Run Log Updated & 30.6 lbs to $2,096

10 weeks and a couple days from today I have a two week window to weigh 212 lbs, in which case I’ll win $2,096 from

I hadn’t updated my Running Log since last August but now have my miles filled in through April ’06.  My run streak is in tact and as of yesterday I’m at Run Streak Day (RSD) 298

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293

I count on my Nike Plus app synced with Smashrun to keep track of my streak now since it can be a bit cumbersome to make out a post for Instagram everyday to keep track of my running.  If anyone is interested I can be found on Instagram at @drdukowitz

I have 6 months worth of question marks for my weight in my Running Log but, I really don’t mind because I don’t necessarily want to have to keep track of my weight every day or even every month of my life (if i don’t have to) but, I did weigh in yesterday for another wager going on in which I needed to weigh no more than 243.8 and I beat that by a bit over a pound with a 242.6 weigh-in.

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293


I don’t think I’ll have time for all the cropping and edits to make nice charts so readers will just have to deal with my feet being in the pics.  Regarding the Log which I keep under my Running Log tab it’s not too shabby

Running Log

Last year I kinda got huge into running and while there are still ambitions there, my priority focus is definitely body weight mainly because if I don’t make my 212 weight then not only do I not get a $2,096 prize but I’m also out the $756 I put up to make the bet.  I have to say it’s a lot easier with other real & local people that you know you are going to meet up with after 12 weeks like was the case in the local Lose to Win contest I was in.  There’s a much higher degree of competition which, for me, fuels a lot of activity and motivation.  However, this will still be a good test.

Looking at that log, it appears I’ll need my average weight to drop a decade with each successive month.  May will have to average in the 230s, June in the 220s and July definitely in the 210s.

One motivational aspect I’ll use is working to obtain the 3rd rarest running badge available on which is the Towering Stairs badge.  To get it, I’ll need to increase my mileage by at least 15 miles per month for 6 consecutive months.  I made a go at it last year but was starting with mileage well over 100 and would have needed to work my way up to 165 miles or so during the 6th month …something kind of ridiculous, at least at this stage of the game.  Anyway, I have another shot at it here.

2016-04-23 Towering Stairs Badge

My next run is a half marathon in Nashville, TN this coming weekend so I’ll be sure to have all the miles I need in for this month.  After that, I am registered for a half marathon in Geist, Indiana.

I’ll just have to keep posting because this stuff isn’t always on my mind and a big challenge now is simply maintaining awareness of this 212 goal in spite of everything else I’ve got going on.

My next scheduled weigh in is for Tue/Wed the 26th/27th of April so maybe we’ll see a number less than 242.6 and since I’m blogging and have this on my mind, I think I can sign up for another 1 month 4% weight loss dietbet and use that 242.6 weigh in as a new starting point …..calculating……that would mean needing a 232.9 weight or less in 4 weeks.  I guess the weather is nice enough to get out and run more often now….

OK.  We can only be in three 4% 4 week bets and three 10% 6 month bets so I only had room for one more game and found Mama Laughlin’s DietBet which starts tomorrow and my last verified weight of 242.6 was able to be used as my starting point.  I have two more of those 4 week dietbets ending this week, one in two days and one in three days ….looks like those two weigh-ins overlap on the 27th so….well, honestly, I don’t want to lose too much in the next couple days or I might get a goal out of reach ….or, maybe just let the chips fall where they may and put ‘er into high gear to help make my 212 weight asap.  I’ll post again Wednesday with updates.

btw – This latest DietBet I joined has 1,916 players (more pending) a total Jackpot of $67,060 and only $35 to join.  I was given a link directly to the game if anybody wants to join —>


Moonlight Marathon Recap!

In this blog:

  • Self Image – i.e., incoherent rambling
  • Moonlight Marathon Recap!
  • This Weekend – a Full Marathon and a Half Marathon – Back to Back
  • Week 20 Weigh-In

I guess we all (speaking only about myself actually but it seems less like i’m opening myself up if i say “we all”…) have a picture in our mind of what we like to look like whether we look like it or not.  For me, at 300 lbs, 320 or 254 ….i still have this same image of myself that doesn’t look like any of those body weights.  This latest truth comes from the fact that I signed up for another 1 month diet bet to lose another 4% by June 9th.  In those bets, like all others, we need a shot of the scale with some key word on an index card along with a full body shot of us standing on that scale.  I don’t normally take full body shots of myself so every new weigh in or weigh out tends to be an ever humbling experience.

An ideal selfie is taken from the chest up, smile and …if you angle the camera just right… volia! no double chin!  🙂  …and why bother sucking a stomach in when you can avoid the matter all together? 🙂

However, all these full body shots has allowed me to do something I’ve never been able to do before.  I was able to put pictures side by side from Feb 3rd, my first diet bet and May 1, three months later as kind of a transformation duo picture.  There’s quite a difference and even though neither picture looks the way I’d like to see myself there is considerable change in the right direction.  I have another slot open in that picture collage to the right for a 6 month progress picture.  I’m very curious to see what that is going to look like.  reality is so slow when it’s happening…

Moonlight Marathon Recap!
This was a very interesting race.  From 5 p.m. (ish) to nearly 1 a.m. there was a total of 7 different races held at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois this past Saturday night.

  1. Ultra Marathon – 5 laps or 32.75 miles
  2. Marathon – 4 laps, start anytime from 5ish to 9 p.m.
  3. Daylight 5K
  4. Dark 5K
  5. Single lap 6.55 miles (a bit more than a 10K)
  6. Half Marathon – 2 laps
  7. Marathon Relay

Mentally, it’s a bit like the weight I mentioned above.  In my mind, I’m a 4 hour 22 minute marathon runner – that equates to 10 minutes per mile.  Even though it’s been 20+ years since I’ve even run close to my weight, that’s what has always stayed in my head.  4:22:00 and capable of much more.  I have a lot of reality to interject with my ideal thoughts.  The first reality is the training I did last year for the Southwest Championship Marathon race that was held in Wynne, Arkansas on October 31st last year.  That’s one race on my list that I paid for but – DNS – Did Not Show.  The magnitude of the marathon, in my mind, simply exceeded what I thought I was trained for at that time.  I suppose I was still holding tightly to that 4:22 or so time and thought I was capable of getting to that level during last years training but that was not the case.

So, a slight shift in mental attitude had me thinking more along the lines of “let’s just see if I can cover the distance” and that I did. 🙂

The course at the Oak Ridge Cemetery is a crazy 6.55 mile loop.

USATF Moonight Marathon Route

with about 600 blue reflectors along the 6.5 mile path.  As runners, our mantra was to keep the blue reflectors on our left which, at times was easier said than done.  As a marathoner in the race, we were not allowed to have watches or any timing devices so, my exact start time is unknown but I know it was sometime after 5 p.m.  maybe 5:15ish when I started with the Ultra Runners.  The first lap was a bit like sightseeing and seemed very long since the entire path was new.  I alternated walking and jogging and then jogged in the last couple miles of the path.  When I came back around to the start I saw a guy named Kevin that I had become friends with before the race sitting on the knoll and asked him when he was going to start and he responded by jumping into the race at that time and running alongside me.  Since I’d already been running a couple miles nonstop I only made it another 2 miles or so with him at my side but it was very nice having someone to talk with during the run.  Along the way we both made another friend with a guy named Jesper Christensen who was from Denmark and had been up in Chicago the preceding week for Microsoft conferences.  He has a personal goal to run a half marathon every month of 2015.  He said he had never seen an American cemetery before and thought this run looked interesting.  This was his 2nd full marathon.  Kevin was an arborist from Decatur, IL and this was his first marathon.

When the second lap was coming to an end I remembered thinking that I would be sad if my race would have been over at that time and was glad I opted for doing more.

The third lap was kind of exciting because soon after starting that lap I knew I only had one more full lap to do and simply had to complete the remaining fraction of that third lap to hit the final lap then I would be able to claim my third full marathon.  It was dark by the third lap and during one of the inner loops of the race I came upon a young lady who was distraught with tears, pleading for help and had totally lost her way.  Apparently her mom had yelled at her for not training enough and took off without her.  I did my best to console her situation and told her to stick with me and we’d get her back on the right path.  She was a half marathoner and only had one previous lap in the daylight and the darkness tricked her up a bit.  Eventually she calmed down and took off at her previous pace.  About an hour later she came up behind me again confessing that she had, once again, gotten lost….  She only had about 4 or 5 miles left when I first came upon her but I had well over 10 and knew my hardest miles were ahead.

Finishing that third lap was awesome as I knew I only had one more lap to go to achieve my marathon goal.  However, the vast excitement I had during the beginning of lap 3 no longer existed.  It became more of a mental game to keep moving from miles 20 to 26.2.  Overall though, it wasn’t that bad.  I had paced myself within my limits.  I knew I had another full marathon to complete the following Saturday and had to be judicious with my efforts to make sure I’d still be in working order the next week.

In that last lap, the last 6.2 miles, the last 10K, it’s like every single step takes the same effort as 10 steps in the preceding 20 miles.  My toes felt like they were being smashed forward in the toe box of my shoes but, I had taped my feet up pretty well before hand to help avoid blisters and, in the end, there was only a small cut on the top of my left foot.

17511923442_5606f28d66_o - Copy2015-05-10 12.35.00 - Copy

I have a lot of pictures to share from this race but, I think putting them in a facebook album might be the way to go so I can add captions and most easily review them 🙂

This Weekend – a Full Marathon and a Half Marathon – Back to Back
I don’t have a lot of time now but, there is another full marathon this Saturday morning in Ottawa, IL which is a place I used to live back in the early ’70s then another half marathon in Chicago that I have to be at starting at 5 a.m.  It’s been very interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes as a volunteer for that race as well as a runner.  My job will be to help get and keep the starting corrals in order then jump in at the end as a back of the pack pacer.  I think the allowed time for that half may be as long as 4 hours which, is even slow for me but having done a full mary the day before I’ll be lucky if my legs are still working.  I think I should be fine though and I don’t get to visit Chicago all that often so it should be an enjoyable time 🙂

Week 20 Weigh-In
I had an interesting series of weigh ins before and after that last half.  I ate plenty leading up to the race.  Before I left my house for Springfield, I weighed 249.0 and when I got back home I weighed 245.8 and the next morning I was 243.8 🙂  This morning I was 247.4 🙂

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

I had another pasta meal last night and am looking to duplicate last week’s results.  For now, I’ve completed a marathon in my late 20s, 30s and 40s and I do believe my mind is much better now.  Much more readily able to handle the mental rigors of the marathon.  I remember clearly after my first marathon telling myself that once every 10 years was good enough but, perhaps I was selling myself short – mentally, in my 20s though, that’s what I thought.

The very best weapon I have in my arsenal as a great ally is calm.  Simply staying calm.  Kind of reminds me of those Stay Calm sayings which have become so popular over the past few years.  I did see one of those as a poster during the race this past Saturday that I really liked.

2015-05-09 15.24.57



2015 Week 15 Weigh-In – The Downward Spiral Continues

This is the 5th week in a row of weight drops which now total 18 lbs or about 3.6 lbs per week.  The running has certainly made a difference.  My average weight for this month is now at 256.8 which is nearly 10 lbs less than last month’s March average weight of 266 lbs.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

I did add a couple pictures to my laptop wallpaper (that I intend on buying) from the LPHM (Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon) and one from the Bridge & Dam 10K which I really liked.  Once I buy those pictures I may share in a future blog when I have the original digital copies.  The prices for the Bridge & Dam pictures are phenomenal and start at only 89 cents for 4×6 copies and I’ve already emailed the photographer about digital copies and she said she would add those for free once she gets my order.

I haven’t blogged much about my runs and I’ve completed 5 so far this year.  My first two runs were pretty lackluster – not much better than anything I did last year but that Bridge & Dam 10K at the Ozarks seemed to be a bit of a game changer.

PURE – that’s the word I think of with that run.  It was the kind of experience that helped me to fall in love with running all over again.  The fact that I was able to do it non-stop was amazing for me and when I talk about Pure, I mean the run was all about running.  There are a lot of races which ….how do I put this …they seem to have a keen slant towards entertainment which would not be pure.  The Rock & Roll events can be a great deal of fun but, having cheerleaders, pom pom girls and marching bands from every high school in a 60 mile radius of the run doesn’t have a lot to do with running.  From what I understand those 5K “color runs” aren’t even timed events, just people who end up with a bunch of color on their white shirts by the time the event is over.

At the B&D 10K there were 4 or 5 cars on the shoulder of the road right after the 5K turn around point where kids held signs cheering for their Mom or Dad and a few other places had some single individuals sitting out front on a lawn chair enjoying the spectacle but, that was it – the whole thing was about running.

The LPHM was very different also.  That run actually has pacers for times like 2:45 and 3:00.  Last year, I tried staying with the 3 hour pacers but, around mile 10 – a long, unforgiving uphill stretch of road, those pacers became like specks and eventually disappeared from my vision because I couldn’t keep up with them.  This year, there were three different sets of 3 hour pacers each with different run/walk strategies.  The lady I picked had the slowest running pace and probably the shortest walking time but, I figured I had my best chance to stay with her.  It totally worked.  There was one point, maybe 8 miles in when the 3hr pace groups got ahead of me by about 20 feet but, I caught back up to them and around mile 9.5 broke away from them and never looked back.  I finished about 4 minutes ahead of those groups.

The 15th Annual GO! St Louis Half Marathon is 3 days away and I’m hoping to come in under 3 hours again and I would be thrilled if I could do it with a bit less pain 🙂  For this half there are a slew of pacers up to the 2 hr 30 minute mark and then no other pacers until the 3 hr 15 mark.  However, I have found some 6 hour pacers for the full marathon advertised so I’m going to search them out on the day of the race figuring they will need to hit the 13.1 mile mark around 3 hours.

The course for the GO! half mary is pretty cool.  The full marathon runners don’t break away from the half mary runners until mile 13 so I will at least have the opportunity to stick with them for the entire half.  At the point in the race where I turn right and finish my race – those others will keep heading straight out and back for another 13.1 miles.

I’ll never forget my 2nd full marathon in 2004 when I came to that point where half mary runners turned to finish and weirdos like me ….for whatever reason, had decided to keep going straight.  I actually ran across my times for that 2004 full marathon.  I’ve always referred to that as my walking full mary but, I did maintain a pace of 13:04 which, was actually 25 seconds faster than my average pace for this past weekend’s Lincoln Half marathon but, that last full mary was a bit over 10 years ago and I suppose I have some more work to do in order to overcome those additional 10 years of abuse that I’ve hoisted upon myself 😉

Results - 2004 Marathon - Copy

I wish I could get my stats for the first full mary I ran back in 1994 and I have a tendency to email and ask every race director I can find if they know of anyplace with those records but, no luck so far.  That’s the race where I tell everyone I finished in about 4:30 when it was probably closer to 4:40 – either way, it was a 10:xx pace, something in the lower 10 min/mile pace.

This year has been very different regarding the running.  There are far fewer psychological games I need to play in order to move my legs.  And, even though I ran for about an hour and a half in the B&D 10K non-stop, in my mind it seems like the base for my running would now be the adage, I can run 4 minutes, as opposed to the name of this blog, I can run a minute.  But, there is a lot you can do with being able to consistently run 4 minutes straight anytime you want.  We can push that to completing a half in under 3 hours or even run a 10K nonstop.

I still have nearly 5 lbs I have to drop between now and the middle of next week in order to win two 1 month DietBets which I joined halfway through the games thus only giving myself two weeks to accomplish the 4% weight drop.

There’s so much people don’t understand about weight.  What I’ll be looking to see next week will be a preview of coming attractions.  I might get to see a 249.8 or maybe a few 10ths of a pound less.  The 3500 calorie bean counters always love to do the math, as if any instantaneous snapshot of weight has a high degree of significance.  But, I have to admit that people are a lot nicer on the DietBet website than anything I had to endure when I was on facebook where many of the messages and comments were pretty much like hate mail.

There was a time when the HCG diets were popular so many people accused me of injecting myself with that female pregnancy hormone – what a joke.  If anyone knows anything about that particular diet then they would also know it includes a diet plan of eating around 500 calories per day.  I could drink magical water and lose weight rapidly if I was only taking in 500 calories per day.

The fact is, I can lose weight on 2600-2800 calories per day and maintain in the 2800 to 3200 range.  You just don’t build up a body capable of bench pressing over 500 pounds without retaining a bit of muscle mass – one of the basis for our resting metabolic rate.  So, even without exercise and a sub 1,000 calorie per day diet there’s still a couple thousand calorie per day deficit – add in things like a 22k bike ride or a couple half marathons and that deficit goes through the roof.

and…as I’ve alluded to there are previews and there are actual weights.  I’d say most people don’t know the difference.  I may have to elucidate on this concept in an upcoming blog.  I’ve learned it’s not super easy to explain.

There are a series of weekly Wednesday night races put on by the St Louis Track Club – 12 of them and I think I’ll be able to make almost all of them.  They start June 3rd and the distances range from 3K (1.86 miles) to 4.2 Miles and the best part – they only cost $1.00 per run!  Now we’re talking!   🙂

The runs are called the Summer Pace Series.  You predict your finish time, run without a watch then see how close you get to your predicted time.   Should be fun.

We have had some torrential rain in the area so my Metric Half Century bike ride may have to take place next Tuesday (allowing a days rest after the upcoming 1/2 mary)  I think a bit of carbs and adequate water while being careful with what I eat should help provide some really nice looking previews of coming attractions in terms of weight.  I’m looking at a low weight on the 14th/15th, a bit higher on the 16th for my next weekly weigh-in.  There is a DB weigh in on the 21st – only need a 258.7 so that’s kind of a joke but then my April 30th weigh in will need a 252.8 so that will help keep my efforts true. …a few 5k runs then my third half mary on May 9th back in Springfield, IL….I don’t have any weights listed in my Calendar for May.  I’ll have to get on that but, I am looking for an average weight in the 240s for the month of May.  A good preview 5-6 days from now should help ensure that.

2015 Week 12 Weigh-In

We’re down another 3.2 lbs from last week and down 8.8 lbs from two weeks ago but don’t begin to think that’s anything miraculous.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015


We need to keep in mind that my weight went up two weeks ago and the week before that I was at 267.6 so we could also say I’ve lost 3.6 lbs in the past 3 weeks.  It’s a perspective thing.  Too many people trying to lose weight are short-sighted – nearsighted or live in a constant state of myopia – they only see the short term and not the big picture.  Weight loss is not linear, it does not follow a straight line.  If we had an accurate enough scale, we could probably record weight changes by the second and certainly by the minute.  Hourly our weight will change, daily and certainly weekly.  I have my averages for each month in my Running Log tab and for March we’re at an average weight of 268lbs so I’m down 4 lbs from last month’s average.  As an instantaneous snapshot of weight, the 264.0 represents a weight that is less than my average for all of last year so, we’re moving in a good direction.  Current efforts which include the same kind of effort that was put out during the week when weight was gained are bearing fruit and should be maintained and continued.

In all these DietBet’s I’m in there isn’t a day that goes by where somebody isn’t lamenting the fact that “they gained a pound this week”  It’s like the 12 or 15 lbs they lost over the preceding 6 week’s no longer matters.  It’s a crappy way of thinking and an attitude that is detrimental to any long term plan of success.  That mental attitude and the psychology behind it is probably something that needs to be changed and worked on more than the diet and exercise aspects if any real success is going to be achieved.  Mentally fertilizing and growing the perceived failures while ignoring the success and what’s working only heightens the probability of quitting while diminishing the likelihood of continued, long term efforts.


Right now I’m 5 for 5 with my DietBet’s and only need a weight of 264.3 for this Saturday’s weigh in so it’s looking good for going 6 for 6.  The following week I’ll need to reach 260.2 in order to win my $100 monthly bet.

For now, I’m well ahead of the game compared to last year when I didn’t have a single recorded run until March 26th and, as of today, I’ve managed 18 runs totalling 52.5 miles.  We’ve got a local 5K coming up this Saturday and then the much awaited Bridge & Dam 10K the following week at the Lake of the Ozarks!


Some of my main current ponderings deal with the end of April and whether or not to partake in the Nashville Country Music Marathon on Saturday, April 25th.  There’s also a local 5K on the same day which would be much more financially friendly although not nearly as exciting or fun 🙂

The following day – on Sunday, April 26th is very interesting to me.  There’s a Duathlon consisting of a 1.5 mile run then a 10 mile bike ride then another 1.5 mile run.  The shorter distances make it ideal for a newbie like me.  I don’t recall ever doing a multiple sport event before.  I think it would be a neat challenge to knock out a half mary the day before in Nashville then get up the next morning to another event like the duathlon.  Right now, the local 5K doesn’t increase in price until the 10th of April so current thoughts are to make a more informed decision after the Lincoln Presidential Half on April 4th.

One amazingly cool run is the Moonlight 1/2 in Springfield, IL – it is entirely run in the 300+ acre cemetery where President Lincoln is buried.  If you’re running the full marathon then you start when you want and the winner is the person who finishes closest to midnight.  That might be a neat way to get in my 3rd full marathon since time isn’t much of an issue – just endurance.  No GPS or phones are allowed on the course and everyone wears a glowstick around their neck.

Week 11 Weigh-In

“What gets measured gets managed”

Peter Drucker”

AND – when you have a financial incentive you can help increase your odds of losing weight by a factor of 5!  Which, is a great reason to click on my HealthyWage badge below which also doubles as my referral link to help you take a significant step in managing your weight as well as giving me an extra $20 towards my final Jackpot! (link opens in new window)  Plus, 10% of the winnings go to help fight ALS (via

Click on the Banner to get your share!

Click on the Banner to get your share!


This week, we find ourselves at the lowest weight of the year so far, 267.2 pounds.  That’s a 5.6 pound drop over last week which can be typical following a week where the weight has gone up.  That 267 lb weight has been pretty stable and is exactly what I weighed the day before this week’s weigh-in.  Today (Friday, 3/13) I actually weighed in at 256.8 lbs which is good since I need to be at 264 next week and down to 260 the week after that.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

As you may have noticed above, my official HealthyWage prize banner has changed from it’s original $2036.00 base prize to a new total of $2096.00 because I’ve had 3 people click on my link and sign up which has added $60 to my potential prize.


2015 Running Preview

I still need to finish up Part II of my running preview for the runs I have scheduled for this year – logistically, this blog is a godsend in terms of helping me keep everything straight.  Current list is as follows;


  1. Saturday 3/14 – St Pats 5M Run. – REGISTERED
  2. Saturday 3/21 – McKendree 5K – REGISTERED
  3. Saturday 3/28 – Bridge & Dam 10K – REGISTERED
  4. Saturday 4/4 – Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – REGISTERED
  5. Sunday 4/12 – 15th Annual GO! St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  6. Sunday 6/21 – Go! St Louis All American 5k – REGISTERED
  7. Saturday 6/27 – Macklind Mile – REGISTERED
  8. Sunday 6/28 – Pride 5K – REGISTERED
  9. Friday 7/10 – Tour de Belleville – registration not yet available
  10. Saturday 7/11 – Tour de Donut – REGISTERED
  11. Saturday 8/8 – Moonlight Ramble – registration not yet available
  12. Sunday 9/20 – US Navy/AirForce 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  13. Saturday 10/17 – RnR 5K Spinning Medal – REGISTERED
  14. Sunday 10/18 – Rock n Roll St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  15. Saturday 10/24 – 5K Monster Dash – reg not avail. pending.
  16. Sunday 11/1 – SLTC’s St Louis 1/2 Marathon – reg not available
  17. Virtual Run – Race with Reason – 500 Miles in 2015 for Fighter Medal

The Macklind Mile registration became available so I got signed up for that so I only have two bike rides and two more runs where registration is not available.  I’m not sure if the 5K Monster Dash will be an option unless it’s held  a week earlier due to scheduling conflicts with my Part IV board reviews.  The SLTC 1/2 is the longest running 1/2 marathon in St Louis and I wouldn’t mind doing that again.

Mainly, I’ve been looking at more runs – a few notable mentions would be the Country Music Marathon in Nashville TN.  As a single race, it’s very pricey with a current going rate of $125 and that’s a bit to wrap my head around.  However, the Rock n Roll series has what’s known as a Tour Pass available for $199 that entitles a person to run in any 3 Rock n Roll events.  There is also an extra fee which brings that price closer to $210 but that still comes out to about $70 per run which is easier to swallow than $125.

However – getting that Tour Pass also opens up the option of partaking in two additional RnR 1/2’s this year and in addition to Nashville, I may opt or the Chicago 1/2 which also features the Remix Challenge which means I can run a 5K the day before the half, as well as the 1/2 the next day – this gives participants a total of 3 medals.  One for each of the races as well as the bonus Spinning Medal showing you ran in the back to back races.

For me – the third RnR would only be second to the Washington DC 1/2 marathon I’m already signed up for because RnR #3 would be the Inaugural Run of the Brooklyn, New York 1/2 on October 10th, 2015.  General registration for the run begins March 16 but, as a pass holder I could sign up early.  It even has a special $55 early entry fee.  (which also makes me wonder if using my Tour Pass for this run would be prudent….)

But – I’ve never been to New York before except for flying into the airport once – I’ve never seen the city.  From what I’ve learned the Brooklyn Bridge crosses right over into Manhattan – another place I’ve never seen before 🙂

Most likely – I’ll sign up then figure out how to get there afterwards… 🙂

2015-03-13 15.41.50



2015 Week 10 Weigh-In

It looks like the status quo of weight loss is being maintained and, after 5 consecutive weeks of drops we have a gain to this morning’s weigh-in of 272.8lbs.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

Why do I say status quo?  I say it because in three previous 12 week contest with over 1,000 other competitors, I’ve ended up placing 1st, 3rd and 4th so, I did about as well as a person could do and often better than most and in each one of those contest there were 3 times my weight would go up in each 12 week period of time.

To be honest, I’d forgotten this was Thursday and time to weigh in again.  I got an email this morning from DietBet stating that Round 1 of one of the 6 month bets was over and I had 48 hours to weigh myself, take pictures then submit all that good stuff to dietbet.  The email said the weight goal I needed was 272.8 lbs and it just so happened I hit it right on the button so I took the pics needed, submitted, got the weight verified and now …I’m one of the official winners of this Round 1.

Now we get to have some fun!  There’s finally a challenge!  Besides those two Six-Month bets I have going on, I added a single 4 week challenge that ends on the 28th of this month.  I’ve got $100 riding on this bet and will need to be at 260.2 lbs by Saturday, March 28th – a full 12.6 lbs less then I weigh today in only 23 days 🙂

Thus far, I am undefeated on – 5 for 5 which includes three 1 month challenges where I was to drop 4% of my bodyweight as well as Round 1 (the first month) of two 6 month challenges.  Let’s make it 6 for 6 come the 28th of this month 🙂

Week 5 Complete – 1/2 way to 1/3rd of the way done!

If we double the 5 weeks I’ve completed to 10 weeks then that 10 weeks represents 1/3rd of my 30 week Marathon Training Schedule 🙂

So far, it’s been great.  Week 1 of this program was simply walking 20 minutes a day, four days per week and that first week is actually represented by all the walking I did the first three months of the year when I built myself up to walking a total of five miles per day.  

The last workout of week 5 was pretty interesting.  I was able to run downhill for the first time, ran my 3rd longest non-stop run and was able to pick up my speed considerably.  Oh, and I remembered the second vision I had from the other day 🙂  (SAFB pic)

uring my last mile of training, I just wanted to run.  So, I started blasting out runs in 1/10th of a mile increments.  The Sports Tracker application on my phone can’t register and instantaneous speed change so however fast I’m running has to be kept up long enough to get registered and acknowledged by the app.  So, I would run a tenth of a mile then walk a tenth.  At first I saw paces like 9:33 then 8:30 and then I hit that 6:12 min/mile pace and it felt great!  There was absolutely no pain anywhere and everything felt as if it was supposed to feel.  I felt as though I was breaking up adhesions in my fascia around the hips and was finally moving in a manner in which God had intended.  This was close to the 6:05 mile pace I ran as a senior in high school so, it’s nice to be revisiting my youth.  I would still like to break that 6 min/mile mark which would be my own personal 4 min/mile type barrier and a goal I’ve had for a very long time, about 30 years now.

Running Downhill – ACL & PCL 
When running up and especially downhill, I am very aware of my ACL and PCL.  Those are two ligaments in the knee and are acronyms which stand for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Posterior Cruciate Ligament.  When viewed from the side, these ligaments cross in the shape of an ‘X’ which is where the cruciate parts of their name come from.  The ACL keeps the tibia from moving forward relative to the femur and the PCL keeps the tibia from moving backwards relative to the femur.  Running uphill has always felt more stable to me and I may have this backwards but, it seems to me that when the foot is planted when running downhill and the knee is flexed that the PCL will be undergoing the greatest amount of stress and stretch.  Regardless of whether or not my perception is correct or not, I still perceived an imbalance in the levels of conditioning of my ACL and PCL and I knew it would take a while to build up and condition those ligaments so, up until this last run, I’ve always been careful when going downhill and would often walk or very slowly jog downhill to help avoid any potential injuries.  I believe the patience has paid off and it felt really, really good to be able to run downhill.  🙂

3rd Longest Non-Stop Run – 
Motivation would be a very easy thing to maintain if all improvement in our lives was linear.  If every time we went out to do something we were always noticeably better than the last time we went out then motivation would be a no-brainer because positive feedback would always be there to provide it for us.  On the macro scale most people look at things this is hardly the case and the less a person knows or is able to consider the less they are likely to perceive improvement and the greater their motivation may be challenged.  Consider a dieter who only uses a scale as their only form of feedback.  It’s quite possible for a person to become leaner and in better condition while registering a gain on the scale.  These short term fluctuations are usually attributed to fluid levels.  Even as a runner, I am limited in the number of variables I consider.  I have total distance over a given time period, average pace, average speed – most variables having to do with time and distance as well as what the scale tells me each week and occasionally what the tape measure around my waist tells me.  But, I’ll never know how my Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) is changing or the efficiency with which oxygen is dissociated from hemoglobin or any of dozens of lab values I’ve studied in school not to mention all the possible variables for which I am ignorant of to begin with.  
Foco Força E Fé is portuguese and means Focus, Strength and Faith.  Those are a few of the mental variables one must possess to augment our motivation and help see us through those times when our immediate temporal results don’t seem to be commensurate with our efforts.  

The Second Vision – 
A few blogs ago I mentioned a vision I had while running which consisted of being able to see a future version of myself through smudged glass and it was like each training session was wiping away more and more of that smug and for the first time I was able to peek through that glass and see a future version of myself.  There was another vision I had that day but could not recall it.  Yesterday, I was able to remember my second vision because of noticeably increased energy levels.  Usually, my days consist of cutting grass …a lot of grass, quite often to the tune of cutting an acre or more worth of lawns with a push mower.  My body is still acclimating itself to this frequent level of exertion and, until it does, I’m usually wiped out by the end of the day. The day before yesterday was a bit different.  Instead of pushing a lawn mower for miles on end, I got to participate in a health fair at a nearby Air Force Base. Shirt & tie type work performing EMGs on potential patients might be mentally exhausting but not very physically exhausting which meant, by the next day, I was FULL of energy!  Heck, that night I had a wellspring of energy and was able to get a ton of work done around the house and even though I ran at the end of the day yesterday, after cutting three lawns, I still felt I had a ton of energy.  

I remembered the second vision because of the abundance of energy I felt yesterday, that was the trigger to help me remember.  The second vision entailed feeling like I was being plugged into an energy source, as if some giant electrical plug was being inserted into the earth and I was making contact with it and feeling this extra surge of energy.  This was very reminiscent of my younger days when I felt I had enough energy inside of me to light up all of New York City.  It was a good feeling to remember and a very good direction to be taking.  That vision kind of augmented the other vision I was having at being able to peer through the smudged glass to see my future self in that it almost caused a past version of myself to be standing behind me.  If I could get to that future vision of myself, if the glass became completely clear then it would be shattered then the past self and future self would merge into a present identity.  This may sound weird to a lot of people (and, statistically it just might) non-the-less, it’s what I saw.

EMG – Electromyography
In terms of electrical activity or action potential one might think of the brain as being the power company and the spinal cord and vertebrae as the fuse box.  All the muscles, organs and tissues of the human body are the things this power supply is plugged into.  In your home fuse box, a switch is either on or off.  The human body is a little more complex and more resembles a dimmer switch, in fact studies have been shown that a pressure equivalent to the weight of a dime in the human fuse box (spine) is all that is needed to hamper nerve transmission from your brain to your body.  The picture above shows the exact same scan results we performed at the Air Force Base health fair.  Since it was a public setting we only measured the cervical spine (neck) and first thoracic vertebrae.  The colors may be thought of as representing nerve interference with red being severe, blue is moderate, green is mild and white is clear.  Ideally, all the bars above should be white and the same side on each side of the spine.  

It was pretty interesting evaluating all these patients.  We might see a big red bar at C5 on the left and afterwards when the patient looks at their results they might comment that their left arm has been hurting for the past few weeks and it’s those very nerves, from C5 down to T1 that go down the arm.  

Generally speaking though, what we’re looking at is the manifestation of stress on the human body.  Massage pretty much anybody on the shoulders or trapezius muscles and they generally express a feeling of relief even if they didn’t realize how tight those muscle were before being touched and massaged.  It’s pretty much the same way with the multitudes of muscles found along the spinal column.  There are three main sources of stress; chemical, physical and emotional.  Chemically we have obvious things such as alcohol or smoking and more subtle things like eating overly processed foods.  Physically from the activities we participate in during our daily lives and emotionally from things like relationships, kids, work and things like that.  

I think most of the public might have an understanding of how chiropractic might relate to back pain relief but, the true beauty of chiropractic is what it is capable of beyond simple biomechanics.  Remember I mentioned how every organ, muscle and tissue is ultimately plugged into from this fuse box of ours called the spine?  Those organs can be adversely affected without clear nerve transmission.  For me personally, I used to take Prevacid, a PPI or proton pump inhibitor for upset stomach and when I had this scan done a number of years ago the nerves around T6, those nerves that go to my stomach had big red lines associated with them indicating nerve interference to that particular organ.  After I started getting that area adjusted from my brother close to 20 years ago, I’ve never had to take another Prevacid again because I never had any more pain in my stomach.  Another lady I worked with suffered from bradycardia (slow heart rate).  It took a while to get her in but her results were immediate and over time the results lasted longer and longer to the point where her heart rate was able to be maintained at a normal level and she could once again resume a normal life.  In that heart example, the initial diagnosis was made by a cardiologist as hypervagal tone which was accurate, it’s just that traditional medicine didn’t have the tools necessary to effectively treat the cause which was an exacerbated parasympathetic nerve which has a ganglion in the cervical region of the spine.  

Dr Leah, the other chiropractor I was working with on Friday told me about an infant who was unable to sleep more than an hour at a time and from the very first adjustment the baby was able to sleep through the entire night which was good for both the baby and the parents.  My brother also told me of a male patient who was literally taking 200 pills a day for various ailments and after a few months worth of chiropractic treatments, this patients medical doctors were able to reduce the number of pills down to ….can’t remember exactly, it was either down to 40 or 60 pills a day.  

I would postulate that at a simple level, anyone taking an adronergic or cholenergic type of drug could probably benefit from chiropractic treatments.  

Of course, chiropractic doesn’t fix everything.  That’s pretty much what my Part III board exam is all about – knowing what we can effectively treat on our own and what should be referred out or co-managed with other healthcare professionals.  Having said that though, chiropractic is designed to help the body perform at it’s most optimal level and that can be useful.  I remember learning about one report that was done with a patient undergoing treatments for cancer.  With treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation drugs are often given to help reduce the side effects of those treatments.  Patients who received regular chiropractic care were able to maintain more optimal blood counts with fewer side effect drugs than those patients who were not receiving chiropractic care.  

Probably the biggest and most recent news on chiropractic has been on it’s relationship to help lower high blood pressure.  Those results indicated chiropractic care was as effective as two blood pressure medications.  At least, that was pretty well known to those of us in the profession because we readily share that kind of information.  One thing we learned in a Research Studies class was that it usually takes a minimum of 20 years after a study for that information to become part of any mainstream care.  

I suppose I’ve diverged a bit from my running blog…   

Something else I thought of – a few years back, I tried taking Zyban (or Welbutrin) to help quit smoking.  I’m not a huge fan of taking prescription medication but figured if it would really help me quit then the benefits would outway the risk of the medication.  I only took it for a few weeks and didn’t notice any results so I stopped taking it.  I was slightly admonished and told that it could take a month or two before enough of the medication could build up in my system to be effective.  That was probably right but, it made me wonder about the benefits of exercise and the time it might take for that to build up.  I think a lot of people might abandon exercise for the same reason I abandoned the Zyban, because they weren’t noticing any results.  There’s almost always a good feeling upon completion of exercise but, I think building up to a level of health and fitness that is going to be noticeable in our daily lives does take more than any single workout can provide.  Like that medication, it can take several months of consistent effort before we notice heightened moods, increased energy levels and a profound improvement in our lives.  

…which reminds me …3-4 months out from the November 1st marathon, I’m still planning on taking Chantix to help eradicate smoking from my life.  I also have a very highly rated book to help quit smoking as well as a discount I can get on a repeat treatment of auriculotherapy which, to date, has been the most effect thing I’ve ever tried to help quit smoking.  

Definitely looking forward to the future and very hopeful.  🙂


Falling Short

I’ve talked with many ex-smokers who have said that even though they quit, that craving never goes away.  I think of this because most of my marathon thoughts have to do with the first one I ever ran which was back in 1994.  I didn’t train and basically walked my 2nd marathon in 2004 so there wasn’t much in the way of opportunities to form many indelible memories.

1994 is entirely different …memories of the training, memories of the run.  Maybe it was back in ’94 when I became addicted and even though I’ve been an ex-runner more of a runner over the last 20 years, just like the ex-smoker – that craving from running never goes away.  There is a local park with a 1.5 mile track and markers every 0.1 miles.  I remember the first time being able to run completely around that track without stopping.  It was also at that track, after deviating off the path for a while then coming back that I ran my first hour non-stop.  I remember wanting to know what it was like to run at a 4 min/mile pace like Roger Banister so, I figured that was 15mph and was actually able to bury that speed …for 0.2 miles anyway.  For me, that pace was just shy of an all out sprint and took place about two weeks before my first marathon.  I remember one of my last long runs.  I went out the night before with a can of white spray paint and a car full of water bottles.  The run started at the water tower of a local mall and ended at a VFW post & campsite with a lake about 15 miles away.  I drove that course and stopped my car every mile, then got out and spray painted the mile number on the road and left a couple of bottles of water next to the number.  I remember at mile 13 one of the water bottles had tipped over and emptied out.  It was rough looking forward to water only to find none.  My car was waiting at the parking lot of the VFW post and a kind elderly couple who lived at the site gave us some water and a bite to eat.  

The run itself was great up until the 20 mile marker, up to that point it was pure running.  Whatever family lived around the 20 mile marker had tables set up out front with food, it was the first time I stopped running and grabbed some food to eat – I think I stopped, not positive about that part, I am positive I ate food and very shortly thereafter my legs stopped working.  It’s like they seized up and wouldn’t function properly.  I was afraid I might be out of the race but, I found if I squatted down then stood back up that was enough to get my legs moving again, at least for a block or two then I would have to squat down, stand up and continue jogging.  That went on for most of the remaining 10k of the race.

I’m guessing my pace was somewhere between 10 and 11 minutes per mile.  

I’d like to beat all that.  It’s what I think about.  I know I mentioned things I need to do for karate, masons, getting my chiropractic license but, the one thing that seems to dominate my mind more than anything is being able to run longer and faster. I want to be able to hit those milestones I did 20 years ago.  I want to run around that track at the park non-stop.  I want to run for an hour non-stop again.  I want to best that 4 minute per mile pace, even if it is just for 0.2 miles.  Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to run a quarter mile in under a minute.  I think, if I was on a regular track then I may have been capable of doing it that day I toyed with that 4min/mile pace.  My best mile time in high school was 6:04 so I would love to break that 6 minute mark.  I was a lineman on the football team back then so, it was the fastest time of the linemen but beating that 6 minute mark was something that was needed to get an extra star on our helmet.  

Some thoughts in my head are positive about the training and my ability to be able to complete the upcoming marathon while other thoughts lend themselves to doubt.  I like that I still have over 6 months to train for the event but, when I look at the numbers – only 186 days away – 185 days away in about 15 minutes and realize how much farther I have to go then I wonder….

I like that my pace at Nashville was 14:41 because it looks like it’s within striking distance of that 10 min/mile pace.  I know when I’m actually running that my pace is better than 6 mph but, I can’t keep it up that long – that time is still being measured in minutes…. 

There is a race in three weeks, May 17th I’m looking into.  They have a half marathon with a 3 hour time limit but, I’m not really cut out for accomplishing anything overly noble in those half marathon runs and was thinking of tackling a 10k while still adhering to my 5 minute interval program but, maybe pushing it a little bit and maybe doubling the amount of time i was running in Nashville.  Maybe 1.5 or 2 minutes of running every 5 minutes.  I have times of 1:29:33 and 1:30:19 for the 10k splits in the Lincoln Presidential and Nashville CMM runs respectively.  Maybe I could take 8 minutes off those times?  

It’s almost funny or, perhaps ironic, that I mentioned needing to do more and be better with Karate and the Masons in my last post because, I never made it to my weekly Masonic meeting last night and didn’t make it to karate tonight.  It reminds me a bit of what we learned in school about nerves dying.  Just before a nerve finally dies it sends out one last burst of impulse, kind of a last ditch effort type thing.  If a person’s optic nerve was dying about the same time as the rest of the body then that last burst might account for the white light that people have reported seeing before they died.   (then somehow being brought back to life so they could recount the story)

I’ve noticed this phenomenon before though.  When I’m doing well, I want to do better.  But then upon trying or wanting to do more and specifically after writing it down, it seems …more often than not, that’s when I’ll fall apart a little bit on those very things I said I wanted.  

Idk – (that’s “I don’t know” for you non-texting type people out there)  Today, I was just exhausted.  I added a few more lawns to be cut today than I originally had on my schedule so, from 9:02 this morning until 4:10 this afternoon I was cutting grass and except for one quick stop at a local gas station to use the restroom and my drive time from one job to another, that’s pretty much what I did all day – cut lawns.  According to my fitbit that I wear on my wrist I covered over 12 miles today and today was an OFF day for training.  I’m just currently exhausted and at 7:30, instead of being at karate, I found myself in bed only to wake 3 hours later dying of thirst.  Since waking I’ve had 1/2 dozen strawberries, 1 orange and 3 bottles of water in addition to writing a few pages here.  

Falling Short – this was an initial thought I had and maybe stems a little bit from that saying about “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

I’m thinking the moon would be what I’m shooting for, that marathon run on November 1st down in Wynne, Arkansas but, the stars would be things like running that 1.5 mile path non-stop – being able to run fast – running for an hour non-stop and I do have a half marathon I’ll be doing with my brother about two weeks prior to my marathon attempt.  He mainly runs for fitness and doesn’t do too many organized events but we keep each other abreast of our training and I know he’ll knock out 3 or 4 miles at around a 9:17 pace and he’s already picked out a training program so he should do *very* well in his third ever half marathon.  It’s the St Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon, I think on Sunday, Oct 19th – two weeks before my marathon run.  But, if I can run that half in 2:25 or less then I will also qualify for the Pikes Peak Ascent (wave 2, i think) in 2015.  Gotta finish that Ascent in 6 hours or it’s like you never existed.  And, finishing that event in 6 hours or less is the only way to get a finishers jacket.  I want one of those jackets.  It’s kind of like getting one of those Boston Athletic Association jackets that you might see one or two people wearing at any big event.  

I guess the moral of this story is that I can’t be afraid of failing or falling short of my goal because there is so much sweet fruit to be had along the way.  I can not use the possibility of failing be any type of excuse for not trying.  I didn’t even like writing that last sentence.

If I take my training seriously then I may be entitled to serious results.  I spent a great deal of time during my drive down to Tennessee thinking about the whole concept of being serious and thereby taking responsibility for the results we obtain in life.  That’s a whole other blog I was thinking about writing.  

Anyway, so far so good with the current training.  I remember back in the Summer of ’94 I took a running class offered at a local university which met 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 a.m.  I ended up entering my first 10k that Summer and a few months later completed that first marathon of mine.  So, I know it’s possible to complete a marathon with less than 26 weeks of training but that was 20 years ago also and I have a more vintage body to do this with.  

Currently, I am in week 4 of the 26 week program which means 30 minutes of walking/running tomorrow.  AND – that training program officially starts next Monday 🙂

Faith & Trust

Below (at the end of the blog) is the training program I am using from    I added the dates out to the left so the end of the program would correspond to the marathon down in Wynne, Arkansas on November 1st.  According to the Nike Plus application on my phone, I’ve been active with running/walking for four weeks now and I still have about three weeks before the 26 Week Marathon Training Schedule Below is slated to begin.  So, in addition to the 6 months of training listed below, I’ll have close to two additional months of foundational training.  

I see three distinct phases in the training program with weeks 1-6 resembling one of those Couch to 5k (c25k) type of programs, then a pure running phase from weeks 7-10, then more specific marathon type training in weeks 11-26 which include the necessary long runs once a week on Saturdays.  

Any true couch potato I’ve known, including myself, has usually had a great deal of difficulty adhering to any of the traditional c25k programs available so I’ve modified those run walk sessions to consist of 5 minute intervals of running and walking.  Last week I did week 2 from the program which called for 20 minutes of Run/Walk so I did four five minute intervals.  The first interval I did on the first day consisted of 15 seconds of jogging followed by the balance of the 5 minutes or 4 minutes and 45 seconds of jogging.  If there is anyone else reading that is new to running or a beginning again type of person like myself then I’d like to share that the hardest part wasn’t jogging for 15 seconds but was more in the transitional phase of moving from walking to breaking into any type of run.  There was almost a type of fear present and wondering if I was going to rupture any ligaments or tendons by breaking into a jog because it had been so long since I had moved my body like that.  I took things as gently as I could and was happy that both anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments (ACL & PCL) held together along with everything else in my knee areas.  I felt kind of like a cripple during the first interval of running but noticed each subsequent interval of running felt smoother and stronger.  I ended up with 45 seconds of straight jogging by the last 5 minute interval.  

I think the main problem with most of the c25k programs is that they aren’t actually written by any true couch potatoes and I doubt any of them started 2014 out with a weight of 316.2 pounds like I did.  As a result these programs can have you running a minute right off the bat with maybe only two minutes of recovery time.  I like my 5 minute intervals much better because you can start out jogging with whatever you are capable.  If a person can only job 10 seconds that’s fine, just walk the remaining 4 minutes and 50 seconds then repeat the 5 minute interval.  This allows plenty of time to recover from whatever you’re able to jog.  

I did get quite a bit of bonus exercise in last week particularly on Wed, Thur and Friday.  Since I’ll be spending most of this year waiting patiently to get my chiropractic license I’ve been taking any odd jobs I can find in order to pay my bills and one job that recently started was cutting lawns.  I have a fitbit wrist band I wear which tracks how much I walk each day and I don’t have to have my smartphone with me in order for it to keep track of my miles.  I found in the last three days of last week I racked up about 36 miles of walking so I figured close to 30 of those miles was from cutting grass.  I was pretty exhausted over the weekend and spent plenty of time sleeping but it seemed to really pay off this week when I started week 3 of the program which consist of five, 5 minute run/walk sessions.  After my initial brisk walk warmup on Monday I broke into a run and that lasted 2 minutes and 13 seconds!  I know it’s a humble type of time but it was over 100% more than I had done anytime the week before.  The truly amazing part was during my last 5 minute run/walk interval I jogged for 5 minutes and 5 seconds – once again doubling my previous best.  I was kind of ecstatic over that last interval because I had been wondering over the past few weeks exactly how I was going to end up being able to run 20 minutes straight by week 7 (or June 16th) of the program.  

Faith & Trust – faith in the program – faith & trusting it will work – faith and trust in myself that I will follow through and stick with the program to even allow it to work in the first place.  This is kind of the area were I went off on a bunch of tangents in previous attempts at this blog.  A lot of times, especially when I was younger and maybe ended up being disappointed with someone I was in a relationship with I would often end up reflecting internally at myself.  Back then, I was able to say that even though someone else disappointed me I would usually conclude that nobody in my life has done more to disappoint me than myself.  Just in terms of maybe letting myself down or not living up to my potential.  Wasting opportunities and so forth.  That usually helped limit the amount of time I would spend imbued on focusing on how someone else may have let me down and, instead could shift the focus to myself and how I could maybe do better with my own life.  

I distinctly remember any occassional thoughts I used to have regarding any kind of low self worth were pretty much crushed into oblivion after my first semester in the DC (chiropractic) program.  I was working too hard to have anything to feel bad about and so long everyday there simply wasn’t the time to indulge in that kind of negative thinking.  This reminded me of a book I had read back in the ’80s called “You Can’t Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought”

Anyway, that post collegiate 6 year stint to become a doctor is over now so, like I said, while I’m patiently awaiting a license to practice I think training for this marathon will be a very good endeavor …physically, spiritually and mentally.

Faith & Trust.  Faith and Trust in the training program but, especially, Faith & Trust in myself and, if need be, I’ll continue to develop and grow those aspects right along side with my endurance.