Comment Response on Race Relations and Ferguson Rioting

The following comment was left after my last blog, the first part of the question was easily answered in the previous blog comment, the second part of the question has had me pondering to such a degree that my response somewhat exceeds the scope of a simple comment.

I was just browsing through your weight wallpaper and wondered why it skips from week 17 to week 31, just curious. I was also wondering what your thoughts are on how the rioting in Ferguson will affect race relations in the St. Louis region and across the country.

There were two things that immediately came to mind regarding a response to this comment.  The first thing was that I haven’t necessarily seen the riots and protest going on as being specific to black/white race relations.  Although that may be a component, my perspective has seen the gist of protest as unfair treatment between law enforcement and the black community.   The main reason I haven’t seen the protest as being a purely black & white race issue is because I’ve always seen white people participating in the protest whether in Ferguson or the other main crowd of people which persisted in South St Louis city along Grand Avenue.

What really struck me when watching the overhead helicopter views of the crowds gathered in front of the police station in Ferguson was how few people actually showed up.  Reporters put the estimates at 400-500 people on South Grand and it didn’t look like much more than that in Ferguson.  This blog started as a running blog and as such, in the past year, I’ve ran in races with crowds ranging from 500 to close to 30,000 people with most of those runs being done in St Louis simply because that’s the area I’m from.   Even the Go! St Louis marathon with say, 10-15,000 people packs the roadways from curb to curb and goes on for miles.  The crowds in Ferguson weren’t anywhere close to that.

Ferguson is a little over 8 miles North/Northwest of St Louis city.  I live about 12 miles east of the city.  Collectively, both places make up what’s known as the Metro St. Louis Region.  The population of the St Louis Metropolitan Region is about 2.8 million.  This means that even if as many as 2,800 people showed up for the protest that we’re still only talking about 1/10th of 1% of the population.  This also means that about 99.9% of the people in this area did not participate in the protest.  However, about 100% of the news I saw the night the verdict to acquit officer Darren Wilson was ultimately focused on the destruction.  Here again, not all of the protesters caused damage to property, that was a subset of the protesters.  How many?  I don’t exactly know but, say 10% of that generous 2,800 figure participated in destroying property (280 people),  that would mean 99.99% of the population in this area did not destroy anything.

I remember reading about this incident the day it occurred from the St Louis Post Dispatch (via  at that time the headline simply read “Ferguson Police Shooting”.   A few days later there was news & subsequently the video released of the robbery which occurred prior to the shooting.  Once the story went national, the headlines were pretty much homogeneous and were along the lines of, “Unarmed Teen Shot by Cop”

The 2nd thing I thought of in response to that comment was that I believe things are better today than they’ve ever been.  Keep in mind, the perspective here is of somebody who’s been around close to half a century.  I interact with people from the black community pretty much every day of my life and never really thought much about it but, after all that’s happened I was curious and a bit more aware of the possibility of my interactions being adversely influenced by these current events.  I would rank the demeanor of the people I encounter in this area to range between nice and extremely nice, with the majority being in that extremely nice category.

From personal experience, I think things were more tense in the 1970s.  I can recall incidents from that time of my life which I remember to this day which I would never classify as being nice.

Again, there is a perspective component to all this and I would argue that overall, things are better today than they’ve ever been.  Go back in time a little more to the 1960’s when you had Civil Rights and the riots in Watt’s.  What happened in Ferguson doesn’t even begin to compare to the destruction that happened in Watt’s, Los Angeles.

Then, go back to the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Back then you could still see segregated bathrooms, segregated water fountains & segregated restaurant seating.

Go back to the 1920’s.  I recently saw a program on the History Channel regarding the Ku Klux Klan which, in the 1920’s had a peak membership of over 4 million people and this is back when the population of the US as a whole was around 106 million.   Fast forward to the early 90s and with almost triple the population the membership level has dropped to between 6,000 and 10,000 active members.  Percentage wise, that’s a reduction of 99.75% (more if you factor in the increased population)

I’m not saying things these days are totally right, perfect or ideal …just better.

I would also hope that the overall trend of history will continue and things will continue to get better.

Anyway, that’s a pretty good fraction of my thoughts which were elicited by the comment.


These days, you have to be 18 to vote, 21 to drink so maybe …you should have to be at least 30 years old before being allowed to be employed in a position where part of your responsibility may include taking another human life.

I’m going astray from my original comment response thoughts but, the Michael Brown shooting occurred on August 9th and less than two weeks after that on August 19th, about 4 miles east of where Michael Brown was shot another man by the name of Kajieme Powell was shot and killed by St Louis police.  Unlike the Brown shooting there is full video available of Mr Powell being shot & killed.  Two things that stand out to me in that video is the fact that from the time the police SUV pulled up and first opened their doors until the first shots were fired is about 16 seconds.  The other thing is that I counted 9 shots being fired.  Some reports have cited anywhere from 10 to 12 shots so, maybe some shots audibly overlapped and I missed a couple.

If you watch the video, you’ll notice the police draw their weapons immediately after getting out of their vehicle.  From another article, I’ve read this is due to a 21 foot rule.  Studies have indicated that a physically fit individual with a knife can close 21 feet before an officer can get his gun out which, presumably was why the officers who shot Kajieme Powell pulled their weapons when they did because Mr Powell was holding a knife.

I don’t know anything about police training.  I do know a bit about human neurology and I have read, more than once, that the frontal lobes of the male brain aren’t fully developed until around age 25 (or “well into the third decade of life“) which is why I initially mentioned that age requirement.  The part of the brain we’re talking about is sometimes referred to as being the “executive decision making” part of the brain.  It’s where planning and impulse control take place and are among the last areas of the brain to develop.

If police can remember a 21 foot rule then maybe they could also implement a 2 shot rule.  Maybe once you’ve hit your suspect twice then police can be trained to stop, pause and think.  I don’t know what the stats are here but, Mr. Powell was shot at least 9 times and the last two shots fired were after Mr. Powell was already on the ground.

Dare I say retreat?  Mr Powell wasn’t holding a bazooka or an Uzi, it was a knife.  Maybe after a suspect is already hit twice by gunfire and while the stop, pausing and thinking portion is occurring the police could back off a few feet to help maintain their safety distance.  I’d like to see human life valued as much as possible.  Call it a Respectful Retreat for the sake of Human Life.

idk.  Like I said, zero police training on my part.  I recall in karate that we’re taught that an opponent may be on drugs or crazy and simply inflicting pain may be insufficient so physically breaking or killing the opponent may be necessary but we’re also taught the maxim, karate ni sente nashi, which means there is no first attack in karate.

From this layman’s outside perspective, shooting Mr Powell 9 times 16 seconds after arrival seems excessive.  I think people shot twice probably have a better chance of surviving than people shot 9 times.

The Time to Start Succeeding is Now

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  • Do It Now – Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge
  • Two Week Goals

Do It Now – Day 3 of 100 Day Challenge – notes from today’s video:

Create a massive sense of Urgency.

What would be a good time to implement a good idea that could change your life for the better?  How about Now?

  • When would be a great time to pay off your debt and become a saver rather than a spender?  After you file for bankruptcy?  Of course not – How about Now!  Start right now, this instant.
  • When would be a great time to lose some weight and take great care of your health?  Should you wait until a heart attack comes?  Get down to the gym right now!
  • If you have a big, ambitions goal that’s begging for your attention,  when should you pursue it?  When the time is right?  When it’s a full moon?  When hell freezes over?  The answer is right now, today, do it now!

Do it Now

No matter how intelligent or capable you may be, if you don’t’ have a sense of urgency, now is the time to start developing it.


Time to step up, raise the bar and astound yourself.  Creating a do it now attitude helps replace question marks with exclamation marks.

  • the unwritten letter – write it today!
  • an old friend – get in touch today!
  • an overdue apology – apologize today!
  • a book to write – start writing today!
  • a visit – visit today!
  • start a business – get started today!
  • a race to run – start running today!
  • daily exercise – start exercising today!
  • language to learn – start learning today!
  • playing an instrument – start playing today!
  • giving back to the community – begin giving back today!
  • share your faith – share it today!
  • time with children – spent more time today!
  • broken relationship – work at it today!
  • confront your fears – do it today!

Do It Today

Get started on becoming a better version of who you really are.

Better Version of You

Today’s Challenge:  Identify three tasks or projects which you have been procrastinating on and take action on them today.  Either get them achieved and experience closure or at least get the ball rolling.  take demonstrative action on each one of them.

And, we have the same closings each day as follows… 🙂

there will never be a day without

Integrity Pledge

 What to do now

D ay 3 Thoughts –

This program is kind of cool.  It’s very different and I’ve never done anything quite like it.  It actually creates a little bit of stress but, I’m seeing it as a good kind of stress.  Sort of like fire – which can be either good or bad.  Bad if it’s burning down your house but good if it’s used for heat and cooking.

Sending out a prioritized list each day to another person who helps hold you accountable is probably what adds the most stress.  There’s no kidding around or letting things slide.  I got an email last night asking how I did on my list….

I mentioned the other day that Behavior Never Lies and ….I guess one truth with me is that Major League Baseball would appear to be a priority in my life, especially if the cardinals are in the playoffs – did everybody catch the following….


My god, that game was a nailbiter!  All I wanted to do was head to a bar so I could watch this game.  I’ve been without cable television for about 5 years now.  Then, I’m thinking Get Serious and Grow Up….   I kind of compromised and stayed at home and caught the live updates on my phone and did get a few things done around the house.

I need to wrap this up because now I have a deadline for the amount of time I’ll spend on today’s blog entry.

I’ve always had a pretty good idea regarding the things I want in life and I have written them down from time to time but, it’s never really been a list I’ve done much with in terms of looking at it everyday and I’ve rarely been held accountable for my goals.  I guess that’s why the weight loss contest earlier this year was so effective because there was that accountability …. combined with a really good shot at winning which is always good for the ego 🙂

At my brother’s Goal Setting workshop, he had several papers for everyone and each page had a different type of goal listed at the top.  One of the sheets of paper was listed as FAMILY.  In other words setting goals pertaining to your family life and what kinds of relationships you want to have and parlaying that into specific action that can be taken to help maintain or improve family relationships.

That caught my eye and made me think to be sure and get Christmas cards out to all my relatives.  I know I did pretty well with this prior to going back to school and it’s something I want to make sure I get going again.  Planning visits and time with family and there’s a few things I need to do yet today pertaining to that goal.

I think I’m also going to focus on the next two weeks as far as goals are concerned.  I’d like to have back to back weight drops and I think simply getting back to getting my 4 runs in per week as well as not eating after 6 p.m. should easily make that happen.


….uhhhh… heck – my time is up here – but, I did get another really nice comment on my Brachial Plexus video on YouTube today.  I also found a 7 year old kid that’s kind of my YouTube idol.  I was looking through a list on a business website which listed the most powerful people from ages 0 to 100 and at age 7 was a kid on YouTube pulling in $1.32 million dollars per year!  A SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!  omg – just amazing.

Anyway, here is a list of the most recent comments with the one I received today up top.  I’m kind of proud of this video

BP Comments

This video is a totally original way to draw the Brachial Plexus and has been used by students, schools and even a hospital in Germany to help educate others.  I’d like to get some additional videos made and have some specific ideas for the carpal bones and rotator cuff muscles.  One other original idea pertains to a neat mnemonic for visceral coverings …makes me remember another mnemonic I used in a contest and won a free Grey’s Anatomy book.  There may be some talent here ….which, is worthless unless I do something with it.

Boldness and Audacity

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  • Karate
  • National Boards Part IV
  • November 1st Full Marathon in Wynne Arkansas

Boldness and Audacity – Day 2

Have you ever noticed who gets the most respect and the most rewards in life?  It’s not the wallflowers, it’s not the thumbsuckers, it’s not the people that sit back and wait for others to do things for them.  Those who achieve much in life do so with a spirit of boldness and adventure.  Boldness is a fundamental right and a pragmatic reality.  These people are able to challenge and question the existence of a comfort zone.  They are willing to try new ideas and attempt the seemingly impossible.  They thrive under pressure and take risks lesser people are too afraid to attempt.

  • Boldness is the act of responding to a situation in a manner that may be viewed as daring to some, but is essential to effectively addressing the issue at hand.
  • Boldness is a strategic tactical approach to a given situation.
  • Boldness also involves taking risk.  When you decide upon a specific course of action boldness demands that you execute it aggressively.
  • Boldness does not mean being rude, arrogant, insensitive or even a bully
  • Boldness is a spirited word that eloquently describes bravery.
  • Boldness is not an inherited trait.  It is a characteristic that will blossom with determination.
  • Boldness comes from making valued decisions and moving forward for what you believe in.

When will your finest hour come and how will it arrive?  Do you really think it’s going to materialize without a supreme act if confidence, audacity or boldness?

What bold initiatives are you planning for today?

Today’s Challenge:  Act with boldness in every situation.  Speak up, act up with complete confidence and expect that things will go your way.  A behavior of boldness will help propel you today and everyday beyond what you might imagine and otherwise achieve.

This video then closes the same way as yesterday by reminding us…

There will never be a day that will not require
Personal Integrity.

Boldness and Audacity – my interpretation

Boldness reminds me a bit of courage.   My original thinking was there isn’t much on my list of things to do which require any great amount of courage, just things that need to be done but then I started to fill out my list of 10 prioritized activities, commitments and Deadlines for the day and noticed that if i double clicked on an entry, it would bring up what I last wrote down from yesterday.  Well ….I have 6 items left over from yesterday that never really got done.  I was basically trying to participate and get started with this program.  Yesterday was work, dinner with the family and doing my blog.

However – there is one item on my list which scares me.  Again, it’s nothing I haven’t done before.  well… the components which make it up are all things I’ve done before so, that would be one area where a little boldness or courage could be useful.

Week 26, Day 1 – 2 Miles

Before I worked on my 10 item list for today I wanted to take action and get something done.  I need to get my running going again.  I had 100 miles in August but only around 16 in September.  I still need to update the Running tab on my blog w/ my miles, times and average weight.


The path I run on is 1.5 miles long and, prior to this year, it had been about 20 years since I’d ran that path non-stop so I was pretty happy that I could head to the park even with my lapse in running and still crank out a bit over a lap non-stop.


I guess karate is another area that could use a little audacity.  In two weeks from tomorrow I’m scheduled to test for my Ni-Kyu brown belt.  I’ve been back once since my Part III study stint this past Tuesday.  I’ll be available for 4 more workouts before that testing which occurs on October18th after my 5k Rock n Roll 5k over in St Louis.

If I am to pull it off, this is something I’ll need to put on my 10 item daily priority/commitment list.  I know I have enough talent for that rank and probably a few ranks higher because I’ve been doing it for so long.  Simply making sure i have the necessary katas and yakusokus memorized will be enough to get me through and promoted to the next rank.

Part IV National Boards

This is an exam I’m looking at taking in May of 2015.  There is a review session which runs from Oct 11th through Oct 19th.  I would miss the 18th due to the 5k & karate testing and miss the 19th due to the Rock n Roll half marathon.  But, I can make 5 other sessions.  It’s been a little while since I’ve looked in anyone’s ears or eyes with my medical equipment so the experience could be very useful.  Pending passing Part III and getting a licence in the state of Illinois, I may then register for the NRCME – and become a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Examiner.  I guess that’s another thing I need to add to my goals list 😉  🙂

November 1st Full Marathon in Wynne Arkansas – 

I’ve done great with my running this year and have progressed a lot but not to the point of completing a full marathon the way I would like to complete it.  I don’t have a goal of completing a marathon – I’ve already done that …twice.  I want to complete one in fine fashion.  Say, a 4:21 time or better – even under 5 but, I’m still a ways from that kind of shape and condition.  I probably have an option of swapping over to the half marathon but, even then I would still need to make some travel arrangements.

….i need the 2015 schedules from NBS for Part 3 & 4 reviews …… Part IV review in Kansas is compressed into 6 days ….5 nights would do it there … about 6 months before the Part IV exam….

Wynne Arkansas …. for a full marathon, i’m on board but for a half?  Do I want to spend the time & money for that?  With karate, like I’ve said, I’ve already got the talent and just need to put in the effort.  For a full marathon … I’m just not that good yet.  I think around 6 miles is the longest I’ve gone non-stop.  I know there’s some biomechanical deficiencies with my right piriformis muscle that are exacerbated with the longer distances and needs to be improved upon.

There are a lot of things like that.  If we don’t push ourselves then “as is” is usually good enough but, when you’re pushing yourself then even small defects can be enunciated to exceedingly painful proportions.

The most noticeable advancements I could make with my running in the next four weeks wouldn’t be from gains made from running but rather by a reduction in weight.  Right now, I’d have to say I’m on the fence regarding Wynne, AR 🙂

August Running Recap – Went PLATINUM! :)

2014-09-01 05.01.35 - Copy

That platinum trophy and covering the 100 miles in August in order to obtain it was probably the biggest thing I accomplished this month in terms of running & physical training.

I was away on business for over half the month so I got to run in four different states to help make that platinum trophy a reality.  I ran in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Kansas.

My Average weight is probably the next biggest thing accomplished since it’s the lowest it’s been all year at 251 lbs.  I had a single weigh in this past April at the end of my 12 week contest which was 242.6 and two weeks ago I revisited the 240’s with a weigh in around 245.

I got to swap a few comments earlier this month with the author of a blog named Fat to Fit.  This person  lost 140 pounds since April 30, 2013 with healthy eating and daily exercise.  I solidly realized and began to more fully appreciate the immense value of being able to keep excess weight off once it is lost.

This last weight loss contest I won in 2014 was my fifth time doing that contest.  Prior, I had completed the contest twice and placed 4th and 3rd respectively (each contest has been with 1,000 to 1,200 other contestants)  The other two times I entered, I did not finish.  I know, however, that in each of the contest I finished – including this one that I kept starting out and a higher and higher starting weight.  So, what’s the point of dropping weight if you’re just going to end up heavier than you started six months later?

Tracking my Average Monthly Weight is something new I started.  I weigh in every Thursday and blog that each which but now, at the end of the month I enter the average of my Thursday weigh ins and put that down in my Running Log tab in the Ave Weight column.

Well, September is a new month 🙂  I want another Platinum Trophy 🙂

2014-08-30 05.03.57

Muscle Splinting Psychology & Foot Keystones

An Impetus to Psychological Splinting:
Muscle splinting is a phenomenon where the body will try and protect itself by causing certain muscles to become hypertonic or stiff in order to help protect underlying visceral or somatic tissue.  A couple examples that come to mind would be in the case of appendicitis or whiplash.

Considering appendicitis, when a doctor performs an abdominal exam they will palpate and percuss four quadrants of the abdominal region, in the lower right quadrant is an area known as McBurney’s point which is about 1/2 way between the umbilicus and anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) or about 2/3rds of the way down for doctors practicing in Europe.  The muscles superficial to the appendix will tighten up to help protect an inflamed appendix and this point will cause pain when palpated in a pt with appendicitis.

McBurney's Point

McBurney’s Point

A similar mechanism takes place in a whiplash patient regarding the muscles around the neck.  Again, the body is trying to protect itself.

As I wake this morning there is a bit more stress and anxiety inherent with another trip and another round of reviews for my impending Part III boards testing.  In the medical community the Part III analog is called Step 3.

Steps 1 and 2 for MDs or Parts I and II for DCs are essentially test which cover basic sciences like chemistry, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, pathology and the like.  For chiropractors I know Part 1 consist of 9 hours of testing spread out over a two day period of time and part II is a bit longer and also spread out over two days.  Part III is only a 4 hour exam with half given in the first two hours, then a 20 minute break then another 2 hours of testing to finish up.  Part III is more clinical in nature and among other things covers all the basic exams, such as the aforementioned abdominal exam.

I’m not exactly sure why but some things stick very well the first time I hear them while other things take considerable focus and effort to get in my brain.  One thing that stuck when first learning the abdominal exam is a condition known as Caput Medusa.  I guess it has a catchy name that’s hard to forget.  Caput Medusa (CM) is a distention of veins around the umbilicus and although it can be caused by increased pressure in the inferior vena cava the liver is usually what I think of first regarding CM and portal hypertension.

Patient with Caput Madusa

Patient with Caput Madusa

My writing has gone a little tangential but my original thinking was engaged in finding insight into a possible phenomenon I’ll refer to as psychological splinting.  The brain is a visceral organ but instead of thinking in terms of a physical insult or any type of trauma we may also consider psychological insult or trauma and ways we, as humans may and up splinting ourselves psychologically in order to help protect ourselves.

As mentioned earlier, I am currently in a position which allows me an opportunity to use myself as a kind of living laboratory in order to examine my own responses to increases in stress and anxiety.  In order for my brain to help figure out a scientific type allegory I was lead to the concept of muscle splinting and have just started to ponder and consider implications associated with such thinking.

However, I am pressed for time so I’ll have to allocate portions of my four and a half hour trip to Kansas for further evaluation and pondering of psychological splinting.


Foot Keystones
There are three arches in the foot; a lateral and medial arch as well as a transverse arch.

Three Arches of the Foot

Three Arches of the Foot

In each of these arches, one bone in each arch acts as a keystone to each arch, the place where maximal stress and load takes place.

In the medial arch the navicular bone is the keystone.  In the lateral arch it’s the cuboid and the transverse arch most commonly has the 2nd metatarsal as the keystone.  An interesting part about this is that those bones, particularly the navicular and cuboid bones are bones that we, as chiropractors, have specifically learned to adjust.

The second metatarsal bone is most common in people with normal biomechanics however that load might also be found on the third or sometimes even as far over as the 4th metatarsal depending on the particular individual.

Morton Neuroma is found along the transverse arch, usually between the 2nd and 4th metatarsal and most commonly between the third and fourth metatarsal.  It is a perineural fibrosis (a thickening of tissue around one of your nerves) and causes nerve degeneration of the common digital nerve.  This usually results in a burning pain (which is common for nerve injuries) and often refers to the dorsal or top surface of the foot.

High heeled shoes have been linked to the development of Morton’s neuroma.  However, it should be noted that when referring to something like high-heeled shoes we come back to a basic situation of altered biomechanics.

One type of psychological splinting discovered for myself. 
Today, it looks like I’ve managed to put off final packing for my trip by writing in this blog so, avoidance may be considered one type of psychological splinting (PS) that I employ in my own life.  Beyond that, however, I’ve taken note of the method employed for my own method of PS which would have to do with reaching out to others and communications.  I would consider avoidance to be a general manifestation of PS while the mode employed i.e., communicating, to be a subset of that general mode.

That insight comes about as a result of recalling that, in the past, when I would be driving to school and have a particularly imposing and intimidating test looming that I would often text my girlfriend at the time and that communication frequency was much higher than normal communications under less stressful circumstances.

As a further offshot and tangent, I know have to wonder if the artificial manufacturing of stressful situations in a coupled relationship is done so that increased communications does take place and as such may be somehow perceived as a benefit to the one who might instigate say, an argument when no perceivably real genesis for an argument or altercation exist to begin with.


Reference: for those interested in some of the neuromusculoskeletal (NMS) aspects of Muscle Splinting:  The role of autogenic inhibition in the reduction of muscle splinting by Herbert Miller, PhD

W11D4 – Maximum Avoidance

Maximum Avoidance
Trifecta of Perfection

Maximum Avoidance
Weeks 11 through 26 of my 26 Week Marathon Training Schedule makes up the actual marathon training portion of the program and include the coveted weekly long runs.  Weeks 1 through 10 consist of running so many minutes per workout while these remaining weeks consist of running so many miles per workout.

I don’t exactly know why but the Week 11 long run of 5 miles totally freaked me out and I put it off as much as I possibly could, in fact it didn’t get done until the last possible available time on Sunday.  I had to work at 6 p.m. and it wasn’t until 4 p.m. when I finally headed out and simply walked 5 miles around the neighborhood.  It wasn’t too bad of a pace with most miles in the low 16 minute range and the last mile a little under 16 minutes.

26 Week Final End Marathon Schedule


The last two weeks of this program is the taper to help rest up for the marathon on 11/1 so I’ve mainly left that portion in tack.  On 10/19 I’m running in the Go! St Louis 1/2 marathon with my brother so I’m striking out the 9 mile run on Sat the 18th since I’ll be doing 13.1 on Sunday morning.  I have a four week gap since I am technically ahead of schedule.  I’ll know better in September exactly how to train during that 4 week gap.

Mentally, I need to stop worrying about this training schedule, in particular the long runs, and just do the best I can.   As far as this program is concerned, I have to forget about everything else and focus on the immediate task at hand.  What do I need to do today?  Do it.  Forget about it.  Deal with it.  Do the best I can.  Don’t worry so much about the numbers and if today’s run is any better or worse than the last run.  I have to trust that I will improve and have faith in my program.

Sometimes I’ll wonder if I’m mentally or physically fatigued.  If I’m physically fatigued ….well, what does that matter?  I have no intentions of taking any days off.  Physically & mentally, I’ll just need to get stronger.

Trifecta of Perfection
Karate, lifting and running have always been a part of my life but training all three on a regular basis has always been a challenge.  I have always been able to stick with one of the three without much difficulty but have never quite gotten all three in sync.  This past Saturday was close to hitting the entire trifecta of activities.  I had a good karate workout then hit the weights afterwards but ended up submitting to fatigue and telling myself I was tired after I got home and ended up sleeping until it was time to head to work.  The following is kind of what I’m after

1 Masonic Meeting – Mon night
2 Lifting workouts, Tue, Thur, night
3 Karate workouts, Tue, Thur night, Sat @ 10 a.m.
4 Running workouts, Mon, Wed, Thur, Sat

I could lift 3 days per week since I would be hitting it after karate anyway but I like how this goes 1,2,3,4 🙂

Maybe I need to add a 5 for work and a 6 for studying.

W11D3 – Cooked @ 104 Degrees For 3 Miles & Week 9 Weigh-In

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– Part III Boards



2014-06-19 18.33.40

After yesterdays difficult run in the 99 degree heat and getting up too late to beat the sun I figured I would run at night after the sun went down.  However, I finished up my lawn jobs by 12:30 and had until 3 p.m. before I needed to be at my other job and knew that the more I put off what I needed to do the greater the likelihood that it might not happen.  I was more afraid of missing today’s run than I was of dealing with the heat.

2014-06-19 12.38.27 2014-06-19 18.32.13 - Copy

I fortified at a convenience store with 2 liters of water and a couple bottles of vitamin water, then I picked a park with a LOT of trees 🙂

The sun was even nice today due to a bit of cloud cover

2014-06-19 12.40.20

Still, there was a heat index of 104 so I ended up taking this run in 10 minute increments.  I jogged 9 min, walked 1 then jogged 8, walked 2 then jogged 7 and walked 3.  After that the heat was a bit much and I ran what I could to finish out my run.

I was also fortunate that today was a short run of only 3 miles.  Saturday will be 5 so, I might want to get out around 5:30 when the sun is first peaking out and not at full strength.

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy (2)

My 1 week post weight-loss contest weight of 260 lbs is still being maintained.  I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, after starting the year out at 316.2 pounds and maintaining the gist of my weight loss for over two months after that contest is a very good thing but, I also know I could be a lot better runner if I was lighter.  The other thing I consider is the stress associated with eating less and dropping weight and knowing I’m already taking on a lot of new stress from the big increase in training from Week 11 onward.

The nagging feeling is that I may be selling myself short and not doing enough.  Just kidding myself that my current efforts are good enough.  Perhaps it’s a standard dichotomy of emotional feedback inherent with desires and efforts towards improving oneself as contrasted with self doubts and being more attuned and used to being where we are in life as opposed to some future improved self which has not yet arrived.

The “View on Instagram” button is something new.   I got the code from the Instagram website and it should link directly to my Instagram account in case there’s anyone that would like to help encourage me along my current journey to my third marathon pursuit.


There are some amazing people on instagram.  On lady I’m following is from Columbia and goes by the name of @fibrofree

She has a website at  This person has gone from dealing with cancer, fibromyalgia, depression and other pains to become a triathlete.

Another guy I like to follow is @matthewabitbolracing who lost 100 lbs of bodyweight then proceeded to run 41 marathons with a PR of 2:54:18 and 56 Half Marathons with a PR of 1:21:48.  He’s also completed 5 Boston Marathons.

I’d like to join Matthew in that Lost 100 lbs club 🙂

I’ve filled out my spreadsheet with projected training runs and have been looking at the mileage increase from month to month as shown below

Month – Distance
April – 59 miles
May – 50 miles
June – 49 miles
July – 92 miles
Aug – 140 miles
Sept – 153 miles

April was a little high on mileage due to running two half marathons that month.  I’ll certainly tack on a mile somewhere this month to get my NikePlus gold 50 mile trophy.  July is an increase of 88% in mileage and August is another jump of 52%

That 88% mileage increase in July has caught my attention.  That averages out to about an extra 22% increase per week which is about double the recommended 10% increase per week I’ve always read about.  I’ll have to view the scheduled 92 miles in July as my new starting level and all the previous work as a buildup.  Part of the reason for the huge % increase is because all the runs prior to Week 11 have been based on time and, I’m pretty slow so the first 10 weeks have been low mileage.

July will be about an extra 10 miles away but, that’s on average and there is a slow build up of 1 to 2 miles per week starting from Week 11 with an initial weekly mileage base of 15 miles.  I think I can do it.  I keep recalling a couple years ago when I would head out with my girlfriend and we could knock out up to 10 miles without any formal training at all.  This Saturday’s long run is only 5 miles and it’s not until Week 20 when my long run is 10 miles.  I’ll probably keep reading up in Jeff Galloway’s book called Marathon – You Can Do It which is the same book I used 20 years ago to complete my first marathon.  For long runs below 18 miles he advocates walking 1 minute after every 5 minutes of jogging.  For runs of 18-20 (maybe he meant 22) miles he says 1 minute walking for every 4 minutes of jogging and for runs 23 to 26 miles 1 minute of walking for every 3 minutes of jogging.

I’ll have to play this by ear but I have to get my miles in so, whatever it takes.


I’m signed up for back to back races on the 28th & 29th of this month.  The 28th is the Macklind Mile.  I talked to a guy on the shuttle that took us back to the start of the Go! St Louis All American 5k last week and he really talked the race up.  It’s a 1 mile race and I’ll be running in the Family & Friends division which will not rank me against other men or men in my age division but will still give me a time so, I’m guaranteed to get a new PR here because I’ve never done this race distance before 🙂  The Macklind Mile also has swag which includes the coveted 1.0 Mile sticker which, is actually a distance I can cover!  🙂


On Sunday morning is a Pride 5k Run which includes medals.  I chatted with the race director about this race.  Originally they had medals available for the first 300 finishers but, that number has been upped to 400 medals and they are expecting 400-500 people so ….I have a decent chance of getting a medal since there are walkers and people who don’t show up.  I might have to edge my way towards the front of the pack to help make sure i finish quickly enough to get a medal.  My hope here is to better my last 5k time and get one of those medals!  🙂  I guess this is a gay & lesbian sponsored type of run so, the medals should be colorful 🙂

Hotels are booked for Iowa & Kansas!  Days off have already been requested from work.  Still need to give NBS a call to register for these reviews as well as for Chesterfield, MO.  I’m kind of shaking my head here – confidence isn’t as high as I would like.  I’m reading a ton but I know I have to learn 100 things in any given part in order to eventually answer 4 questions so I know ….well, i don’t know.  There isn’t a heck of a lot of time left, one full month of self study in July and a lot of board reviews in August.  I get a very sick feeling in my stomach just writing about the upcoming exam.

idk – this is a monster i have to deal with on my own.  i have to figure something out and i have to pass this exam because i don’t have much of a future without getting a license.

Week 11 Training – Got Cooked!

The first day of week 11 was a simple 3 mile run and it was early in the morning and I had the help of being among 2,000 other people so, it was really easy 🙂

My second day of week 11 was a 4 mile run and …OMG  was it HOT outside.  I was kind of stupid with the place I chose to run but, it was close to home and I had to be to work at 3 so it made a little sense and the beginning of the trail is surrounded by trees to provide shade but, after that it’s a long miserable 2 mile paved path that runs along side our local MetroLink and there aren’t any trees or buildings along that portion of the path, just fields, tracks & the sun.

I thought I might go back and forth in the tree lined section a few times to eat up some distance that way but the running felt pretty easy starting out so I kept going out to that unforgiving section of the trail.

This is the Sun….

2014-06-18 12.47.43

I think I decided to run when the clouds were all on their lunch break.  That blaring sun was all there was to keep me company.

The first 1.25 miles was pretty easy and i had decent jog going.  I’m not sure why but, I ate a peach on the way to the run.  That was not a good idea.   23 minutes into the run I threw it up.

About 37 minutes into the run (which by that time was a walk) I got nauseated again and threw up a little stronger than the last time.  I wore a camelbak which held about a liter of water but, I really could have used a bottle of water to dump over my head to help cool myself off.  The heat index was 99 and I could feel every degree.  I had an SPF 15 sunblock on my face but could have also used it on the back of my neck and shoulders because I could feel my skin burning.

I did an out and back route so I had no choice but to finish up the run in order to get back to my car.  There was a straight linear decline in my pace from 4.8 during the first 1/2 mile all the way down to 3.1 for my last half mile increment.

None-the-less, I got my distance in.  I think I might become a night runner.   The sun has been all business lately and keeps getting up early for work to boot.

10 Weeks Completed & Week 8 Weigh-In

dimly lit at a distance-1

In this blog:
– Week 8 Weigh-In
– 10 Weeks Completed

Week 8 Weigh-In
My 8th week weigh in was last Thursday on 6/12.  I did remember to snap a pic of the scale but didn’t post it in a timely manner so, I’m catching up a bit here 🙂

Week n - 2nd 12 Week Session Week 8 - Copy


Week 8 looks a heck of a lot like Week 6, exactly the same as a matter of fact but, I’m still opting for the keep calm mindset.  I went from 316.2 lbs on Jan 13 of this year down to 242.2 lbs twelve weeks later.  260 lbs was my weight 1 week after that final weigh in of 242.2 and my new and more realistic starting weight.

I’ve had 4 weigh-ins above my starting weight and 4 below.  One thing I’m aware of that isn’t evident on the static snapshot of my weight is the fact that I was weighing less in the days leading up to that weigh in.  I know I weighed around 257 a day or two earlier and a large pizza the night before that Week 8 weigh in was still sitting in my stomach.  However, being so close to my week 9 weigh in I also know that my weight seems to have trended back up to this new level.

I believe this is partially because I was low on food and maybe didn’t make the best decisions when I finally went grocery shopping.  I got some kinds of “fun” and “summer” type foods – macaroni salad (880 mg per serving), coleslaw, hotdogs (yikes!)  although, the 8 pack of hotdogs went pretty quick – in fact, they all went in a single day.  I had 3 for breakfast, 2 for lunch and 3 more for dinner….  hmmmm

Other intake aspects have improved.  I know I’m drinking more water and less coffee.  My cigarette consumption is down 30-50% and still using ultra light smokes along with those TarBar filters and, I’ve gotten back to taking my vitamins.   This next level of marathon training which starts this week is going to be another game changer, another big step unlike anything I’ve done in the first 10 weeks so …I have to opt to remain calm.

10 Weeks Completed
That part of the brain that fears & doubts is a tough one to kill, maybe it’s something that never dies but hopefully it’s voice can be subdued given enough encouragement to shut the hell up.

Other than my two half marathons, I’ve only had 3 runs in the first 10 weeks which exceeded 3 miles.   After today’s run which is a 30 min week 10 run that got flip flopped with my Week 11, 3 mile run …I’ll never have a run scheduled which is less than 3 miles.

Yeah, I have a bit of concern about this but …I have to give myself a chance.  I have to stick with the program.

yeah – i’m freaked out a little bit and, initially my thoughts are that I “should” be showing more confidence
but – that thinking was quickly replaced with a very true reality – at least I’m giving myself the Opportunity to get freaked out by Pushing myself – by adhering to this program.  Anybody can be confident with task they have already mastered.  It takes courage, fortitude, trust and faith in oneself to push forward into uncharted territory.


I’ll die before I quit.
The current temperature is 97 degrees.

I don’t care if satan himself is standing in my path.  I will kick his ass and obliterate him.  If I can walk, I can run.

I started walking at a bodyweight of 316.2 – I started jogging when I thought something might break – I CAN transition into this new and continuing life changing part of my program.  Granted …I may be very motivated to run much earlier in the day when it’s NOT 97 degrees out but, either way, I’m going to get it done.


I’ll be calm and deal with the reality of these future situations I’m putting myself in.   Stay calm until the reality of the challenge is at hand …what was it Thomas Carlyle said? …

ours is not to see what lies dimly lit in the future but to do what lays clearly at hand….

I was close and looked it up 🙂  I think when you have a picture with some quote on it that is called a meme(?)  I’m not sure but, if that’s what it’s called then I just created my own meme because I couldn’t find any ready to use with this brilliant quote from Carlyle.  It’s what I will post on instagram today after my run.

Actually – the quote is so good, at least to me that I will put it at the top of my blog – maybe at the bottom also so it shows up when this gets posted on my google account 😉

for me and my training – his quote means not to worry about any run in the future just do and deal with what lies clearly at hand – no misuse of the imagination here spent on worrying – deal with what is at hand.

no time wasted on misspent imagination.  Focus and deal with events & training runs one at a time, in the moment they are occurring – not one second before.

dimly lit at a distance-1

Corrections for Bob – Vietnam Vet

In a previous blog I mentioned a patient of my brother’s who was taking over 200 prescribed pills a day and cut that number down to around 50 after seeing my brother for chiropractic care.

I spent a significant amount of time with my Dad and brother tonight (Cards vs Washington baseball game) and after the game we talked a lot and I have a much more accurate recount of an amazing Vietnam veteran named Bob.

This was in the mid 2000’s, maybe around 2008 when my brother’s wife took over main operations at Vitalize Chiropractic.  They had an ad in the paper which generally stated, “Let Our Office Be Your New Hope”

Bob saw that ad.

Bob had to have one of his lungs removed due to his exposure to Agent Orange in vietnam, he also had such bad pain in his legs that the only solution his doctors had for him was to severe his spinal cord around L4.

L4 is at your lower back and the nerves that come out of that region and below go to, among other places …. your legs.  So his option was to have his nerves cut and voluntarily become paralyzed from the waist down.  He wouldn’t be able to walk any more but, that was the last option he was given to get out of pain.

Bob was at the point of committing suicide and on his birthday he received a letter informing him that a good friend of his from the war actually did commit suicide.

Given the choices between killing himself, becoming paralyzed or checking out this ad that said let our office be your new hope …. he decided to check out the chiropractic route.

By the time Bob made it into my brother’s office his life consisted of taking 57 different prescription medications which amounted to 221 pills every day of his life.  After receiving adjustments from my brother and his wife for one year, Bob was down to 28 medications and less than 110 pills per day.

That’s a little better than a 50% reduction both in the number of medications and pills not to mention the fact that he was out of pain enough that he thwarted other doctors recommendations to have his spinal cord cut to get him out of pain which meant he was still walking.

Due to all the medications, his driving was impaired at times and at one time he did get pulled over and arrested for impaired driving.

Bob went to court and fought for one thing.  He fought to be allowed to drive to his chiropractors office, that was the only thing he asked for.  After telling his story to the judge and explaining his life changing results, he was granted the right to drive to my brother’s office to get adjusted, only to my brother’s office and only during daylight hours.

There’s a lot of stories like Bobs out there.  The lady I helped with hypervagal tone was my first exposure to these kinds of benefits with chiropractic.  These are people who suffered decades before experiencing relief.

Can you imagine losing your right to drive and having the one thing you fight for to be going to see your chiropractor?  It kind of shows also the respect that must be given to our men and women in the armed forces and especially to our veterans.  On one hand you could consider yourself lucky to make it through a war alive but, here’s a guy that did then spent most of the remainder of his life after serving his country suffering up until the point he started getting regular adjustments.

For any readers not familiar with chiropractic you should probably know that it takes one additional year of schooling to become a DC (chiropractor) than it does to become an MD and there are no shortage of pushes to get chiropractic absorbed in with the traditional medical professions much as already happened with osteopaths (DO’s)

But, there are some things traditional medicine isn’t able to fix.  Anyway, that’s the correction and update pertaining to Bob.  The exact numbers of medications and pills both before and after a year of treatment is something I wasn’t fully accurate with in my previous post and, a lot of the other details I shared were just learned tonight.

Bob did finally pass away on July 21st, 2012.  One of Bob’s daughters called my brother to express her gratitude in helping to change his quality of life so dramatically over his final years.   My brother happened to be in Bob’s “top 5” on his phone which is one of the reasons he got contacted.

oh, one other thing I remembered.  My brother also mentioned that prior to his chiropractic treatments, Bob was taking so much liquid morphine to help control his pain that it was enough to kill three grown men.


In other news – the St Louis Cardinals spanked the Washington Nationals tonight by a score of 4 to 1 just as they did by beating them last night by a score of 1 to 0

I do believe Washington was on a bit of a roll before having to face the Cardinals …not unlike Toronto which was on a heck of a roll before having to face the Cardinals and getting spanked as well 😉

2014-06-14 20.48.45 - Copy - Copy

We had a great time and it was a really nice way to kick off Father’s Day with our dad.  I also remembered from my follies the last time we were all at the ballpark and only ordered ONE Crown Royal & 7-up.  There may have been one other crown & 7 waiting for me when I came back from the restroom one time but, that was it and nothing but easy to handle beer after that 😉

Running…. well, last night’s evening run got preempted by the impromptu baseball game and I was signed up for a 5k Father’s Day run which I would need to be at by 6:15 a.m. to pick up my race packet.   …well, the Cardinals probably have a better chance of getting back into the World Series this year than of me getting up in 4 hours …ya never know but, I will get my last official run of week 10 in tomorrow.  Come to think of it, I already did four runs this week since I snuck that extra run in on Tuesday but, that wasn’t really part of the program.

Week 10 ends my runs based on time.  Starting next week, in Week 11, the scheduled runs are all based on miles….