Run Log Updated & 30.6 lbs to $2,096

10 weeks and a couple days from today I have a two week window to weigh 212 lbs, in which case I’ll win $2,096 from

I hadn’t updated my Running Log since last August but now have my miles filled in through April ’06.  My run streak is in tact and as of yesterday I’m at Run Streak Day (RSD) 298

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293

I count on my Nike Plus app synced with Smashrun to keep track of my streak now since it can be a bit cumbersome to make out a post for Instagram everyday to keep track of my running.  If anyone is interested I can be found on Instagram at @drdukowitz

I have 6 months worth of question marks for my weight in my Running Log but, I really don’t mind because I don’t necessarily want to have to keep track of my weight every day or even every month of my life (if i don’t have to) but, I did weigh in yesterday for another wager going on in which I needed to weigh no more than 243.8 and I beat that by a bit over a pound with a 242.6 weigh-in.

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293


I don’t think I’ll have time for all the cropping and edits to make nice charts so readers will just have to deal with my feet being in the pics.  Regarding the Log which I keep under my Running Log tab it’s not too shabby

Running Log

Last year I kinda got huge into running and while there are still ambitions there, my priority focus is definitely body weight mainly because if I don’t make my 212 weight then not only do I not get a $2,096 prize but I’m also out the $756 I put up to make the bet.  I have to say it’s a lot easier with other real & local people that you know you are going to meet up with after 12 weeks like was the case in the local Lose to Win contest I was in.  There’s a much higher degree of competition which, for me, fuels a lot of activity and motivation.  However, this will still be a good test.

Looking at that log, it appears I’ll need my average weight to drop a decade with each successive month.  May will have to average in the 230s, June in the 220s and July definitely in the 210s.

One motivational aspect I’ll use is working to obtain the 3rd rarest running badge available on which is the Towering Stairs badge.  To get it, I’ll need to increase my mileage by at least 15 miles per month for 6 consecutive months.  I made a go at it last year but was starting with mileage well over 100 and would have needed to work my way up to 165 miles or so during the 6th month …something kind of ridiculous, at least at this stage of the game.  Anyway, I have another shot at it here.

2016-04-23 Towering Stairs Badge

My next run is a half marathon in Nashville, TN this coming weekend so I’ll be sure to have all the miles I need in for this month.  After that, I am registered for a half marathon in Geist, Indiana.

I’ll just have to keep posting because this stuff isn’t always on my mind and a big challenge now is simply maintaining awareness of this 212 goal in spite of everything else I’ve got going on.

My next scheduled weigh in is for Tue/Wed the 26th/27th of April so maybe we’ll see a number less than 242.6 and since I’m blogging and have this on my mind, I think I can sign up for another 1 month 4% weight loss dietbet and use that 242.6 weigh in as a new starting point …..calculating……that would mean needing a 232.9 weight or less in 4 weeks.  I guess the weather is nice enough to get out and run more often now….

OK.  We can only be in three 4% 4 week bets and three 10% 6 month bets so I only had room for one more game and found Mama Laughlin’s DietBet which starts tomorrow and my last verified weight of 242.6 was able to be used as my starting point.  I have two more of those 4 week dietbets ending this week, one in two days and one in three days ….looks like those two weigh-ins overlap on the 27th so….well, honestly, I don’t want to lose too much in the next couple days or I might get a goal out of reach ….or, maybe just let the chips fall where they may and put ‘er into high gear to help make my 212 weight asap.  I’ll post again Wednesday with updates.

btw – This latest DietBet I joined has 1,916 players (more pending) a total Jackpot of $67,060 and only $35 to join.  I was given a link directly to the game if anybody wants to join —>


4 Diet Bets Placed & First Run of 2015

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  • – 4 Bets Placed!
  • Charitable Contributions – ALS
  • Race With Reason & First Virtual Run 🙂
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  • First “Run” of 2015 – 4 Bets Placed!

In addition to I’ve been keeping an eye on another weight loss betting site called DietBet found at  DietBet has two different types of weight loss games that can be played.  One game is called The Kickstarter for losing 4% of your bodyweight in 4 weeks and the other game is called The Transformer and consist of losing 10% in 6 months.

There are many different games of each type to choose from and participants may join up to three of each type of game.  Earlier tonight, I signed up for 3 different Kickstarter games and one upcoming Transformer game.

The most common bet for the 4% game is $25 or $30.  I signed up for two of the $30 games then found a third one for $100.  The initial verification weigh ins consist of two pictures.  One is a full length body pic and a second pic of the scale with a keyword written on an index card next to the scale.  My keyword was “LIME”.

The FAQ for DietBet mentioned payouts of 1.5-2x the amount initially wagered.  I’ll find out in a month if this whole thing is for real and how much I’ve won.  I’d like to turn that $160 into $200 which would beat the heck out of my savings account.  I’ve also learned that in any 12 week period I’ve dropped weight in the past that there’s always about 3 weeks where my weight is stagnant or goes up so I’m thinking those would be good points to enter into new Kickstarter games in the future.

DietBet Profile

Above is a screenshot of the upper right corner of everyone’s profile page on DietBet.  So far, the site is really pretty cool and a lot of fun.  Each contest has it’s own page and a posting wall kind of like Facebook where people can update their status and post pictures.  There’s also a phone app for the site I was able to download on my phone.  We’ll learn more in the weeks to come 🙂

The 10% six month Transformation game I’m in starts this Thursday.  For either type game we have 48 hours before the game starts and up to 14 days after the game starts to submit our beginning weight.  This game is a $25 per month game for a total of $150 wagered but participants are given an option of paying for 5 months up front and getting the sixth month for free.  If a person chooses the monthly option they get a choice of dropping out of the game anywhere along the line.  Paying up front doesn’t give the option but does save you some money.

Another interesting part of the game is that you can be disqualified if you lose too much weight.  If you lose more than triple your goal, say 12% of your bodyweight in a 4% contest then you get the boot.  The 10% Transformation contest has 6 different monthly rounds and i believe there is a payout at the end of each round.  The target loss for round 1 is 3% and if you lose more than 12% you get disqualified.  Likewise in round 2 the target is 6% and disqualification is at 18%.


Charitable Contributions – ALS

One more interesting thing with DietBet is you can allocate a portion of your winnings to the charity of your choice.  I chose to donate 10% of my winnings to ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  I’m not sure if the DietBet site will be able to do that automatically but, if not I found a couple sites that take contributions. and  Another new site I learned about tonight was Charity Navigator ( which ranks over 8,000 of America’s largest charities in terms of accountability, financial health and transparency.  The ALS Association ( was cited with 4/4 stars.


Race With Reason & First Virtual Run 🙂

#RaceWithReason is a regular hashtag I used on my Instagram running post.  (@drdukowitz)  I’m not exactly sure how it works but I signed up with the site for an Around the World (location) Virtual Run called Race With Reason 2015.

rwr titles

Apparently, I’ll be getting a Race With Reason t-shirt in a month and at the end of the year I’ll get a medal based on the number of miles ran for the entire year.  Since I got 391 miles last year, I think going for the 500 mile Fighter medal seems appropriate.

First Run of 2015

Looking back over 2014 I had 8 months of running – March through October with zero running the first two months of the year in Jan & Feb and no running in Nov & December.  With a 391 mile total, I averaged just shy of 49 miles per month in the 8 months I did run.

Anyway, I really wanted to put something down other than a zero for this first month so, with less than 2 hours left in the month of Jan I headed out my front door to knock out a couple miles.

daily run