Week 6, Day 2 – KABLAM! :)

A previous best non-stop run of 7 minutes 30 seconds was shattered today with a non-stop run of 16 minutes and 8 seconds!  YeeHaw!  🙂  My text message shout out today included the following quote from Dante.

Naturally, it’s not raining a drop outside right now but there was a steady rain all morning.  It wasn’t too bad, just a constant drizzle so, I finally made the trek out and finally ended up at the park to get in my training run.  It’s funny, this morning, faced with the task I had on my plate …I really didn’t want to do any of the things on my list.  Some days can be like that, I suppose.

I think the new songs I downloaded and put no my phone helped.  It helped as a distraction from the running and, as long as the music was playing, I could not year any of my labored breathing.

I thought the first picture I was going to take and post would be of the path from the 0.9 to the 1.0 mile marker which is a nice straight away and goes on for nearly another tenth of a mile before turning but, I was much more excited about this road which is adjacent to the park.  The building on the left is used by the city and the very nice park is to the right.  Actually, to the right of this road is a nice lake with a fountain in the middle of it.  The lake is flanked by mile markers 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 then a nice gentle incline to 0.6 🙂  There are many Canada geese which inhabit the park as well as many, many turtles.

Breaking off the path!  The first time I ran for an hour non-stop is when I broke off from this path at Long Acre Park and ventured into nearby neighborhoods.  That was 20 years ago and I’ve never forgotten about it.  I even remember the neighborhood where I ran 🙂

Generally speaking and especially for now while I’m building up a base and conditioning, I’ll go to this same park, over and over and over again.  There are a couple things I keep in mind with this pursuit.  One is something I read a long time ago and one thing is something I read just last week which is

“Manhood is Patience, Mastery is Nine Times Patience.”

and, from a long time ago, I recall, ” ’tis the good reader that makes the good book”

The quote about the good reader making the good book has to do with the person reading the book and what thoughts, experiences and memories that person is able to bring to the book.  This might be the same path over and over again but, it is patience and persistence.  I also can learn new things each time I go, both about myself and the park.  Today I learned that while the path from 0.5 to 0.6 is on an incline in one direction, the road that runs parallel to it has it’s incline in the opposite direction.  I also found a new plaque last week that I never noticed before.  Mainly though, there’s a lot of learning to do about oneself.

I think the biggest thing I did which probably helped this run out the most was to take yesterday off from working and there were no lawns cut prior to this run either.  I did read a little bit after the run but, it wasn’t from a radiology book.  I’ll have to get on that.  Right now that upcoming exam in September can easily seem to fall into the Steven Covey category of important but not urgent.  I need to make it more urgent and start getting some real work done.  I suppose Pre’s quote can apply to school, learning and education just as well as it does to running.  😉

2014-05-13 15.49.04