Run Log Updated & 30.6 lbs to $2,096

10 weeks and a couple days from today I have a two week window to weigh 212 lbs, in which case I’ll win $2,096 from

I hadn’t updated my Running Log since last August but now have my miles filled in through April ’06.  My run streak is in tact and as of yesterday I’m at Run Streak Day (RSD) 298

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293

I count on my Nike Plus app synced with Smashrun to keep track of my streak now since it can be a bit cumbersome to make out a post for Instagram everyday to keep track of my running.  If anyone is interested I can be found on Instagram at @drdukowitz

I have 6 months worth of question marks for my weight in my Running Log but, I really don’t mind because I don’t necessarily want to have to keep track of my weight every day or even every month of my life (if i don’t have to) but, I did weigh in yesterday for another wager going on in which I needed to weigh no more than 243.8 and I beat that by a bit over a pound with a 242.6 weigh-in.

2016-04-23 Run Streak Day 293


I don’t think I’ll have time for all the cropping and edits to make nice charts so readers will just have to deal with my feet being in the pics.  Regarding the Log which I keep under my Running Log tab it’s not too shabby

Running Log

Last year I kinda got huge into running and while there are still ambitions there, my priority focus is definitely body weight mainly because if I don’t make my 212 weight then not only do I not get a $2,096 prize but I’m also out the $756 I put up to make the bet.  I have to say it’s a lot easier with other real & local people that you know you are going to meet up with after 12 weeks like was the case in the local Lose to Win contest I was in.  There’s a much higher degree of competition which, for me, fuels a lot of activity and motivation.  However, this will still be a good test.

Looking at that log, it appears I’ll need my average weight to drop a decade with each successive month.  May will have to average in the 230s, June in the 220s and July definitely in the 210s.

One motivational aspect I’ll use is working to obtain the 3rd rarest running badge available on which is the Towering Stairs badge.  To get it, I’ll need to increase my mileage by at least 15 miles per month for 6 consecutive months.  I made a go at it last year but was starting with mileage well over 100 and would have needed to work my way up to 165 miles or so during the 6th month …something kind of ridiculous, at least at this stage of the game.  Anyway, I have another shot at it here.

2016-04-23 Towering Stairs Badge

My next run is a half marathon in Nashville, TN this coming weekend so I’ll be sure to have all the miles I need in for this month.  After that, I am registered for a half marathon in Geist, Indiana.

I’ll just have to keep posting because this stuff isn’t always on my mind and a big challenge now is simply maintaining awareness of this 212 goal in spite of everything else I’ve got going on.

My next scheduled weigh in is for Tue/Wed the 26th/27th of April so maybe we’ll see a number less than 242.6 and since I’m blogging and have this on my mind, I think I can sign up for another 1 month 4% weight loss dietbet and use that 242.6 weigh in as a new starting point …..calculating……that would mean needing a 232.9 weight or less in 4 weeks.  I guess the weather is nice enough to get out and run more often now….

OK.  We can only be in three 4% 4 week bets and three 10% 6 month bets so I only had room for one more game and found Mama Laughlin’s DietBet which starts tomorrow and my last verified weight of 242.6 was able to be used as my starting point.  I have two more of those 4 week dietbets ending this week, one in two days and one in three days ….looks like those two weigh-ins overlap on the 27th so….well, honestly, I don’t want to lose too much in the next couple days or I might get a goal out of reach ….or, maybe just let the chips fall where they may and put ‘er into high gear to help make my 212 weight asap.  I’ll post again Wednesday with updates.

btw – This latest DietBet I joined has 1,916 players (more pending) a total Jackpot of $67,060 and only $35 to join.  I was given a link directly to the game if anybody wants to join —>


Week 16, Day 1 – 2015 CMM – Running Log Updates


Registration for the 2015 Country Music Marathon in Nashville Tennessee on April 25 is now open!  Click on the bold faced underlined link and use Code ROCKCMM15 to save $15.  That code is good until 11:50 p.m. on July 25th so, not much time.  The regular price is currently $90 for the half marathon and $95 for the full marathon.  The Rock n Roll series runs are not cheap but this one was a blast in 2014 and I have nothing else planned in April of next year so I’ll probably sign up.

I’ve been having some fun with my Running Log tab and added pictures of both of my previous Full Marathon runs from 1994 and 2004.  I don’t think internet browsers came out until 1995 and I have yet to find any proof that I ran that full marathon back in 1994 other than that medal.  I also posted my first VP Fair 10k run medal from that same year back in ’94.  A few years later I finally realized that we got the same medal regardless of whether we did the 10K or 3K so, I became economical and did the 3K from then on out …. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize it was a 3K and always thought it was a 5K but, the medal says 3K so … who am I to argue 😉 🙂

I’ve also updated my Monthly Average Statistics also found on that same Running Log tab.  I’ve started to realize that whether I run 3, 5 or 10 miles that at least one of those miles needs to be a decent time in order to keep my “Fastest Mile Average” metric improving.  Which, I suppose is another way of saying that I’m learning to play my own game.  😉

The Fastest Mile column is new and kind of cool.  The statistics shown are from my Sports Tracker app.  The averages from May to June actually went down slightly which can be mildly annoying but, with the addition of that new column I’m able to see a ray of sunshine with an improvement in my fastest mile of over 2 minutes.  That time had two things going for it – 1) it was a race and 2) the race was only 1 mile long (The Macklind Mile)

I’ll have to get to a track by the end of this month to see if I can improve upon that time.
July has been a bit different.  My average distance is over 2 miles more than the previous month and Average Duration has also increased by over 1/2 hour.  So far, the average of my fastest miles for each training run is under 14 minutes as well, coming in at 13:41 per mile.

I almost feel a little desperate to see those numbers drop faster because of the impending Marathon on November 1st.  I often do calculations throughout the day and, for easy figuring, I look at this last 10K and to make the numbers nice think about 6 miles in 1:15 or 12 in 2:30, which means 24 miles in 5 hours.  That’s a heck of a long time and I scarcely have any runs beyond the 6 mile range right now.  The 35 mile bike ride took the place of an 8 mile run but, I do have 11 miles scheduled for this coming Saturday and I’ll have some help from the Rambling Walkers – whoever they are 🙂  It’s at Babler State Park in Missouri so I’m sure some hills will be involved.  At least I’ll get it done early.  I do want to have a bit of a strategy in place and might brush up on the Gallaway strategy of walk/run to help me get through it.

I want to be better than I was 20 years ago and I think that’s possible in terms of running.

That reminds me again of that quote by Bill Gates that most of us overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in 10 years.  I need to get through this upcoming Marathon, it’s not something I take lightly.  Even with that 2015 Nashville run I mentioned earlier, I’m only looking at the half marathon.

I do think maybe if I keep up my efforts that sometime next year – 2015, I’ll really be able to run some races and do them better than I’ve ever done before 🙂

2014 Marathon First One

Longer, Faster – & my Weigh-In Wallpaper!

I’m in week 4 of my 26 week training program and completed 3 out of 4 of the needed runs this week.  Monday and Wednesday were pretty much the same, running 2.1 miles in 35 minutes.  On Thursday, I wanted to do better and after my first 5 minute run/walk interval I deviated from those 5 minute intervals for the first time and ran more when I felt like it as opposed to what the clock said.  The result was a 19% improvement in distance over the same amount of time and can be seen in the following two screenshots from my phone.


Both of these workouts include a five minute walking warm-up then 30 minutes of running & walking.  The slower one is with strict adherence to jogging the start of each 5 minute interval and walking the balance.  The second was more free-flowing, running as I could and often involved not waiting an entire five minutes before starting to jog again.

In a way, I’m constantly on the lookout for improvements, anything to help bolster a belief that I am improving.  I will continue to have faith & trust in myself and the program I’m using.  I guess I have enough experience to know that improvement doesn’t always follow some theoretical linear fashion and there will be ups and downs but, overall, given enough time there should be a trend upwards.  Fits & Starts is one way I’ve seen improvement talked about before.

Weeks 5 & 6 of this program are the same and both consist of 35 minutes of walking and running.  I suppose, in the beginning, having 5 minute intervals where I run as much as I’m comfortable with then walk the balance of five minutes is a pretty safe and comfortable way to start out.

Oh, there was something interesting I noticed when coming to the last five minutes of yesterdays run – I was a bit sad that it was coming to an end.  That is quite a contrast from the 15 or 20 minutes I sat in my car before the run, when I was simply procrastinating and putting things off, even pondering going home first to get a bite to eat.  I’m glad I stayed and accomplished what I did.

I’m hopeful with the extra 5 minutes in weeks 5 & 6 that I’ll be covering 3 or 3.1 miles by the end of week 6.   I’m also hopeful because the 26 week countdown to the marathon doesn’t start until this coming Monday, and I’ll have already finished 4 weeks of the program.  How I end up at the end of week 6 will determine if I move on to week 7 which consist of straight running for 20 minutes on all four days of training or, if I will add week(s) to the program to continue to do what I’ve been doing to allow myself to build up to the 20 minutes of straight running, if necessary.

At least for this one workout yesterday, I was able to jog more and walk less and on another workout prior to Nashville, I jogged for over 5 minutes, non-stop.

Weigh-In Wallpaper  –
while I’m here I should get my wallpaper posted to help with my accountability.  The 12 week contest ended on April 10th, finale was on April 12th.  On Thursday, April 17th I got a new starting weight for myself.  The contest ended with me going from 316.2 down to 244.2 but, there was plenty of fluid loss in the last week so it wasn’t a very real figure to start from plus, I had a jar of peanut butter and a few other things waiting for me that I wanted to eat after the contest.  All told, I’m starting my 2nd 12 week session with a weight of 260.0.  I went up 2.8 pounds after week 1 and then down to 258 for my week 2 weigh in.


The scale numbers are cropped from pictures of the scale I take when I weigh in.  I’m weighing in on the same scale I did when I was in the contest, at a place called Vitalize Chiropractic.  The lower right hand corner is where I’ve been keeping my training program so I can keep on top of things.  I haven’t seen any weight higher than that 262.8 from week 2 but I have seen weights as low as 254.7 which was the day after Nashville and probably due to dehydration.  The contest allowed us to weigh-in anytime during the week on Monday through Thursday and I might stick with the Thursday weigh ins while I can.  The percentage numbers indicates my change in weight as compared to my beginning weight.  Right now I am down 0.77%.  A drop of 10% over the 12 week period would be fantastic and put me in line with my friend from Memphis who writes the RunningLarge blog here on wordpress who purportedly weighs north of 235 lbs but still manages to crank out some incredible times.  He’s someone I’d like to emulate and keep track of.  Whenever I can figure more things out here on wordpress I’d like to copy his blog format as well since he list his stats and various runs that he’s done.  I’ve never had a centralized location for any of that stuff.  His 5k PRs are 26:30 (in a race) and 25:56 (in training) ….that’s a heck of a lot faster than I was thinking.  He has a 4 mile PR of 38:07 so, maybe I’ll try to get in 3 miles at a time equal or better than his 4 mile PR by the end of week 6.  I’ll keep working at it but, need to get to work right now.  🙂


Falling Short

I’ve talked with many ex-smokers who have said that even though they quit, that craving never goes away.  I think of this because most of my marathon thoughts have to do with the first one I ever ran which was back in 1994.  I didn’t train and basically walked my 2nd marathon in 2004 so there wasn’t much in the way of opportunities to form many indelible memories.

1994 is entirely different …memories of the training, memories of the run.  Maybe it was back in ’94 when I became addicted and even though I’ve been an ex-runner more of a runner over the last 20 years, just like the ex-smoker – that craving from running never goes away.  There is a local park with a 1.5 mile track and markers every 0.1 miles.  I remember the first time being able to run completely around that track without stopping.  It was also at that track, after deviating off the path for a while then coming back that I ran my first hour non-stop.  I remember wanting to know what it was like to run at a 4 min/mile pace like Roger Banister so, I figured that was 15mph and was actually able to bury that speed …for 0.2 miles anyway.  For me, that pace was just shy of an all out sprint and took place about two weeks before my first marathon.  I remember one of my last long runs.  I went out the night before with a can of white spray paint and a car full of water bottles.  The run started at the water tower of a local mall and ended at a VFW post & campsite with a lake about 15 miles away.  I drove that course and stopped my car every mile, then got out and spray painted the mile number on the road and left a couple of bottles of water next to the number.  I remember at mile 13 one of the water bottles had tipped over and emptied out.  It was rough looking forward to water only to find none.  My car was waiting at the parking lot of the VFW post and a kind elderly couple who lived at the site gave us some water and a bite to eat.  

The run itself was great up until the 20 mile marker, up to that point it was pure running.  Whatever family lived around the 20 mile marker had tables set up out front with food, it was the first time I stopped running and grabbed some food to eat – I think I stopped, not positive about that part, I am positive I ate food and very shortly thereafter my legs stopped working.  It’s like they seized up and wouldn’t function properly.  I was afraid I might be out of the race but, I found if I squatted down then stood back up that was enough to get my legs moving again, at least for a block or two then I would have to squat down, stand up and continue jogging.  That went on for most of the remaining 10k of the race.

I’m guessing my pace was somewhere between 10 and 11 minutes per mile.  

I’d like to beat all that.  It’s what I think about.  I know I mentioned things I need to do for karate, masons, getting my chiropractic license but, the one thing that seems to dominate my mind more than anything is being able to run longer and faster. I want to be able to hit those milestones I did 20 years ago.  I want to run around that track at the park non-stop.  I want to run for an hour non-stop again.  I want to best that 4 minute per mile pace, even if it is just for 0.2 miles.  Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to run a quarter mile in under a minute.  I think, if I was on a regular track then I may have been capable of doing it that day I toyed with that 4min/mile pace.  My best mile time in high school was 6:04 so I would love to break that 6 minute mark.  I was a lineman on the football team back then so, it was the fastest time of the linemen but beating that 6 minute mark was something that was needed to get an extra star on our helmet.  

Some thoughts in my head are positive about the training and my ability to be able to complete the upcoming marathon while other thoughts lend themselves to doubt.  I like that I still have over 6 months to train for the event but, when I look at the numbers – only 186 days away – 185 days away in about 15 minutes and realize how much farther I have to go then I wonder….

I like that my pace at Nashville was 14:41 because it looks like it’s within striking distance of that 10 min/mile pace.  I know when I’m actually running that my pace is better than 6 mph but, I can’t keep it up that long – that time is still being measured in minutes…. 

There is a race in three weeks, May 17th I’m looking into.  They have a half marathon with a 3 hour time limit but, I’m not really cut out for accomplishing anything overly noble in those half marathon runs and was thinking of tackling a 10k while still adhering to my 5 minute interval program but, maybe pushing it a little bit and maybe doubling the amount of time i was running in Nashville.  Maybe 1.5 or 2 minutes of running every 5 minutes.  I have times of 1:29:33 and 1:30:19 for the 10k splits in the Lincoln Presidential and Nashville CMM runs respectively.  Maybe I could take 8 minutes off those times?  

It’s almost funny or, perhaps ironic, that I mentioned needing to do more and be better with Karate and the Masons in my last post because, I never made it to my weekly Masonic meeting last night and didn’t make it to karate tonight.  It reminds me a bit of what we learned in school about nerves dying.  Just before a nerve finally dies it sends out one last burst of impulse, kind of a last ditch effort type thing.  If a person’s optic nerve was dying about the same time as the rest of the body then that last burst might account for the white light that people have reported seeing before they died.   (then somehow being brought back to life so they could recount the story)

I’ve noticed this phenomenon before though.  When I’m doing well, I want to do better.  But then upon trying or wanting to do more and specifically after writing it down, it seems …more often than not, that’s when I’ll fall apart a little bit on those very things I said I wanted.  

Idk – (that’s “I don’t know” for you non-texting type people out there)  Today, I was just exhausted.  I added a few more lawns to be cut today than I originally had on my schedule so, from 9:02 this morning until 4:10 this afternoon I was cutting grass and except for one quick stop at a local gas station to use the restroom and my drive time from one job to another, that’s pretty much what I did all day – cut lawns.  According to my fitbit that I wear on my wrist I covered over 12 miles today and today was an OFF day for training.  I’m just currently exhausted and at 7:30, instead of being at karate, I found myself in bed only to wake 3 hours later dying of thirst.  Since waking I’ve had 1/2 dozen strawberries, 1 orange and 3 bottles of water in addition to writing a few pages here.  

Falling Short – this was an initial thought I had and maybe stems a little bit from that saying about “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

I’m thinking the moon would be what I’m shooting for, that marathon run on November 1st down in Wynne, Arkansas but, the stars would be things like running that 1.5 mile path non-stop – being able to run fast – running for an hour non-stop and I do have a half marathon I’ll be doing with my brother about two weeks prior to my marathon attempt.  He mainly runs for fitness and doesn’t do too many organized events but we keep each other abreast of our training and I know he’ll knock out 3 or 4 miles at around a 9:17 pace and he’s already picked out a training program so he should do *very* well in his third ever half marathon.  It’s the St Louis Rock n Roll Half Marathon, I think on Sunday, Oct 19th – two weeks before my marathon run.  But, if I can run that half in 2:25 or less then I will also qualify for the Pikes Peak Ascent (wave 2, i think) in 2015.  Gotta finish that Ascent in 6 hours or it’s like you never existed.  And, finishing that event in 6 hours or less is the only way to get a finishers jacket.  I want one of those jackets.  It’s kind of like getting one of those Boston Athletic Association jackets that you might see one or two people wearing at any big event.  

I guess the moral of this story is that I can’t be afraid of failing or falling short of my goal because there is so much sweet fruit to be had along the way.  I can not use the possibility of failing be any type of excuse for not trying.  I didn’t even like writing that last sentence.

If I take my training seriously then I may be entitled to serious results.  I spent a great deal of time during my drive down to Tennessee thinking about the whole concept of being serious and thereby taking responsibility for the results we obtain in life.  That’s a whole other blog I was thinking about writing.  

Anyway, so far so good with the current training.  I remember back in the Summer of ’94 I took a running class offered at a local university which met 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 a.m.  I ended up entering my first 10k that Summer and a few months later completed that first marathon of mine.  So, I know it’s possible to complete a marathon with less than 26 weeks of training but that was 20 years ago also and I have a more vintage body to do this with.  

Currently, I am in week 4 of the 26 week program which means 30 minutes of walking/running tomorrow.  AND – that training program officially starts next Monday 🙂

Castlerock & Nashville, TN!

ImageCastlerock State Park is located around the Southwest corner of St Louis county.  What’s amazing about this place is that it’s only about a mile from civilization but, once you’re there and hike up the canyon you can see for miles but don’t see a speck of civilization, just nature, green and the Meramec River.  I thought I was close to the park when I finished up my last job and since I procrastinated so much that morning with my running figured I would head over to the park to knock out my training for the day.  The hike was much tougher than I was used to.  According to my Sports-Tracker, the initial part of the hike takes you from an altitude of about 325 feet to 550 ft and just walking that part caught me out of breath and reconsidering my thoughts at a 2nd attempt at the Pikes Peak Ascent which I had attempted (and completed) back in 2008.  The thing about Pikes Peak is if you don’t finish in 6 hours then it’s like you were never there.  It took me 9 hours but, I finished it, even gave up getting a ride back down to complete it but, that’s another story I’d like to write about sometime.

I knocked out my five, 5-minute intervals of running & walking and when I was done w/ those intervals and back on flat ground I added a bonus minute of jogging.  Today was pretty decent, I got to a local park before heading to work and did the same 25 minutes of total training.  This park (Long Acre Park) has markers every 1/10th of a mile and during the third five minute interval I decided to get a time from mile marker 0.9 to 1.0 and did so in 53 seconds.  

Tomorrow I head up to Nashville, TN for the Country Music Marathon (CMM) aka one of the Rock n Roll (RnR) series events.  I also signed up for the St Louis Rock n Roll half marathon on October 19th of this year so I’m eligible for one of the RnR Heavy Metals which you can get by running multiple RnR events in a single year.  Below is the medal for the CMM and the bonus medal once two RnR events are completed.  

I think I like the Rock Encore medal better 😉  Right now my thoughts are to do 5 minute intervals of running & walking to get through the CMM on Saturday.  I did that method in the Lewis & Clark half marathon a number of years ago (maybe 8?) and wound up with a time of 2:40ish.  I don’t think I’m in as good of shape currently so I’ll be shooting to beat the time I got earlier this month on April 5th of 3:20.  

I have pondered my procrastination from yesterday and lack of enthusiasm today.  I initially conceded that I just didn’t feel like doing the training which, I suppose may happen from time to time but, there might be some recovery issues as well.  When I got home from work today I took a nap and crashed for 4 hours!  

I’d like to get to Nashville at a decent time tomorrow.  There is a seminar at the Expo on Marathon Mentality at 3 p.m. that I’d like to see.  I’ve been toying with the idea of heading over to Memphis Saturday after the race and maybe spending a night there but, my main interest would be a little west of Memphis to check out Wynne, Arkansas – the place my marathon will be held on November 1st, 191 days from today 🙂

I did notice my fitbit blogged today on my behalf.  Noticing that I was able to link fitbit to wordpress is initially what got blogging on wordpress in my head.  I’d always considered to be a bit more professional than say, blogspot, where I kept my previous blog as a chiropractic student.  I switched the fitbit update to weekly so anyone following this blog wouldn’t have to be bothered by daily updates of how far I walked 😉