8 Weeks of Training Completed!

8 Weeks Completed!
The Philosophy of Failure
National Boards, Part III

8 Weeks Completed!
There’s still a long way to go but a long way has been covered since those first 10 second of jogs when I worried that I might break something by moving faster than a walking pace.  In two weeks, I’ll be 1/3rd of the way through the program.  After two weeks, I’ll be on week 11 of the program which starts the actual marathon training portion of the program, that last for 4 months plus, I’m still 4 weeks ahead of schedule so, as of today, I have 5 months left to continue my training before November 1st.  Week 9 training, as shown in the remaining schedule below, is a bit more running than week 8 but actually less than called for in Week 10.  This is one of the first things I’ve had to learn (or relearn) in that giving the body a chance to rest & recover is imperative.  It’s something I first learned with weight lifting when I remained stuck for about a decade with a 450 pound bench press.  It wasn’t until a personal trainer told me to cut back on my lifting and only lift heavy one day per week that I allowed myself to recover and shoot my bench over 500 pounds within a matter of months.

26 Week Marathon Program Wks 9-26


Beyond the physiology of training and recovery, the mental aspects have been quite interesting.  Some of my first visions were of being “plugged in” to an energy source I had not felt in a very long time.  I used to always feel there was enough inside me to light up all of New York city but, somehow, someway, those feelings dissipated over the years of my life and I wasn’t even very much aware that I had lost those feelings and perceptions of myself.  The window pane where I could feel like each run was wiping away smudge from a glass pane that separated me from the person I was going to become was another really cool vision and then the latest daydream of creating a safe place for me to be while completing my hourly runs.  Personally, I really don’t have an overwhelming amount of time to daydream, ponder and visualize these types of things in my normal everyday life and, if or when I do daydream, it’s usually just something much smaller and insignificant and usually designed to help avoid whatever task I should be doing.

I watch very little television but, I think the brain wave state the mind is put into after watching a few minutes of tv is ….. well, I’d rather create my own life.  It’s back to having to either deal with a life that is of your own choosing or having to deal with a life created as a result of neglect and, sometimes abuse.  And, by abuse, I’m mainly talking about not caring enough about ones own life so as to let it degrade to crap then having to lament the situation(s) we let ourselves get into.

I used to always have that type thinking handy.  Whenever I thought someone else had done me wrong, I would step back a second and, instead of undue pondering over how someone else may have let me down, I would think ….how much have I let myself down?  Inevitably, I would always have to conclude that I have always let myself down far more than everyone else combined could have possibly done.

One of the most useful mental fitness type of training that has been done has been to become more aware and less afraid of failure.  After my first 20 minute non-stop run, I was ecstatic!  Kind of happy beyond measure but, the very next run I could only complete 13 minutes of nonstop running and was very disappointed in myself.  That was a failure – at least it was in my mind at the time it happened.  I believe what happened was I had just completed a mile and heard Nikeplus tell me (via my earbuds) that I had just completed a mile and was told I did so in record time.  I was looking for an excuse to stop and told myself that hitting that new PR was good enough…

I think that was part of a default safety mechanism that most people have – to stay where they are.  To stay in their comfort zone where everything is familiar.  To not change.

Philosophy of Failure
Reading about that graph which plotted the Challenge level of a situation against the ability needed to perform a given task gave my mind an extra framework with which to ponder failure.
In some of the reading I did pertaining to that graph, it was stated that the best way to improve oneself is to go from the flow area, straight up into the Anxiety/Frustration/Fear of Failure portion of the graph, maybe not to a huge extent but, at least to push ourselves into that realm and then do what we needed to in order to increase our skills or ability to get back into the flow area.
Intuitively, this made sense.
direction arrows
Better and faster results could be obtained from following the path of the blue arrows as opposed to the path indicated by the red arrows.  Of course, it’s not exactly, easy or fun to push ourselves into that area indicated by the blue arrows.  I remember the first 20 minute run – I took some notes on my phone while jogging – before I started I told myself everything I needed to succeed was already inside of me but – after a half mile or so, I told myself “Do the Scary” which, maybe sounds a little weird but, it’s pretty clear now that I was pushing myself into that anxiety state, the one where failure exist but I knew I had to co-exist and do my best to get along with that scary stuff in order to have any chance of getting better.

The path I’ve been running around has been a very good classroom.  My thoughts on failure have gotten much clearer and are tending to make perfect sense to me.  The need for failure, the need to push ourselves into a position where failure may be an outcome.

Part III, National Boards
I have 3 months and 13 days before the next Part III board exam.  I have until July 8th to pony up $610 for that exam and the best part about that is it has to be cash – no credit cards accepted.  I have one of my review books out and ready to go.  A five day per week plan has come to mind.

There’s self study and board reviews with NBS (National Board Specialist).  Florida & Georgia are the first two locations for reviews but, Florida would be a 1,000 mile trip but, Georgia could be hit on the way back home.  If I had a newer car that might be a more reasonable option.  As is, it may be a trifecta of Overland Park, in KS, Davenport IA again and, of course, Chesterfield, MO.  Parts II and III reviews at all three places.  I’ll have to look up those dates again or find the blog where i originally posted those dates.  I suppose the PT reviews could be added in as well.

If I keep things local, that is, within 4 hours drive from home then we’re looking at the following 20 days of board reviews (3 extra days if I add those PT reviews…)

  1. Davenport, IA – Sunday, Aug 10th through  Sunday, Aug 17th (8 days)
  2. Overland Park, Kansas – Friday, August 22 through Wednesday, August 27th (6 days)
  3. Chesterfield, MO – Thursday, August 28th through Wednesday, September 3rd (6 days)

Most review sessions run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with an hour for lunch but usually run over.  …looks like the Tuesday through Friday sessions in Davenport will run from about 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.  Well, easily over 100 hours worth of reviews.  I still need to create an extra tab here on my blog to help track this stuff.

I better get moving, still have a lot of work to get done today.  🙂

W8D1 ~ Walls of Light

I ran a little over 1 hour, 16 minutes and 15 seconds –
Something was constructed mentally during the run & something was learned after the run.
Also some different Pre & Post training routines like beer & TarBar that may be helping.

The first day of week 8 was very special.  For the first time in 20 years I was able to jog for over an hour nonstop.  I accidentally paused my Sports Tracker app for a bit but, My Nike Plus app which I started after my Sports Tracker showed a final time of 1 hour, 16 minutes and 15 seconds 🙂

I have had some thoughts which have revolved around the following flow theory graph.  In the graph, the challenge level of a particular task is shown along the vertical y-axis and the skill or ability level along the horizontal x-axis.


If we were to consider a heart transplant operation, that would be an excessively challenging task and pretty much everybody in the world would not have sufficient ability to perform that task so the anxiety would be understandably very high.

Where this graph can get interesting is when we have task which are well within our ability level and yet sometimes our brain will twist and turn those activities and cause undo anxiety even though we have the skill to probably complete those task.  With me it was something as simple as jogging 20 minutes non-stop but, I even pre-loaded the anxiety for that even by fretting about it before I’d even had a single week of the marathon training program completed.  I was wrong in selling my abilities short before I’d even given myself a chance to try.

I suppose it’s easier to doubt than believe.  I think a benefit in doubting is that it helps a person to maintain their current life.  Getting or having or being better necessarily requires change and that change can be scary.  20 years ago I would have had a place in my brain that believed I could run for an hour non-stop because I had done it.  I almost think a series of apoptosis (programmed cell death) killed and destroyed the circuitry in my brain which helped to store the belief that I could run an hour because that circuitry would not have been used for so long.  I had the memory but not the belief.

Different things were happening in my head during this 1hr 16min run.  It’s as if maybe the neural groundwork for believing I could jog an hour was being built over the past couple months and that structure was finally in place and I could feel that circuit finally being plugged in, I could feel the resulting belief inherent with that neural circuitry.

I ran with that belief and starting constructing and developing a place in my brain where I could run for hours on end.  I was creating a very safe place for me to live while I was running.  A place where no harm could be done.  I decided to create it on a different celestial plane, a place where zero problems or concerns of mine existed.  At first, I envisioned a vast field with a home at the top of that field, I imagined a running path, I made that path in the shape of a heart with the home at the apex of the heart and each half of the heart path was 13.1 miles long.  I was untouchable in this area.  I realized wood would never do as a construction material and decided to use light as the material of choice.  I envisioned walls of light then windows of crystal prisms which could cast rainbows at will.

I was lighter in this place and could move effortlessly.  A couple times during the run I was able to superimpose this place under my feet while I was looking at the ground ahead of me and imagined I merely needed to lift my legs while the ground moved beneath my feet.

I imagined an overhead view of this place where I could see the outline of the heart path, I could fill that hear in with red but quickly changed the color to crystal white light and could see the heart beat and pump in time with every strong step I took.

I had fun with my imagination during that run and will probably continue to feed that fantasy so it is something useful I may use in future runs, like …maybe on November 1st while running my 3rd full marathon down in Wynne, Arkansas 🙂

That place was something I constructed during my run.

Shortly after my run, something else came to mind.  A realization and an understanding of something I’ve pondered for much of my life.

Many, many people in life seem to hold to the belief that bad times are necessary in order to have an awareness of the good times, the argument is that unless we’ve had the bad, how are we to know the good?

I’ve always had a nagging feeling about that philosophy and believed that I could know and be aware of the good even if I hadn’t had the bad and this Day 1 run of Week 8 struck a chord with me.

My thinking resembled a scale which ran from -5 to zero to +5.  At -5 (minus 5) we have shit.  A shitty life and shitty problems.  Zero is neutral, a neutral life free from the crap inherent with living at -5.

I wondered if a lot of people might not try to turn the minus 5 living or life into something “good” by stating that they wouldn’t know if or when things are better without having lived in that -5 life.  A kind of rationalization.  I know it’s a quite popular belief and even one of the songs on my playlist called Let Her Go basically embodies this philosophy in the lyrics.  One line “only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low”

Bullshit, I say.  Because, if I go from zero / neutral and push myself and achieve something worthwhile such as the ability to run over an hour non-stop then I put that activity at a +5 and the difference between zero and +5 is five, the same as if a person might go from -5 to zero but, that is simply going from say, shit (-5) to zero or a neutral life but, they still have the movement of magnitude 5.  However, what I’m saying is that with effort we may move that same magnitude, hence be able to appreciate something really good without first having to be living a shit life to begin with.

The big difference is that moving to a +5 requires work and effort while a life at zero may just be the life we are left to deal with as a result of our neglect.  And really …what person would want to think that a huge chunk of their life which has been shitty had no value?  That could be a hard pill to swallow so, instead, the masses try to find value in the crappy existence by making statements that they are who they are today via those hard times and they wouldn’t know the good if it wasn’t for all that bad…

There is kind of a rub in all of this which is something I got from when I saw Anthony Robbins live over in St Louis a number of years ago.  One of the things Tony said kind of stuck with me and made me ponder.

He was demonstrating and showing the results one may get in life and how those results correspond to various amounts of effort one puts into their life.  He put one hand down low by his knee to represent lousy, shitty effort and that corresponded to a lousy, shitty life.  But then he did something interesting and put one hand about shoulder height to represent a normal amount of effort by the average individual and he said that also corresponded to lousy results.  He then put a hand stretched out over his head and said that represents a lot of effort and that corresponded to the normal results in life.  So, the results at this point were always a level below the amount of effort put out by an individual.  Then he got up on his tip toes to demonstrate just a little above a lot of effort and, at that point, it was as if the results sling shotted way above the effort put into a life and the results were outstanding and far above the effort put in.

Low Effort = Low Results
Normal Effort = Low Results
High Effort = Normal Results
just a smidge more effort than High Effort = Outstanding Results

This paradigm of thinking probably helps explain why that particular Yin Yang type philosophy is so popular because low results would correspond to -5 and normal results would correspond to zero and it would take that smidge more effort to get the outstanding results (+5) so, the vast majority of people would be living in that -5 to zero range.

Anyway, I still like that song, I just don’t buy the philosophy hook, line and sinker like many others seem to do.

And, that leads to something else that has crossed my mind.

When I was into my weight lifting I once read that only 1% of the population can bench press 315 pounds.  This was kind of cool to read because I had benched 515lbs.

When I graduated from Logan and became a doctor of chiropractic, I remember hearing one of the teachers comment that less than 1% of the population has an advanced professional degree such as we were getting.

On one of the running sites I saw again that less than 1% of the population has ever completed a full marathon.

For karate, I’ve read that only 1-2% of the people who start karate ever make it to first degree black belt and only about 1 out of 1,000 or 0.1% ever go beyond that to 2nd degree black belt or above.

I suppose I agree with the differential providing a comparative basis for appreciation, I just don’t agree that the bottom number has to be negative and a similar differential can be had starting from zero and going upward as long as we are willing to put in the effort.

This is one post I should really probably read over to help make sure it makes sense but, I don’t usually do that – not sure I ever have.

Beer & TarBar
I once had an MD advise me to drink a couple beers each day to help raise my high density cholesterol levels and I also once read that alcohol neutralizes nicotine in the system.  Well, for my last three really great runs, I had at least two beers the night before each of those runs.  My water intake has been very good and I’ll usually kill a 16.9 oz (o.5 litre) bottle of water in two gulps with about 80% of the bottle consumed in the first gulp.  But, I can’t exactly say having a couple beers at the end of the day has hurt anything, quite the contrary based on the results I’ve had in the last week.  I’m not familiar with the mechanisms behind any positive benefits beer might have, just the little bit I shared at the beginning of this paragraph.

TarBar – this is an extra filter that goes on the existing filter of a cigarette.  I almost hesitate here because I’ve had people get really emotionally charged up against me when talking about cigarettes.  Usually a non-smoking pompous, arrogant individual with very limited knowledge and experience who likes to tell me there is no difference between an ultra light cigarette and a full flavored cigarette.   I can only figure this goes back to around 1998 when the government stopped testing cigarettes because they found the results to be flawed because smokers could compensate for measures used in the manufacture of cigarettes ….

anyway – I can tell you this, there is a world of difference between an ultra light cig and one that is full flavored.  The fact is, if I were to smoke a Marlboro Red (full flavored) cigarette first thing in the morning then I would become sick, nauseated and dizzy.  I know this for a fact.

I also know that cutting back from full flavored to light to ultra light isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do because each time I cut back there is a reduced level of nicotine obtained from the smoke.

The box said, “After one week you will feel the benefit of easier breathing”.  Well, it’s been about a week and I just ran for over an hour, I ran for 100% longer than my last best non-stop run but, who knows, I’m sure those extra filters didn’t hurt.

I have read a fair amount of material on quitting smoking on PubMed and, one not so surprising fact borne out in the research studies is the less a person smokes prior to trying to quit, the higher the probability of success.

I’m still banking a bit on Chantix in the last few months before the marathon to help kill this habit but, will continue to do what I can in the meantime.

That’s about it – 1 hour and 16 minutes of nonstop running.

I can tell you this, when I saw that I finally hit the 1 hour mark, I couldn’t think of anything I was willing to trade for what was in the process of being accomplished.  It was pretty awesome.

There was nary a pain anywhere.  My hips were good, knees were good, ankles were good and no pain or discomfort in either foot.  My lower back, guessing the multifidus muscles were letting me know they were being stressed and, around 1 hour 12 minutes I could start to feel some twinges of pain in the hips and lower legs and I knew I would need to end the run soon.  Since I’m finishing this blog entry up the day after that run, I can tell you that *everything* is pretty sore today.  thighs, calves, hips, butt …hmmm, but not my lower back 🙂

Week 6 of 30 Completed :)

This past Saturday we completed Week 6 of the 30 week training program and Sunday was such a nice day that I had to get outside and went for a nice five mile walk to get some extra time on my feet, feel the sun on my face  and beef up my monthly distance.  I got the NikePlus Silver trophy this past Saturday and need 50 miles for the month to get the Gold trophy so, with 8 workouts left in the month I only need 18 more miles or 2.25 miles per workout so I should be taking a screenshot of that gold trophy next week and posting that to Instagram.

My best training partners have been on Instagram.  I get a lot of good feedback and comradeship with some pretty high quality runners from instagram.  I feel like I’m with people who understand the mental battles and one of the best post I saw yesterday was

2014-05-18 15.33.15
Sometimes when I go to the park to run I’ll sit in my car for up to 15 minutes before getting out on the track but, the bigger mental battle would be when I’m at home and just need to get in my car to drive to the park.  I think I touched on the running performance anxiety on another blog but I really think that has to do with more of a character flaw or mental type deficiency.  Nothing really too abnormal but more of the mind yearning for a state of homeostasis and resisting change.  I guess it hasn’t been too much of a problem since I haven’t missed a scheduled training session since I started this current program.

To start week 7, I think I’m going to go out and do my best to adhere to the prescribed 20 minute run and, if I can do it, then I’ll keep trying to adhere to the rest of the week which is simply a total of four 20 minute runs.  If I don’t make the entire 20 minutes then I’ll default to a 45 minute run/walk training session.

I realized that I’m probably doing naturally what is advocated in many of the marathon books I’ve been reading.  Those books talk about cycling the training and pulling back every so often.  The first two workouts last week kicked butt from my perspective and the last two could be considered substandard but, those substandard workouts could be considered as part of the cycling I’ve read about.  I just need to keep it up.  Faith and Trust are still big components of this training program.

I think the four day per week training schedule is a smart and appropriate training program for my current ability and level of fitness.

I have a topic a little more interesting I have had bouncing around in my head lately but not yet fully formed to the point of being able to expand enough on it to post yet.  I’ve been thinking of Mental Nutrition.

Mental Nutrition –
I suppose this line of thinking got its genesis from some of the reading I’ve been doing about various electrolytes in the body.  Sodium and Potassium are probably some of the best known but Chloride and Phosphates have a high presence as well in the human body.  For men, about 60% of the body is comprised of fluids (slightly less for women due to muscle differences, say 55%) but, of the portion of the body that is fluid about 2/3rds of that fluid is Intracellular fluid (ICF) and is found within the cells of the body and 1/3rd is found outside the cells of the body which we refer to as Extracellular fluid (ECF)  Of that 1/3rd found outside the cells, about 80% of that is found in the space between the cells with the remaining 20% being found in our blood plasma.
Sodium (Na) is mostly found in that extracellular fluid outside the cells and Potassium (K) tends to mostly be found inside the cells.  When we ingest too much salt (NaCl) we might notice we get “puffy” that is because extra fluid is drawn to the interstitial fluid, for instance in that space between the muscles and the skin.  Without adequate hydration that extra fluid can come from the cells, like …our muscle cells for instance and that is one of the last thing an athlete would want.

From my days of competitive lifting, one thing I remember clearly is that water is more important than sleep in terms of performance.  Staying up all night before a meet wasn’t nearly as devastating as not being hydrated properly.

Mental Nutrition – Hopes & Beliefs
How do we sometimes use our imagination?  I think sometimes people use their imagination to help instill order into their lives.  To make sense of mental discords we can tell ourselves various stories and fill in any gaps (whether we see those gaps or not) with whatever makes sense to us.

…this is sort of a backwards reconstruction going on here….

with Hope & Beliefs – I wonder about a constant hunger or underlying presence or need for such things.  Some nutrients like Vitamin A or some B vitamins can be stored in the liver and be available for many months without ingestion of those nutrients but, where is hope stored?

What do we tell ourselves and what do we perceive to absorb hope into our lives?  It’s as if we have to tell ourselves stories or perceive something positive that we can believe about ourselves or our future in order to restore hope.

I was trying to take notes from a Disney film I watched the other day called Saving Mr Banks
storytellers restore hope, again and again and again
we instill order with imagination, we restore hope …again and again and again

Then, I figure a constant underlying hunger persist and can swell up with hope when we choose to let it in.

For the most part, the 6 weeks of training I have accomplished so far and the ensuing 24 weeks of training which remain are legs which can help hold up a table of belief.  Every additional training session attained provides extra support to the table of belief.  We might think of our daily actions as the storage container for which hope might breed.

20 minute runs –
I would really like to be able to complete 20 minutes of non-stop running as dictated by my training program for today.  16:08 is my best non-stop run so far.  Gotta figure that was a good day and enough stars were aligned just so in order to help make it happen or …to make that running jaunt as easy as possible.  I think there is something mental in my head.  I wonder why I switch from jogging to running.  Exactly what is the catalyst?  My breathing might be heavier and labored but it’s not like I just sprinted, it’s just a jog.  I think my mind just starts freaking out at breaking into this new territory.  I have to keep the head calm in order to allow the body to follow through with what it’s capable of doing.

I’m recalling once again that running class I had at a local university some 20 years ago.  I remember the teacher/coach saying if you want to run longer then run slower.  The cadence isn’t a whole lot different between walking and a slow jog and, as I recall from my Nashville half marathon there was a lady who zipped by me with a very fast walking pace while I was at a slow jog.

Mentally, this is my four minute barrier right now.  I want to be able to blog that I did 20 minutes of running non-stop.  This is a very important leg to get under my belief table right now.  I think it’s either Hal Higdon or Galloway that advocates walking during runs but, I’ve done this before.  Running an hour non-stop is something I’ve done before.  Running 20 miles straight is something I’ve done before.  I want to be able to do those things again.  I would like to perform better at this upcoming marathon then I did 20 years ago.  The main difference right now is some age and a slightly heavier body.

Sometimes, I realize that my training is good and I will eventually reach all my objectives.  Putting things within the constraints of time is what makes it all interesting.  November 1st, 2014.

Week 6, Day 2 – KABLAM! :)

A previous best non-stop run of 7 minutes 30 seconds was shattered today with a non-stop run of 16 minutes and 8 seconds!  YeeHaw!  🙂  My text message shout out today included the following quote from Dante.

Naturally, it’s not raining a drop outside right now but there was a steady rain all morning.  It wasn’t too bad, just a constant drizzle so, I finally made the trek out and finally ended up at the park to get in my training run.  It’s funny, this morning, faced with the task I had on my plate …I really didn’t want to do any of the things on my list.  Some days can be like that, I suppose.

I think the new songs I downloaded and put no my phone helped.  It helped as a distraction from the running and, as long as the music was playing, I could not year any of my labored breathing.

I thought the first picture I was going to take and post would be of the path from the 0.9 to the 1.0 mile marker which is a nice straight away and goes on for nearly another tenth of a mile before turning but, I was much more excited about this road which is adjacent to the park.  The building on the left is used by the city and the very nice park is to the right.  Actually, to the right of this road is a nice lake with a fountain in the middle of it.  The lake is flanked by mile markers 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 then a nice gentle incline to 0.6 🙂  There are many Canada geese which inhabit the park as well as many, many turtles.

Breaking off the path!  The first time I ran for an hour non-stop is when I broke off from this path at Long Acre Park and ventured into nearby neighborhoods.  That was 20 years ago and I’ve never forgotten about it.  I even remember the neighborhood where I ran 🙂

Generally speaking and especially for now while I’m building up a base and conditioning, I’ll go to this same park, over and over and over again.  There are a couple things I keep in mind with this pursuit.  One is something I read a long time ago and one thing is something I read just last week which is

“Manhood is Patience, Mastery is Nine Times Patience.”

and, from a long time ago, I recall, ” ’tis the good reader that makes the good book”

The quote about the good reader making the good book has to do with the person reading the book and what thoughts, experiences and memories that person is able to bring to the book.  This might be the same path over and over again but, it is patience and persistence.  I also can learn new things each time I go, both about myself and the park.  Today I learned that while the path from 0.5 to 0.6 is on an incline in one direction, the road that runs parallel to it has it’s incline in the opposite direction.  I also found a new plaque last week that I never noticed before.  Mainly though, there’s a lot of learning to do about oneself.

I think the biggest thing I did which probably helped this run out the most was to take yesterday off from working and there were no lawns cut prior to this run either.  I did read a little bit after the run but, it wasn’t from a radiology book.  I’ll have to get on that.  Right now that upcoming exam in September can easily seem to fall into the Steven Covey category of important but not urgent.  I need to make it more urgent and start getting some real work done.  I suppose Pre’s quote can apply to school, learning and education just as well as it does to running.  😉

2014-05-13 15.49.04

Week 6 Day 1 – BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! (4 PRs) :)

A long time ago I read that on days when Olympic athletes set new records that they don’t necessarily feel they are at their best prior to their event.  That’s something else I had forgotten about but was jogged out of the cobwebbed recesses of my mind this morning’s training run.

On one hand, I know my numbers are laughable by any real runner’s standards.  I know my brother could bury these numbers with half effort but… I have to deal with me and where I’m at.  This is another thing that guy at the Nashville Expo talked about.  When he asked what time people were expecting to finish the race in.  He said a lot of people would mention prior runs or PR’s and… I can relate.  He spent some time talking about acknowledging what can be done NOW.  Today.

The excitement in my head stems from that fact that I’m beginning to give birth to a belief.  Considering I’ll ultimately need to believe I can run an entire marathon then the doc in me thinks I’ll need to be multiparous (multiple births) 🙂

I’ve been holding at 4o minutes total training time per my schedule for 7 workouts now and have been wanting to see a distance of 3 miles covered.  I finally hit 3.01 today, with my highest average speed of 4.5 mph, also had my highest average per mile pace of 13:12 and my fastest mile of 12:50.

I actually had progressively faster miles with 1st, 2nd & 3rd miles of 13:46, 13:15 and 12:50 🙂  …Reverse Splits!  🙂

The program I’m following is a 26 week program and I’m 4 weeks ahead in the program which is a darn good thing because I still think I’m going to need some extra time to get to Week 7 of the program which starts out with 20 minutes of solid running.  I’m getting closer and need to stick with what I’m doing and what’s working.  There’s only so much and so fast I can cajole this body into transforming itself into a running machine.

Unless there is some massive change in my running and I all of a sudden start running non-stop, I will need some extra weeks of training and conditioning.  I figure I’ll put the next week at 40 minutes run/walk with my 5 min warm up.  Might keep the 45 min run/walk up for two weeks then jump it to 50 min run/walk for two weeks.

A little more aggressive might be to take the next 4 weeks (if needed) to 45, 50, 55, 60 minutes 4 days per week.  Maybe not so aggressive since those times still adhere pretty well to the 10% rule.

I have become much more of a stretching machine and have especially been working on my right piriformis muscle.

I’m looking forward to a lot.  The first non-stop 1 mile run.  The first time around the 1.5 mile path at the park non-stop.  The first 1 hour of running non-stop.  Looking forward to four 20 minute non-stop runs for the week.  Looking forward to the long runs on the weekends.  Hmmm, 20 years ago there were no smart phones and I would have to take my car out the night before and drive a path for my long runs.  🙂

That run coming up – The full marathon in Wynne, Arkansas – it’s not a big run and there may only be 500 marathoners total but, this is a personal thing.  There is a masonic type meme I ran across recently that says something about people who shine from the inside don’t need the spotlight.


I like that 12:50 mile time.  My average pace last month was 16:40 per mile.  We’re moving in the right direction 🙂

I just want to keep running longer and faster.

I usually add a quote to a text I send my brother w/ a screenshot of my run.  I added Steve Prefontaine’s quote today, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”  good stuff 🙂

oh yeah – I’ve got a start on my Music Tab and augmented my playlist with an extra 30 songs.  🙂 🙂 🙂

Last Run of Week 4

Week 4 Training – 
Run 4 (2.55 miles) of this week was a slight improvement over freestyling run #3 (2.50 miles). I was feeling a bit tired so I decided to use run intervals instead of running when I felt like it but I did cut those intervals down to 4 minutes from 5 to help make sure I at least covered the same distance as my previous run.  Towards the end of the run, I could tell my distance was coming up a bit short so I reduced my walk time to 2 minutes then 1 minute to make sure I hit the 2.5 mile mark.

I did hit a pace as fast as 8:18/mile during one of my run intervals and most of the rest of the runs were at a sub 10 min/mile pace as well so I think my walking was slower than the previous run.  I attributed this to getting up at 4:30 a.m. and subsequently mowing all the lawns I had for the day prior to my run.  It was nice getting done with work and being at the park by noon 🙂

Nutritionally –
Moving in the right direction here and currently taking 4 multi-vitamins per day and at least getting in a protein & carb type drink within 30 minutes after my runs.

Next Run? – Races for All Paces in Mattoon, IL – Saturday, May 17th, 2014
I’m still debating on this one.  I was going to sign up for the 10k but the half marathon event has a three hour time limit which has it’s appeals since getting 13.1 in under three hours would be a new best for 2014.  I’d probably be coming in last but, that’s still beats not finishing which beats not starting.   A pace of 4.37 mph would get the job done, for easier figuring I calculated a pace of 4.4 mph equates to a pace of about 13:38 per mile and a 4.5 mph pace equals a 13:20 mile.   For at least one of my runs next week, I’m going to try to control my pace a little better and run slower so maybe I can keep going longer.  Maybe maintain a 12min/mile pace for several minutes as opposed to an 8 min/mile pace for only 40 seconds.

Other Runs –
On RunningLarge’s blog, he has his running stats listed in the left hand column of the page as well as pages to track each of his runs every year.  Here’s something neat I just noticed, he has an odometer listing on the side of his page showing the number of miles he’s run each month.   That’s pretty cool and I’ll have to figure out how to do that.  NikePlus has me at 59.98 …we’ll call it 60 miles for this past month of April but that did include two half marathons which is simply another reason to sign up for the half marathon in Mattoon, IL which is about a two hour drive north of me.

I tried looking up some of my runs on sites like onlineraceresults.com.  They only listed three of my runs but does go back to 4/4/04 which was my 2nd full marathon.  For some reason I was not able to bring up any race results for either of the half marathons I did in April which include the huge Nashville, TN event.

I might just start an extra page (I think I can figure out how to do that) and go through the medals I have all clustered together and hanging over my head and go through them one at a time to document what’s been done.  I should probably tape some details to some of the medals because race times aren’t really remembered for very long.  That’s something I did with most of my bench press trophies.  I taped a 3×5 card to the bottom of many of them showing the weights I attempted with each lift.

Looking Forward to Week 5 Training! –
Weeks 5 & 6 in my training program are the same in terms of total time – 35 minutes of walking and running.  I’ll maintain the 5 minute warm up (in addition to the 35 min training time) so I have consistent times throughout the training weeks and be able to compare my times and improvements.  My first goal will be to cover 3 miles in the 40 minutes and next goal will be to hit 3.1 miles, an actual 5k run in training.