2016 ends with RSD 550

It’s been a little while since I posted last.  May 11th, 2016 was my last post and my last weight and mileage posted was in April 2016 with 34 miles posted for that month and a weight of 243 lbs.  I was working towards winning a diet bet worth $2,096.00 if I could get my weight down to 212 lbs or lower by mid July.  I hit that goal, won the money and continued my run streak for the rest of the year and hit RSD #550 on the last day of 2016.
15781716_10210948003479131_3402384601735080553_n.jpgI still need to get out tonight to get in my run streak mile and a few extra miles for a Step Bet competition I’m in.  The Step Bet isn’t too difficult, mainly 3 to 4 miles per day for 6 days out of the week and one rest day.

Currently, I’m working on a badge from Smashrun.com where I’ll need to increase my mileage by at least 10 miles per month for 6 consecutive months.  I had a low of around 32 miles this past September so thought it would be a good opportunity to make another attempt at getting this badge.  For Jan 2017, I’ll need to get in 73 miles.  The toughest part could be the cold weather 🙂