – back awake and hoping to finish out this blog before I have to leave for my 5 p.m. work shift

On June 15, 2014 – 0:42:27 was my finish time for the Go! 5k
On June 29, 2014 – 0:38:36 was my finish time for the Pride 5k

 2014-06-29 09.50.31

My weapons of choice were my Brand New New Balance Fantom Fit 1080s and they felt GREAT!  I also ran my first mile in the second fastest time of the year at 11:31 (fastest was yesterday at the Macklind Mile at 10:52)

I was able to take off nearly 4 MINUTES to set a new PR (personal record) for my best ever 2014 5k time 🙂  My Sports Tracker stopwatch showed an improvement of 4 min 5 seconds.  The official chip timings for both race show an improvement of 3 min 51 seconds.  Either way it was a really nice improvement – AND, had I finished about 9 minutes sooner I would have come in third place!  (I would have also had to have been in the 60-69 year old age bracket) but – that’s as close as I’ve ever come to a respectable finish 😉  🙂


The SWAG was pretty cool and I still have to go through it all but the tech t-shirt is pretty cool and the colorful medal was fun 🙂  I got a couple other things from ProRehab of St Louis when I received a post race stretching.  The two girls working the booth went to SLU and also worked as Ball Girls at the St Louis Cardinals games, those are the ones that dance around on top the dugouts and use giant slingshots with FredBird to shoot out balled up t-shirts to the crowd.  The really interesting thing was that one of the girls was from Jonesboro, Arkansas and was familiar with Wynne, Arkansas – the place where I’ll be running my 3rd full marathon!  🙂  So, I got some useful information from her as well as some good post race stretching.

2014-06-29 09.42.03

4:41 p.m. – gotta post this and get to work!
5:00 -11:00 p.m. – work!
somewhere between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. sleep and clean an office!  🙂

This was a fun run and I would do it again!  🙂  🙂  🙂

2014-06-29 23.41.442014-06-29 16.22.08



W11D3 – Cooked @ 104 Degrees For 3 Miles & Week 9 Weigh-In

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 – Week 11 Day 3 training run – cooked at 104 degrees for 3 miles
 – Week  9 Weigh-In
 – Instagram
 – Future Miles
– 2 New Upcoming Races
– Part III Boards



2014-06-19 18.33.40

After yesterdays difficult run in the 99 degree heat and getting up too late to beat the sun I figured I would run at night after the sun went down.  However, I finished up my lawn jobs by 12:30 and had until 3 p.m. before I needed to be at my other job and knew that the more I put off what I needed to do the greater the likelihood that it might not happen.  I was more afraid of missing today’s run than I was of dealing with the heat.

2014-06-19 12.38.27 2014-06-19 18.32.13 - Copy

I fortified at a convenience store with 2 liters of water and a couple bottles of vitamin water, then I picked a park with a LOT of trees 🙂

The sun was even nice today due to a bit of cloud cover

2014-06-19 12.40.20

Still, there was a heat index of 104 so I ended up taking this run in 10 minute increments.  I jogged 9 min, walked 1 then jogged 8, walked 2 then jogged 7 and walked 3.  After that the heat was a bit much and I ran what I could to finish out my run.

I was also fortunate that today was a short run of only 3 miles.  Saturday will be 5 so, I might want to get out around 5:30 when the sun is first peaking out and not at full strength.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy (2)

My 1 week post weight-loss contest weight of 260 lbs is still being maintained.  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, after starting the year out at 316.2 pounds and maintaining the gist of my weight loss for over two months after that contest is a very good thing but, I also know I could be a lot better runner if I was lighter.  The other thing I consider is the stress associated with eating less and dropping weight and knowing I’m already taking on a lot of new stress from the big increase in training from Week 11 onward.

The nagging feeling is that I may be selling myself short and not doing enough.  Just kidding myself that my current efforts are good enough.  Perhaps it’s a standard dichotomy of emotional feedback inherent with desires and efforts towards improving oneself as contrasted with self doubts and being more attuned and used to being where we are in life as opposed to some future improved self which has not yet arrived.

The “View on Instagram” button is something new.   I got the code from the Instagram website and it should link directly to my Instagram account in case there’s anyone that would like to help encourage me along my current journey to my third marathon pursuit.


There are some amazing people on instagram.  On lady I’m following is from Columbia and goes by the name of @fibrofree

She has a website at  This person has gone from dealing with cancer, fibromyalgia, depression and other pains to become a triathlete.

Another guy I like to follow is @matthewabitbolracing who lost 100 lbs of bodyweight then proceeded to run 41 marathons with a PR of 2:54:18 and 56 Half Marathons with a PR of 1:21:48.  He’s also completed 5 Boston Marathons.

I’d like to join Matthew in that Lost 100 lbs club 🙂

I’ve filled out my spreadsheet with projected training runs and have been looking at the mileage increase from month to month as shown below

Month – Distance
April – 59 miles
May – 50 miles
June – 49 miles
July – 92 miles
Aug – 140 miles
Sept – 153 miles

April was a little high on mileage due to running two half marathons that month.  I’ll certainly tack on a mile somewhere this month to get my NikePlus gold 50 mile trophy.  July is an increase of 88% in mileage and August is another jump of 52%

That 88% mileage increase in July has caught my attention.  That averages out to about an extra 22% increase per week which is about double the recommended 10% increase per week I’ve always read about.  I’ll have to view the scheduled 92 miles in July as my new starting level and all the previous work as a buildup.  Part of the reason for the huge % increase is because all the runs prior to Week 11 have been based on time and, I’m pretty slow so the first 10 weeks have been low mileage.

July will be about an extra 10 miles away but, that’s on average and there is a slow build up of 1 to 2 miles per week starting from Week 11 with an initial weekly mileage base of 15 miles.  I think I can do it.  I keep recalling a couple years ago when I would head out with my girlfriend and we could knock out up to 10 miles without any formal training at all.  This Saturday’s long run is only 5 miles and it’s not until Week 20 when my long run is 10 miles.  I’ll probably keep reading up in Jeff Galloway’s book called Marathon – You Can Do It which is the same book I used 20 years ago to complete my first marathon.  For long runs below 18 miles he advocates walking 1 minute after every 5 minutes of jogging.  For runs of 18-20 (maybe he meant 22) miles he says 1 minute walking for every 4 minutes of jogging and for runs 23 to 26 miles 1 minute of walking for every 3 minutes of jogging.

I’ll have to play this by ear but I have to get my miles in so, whatever it takes.


I’m signed up for back to back races on the 28th & 29th of this month.  The 28th is the Macklind Mile.  I talked to a guy on the shuttle that took us back to the start of the Go! St Louis All American 5k last week and he really talked the race up.  It’s a 1 mile race and I’ll be running in the Family & Friends division which will not rank me against other men or men in my age division but will still give me a time so, I’m guaranteed to get a new PR here because I’ve never done this race distance before 🙂  The Macklind Mile also has swag which includes the coveted 1.0 Mile sticker which, is actually a distance I can cover!  🙂


On Sunday morning is a Pride 5k Run which includes medals.  I chatted with the race director about this race.  Originally they had medals available for the first 300 finishers but, that number has been upped to 400 medals and they are expecting 400-500 people so ….I have a decent chance of getting a medal since there are walkers and people who don’t show up.  I might have to edge my way towards the front of the pack to help make sure i finish quickly enough to get a medal.  My hope here is to better my last 5k time and get one of those medals!  🙂  I guess this is a gay & lesbian sponsored type of run so, the medals should be colorful 🙂

Hotels are booked for Iowa & Kansas!  Days off have already been requested from work.  Still need to give NBS a call to register for these reviews as well as for Chesterfield, MO.  I’m kind of shaking my head here – confidence isn’t as high as I would like.  I’m reading a ton but I know I have to learn 100 things in any given part in order to eventually answer 4 questions so I know ….well, i don’t know.  There isn’t a heck of a lot of time left, one full month of self study in July and a lot of board reviews in August.  I get a very sick feeling in my stomach just writing about the upcoming exam.

idk – this is a monster i have to deal with on my own.  i have to figure something out and i have to pass this exam because i don’t have much of a future without getting a license.

Week 11 Training – Got Cooked!

The first day of week 11 was a simple 3 mile run and it was early in the morning and I had the help of being among 2,000 other people so, it was really easy 🙂

My second day of week 11 was a 4 mile run and …OMG  was it HOT outside.  I was kind of stupid with the place I chose to run but, it was close to home and I had to be to work at 3 so it made a little sense and the beginning of the trail is surrounded by trees to provide shade but, after that it’s a long miserable 2 mile paved path that runs along side our local MetroLink and there aren’t any trees or buildings along that portion of the path, just fields, tracks & the sun.

I thought I might go back and forth in the tree lined section a few times to eat up some distance that way but the running felt pretty easy starting out so I kept going out to that unforgiving section of the trail.

This is the Sun….

2014-06-18 12.47.43

I think I decided to run when the clouds were all on their lunch break.  That blaring sun was all there was to keep me company.

The first 1.25 miles was pretty easy and i had decent jog going.  I’m not sure why but, I ate a peach on the way to the run.  That was not a good idea.   23 minutes into the run I threw it up.

About 37 minutes into the run (which by that time was a walk) I got nauseated again and threw up a little stronger than the last time.  I wore a camelbak which held about a liter of water but, I really could have used a bottle of water to dump over my head to help cool myself off.  The heat index was 99 and I could feel every degree.  I had an SPF 15 sunblock on my face but could have also used it on the back of my neck and shoulders because I could feel my skin burning.

I did an out and back route so I had no choice but to finish up the run in order to get back to my car.  There was a straight linear decline in my pace from 4.8 during the first 1/2 mile all the way down to 3.1 for my last half mile increment.

None-the-less, I got my distance in.  I think I might become a night runner.   The sun has been all business lately and keeps getting up early for work to boot.

10 Weeks Completed & Week 8 Weigh-In

dimly lit at a distance-1

In this blog:
– Week 8 Weigh-In
– 10 Weeks Completed

Week 8 Weigh-In
My 8th week weigh in was last Thursday on 6/12.  I did remember to snap a pic of the scale but didn’t post it in a timely manner so, I’m catching up a bit here 🙂

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy


Week 8 looks a heck of a lot like Week 6, exactly the same as a matter of fact but, I’m still opting for the keep calm mindset.  I went from 316.2 lbs on Jan 13 of this year down to 242.2 lbs twelve weeks later.  260 lbs was my weight 1 week after that final weigh in of 242.2 and my new and more realistic starting weight.

I’ve had 4 weigh-ins above my starting weight and 4 below.  One thing I’m aware of that isn’t evident on the static snapshot of my weight is the fact that I was weighing less in the days leading up to that weigh in.  I know I weighed around 257 a day or two earlier and a large pizza the night before that Week 8 weigh in was still sitting in my stomach.  However, being so close to my week 9 weigh in I also know that my weight seems to have trended back up to this new level.

I believe this is partially because I was low on food and maybe didn’t make the best decisions when I finally went grocery shopping.  I got some kinds of “fun” and “summer” type foods – macaroni salad (880 mg per serving), coleslaw, hotdogs (yikes!)  although, the 8 pack of hotdogs went pretty quick – in fact, they all went in a single day.  I had 3 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 3 more for dinner….  hmmmm

Other intake aspects have improved.  I know I’m drinking more water and less coffee.  My cigarette consumption is down 30-50% and still using ultra light smokes along with those TarBar filters and, I’ve gotten back to taking my vitamins.   This next level of marathon training which starts this week is going to be another game changer, another big step unlike anything I’ve done in the first 10 weeks so …I have to opt to remain calm.

10 Weeks Completed
That part of the brain that fears & doubts is a tough one to kill, maybe it’s something that never dies but hopefully it’s voice can be subdued given enough encouragement to shut the hell up.

Other than my two half marathons, I’ve only had 3 runs in the first 10 weeks which exceeded 3 miles.   After today’s run which is a 30 min week 10 run that got flip flopped with my Week 11, 3 mile run …I’ll never have a run scheduled which is less than 3 miles.

Yeah, I have a bit of concern about this but …I have to give myself a chance.  I have to stick with the program.

yeah – i’m freaked out a little bit and, initially my thoughts are that I “should” be showing more confidence
but – that thinking was quickly replaced with a very true reality – at least I’m giving myself the Opportunity to get freaked out by Pushing myself – by adhering to this program.  Anybody can be confident with task they have already mastered.  It takes courage, fortitude, trust and faith in oneself to push forward into uncharted territory.


I’ll die before I quit.
The current temperature is 97 degrees.

I don’t care if satan himself is standing in my path.  I will kick his ass and obliterate him.  If I can walk, I can run.

I started walking at a bodyweight of 316.2 – I started jogging when I thought something might break – I CAN transition into this new and continuing life changing part of my program.  Granted …I may be very motivated to run much earlier in the day when it’s NOT 97 degrees out but, either way, I’m going to get it done.


I’ll be calm and deal with the reality of these future situations I’m putting myself in.   Stay calm until the reality of the challenge is at hand …what was it Thomas Carlyle said? …

ours is not to see what lies dimly lit in the future but to do what lays clearly at hand….

I was close and looked it up 🙂  I think when you have a picture with some quote on it that is called a meme(?)  I’m not sure but, if that’s what it’s called then I just created my own meme because I couldn’t find any ready to use with this brilliant quote from Carlyle.  It’s what I will post on instagram today after my run.

Actually – the quote is so good, at least to me that I will put it at the top of my blog – maybe at the bottom also so it shows up when this gets posted on my google account 😉

for me and my training – his quote means not to worry about any run in the future just do and deal with what lies clearly at hand – no misuse of the imagination here spent on worrying – deal with what is at hand.

no time wasted on misspent imagination.  Focus and deal with events & training runs one at a time, in the moment they are occurring – not one second before.

dimly lit at a distance-1

Go! St Louis All American 5k

All American 5k

I hadn’t really intended to go to this run because I was out & up so late last night.  I set my alarms for 5 and 5:15 a.m. and promptly turned them both off when they disturbed my slumber and went back to sleep.  Woke up, got my coffee and noticed it was still only 5:30 ….

I figured I already paid for the run and I was going to have to run today anyway and this 5k even came with a finisher’s medal …Extra Bling! WooHoo!  🙂

2014-06-15 11.21.32 - Copy

The back of the medal was pretty cool also and included the date which is always appreciated 🙂

2014-06-15 11.17.21 - Copy

The shirt was 100% cotton and good quality, pretty heavy.  The front and back are shown below.

2014-06-15 11.25.08 - Copy 2014-06-15 11.25.41 - Copy


The course was point to point and had free shuttle service after the run to get back where you started.

2014-06-15 16.44.50 - Copy 2014-06-15 13.48.38 - Copy

There was an extra bonus after the run of getting my NikePlus Silver trophy for the month and since it’s only the 15th, I should be right on track for getting my gold trophy by the end of the month.  I still think there is a platinum trophy available for hitting 75 miles in a month but that would be too much of a deviation from the current training program to safely attain.  Maybe in July and definitely in August I should be getting a platinum trophy 🙂

2014-06-15 07.24.44 - Copy

The Run
This run had over 2,000 people in it and it was without a doubt one of the most impressive 5k’s I’d ever ran.   The course record on this run was 14 min 54 seconds which ….is pretty mind boggling!  The guy that set that record was here today and ran it in the exact same time!  I lined up at the back of the pack and, by the time i got to the start I’m guessing Mr First Place was probably already done with his first mile.  🙂

The run was really great and it was nice to actually be a bit trained for a run instead of simply signing up for something and walking.  I ran (jogged) this entire course.   I started out with a 12:56 mile and the second and third miles both came in a few seconds over 14 minutes.  The new engine held up pretty well although I could have used some water before we started.  There was one water stop at the 1.8 mile mark and the running felt much easier after drinking two cups of water.  Almost everybody in the back of the pack were walkers and I was able to eventually pass all of them.  I didn’t streak past anybody and the passing was very gentle but, I was jogging and it felt good to keep moving up in the pack.  The course was mainly flat with a couple gentle inclines and I was able to overtake a lot of people on those inclines.  I just kept truckin’ along – uphill, downhill, flat …I pretty much maintained a constant pace.

There was one lady who had a similar constant pace who jogged along side me for a while then stopped to tie a tie on some display for Father’s Day.  I’m guessing I was her target because she caught up to me with about 1/2 mile left in the race then with two tenths of a mile left she picked up her pace a little bit but, I knew I still had FULL Sprinting Capacity left under the hood and just took off for the last tenth of a mile and blew right by everyone in my vicinity.

The layout at the end of this race could rival some half marathons I’ve been in.  It was actually more impressive than the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon I completed up in Springfield, IL a couple months ago.  We got handed a bottle of water, then got our medals then there were tables of fruit, banana’s and so forth, little cups of Dole fruit and ….ICE CREAM!!! 🙂  There was even a Chipotle’s stand giving out free food.

2014-06-15 08.57.04 - Copy

That little girl in the Chipotle picture reminded me of this cute little two and a half foot girl that must have zoomed by me at least 24 times during my run.  I think she had a grandpa up ahead and a mom that she kept speeding away from but, once she caught up to grandpa she would stop and look around for her mother and walk back to reunite with her.  There were a couple miniature sized type people that kept zooming by me but, I just held my pace and got ‘er done 🙂

This was a very impressively well run race.  It was sponsored by Go! St Louis which also has a Halloween Half Marathon and a Go! St Louis Marathon later in the year.  They are sort of like a local version of the Rock n Roll series.  For everything we got, the price was very reasonable as well.  I signed up in the last week before the run so I had to pay the max of $30 but, I think this run was available for as little as $20 if you were to sign up early enough.  This will have to be a must do run in 2015.

Almost forgot – Day 1 of Week 11 starts my mileage based running and Day 4 of week 10 ends my time based running.  I’m flip flopping those two days around and counting today’s 5k as my 3 mile run for Week 11, Day 1 and tomorrow I’ll do my 30 minute Week 10, Day 4 run.

Wow – 10 weeks of formal scheduled training in the books – 1/3rd of the way there.  There’s been some nice improvements over the past 10 weeks and I’m looking forward to more of the same in these next 10 weeks.  🙂

W9D1 – The Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty
W9D1 – Week 9, Day 1

The Nifty Fifty

Pictured above is Dr Norman Kettner DC, DACBR, FICC.  He’s a board certified radiologist and one of the best and highest quality teachers we had at the school I attended to become a chiropractor.  Dr Kettner understood things so well that he could make almost anything understandable.  One of my favorite lines was “an embolism is just a thrombosis on vacation”  🙂

I always remembered one day in class when Dr Kettner first mentioned the Nifty Fifty, apparently these were the top 50 diseases and conditions that doctors saw in their office on a regular basis.  Since then, I’ve tried a few times to write down what I figured the those top 50 diseases were but have always done so on paper which, tends to get lost over time.  So, I figured an extra page on my blog is something that would not get lost.  I have no evidence that my list comprises the top 50 items, it’s more a list of what I could recall studying the most in school.  I’ve got 3 months and 10 days until the Part III exam and I’ll need to be familiar with pretty much everything I can by then.  The list I came up with is a start.  I figured I’ll be rewriting and reorganizing that list several times but, that kind of repetition is usually useful to me.

I’ll need to expand each item with some fundamental knowledge about each one …and for right now, that’s something I need to figure out – …here’s an initial guess

  1. What it is – brief definition
  2. etiology – where does it come from
  3. prognosis
  4. tx (treatment)
  5. lab test associated with dx (diagnosis) of condition
  6. incidence – who gets it?  male/female?  age?
  7. Ortho test used to confirm?
  8. basic pathobiology
  9. dx – Diagnosis – test mentioned above would probably be a subset here
  10. ddx – differential diagnosis
  11. risk factors
  12. category of disease or condition
  13. pertinent or necessary diagnostic imaging
  14. what exam might reveal this condition
  15. …..

Ugh….you see, it’s looking like a lot, i know i already have well over 100 dz’s & conditions listed and I know Huntington’s dz just came to mind – I think that one involves a repeating sequence of CAG and, if that sequence repeats more than 30 times then one is susceptible to the dz and the greater the number of repeats, the younger in life a person may get Huntington’s but ….i know there is another version with a sequence of 5 repeating amines

anyway, a dozen or so bits of info times the 100+ items and we’re looking at over 1,000 bits of info but….I’m glancing through the list – well, gotta know it and i’ve got over 3 months but …there are 9 parts to the exam.   maybe a thorough enough job on that list could cover 3 or 4 of the parts covered.

I did notice those tabs go in alphabetical order so, maybe I’ll put the letter ‘z’ in front of my boards stuff to push those tabs to the end.

W9D1 – Week 9 Day 1
Well…..  not so hot when compared to recent runs but, as my brother pointed out – How did that run compare to last year?  From that perspective my first run of week 9 was pretty good 🙂

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  I know that night at the ballgame kind of set me back a bit.  Even 4 days later I felt like I had lost 2 or 3 happiness points.

I’m pretty much ready to take a mulligan on my pending weight loss goal as well but, I just remembered something.  I may have mentioned this before but, it does seem like whenever I try to artificially generate some kind of a huge push that I tend to get knocked back down into humility.  I do remember mentioning this before or maybe it’s just something I’ve thought about before.

By default, I have to stick with my plan and keep hitting each day the best I can.

I do remember one thing I wanted to do and that was to update a portion of my running log which looks at some average statistical type data for the past three months since we just ended May.  I know there has been some really nice improvement and I at least need to give myself a chance and do the best I can this month for any hope of being able to see even more improvement.

Still have work to do today.  I did pass my pizza test!  Ha!  🙂   I am somewhat amazed at how much testing is now involved with just wanting to deliver pizza’s a few days per week.  For Domino’s, a place I’d worked at before about 20 years ago, I had to go to a site called and literally spent hours taking different exams to be able to submit my application.  This other place where I’ll probably end up getting hired had nearly an hour of timed testing I had to take in person with a couple other candidates.

i did miss question 20 on a math page …they asked for the square root of a 5 digit number but now – i’m wishing i would have just put that number in parenthesis and raised it to the 1/2 power!

I’m frazzling my brain and… I’m not liking sitting in one spot for hours on end studying.  I have to break that up.  Maybe interject some walks every hour or two.  maybe taking flashcards with me on walks.  I do have a version of The Raven on my phone mixed in with all my music.  maybe there is something worthwhile I can read and have played back between songs.

Still need to make one more tab for part III regarding logistics and administrative type stuff.  All I really need is a hotel in Davenport and one in Kansas.    There’s so much frickin material that it does make me want to go to the first set of board reviews in Florida, just to get some structure.  idk – i’m a little freaked out but, this is that Blue Arrow stuff – pushing myself, the anxiety and, it is a self generated issue – ie, a good problem to have.  A very good problem and situation.

I’ve got a good hundred days so, even if i add to that list, knocking out a couple a day would get things done in less than two months.  …

yeah…I’m freaking out.