W9D1 – The Nifty Fifty

The Nifty Fifty
W9D1 – Week 9, Day 1

The Nifty Fifty

Pictured above is Dr Norman Kettner DC, DACBR, FICC.  He’s a board certified radiologist and one of the best and highest quality teachers we had at the school I attended to become a chiropractor.  Dr Kettner understood things so well that he could make almost anything understandable.  One of my favorite lines was “an embolism is just a thrombosis on vacation”  🙂

I always remembered one day in class when Dr Kettner first mentioned the Nifty Fifty, apparently these were the top 50 diseases and conditions that doctors saw in their office on a regular basis.  Since then, I’ve tried a few times to write down what I figured the those top 50 diseases were but have always done so on paper which, tends to get lost over time.  So, I figured an extra page on my blog is something that would not get lost.  I have no evidence that my list comprises the top 50 items, it’s more a list of what I could recall studying the most in school.  I’ve got 3 months and 10 days until the Part III exam and I’ll need to be familiar with pretty much everything I can by then.  The list I came up with is a start.  I figured I’ll be rewriting and reorganizing that list several times but, that kind of repetition is usually useful to me.

I’ll need to expand each item with some fundamental knowledge about each one …and for right now, that’s something I need to figure out – …here’s an initial guess

  1. What it is – brief definition
  2. etiology – where does it come from
  3. prognosis
  4. tx (treatment)
  5. lab test associated with dx (diagnosis) of condition
  6. incidence – who gets it?  male/female?  age?
  7. Ortho test used to confirm?
  8. basic pathobiology
  9. dx – Diagnosis – test mentioned above would probably be a subset here
  10. ddx – differential diagnosis
  11. risk factors
  12. category of disease or condition
  13. pertinent or necessary diagnostic imaging
  14. what exam might reveal this condition
  15. …..

Ugh….you see, it’s looking like a lot, i know i already have well over 100 dz’s & conditions listed and I know Huntington’s dz just came to mind – I think that one involves a repeating sequence of CAG and, if that sequence repeats more than 30 times then one is susceptible to the dz and the greater the number of repeats, the younger in life a person may get Huntington’s but ….i know there is another version with a sequence of 5 repeating amines

anyway, a dozen or so bits of info times the 100+ items and we’re looking at over 1,000 bits of info but….I’m glancing through the list – well, gotta know it and i’ve got over 3 months but …there are 9 parts to the exam.   maybe a thorough enough job on that list could cover 3 or 4 of the parts covered.

I did notice those tabs go in alphabetical order so, maybe I’ll put the letter ‘z’ in front of my boards stuff to push those tabs to the end.

W9D1 – Week 9 Day 1
Well…..  not so hot when compared to recent runs but, as my brother pointed out – How did that run compare to last year?  From that perspective my first run of week 9 was pretty good 🙂

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.  I know that night at the ballgame kind of set me back a bit.  Even 4 days later I felt like I had lost 2 or 3 happiness points.

I’m pretty much ready to take a mulligan on my pending weight loss goal as well but, I just remembered something.  I may have mentioned this before but, it does seem like whenever I try to artificially generate some kind of a huge push that I tend to get knocked back down into humility.  I do remember mentioning this before or maybe it’s just something I’ve thought about before.

By default, I have to stick with my plan and keep hitting each day the best I can.

I do remember one thing I wanted to do and that was to update a portion of my running log which looks at some average statistical type data for the past three months since we just ended May.  I know there has been some really nice improvement and I at least need to give myself a chance and do the best I can this month for any hope of being able to see even more improvement.

Still have work to do today.  I did pass my pizza test!  Ha!  🙂   I am somewhat amazed at how much testing is now involved with just wanting to deliver pizza’s a few days per week.  For Domino’s, a place I’d worked at before about 20 years ago, I had to go to a site called snagajob.com and literally spent hours taking different exams to be able to submit my application.  This other place where I’ll probably end up getting hired had nearly an hour of timed testing I had to take in person with a couple other candidates.

i did miss question 20 on a math page …they asked for the square root of a 5 digit number but now – i’m wishing i would have just put that number in parenthesis and raised it to the 1/2 power!

I’m frazzling my brain and… I’m not liking sitting in one spot for hours on end studying.  I have to break that up.  Maybe interject some walks every hour or two.  maybe taking flashcards with me on walks.  I do have a version of The Raven on my phone mixed in with all my music.  maybe there is something worthwhile I can read and have played back between songs.

Still need to make one more tab for part III regarding logistics and administrative type stuff.  All I really need is a hotel in Davenport and one in Kansas.    There’s so much frickin material that it does make me want to go to the first set of board reviews in Florida, just to get some structure.  idk – i’m a little freaked out but, this is that Blue Arrow stuff – pushing myself, the anxiety and, it is a self generated issue – ie, a good problem to have.  A very good problem and situation.

I’ve got a good hundred days so, even if i add to that list, knocking out a couple a day would get things done in less than two months.  …

yeah…I’m freaking out.