Week 5, Day 2 & other stuff…

The training run was OK.  2.75 miles which is short of the 3.00 mile goal.  I could tell I was dehydrated in the first tenth of a mile, mouth was dry, even the walking felt kind of hard …harder than usual.  I did notice something interesting on a spreadsheet I’m keeping of some run data.  During the month of April my average pace ranged from 16-18 min/mile.  In May there was a jump and, prior to today’s run, all paces were under 14 min/mile.  Even today wasn’t horrible with a 14:29 pace and I did have my third longest non-stop running stint of 3:30.  Calculating some quick averages, my distance is up 0.5 miles and average pace is up from 3.6 mph in April to 4.3 mph this month 🙂

Mostly what’s been on my mind are the latest NBCE national board scores.  Looks like from the data I have available my best score of 356 was in March of 2012.  I had a score of 299 in September 2012 but I don’t think I even did the board reviews for that exam and was mainly in survival mode with school.  Anyway, 340 is where I sit now.  375 is what I need to pass but, I would really love to knock it out of the park …who wouldn’t.  If you fail any of the NBCE exams they now give a “Failing Score Analysis” which rates my content of knowledge in 9 different areas as either Insufficient, Borderline or Sufficient.  So, I don’t feel too horrible about myself, I’ll be noting below the best I’ve done in any area over the last three attempts at this exam.

  1. Sufficient – Case History
  2. Sufficient – Physical Exam
  3. Borderline – Neuromusculoskeletal Exam
  4. Borderline – Diagnostic Imaging
  5. Insufficient – Clinical Laboratory & Special Studies
  6. Borderline – Diagnosis
  7. Borderline – Chiropractic Techniques
  8. Sufficient – Supportive Interventions
  9. Borderline – Case Management

3 Sufficient
5 Borderline
1 Insufficient

Anyway, those are my best ratings.  For some reason, Supportive Interventions was sufficient the last two times I took the exam but actually came out as insufficient on this last attempt.  I don’t even know exactly what Supportive Interventions are – maybe PT stuff?  I’m not sure.  I stayed an extra day in Iowa for the PT board review.  These are things I’ll have to figure out.

I was thinking of bringing a radiology book with me to the park.  I like to sit down at one of the picnic tables after my run to shoot a screenshot of my run to my brother or post on Instagram – close out NikePlus and save my run from Sports Tracker (another running app on my phone)  

…lots of pausing, thinking and reflection here…. kind of tough shit to face up to.  not fun but, can’t fix it if it’s not acknowledged.  What are those 10 two letter words?  If it is to be, it is up to me.  I know there’s a good life waiting for me once I get through this exam.  All I can say is insufficient effort and I obviously didn’t do enough to pass the exam.  I have to take full responsibility for my results.

There are some specific things I want …travel, 968 Porsche convertible, Airplane, Boat, nice house …quasi typical kinds of things but, there is one thing I’ll take over any material item and I’m already working on that.  I know where I want to be and what I want to look like.  This running program – 4 days per week.  Completing a marathon, having the discipline necessary to see through a training program that last the better part of a year, It’s something money can’t buy.  

Part II – Daytona Beach, FL – Fri-Mon – July 18-21
Part III – Daytona Beach, FL – Tue & Wed – July 22 & 23

Part II – Marietta, GA – Thur-Sun – July 31 – Aug 3
Part III – Marietta, GA – Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur – Aug 4 – 7

Part II – Davenport, IA – Sun, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri – Aug 10-15th
Part III – Davenport, IA – Sat, Sun – Aug 16-17

Part II – Overland Park, KS – Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon – Aug 22-25
Part III – Overland Park, KS – Tue, Wed – Aug 26&27

Part II – Chesterfield, MO – Thur-Sun, Aug 28th – 31st
Part III – Chesterfield ,MO – Tue&Wed – Sept 2-3rd

<the next day…>
whew….i was up until nearly 6 a.m. last night going over as much NBCE related stuff as possible –  The list above is for all the Part II and Part III board reviews available between now and Sept from NBS (National Board Specialist)  I’ve contacted Dr James & Dr Laura about my situation and they’ve already gotten back to me.  on all the analysis I sent them they said it looks like I’ve passed all of part III at one time or another but, there’s 10 different state boards that contribute to that exam.  This is the one exam that’s written by doctors in the field while all other parts are written by education professionals.  It covers anything that a practicing doctor has ever screwed up and potentially gotten in trouble for.  It’s definitely a no bull-shit exam and it’s the shortest exam of all the parts – only about 130 questions which is down from over 200 in years past.  Part I was 9 hours of testing, Part II was close to 13 hours (over 2 days)

It’s hard to believe I’m dealing with scores like 340 and 299 in my last two attempts at Part III.  When I look over My unofficial transcript from NBCE I’m seeing scores in Physiology, Chemistry, Pathology and Microbiology of 561, 533, 482 and 485 respectively and from Part II, General Diagnosis and Associated Clinical Sciences show scores of 482 and 510.   However, those scores were while I was still in school and back in 2010.  That was 4 years ago.  

The response from NBS was to attend any and all sessions of reviews for Parts II, Part III, PT and Part IV that I can travel to.  

The PT reviews are usually tacked on to the end of the Part III reviews so that might add a day, at most to any of the above Part III schedules.  I’m not sure if there is a Part IV review available before the Part III exam in September.  

right now, I’m thinking of Daytona Beach since it’s the soonest available and about two months before the exam.  Marietta, GA would be on my drive back from Florida but there is a 7 day gap between the FL and GA reviews.  That would be a good 1-2 punch.  OR Florida and Iowa ….Chesterfield, MO is a given.

The only Part II review I had was two weeks before the last exam, up in Iowa and there was a Part III exam just the week before which didn’t really allow me enough time to fully own all the material in Part II the way I’ve learned I was supposed to.

I’ll definitely have to make a new tab here for Part III.  It’s not running but, it is part of my life.  I’m sure there’s plenty of running related stuff, knee, hips, acetabulum, feet, etc., that should be relevant to running to keep things interesting.  I have to focus and keep my head clear.  

…kind of a later start to the day than I anticipated but, finally faced up to those scores i got on Monday.  …took a couple days to actually look at them on my laptop instead of my phone.  The marathon training is going to be instrumental in getting through all this.  …if you want what you’ve never had you have to be and do what you’ve never done …that old saying …