Year 2, Week 39 Weigh-In

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!  That’s how I had planned on starting this blog entry for my 39th weigh in of the year because I was eating everything in site and running as little as possible.  I had expected a much higher weight as opposed to a new all time low but, I have one theory as to why my weight dropped again instead of going up.

2015 Wallpaper 02 - 2015

My thinking is that I removed a lot of physical stress.   Ever since the Navy/AirForce half marathon a couple weeks ago I’ve mainly been running the single miles needed to maintain my run streak and by eating whatever I wanted there was also no need for my body to fear any impending famine so there was zero starvation mode stress as well.  I can only guess corticosteroid levels would be minimized with this type of behavior.  It is kind of bizarre though and a little counterintuitive but, I’ll happily accept it 🙂

Today was also the official ending for the last of three 10% diet bets I had placed at the beginning of this year.  I had bets which started in Jan, Feb and April and each lasted for 6 months.  I have two more 10% bets I recently placed which both end in February of 2016 with an ending weight of 222.

I am curious and wondering if I could pull off a 4 week, 4% diet bet starting at this verified weight of 232.6.  That would require me to get down to 223.3 in four weeks.  A 6 month 10% diet bet would require me to get down to about 209 pounds.

209…that kind of plays games with my head a bit – something I’m not used to seeing.  My HealthyWage bet which comes due July 5th of 2016 is for 212 pounds.

…..OK – I’m committed!  I just signed up for three different 4 week, 4% weight loss diet bets that all started today and will end on Wednesday, 4/28.   The final weigh-in will be Thursday, 4/29 to midnight on Friday 4/30.  Thursdays are my weekly weigh-in day for this blog so I’ll shoot for a Thursday morning weigh-in and it must be 223.3 or less.

I have never lost a diet bet or monthly weigh-in and this will be the biggest challenge yet.  All I know about weight in the low 220s is when I was ranked in PowerLifting USA magazine I had a 515 bench at a 222 lb body weight and that was back around 2001 so, I’ll be pushing the clock back well over a decade if I can pull this off.

Stay tuned!  🙂

2015 Week 16 Weigh-In & Marathon Madness!

On the surface it looks like I dropped 6.8 lbs from last week and have my 6th straight weekly drop now totalling 24.8 lbs.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

I’d like to offer a little transparency here regarding weight fluctuation.

  • 4/09 8:19 am – 254.8 – Week 15 Weigh-In
  • 4/10 7:53 a.m – 254.0
  • 4/12 5:08 pm – 248.2
  • 4/13 6:55 am – 249.2
  • 4/14 7:56 am – 249.2
  • 4/15 6:04 am – 250.8
  • 4/16 10:09 pm – 248.0 – Week 16 Weigh In
  • 4/17 8:30 am – 250.0
  • 4/19 6:38 am – 255.2
  • 4/21 6:51 am – 257.2

Those weigh-ins are from my Week 15 weigh in on 4/9 through this mornings 4/21 weigh in, the day I’m writing this blog.  Between this blog and the half dozen diet bets I’m in it’s become a bit of a habit to weigh myself nearly daily and I take a quick snapshot with my phone camera which is how I know the dates and times of each weigh in.

This past Thursday’s 4/16 weigh in was a bit abnormal.  I’d planned on leaving St Louis for Iowa around noon on the 15th after getting some work done on my car.  Car work took longer than expected and wasn’t done until 5 p.m. – I still had errands to run and didn’t make it up to Iowa until after midnight on the 16th.  The lovely Days Inn I was originally going to stay at cancelled my reservations without telling me and it was about 5 a.m. before I was finally settled into a new hotel.  I managed to knock out a 5K run that day before my reviews started at 5 p.m. but, reviews were cancelled so I headed down to the riverfront, pulled my bike out of my trunk and biked 22km before heading back to my hotel.  I hadn’t eaten since early that morning so between the 27km of biking and running I got a nifty 248 lb weigh in.

My recent uptick in weight to 257.2 is kind of interesting.  Fridays reviews went until 10 p.m. and the weekend reviews on Sat & Sun ran from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. – just a whole lot of sitting….  I played hookey Sat morning to sneak in a 10K over in Iowa City but still managed to get back for the last 8 hours of reviews that day.

Today was my 12th DietBet weigh-in and I only needed a weight below 258.7 which I got with my 257.2 weigh in so I’m now at 12 straight wins.  Other than my final two weekly Thursday weigh ins or this blog, I have a 13th dietbet weigh in pending for Thursday, April 30th and need to weigh no more than 252.8 and that objective will help keep things in check and not too relaxed this week.

Regardless of how the last 10 days of this month play out I’m pretty much guaranteed an average weight (as shown in the table at the top of my Running Log tab) somewhere in the mid to low 250s.  Which means I will be well poised to have an average weight in the 240s for the month of May.

From January, the data in my table shows a 6 lb drop in Feb and another 6lb drop in March.  So far this month I’m down about 12lbs from last months average and the big difference is the inclusion of races.  Since 3/14 I’ve ran in two 5K’s, one 5 mile run, two 10K’s and two half marathons.

For May, I’m currently registered for two 5Ks, one half marathon and one Full Marathon.  I’ve toyed with the idea of changing the half to a full which would give me two full mary’s in a weeks time and that would qualify me to become a Marathon Maniac as well as a Double Agent for being both a Maniac and a Half Fanatic….

The best analogy I have in my head for covering a single 26.2 mile full marathon is Columbus crossing the ocean in wooden boats or man going to the moon with 45 year old computer technology.  In either case, each had just enough resources to get the job done but not much extra.

2015-05-16 IG

This is a beautiful looking course up in Ottawa, Illinois – close to Chicago.  I’m already signed up for the full and will have a “back of the pack” pacer and hopefully as many other people as possible tackling the full.

Contrast that full mary run with the Moonlight Marathon held from 6 p.m. Saturday May 9th through 1 a.m. May 10th in a cemetery where President Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois….

USATF Moonight Marathon Route

…quite a difference.

I only have 2 full marathons under my belt – from ’94 and ’04 so – flat out ignorance may be part of what gets me to attempt this – along with TS Eliot’s quote.

Moonlight Marathoners get to pick their own starting time (whoever finishes closest to midnight wins) and I can start as early as 6 p.m. (earlier if they let me) and have until 1 a.m. to finish the race – so, an average pace of 3.75 mph would accomplish the task.  The pace is not intimidating – the 26.2 miles is.

I’m thinking if I can get some 4 hour training walks in at 4 mph and maybe two 5 hour walks also at 4 mph then maybe maintaining a slightly slower pace for an entire 26.2 would be feasible –

My mind thinks a lot about the muscle breakdown and recovery necessary for completing two full marathons in a week at my level of fitness.  Rhabdomyolysis comes to mind, heck, even troponin levels come to mind even though troponin is usually a marker tested soon after a person has a heart attack.

Two 10 miles and a 10K – that’s a marathon.  I should be completing at least one of those in May.  If nothing else, I should definitely be able to have an average weight in the 240s for the month of May – i don’t know the last time I’ve had a month in that weight range so, it will be a milestone type of accomplishment 🙂


Week 11 Weigh-In

“What gets measured gets managed”

Peter Drucker”

AND – when you have a financial incentive you can help increase your odds of losing weight by a factor of 5!  Which, is a great reason to click on my HealthyWage badge below which also doubles as my referral link to help you take a significant step in managing your weight as well as giving me an extra $20 towards my final Jackpot! (link opens in new window)  Plus, 10% of the winnings go to help fight ALS (via

Click on the Banner to get your share!

Click on the Banner to get your share!


This week, we find ourselves at the lowest weight of the year so far, 267.2 pounds.  That’s a 5.6 pound drop over last week which can be typical following a week where the weight has gone up.  That 267 lb weight has been pretty stable and is exactly what I weighed the day before this week’s weigh-in.  Today (Friday, 3/13) I actually weighed in at 256.8 lbs which is good since I need to be at 264 next week and down to 260 the week after that.

2015 Wallpaper 02 half - 2015

As you may have noticed above, my official HealthyWage prize banner has changed from it’s original $2036.00 base prize to a new total of $2096.00 because I’ve had 3 people click on my link and sign up which has added $60 to my potential prize.


2015 Running Preview

I still need to finish up Part II of my running preview for the runs I have scheduled for this year – logistically, this blog is a godsend in terms of helping me keep everything straight.  Current list is as follows;


  1. Saturday 3/14 – St Pats 5M Run. – REGISTERED
  2. Saturday 3/21 – McKendree 5K – REGISTERED
  3. Saturday 3/28 – Bridge & Dam 10K – REGISTERED
  4. Saturday 4/4 – Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon – REGISTERED
  5. Sunday 4/12 – 15th Annual GO! St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  6. Sunday 6/21 – Go! St Louis All American 5k – REGISTERED
  7. Saturday 6/27 – Macklind Mile – REGISTERED
  8. Sunday 6/28 – Pride 5K – REGISTERED
  9. Friday 7/10 – Tour de Belleville – registration not yet available
  10. Saturday 7/11 – Tour de Donut – REGISTERED
  11. Saturday 8/8 – Moonlight Ramble – registration not yet available
  12. Sunday 9/20 – US Navy/AirForce 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  13. Saturday 10/17 – RnR 5K Spinning Medal – REGISTERED
  14. Sunday 10/18 – Rock n Roll St Louis 1/2 Marathon – REGISTERED
  15. Saturday 10/24 – 5K Monster Dash – reg not avail. pending.
  16. Sunday 11/1 – SLTC’s St Louis 1/2 Marathon – reg not available
  17. Virtual Run – Race with Reason – 500 Miles in 2015 for Fighter Medal

The Macklind Mile registration became available so I got signed up for that so I only have two bike rides and two more runs where registration is not available.  I’m not sure if the 5K Monster Dash will be an option unless it’s held  a week earlier due to scheduling conflicts with my Part IV board reviews.  The SLTC 1/2 is the longest running 1/2 marathon in St Louis and I wouldn’t mind doing that again.

Mainly, I’ve been looking at more runs – a few notable mentions would be the Country Music Marathon in Nashville TN.  As a single race, it’s very pricey with a current going rate of $125 and that’s a bit to wrap my head around.  However, the Rock n Roll series has what’s known as a Tour Pass available for $199 that entitles a person to run in any 3 Rock n Roll events.  There is also an extra fee which brings that price closer to $210 but that still comes out to about $70 per run which is easier to swallow than $125.

However – getting that Tour Pass also opens up the option of partaking in two additional RnR 1/2’s this year and in addition to Nashville, I may opt or the Chicago 1/2 which also features the Remix Challenge which means I can run a 5K the day before the half, as well as the 1/2 the next day – this gives participants a total of 3 medals.  One for each of the races as well as the bonus Spinning Medal showing you ran in the back to back races.

For me – the third RnR would only be second to the Washington DC 1/2 marathon I’m already signed up for because RnR #3 would be the Inaugural Run of the Brooklyn, New York 1/2 on October 10th, 2015.  General registration for the run begins March 16 but, as a pass holder I could sign up early.  It even has a special $55 early entry fee.  (which also makes me wonder if using my Tour Pass for this run would be prudent….)

But – I’ve never been to New York before except for flying into the airport once – I’ve never seen the city.  From what I’ve learned the Brooklyn Bridge crosses right over into Manhattan – another place I’ve never seen before 🙂

Most likely – I’ll sign up then figure out how to get there afterwards… 🙂

2015-03-13 15.41.50



Karate Promotion & Rock n Roll Weekend!

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I think Wednesday morning was the last full night’s sleep I had.  A post karate Thursday night trip to the ER unit at Children’s Hospital for one of my little nephews didn’t end until 4 a.m. Friday morning which normally wouldn’t be so bad except I had to meet some guys at the gym early Friday morning to practice our katas for Saturday testing!  🙂

After I finally got home from the Expo on Friday I slept 6 to 9 p.m. Friday and again from 3 a.m to 5 a.m. Saturday morning….then had a nifty little 5k Rock n Roll run in downtown st louis at 8 a.m. and karate testing starting at 10 a.m. 🙂

Karate Promotion

That test went well 🙂  Out of the 10 people slated for testing today  – I was among the 8 that passed 🙂

From left to right - Sensei Bob Seibert (7th Dan), myself, Sensei Xian (8th Dan), Marty (5th Dan)

From left to right – Sensei Bob Seibert (7th Dan), myself, Sensei Xian (8th Dan), Marty (5th Dan)

The three black belts pictured above made up our testing board.  As a group, many members of the dojo are going to Okinawa, Japan next week.  Usually we’ll get about 3 years advanced notice so everyone has time to save up, this year was a little compressed with only about 8 months notice.  Anyway, I’m pretty happy about this.  I’ve been at this for so long – first promotion May 5th, 1982 so, to look down at that certificate and see 2-kyu was kind of emotional.  One of the higher ranking black belts that tested ended up showing a fair amount of emotion towards the end of her testing as well.  I think she may have been going for her 4th degree which, is the highest that can be tested for outside of Okinawa.

2014-10-18 13.27.13 - Copy (2)

5K – Rock n Roll preview – might just toss some pictures up here – really tired….

St Louis 2014 Rock n Roll Expo

inside the expo, at the entrance

inside the expo, at the entrance

We were allowed to sign up for next years race for $55 and they threw in this extra t-shirt ....can't have too many of those... ;)

We were allowed to sign up for next years race for $55 and they threw in this extra t-shirt ….can’t have too many of those… 😉

the date for next years run is actually 10.18.15 and the shirt says 10.20.15 but, it’s still pretty cool

5K t-shirt & bib

5K t-shirt & bib

1/2 mary t-shirt & bib.  The black band is worn during the 1/2 so, after the run we go to a special tent to pick up our Extra Spinning Guitar pick medal for running Sat & Sun :)

1/2 mary t-shirt & bib. The black band is worn during the 1/2 so, after the run we go to a special tent to pick up our Extra Spinning Guitar pick medal for running Sat & Sun 🙂

back of the 1/2 mary t-shirt

back of the 1/2 mary t-shirt

common logo on the backs of all three t-shirts

common logo on the backs of all three t-shirts

Saturday 5K Race Pics

The Ribbon was really nice on this medal and I've never had one before that said 5K on it like this before :)

The Ribbon was really nice on this medal and I’ve never had one before that said 5K on it like this before 🙂

5k Start Line - I think I heard the announcer say there were over 1,500 people in this race

5k Start Line – I think I heard the announcer say there were over 1,500 people in this race

Looking back at the finish line :)

Looking back at the finish line 🙂

Had to get my picture taken with Captain America!  :D

Had to get my picture taken with Captain America! 😀

and now ….6 full hours of sleep await until tomorrow’s 1/2 🙂  my brother will also be doing the half which is pretty cool  🙂  My goal is to finish within an hour after he finishes 🙂

If your goals, hopes & dreams could talk, what would they say?

Dear John 01

Let’s hope they would not be writing you the following letter…

Dear John (insert your name),

You probably already know what this letter is about – you’ve seen it coming, I know you have.  It’s about us John, it’s over.  I’m leaving you.  I’ve hung on as long as I’ve could, you’ve got to give me credit for that.  I mean the way you swept me off my feet and talked lovingly about the future we would have together.  I’ve waited so long for your embrace, your attention and your love.  Why have you neglected me?  Why have you made so many excuses?  Your inaction and addiction to procrastination is absolutely tearing me apart.  I simply must move on.  For years, I would get so excited when you talked about the business we were going to start, the places we were going to visit and the home on the water where we could watch the sunset every night.  My heart would pitter patter every time you would talk about me to other people only to be let down once again because you were afraid.  What are you afraid of?  It’s only me.  I’m your hopes, your dreams, your goals.  I wanted you as much as you wanted me but you have left me no choice, I simply must move on.  Please do not attempt to talk your way out of this.  The years of indecision and lack of discipline tell me everything I need to know.  If you really and I mean really wanted me, you would have found a way for us to be together.  I am tired of having my hopes soar so high, just to see them dashed.  I simply must move on.  Time is marching by without us and my greatest fear is suddenly becoming visible on the horizon.  I’m so afraid we’ve come to the end of this 100 Day Challenge and never had the chance to really get to know one another.  It absolutely breaks my heart to have to entertain this thought but I simply must move on.  Like the genie that grants three wishes, I wanted to give you your hearts desire.  All I ever wanted, needed and asked for was your attention, your devotion and your willingness to work hard for me.  If that was too much to ask for then I’m sorry.  I simply must move on.  All things of value must be earned and I’ve grown tired of your excuses and lack of patience.  On numerous occasions I was within your grasp but you quit too soon.  Why did you leave me when you were so close?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, every day I would call out to you, I would whisper, “I am your goal, here I am, come and get me.”  I’m curious, did you ever hear me?  I repeated this question day after day, month after month, year after year.  But, now I’ve grown tired of hearing that the timing is not right, that you’re tired or that some day you’ll get around to it.  It’s time for me to get around to it and find someone who is committed, focused and proactive.  I simply must move on.  On behalf of all of your hopes, dreams & desires …there is something you should know about us.  We will never fail you nor ever let you down.  The main reason why we have not embraced one another is because you have failed us by not taking action.  Why?


Your Goals, Dreams, Hopes & Desires

Kind of sobering and, at the end of your life, your goals, dreams, hopes & desires will be gone.  Never again having a chance to obtain, get or achieve anything you may have once desired.

Relatively few people are in this particular 100 Day Challenge but everybody is in a Lifetime Challenge.  Are we, as Marianne Williamson has said, “living a life which earns our self respect” or are we living a life fraught with self condemnation from which we only want to escape by any means necessary?

July Recap – August Projections & W17D3 Run

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Overall, this was a very good month for training.  I had 16 running workouts in July compared to 17, 20 & 18 running workouts in April, May & June respectively But, I did have two biking workouts including the Tour de Donut which was 35 miles.  In terms of my training averages ….

Average Stats 2014-07-31

  • Total Miles increased about 50%
  • Average Distance increased almost 100%
  • Average Duration increased over 100%
  • Fastest Mile Average increased about 3%

It’s nice I was able to double my distance and duration while maintaining my average speed & pace.

I’ll have 4 full weeks of training in August, Weeks 18 through 21 of my program.  The mileage will increase by 2, 3, 3, 1 miles in each of those weeks over my last week in July which doesn’t seem too bad – quite reasonable and certainly within the 10% rule (not adding more than 10% per week to the weekly mileage)

However … there is a rather daunting 140 mile total scheduled for August.  I’ll really need to take this one day at a time.  After all, it still is only 4 days per week that I’ll be training and the Saturday Long Runs will be the only new training distances for me.

August Travel – I’ll be out of state for weeks 19, 20 & 21 of training.  The short & medium runs will take 1-2 hours but, these long runs of 16 & 17 miles have me a bit concerned.  I catch a break in Davenport because it looks like board reviews will be taking place while school is in session so those reviews will be 5-11 p.m. through the weekdays and I can move my 16 mile run from Sat to Friday since the weekend review sessions are always 9-6 p.m.

Overland Park, Kansas is a little different since all the days are basically of the 9 a.m. -6 p.m. variety so I’m thinking of breaking up my 16 mile run scheduled for the 23rd into 8 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Saturday.  Even 8 miles is going to take me the better part of 2 hours so maybe I’ll have to get out the door and hit the road by 5:30ish a.m. on Fri & Sat.  I know from experience that I’m dead after 9 hours of reviews and if I hit the runs in the morning it might help me to pay better attention during my board reviews.

Chesterfield, Missouri – I’ll be commuting each day to Chesterfield but that also adds about an hour each way so the 9-6 review shifts are more like 8 to 7 p.m.  I think I might split things up like I’m planning in Overland Park, KS and break up my 17 mile run scheduled for 8/30 and do half early morning Friday and the other half early morning Saturday.

I guess I’ve done harder things.  Sept 6th is an 18 mile run which is being replaced by a 50 mile bike ride and the following Saturday is my Part III Boards Exam ….I have 20 miles scheduled for that day.  That’s over 4 hours and probably closer to 5 hours on my feet.

Weeks 24, 25, 26 & 27 are blank …they don’t exist because my training program is only for 26 weeks and the final 3 weeks are for tapering.  On my spreadsheet I simply have myself repeating Weeks 22 & 23  twice to fill in those 4 weeks.   I’ll know better when the time gets closer as to what might be best.

Week 17 Day 3 – 4 miles
This was a heck of a run.  It’s the 4th time in the past 2 weeks that I’ve covered 4 miles in training and those first two times had exactly the same time of 56:52.  I was 16 seconds slower on my third attempt but tonight, I had to get my 4 miles in after karate so, it was a late night run BUT I finished the darn thing in 53:16!  That was 3 min 32 seconds Faster than my previous last two attempts.  I had a 13:16 average pace and …keep in mind, I’m a 260 lb man so, my legs are hauling some weight around with them.  Anyway, that was my best training pace ever for any distance over 2 miles.  Back on June 9th I had the same pace with a 2 mile run.  I’m guessing the hour and a half karate I did before hand was a good warm up 🙂

Well, I’m tired and need to get to bed – I’ll hit the Weekly Weigh-In and Spinning Guitar pick medals some other time.  In short – I weighed 261 this week so, I’m basically the same weight as I was the week after my 12 week weight loss contest ended back in April.  I signed up for a 5k on October 18th which is the day before the St Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon but …by doing both there is a really sweet looking medal with a Spinning Guitar pick I can earn.

Other than that I might preview a 5 mile run i have coming up this Sat over in Washington, MO.

10 Weeks Completed & Week 8 Weigh-In

dimly lit at a distance-1

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– 10 Weeks Completed

Week 8 Weigh-In
My 8th week weigh in was last Thursday on 6/12.  I did remember to snap a pic of the scale but didn’t post it in a timely manner so, I’m catching up a bit here 🙂

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy


Week 8 looks a heck of a lot like Week 6, exactly the same as a matter of fact but, I’m still opting for the keep calm mindset.  I went from 316.2 lbs on Jan 13 of this year down to 242.2 lbs twelve weeks later.  260 lbs was my weight 1 week after that final weigh in of 242.2 and my new and more realistic starting weight.

I’ve had 4 weigh-ins above my starting weight and 4 below.  One thing I’m aware of that isn’t evident on the static snapshot of my weight is the fact that I was weighing less in the days leading up to that weigh in.  I know I weighed around 257 a day or two earlier and a large pizza the night before that Week 8 weigh in was still sitting in my stomach.  However, being so close to my week 9 weigh in I also know that my weight seems to have trended back up to this new level.

I believe this is partially because I was low on food and maybe didn’t make the best decisions when I finally went grocery shopping.  I got some kinds of “fun” and “summer” type foods – macaroni salad (880 mg per serving), coleslaw, hotdogs (yikes!)  although, the 8 pack of hotdogs went pretty quick – in fact, they all went in a single day.  I had 3 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 3 more for dinner….  hmmmm

Other intake aspects have improved.  I know I’m drinking more water and less coffee.  My cigarette consumption is down 30-50% and still using ultra light smokes along with those TarBar filters and, I’ve gotten back to taking my vitamins.   This next level of marathon training which starts this week is going to be another game changer, another big step unlike anything I’ve done in the first 10 weeks so …I have to opt to remain calm.

10 Weeks Completed
That part of the brain that fears & doubts is a tough one to kill, maybe it’s something that never dies but hopefully it’s voice can be subdued given enough encouragement to shut the hell up.

Other than my two half marathons, I’ve only had 3 runs in the first 10 weeks which exceeded 3 miles.   After today’s run which is a 30 min week 10 run that got flip flopped with my Week 11, 3 mile run …I’ll never have a run scheduled which is less than 3 miles.

Yeah, I have a bit of concern about this but …I have to give myself a chance.  I have to stick with the program.

yeah – i’m freaked out a little bit and, initially my thoughts are that I “should” be showing more confidence
but – that thinking was quickly replaced with a very true reality – at least I’m giving myself the Opportunity to get freaked out by Pushing myself – by adhering to this program.  Anybody can be confident with task they have already mastered.  It takes courage, fortitude, trust and faith in oneself to push forward into uncharted territory.


I’ll die before I quit.
The current temperature is 97 degrees.

I don’t care if satan himself is standing in my path.  I will kick his ass and obliterate him.  If I can walk, I can run.

I started walking at a bodyweight of 316.2 – I started jogging when I thought something might break – I CAN transition into this new and continuing life changing part of my program.  Granted …I may be very motivated to run much earlier in the day when it’s NOT 97 degrees out but, either way, I’m going to get it done.


I’ll be calm and deal with the reality of these future situations I’m putting myself in.   Stay calm until the reality of the challenge is at hand …what was it Thomas Carlyle said? …

ours is not to see what lies dimly lit in the future but to do what lays clearly at hand….

I was close and looked it up 🙂  I think when you have a picture with some quote on it that is called a meme(?)  I’m not sure but, if that’s what it’s called then I just created my own meme because I couldn’t find any ready to use with this brilliant quote from Carlyle.  It’s what I will post on instagram today after my run.

Actually – the quote is so good, at least to me that I will put it at the top of my blog – maybe at the bottom also so it shows up when this gets posted on my google account 😉

for me and my training – his quote means not to worry about any run in the future just do and deal with what lies clearly at hand – no misuse of the imagination here spent on worrying – deal with what is at hand.

no time wasted on misspent imagination.  Focus and deal with events & training runs one at a time, in the moment they are occurring – not one second before.

dimly lit at a distance-1

Go! St Louis All American 5k

All American 5k

I hadn’t really intended to go to this run because I was out & up so late last night.  I set my alarms for 5 and 5:15 a.m. and promptly turned them both off when they disturbed my slumber and went back to sleep.  Woke up, got my coffee and noticed it was still only 5:30 ….

I figured I already paid for the run and I was going to have to run today anyway and this 5k even came with a finisher’s medal …Extra Bling! WooHoo!  🙂

2014-06-15 11.21.32 - Copy

The back of the medal was pretty cool also and included the date which is always appreciated 🙂

2014-06-15 11.17.21 - Copy

The shirt was 100% cotton and good quality, pretty heavy.  The front and back are shown below.

2014-06-15 11.25.08 - Copy 2014-06-15 11.25.41 - Copy


The course was point to point and had free shuttle service after the run to get back where you started.

2014-06-15 16.44.50 - Copy 2014-06-15 13.48.38 - Copy

There was an extra bonus after the run of getting my NikePlus Silver trophy for the month and since it’s only the 15th, I should be right on track for getting my gold trophy by the end of the month.  I still think there is a platinum trophy available for hitting 75 miles in a month but that would be too much of a deviation from the current training program to safely attain.  Maybe in July and definitely in August I should be getting a platinum trophy 🙂

2014-06-15 07.24.44 - Copy

The Run
This run had over 2,000 people in it and it was without a doubt one of the most impressive 5k’s I’d ever ran.   The course record on this run was 14 min 54 seconds which ….is pretty mind boggling!  The guy that set that record was here today and ran it in the exact same time!  I lined up at the back of the pack and, by the time i got to the start I’m guessing Mr First Place was probably already done with his first mile.  🙂

The run was really great and it was nice to actually be a bit trained for a run instead of simply signing up for something and walking.  I ran (jogged) this entire course.   I started out with a 12:56 mile and the second and third miles both came in a few seconds over 14 minutes.  The new engine held up pretty well although I could have used some water before we started.  There was one water stop at the 1.8 mile mark and the running felt much easier after drinking two cups of water.  Almost everybody in the back of the pack were walkers and I was able to eventually pass all of them.  I didn’t streak past anybody and the passing was very gentle but, I was jogging and it felt good to keep moving up in the pack.  The course was mainly flat with a couple gentle inclines and I was able to overtake a lot of people on those inclines.  I just kept truckin’ along – uphill, downhill, flat …I pretty much maintained a constant pace.

There was one lady who had a similar constant pace who jogged along side me for a while then stopped to tie a tie on some display for Father’s Day.  I’m guessing I was her target because she caught up to me with about 1/2 mile left in the race then with two tenths of a mile left she picked up her pace a little bit but, I knew I still had FULL Sprinting Capacity left under the hood and just took off for the last tenth of a mile and blew right by everyone in my vicinity.

The layout at the end of this race could rival some half marathons I’ve been in.  It was actually more impressive than the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon I completed up in Springfield, IL a couple months ago.  We got handed a bottle of water, then got our medals then there were tables of fruit, banana’s and so forth, little cups of Dole fruit and ….ICE CREAM!!! 🙂  There was even a Chipotle’s stand giving out free food.

2014-06-15 08.57.04 - Copy

That little girl in the Chipotle picture reminded me of this cute little two and a half foot girl that must have zoomed by me at least 24 times during my run.  I think she had a grandpa up ahead and a mom that she kept speeding away from but, once she caught up to grandpa she would stop and look around for her mother and walk back to reunite with her.  There were a couple miniature sized type people that kept zooming by me but, I just held my pace and got ‘er done 🙂

This was a very impressively well run race.  It was sponsored by Go! St Louis which also has a Halloween Half Marathon and a Go! St Louis Marathon later in the year.  They are sort of like a local version of the Rock n Roll series.  For everything we got, the price was very reasonable as well.  I signed up in the last week before the run so I had to pay the max of $30 but, I think this run was available for as little as $20 if you were to sign up early enough.  This will have to be a must do run in 2015.

Almost forgot – Day 1 of Week 11 starts my mileage based running and Day 4 of week 10 ends my time based running.  I’m flip flopping those two days around and counting today’s 5k as my 3 mile run for Week 11, Day 1 and tomorrow I’ll do my 30 minute Week 10, Day 4 run.

Wow – 10 weeks of formal scheduled training in the books – 1/3rd of the way there.  There’s been some nice improvements over the past 10 weeks and I’m looking forward to more of the same in these next 10 weeks.  🙂

Doubt, Faith, Trust & Fear

My running partners tend to be those I have never actually met.  There is a guy on Instagram called Mathew Bolet (?sp) who is a great mentor and inspiration and another guy who shares his own running blog on wordpress named, Ryan, I believe who lives in Memphis, TN.  I relate to those I see at the park.  The constant walkers who show me where I’ve been and those who run like the wind and show me where I want to be someday soon.

I tag my runs via Instagram use that app to check into the park where I run.  I add hastags on my running post to help connect with other runners.  #nikeplus is a good tag and #marathon or #marathontraining helps to connect with a specific audience but, lately I’ve been adding tags I feel are of greater significance.  #faith, #hope, #love and even #life

The path is my classroom and the effort necessary for running is my teacher.  Some routes may be the same but, the lessons are always evolving.  Failure has been one of my current ponderings but, lately my pensive ponderings have brought me back around to doubt.  Little by little thoughts form like bricks waiting to be constructed into something useful and maybe someday something even glorious and grand.  The aesthetic architecture sometimes takes me a while to achieve.

With doubt – it may be well known that doubt may give pause to trust and doubt may also give fear a basis for growth but, is it necessary to abolish doubt?  I don’t think so.

The one picture above may give the impression that doubt and fear are along different paths than faith, hope & love but, i’m thinking maybe they are just different sides of the same road.
Doubt can give greater meaning and life to faith.  Doubt may give texture to hope.  I seem to sense a muddled truth in all this although my expression may be lacking.  But, I do think the two are more interconnected and doubt & fear are not necessarily bad things per se.

I like the following quote by MLK
This may be something I ponder with today’s scheduled 30 minute run.  I’m not at the level yet where I can know the entire outcome of my runs.  I had a 76 minute non-stop run last week but a sub 12 minute run this past Monday.  I have hope and faith I’ll eventually get to where I want to be but ….I suppose doubt is the friend that’s helping to keep things exciting and palatable.

MLK’s quote reminds me of something I saw Jack Canfield say in a movie called The Secret.  He mentioned that we can drive, in the dark from New York to Los Angeles with headlights that can only light up a couple hundred feet in front of us.  Again, we don’t need see the whole road ahead, just enough for us to take us that next precious step.

In a way, I think being able to reel in our visions and sometimes only focusing on those next few steps can help us gain control over the fear we might feel by trying to look at a big picture which, we really don’t know anything about.  I don’t know much for certain but, I want to believe things will work out.

I want more life and more energy and running seems to be a very good conduit for interfacing with that energy.

Well, anybody reading this  – wish me luck 🙂  I’ve got 30 minutes running scheduled for today, another 25 minutes tomorrow and then 40 minutes this coming Saturday.  I will try to keep in mind LSD – Long, Slow, Distance.  This is what my running coach kept saying when I took a running class at SIUE.  anytime i had to stop he would simply say I’m going too fast and tell me to slow down.  That was how i started 20 years ago and how i started my training for my very first marathon.  And, I know I was cranking out tenths of a mile in under 60 seconds and was able to keep that up for several miles.

I want that again.  I have hopes & beliefs and time will ultimately grade these efforts.  Improvements have been made over the past three months and I must allow myself the opportunity to see if June is capable of another set of improvements.  No guarantee and the specter of failure is one with a very sharp and unforgiving edge to it.  Perhaps this is when bravery and courage enter into the picture.

We are brave when we do what we must in spite of our fear.

We believe when we trust in spite of our doubts.

W8D3 – Be Willing To Risk Failure Everyday


Be willing to risk failure everyday.  

Be willing to risk failure everyday unless you are OK with being average or mediocre.  

Failures lay along the path to success.  

Only those with the courage and fortitude to risk failure can ever hope to traverse a path of significance.