Walgreen’s, Ferguson destruction, Weekly Weigh Ins

I live in the metro St Louis area.  I ended up in the area when my family moved here in the Fall of ’77.    My Dad started as a manager with Walgreen’s back in his early 20s and stayed with that company until he retired in his mid 50’s.

Part of the reason we ended up where we did was because of a fire at a previous  Walgreen’s store that he was managing.

I remember going into that store the day after the fire with my younger brother and my Dad.  I remember seeing pens and colored pencils floating in the ponds of water which now occupied the aisles and realized it wasn’t so much the fire but all the water that was used to contain the fire and put it out that ultimately rendered all the merchandise in the store useless.

This is one of the last Walgreen’s I remember with a soda fountain in it.  That attached section of the store which was left largely undamaged by the fire and water.  My brother and I waited on that side of the store while my Dad made the final rounds of his store.  I remember making up weird soda concoctions by mixing the various flavors of soda that were available at that time.

and that was about it.  Life changed.

We spent our Thanksgiving that year in a hotel while my Dad was establishing a new Walgreen’s store and finding a new home for us to live in.  A hotel restaurant might not have been ideal but it was a way for the whole family to be together.

We ended up officially moving into our new house on Christmas eve of that year, back in 1977.

Watching all the senseless destruction on the news last night and, in particular, seeing a Walgreen’s burned down – well, it was filled with smoke when I first saw it and right down the street from a Little Ceasar’s which was engulfed in flames over in the city of Ferguson, MO.

Weekly Weigh-Ins – catching up!

missed the last four weekly weigh ins but I have still been weighing in every Thursday morning and taking pictures of the scale.  The past two weeks were exactly the same weight.

In the back of my mind, I’ve been content with keeping my weight within +/- 3% of 260 lbs because I was counting on another Win to Lose weight loss competition coming up in January of next year but, from what I’ve been seeing on the hospital website ….it doesn’t look like there will be another contest.

so…..  yeah…. I’m still down 50-60 pounds from where I started this year.  I’ve maintained much of the weight that was initially lost at the beginning of the year but will have to figure something out without another contest to help me knock off my remaining excess weight.

The weekly weigh ins on the blog are important because I probably wouldn’t bother watching my weight at all otherwise and wouldn’t do anything about it until it climbed back up to an astronomical weight which could no longer be ignored.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Weeks 44 - Copy

that brings us to week 44.  only 8 more weekly weigh ins until i have a year straight of weighing in.  Which means – graphically speaking, I’ll have three more weigh ins on the current line of my weigh in wallpaper picture and one more line of 5 weigh ins.